The doll house

byCharles Petersunn©

Well, apparently he couldn't actually control the dream, but he could at least control what he said. "Nora, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

"Milton, I mean, goodness, have you no manners? Really, such a thing to ask of a girl, and in her own parlor, no less. You may speak that way to some of the other girls. Perhaps that white trash that lives across the street, but goodness..."

"Nora, please, I do apologize. It was really very rude of me." He tried another tact. "It's not what you think. I just wanted to check to see how well your undergarments fit."

"Milton!" That was hardly any less rude. "I think perhaps you should go now. I am really just beside myself."

Milton cursed himself. His one chance with a girl and he blew it, and it was in his own dream! Apparently even his dreams of girls did not work out. "Yes, well, of course," he softly replied. "I'll go. I'll go."

He got up from his seat, and glanced to his right, to the hallway. Of course, he could just walk directly out of the room into the front yard. There was no need to use the front door. There wasn't even a front door to use, just the front hallway. But, well, that might be a bit rude. He would exit via the hall.

"Sorry, Nora," he said quietly as he made his way out of the room.

Nora could see the hurt, the rejection, in his eyes. Goodness, what had she done? This was Milton, her owner, her master. He makes one simple request and she brushes him away.

And, it wasn't like he hadn't seen under her dress before. Gracious, he had dressed and undressed her many, many times. What harm would it be to let him see her crinolines? It wasn't like he was asking to see anything more than that, or to do anything more. Her face reddened at such a thought.

"Milton, wait! Wait, please."

Milton stopped and turned back. Goodness she was pretty. "Nora," he said, "You really are very pretty." It was a bold statement, at least for him.

Nora's face flushed even further. She waved her fan, trying to cool off the heat. "Oh Milton, you probably say that to all your dolls."

It was corny, but apparently she was indeed flattered. He smiled bashfully and added, "It's true. I do love my girls, all of them, but none as much as you, Nora." That might not have been entirely true, but she was indeed one of his favorites.

"Oh, Milton, please." Her cheeks felt so warm.

"You really are the prettiest of them all, Nora." He was now piling it on, but she did appear to like it.

She averted her eyes. "My goodness, well..." She was thinking, considering. "I suppose I could let you have a little peek. I mean, it's not like you haven't seen me there before."

Milton returned to his seat, hoping she wouldn't notice his erection.

Now even her ears felt warm. She looked at him through the corner of her eye, wanting to look him in the eye but not directly. "I mean, well, it would be much more proper if you had a woman dress us. And don't you think I haven't seen the look in your eye when you've had my clothes off."

She was right about that. It was his turn to feel a bit of embarrassed. "I do suppose you're right." He would have to be more careful in the future, but then laughed at himself for having such a thought. It wasn't like this was real or anything.

Nora got up from the couch. She asked, quietly, "You won't think any less of me for doing this, will you, sir?"

"Oh, no, no Nora, not at all."

"This just feels so naughty, so wrong." But, she leaned forward, the flesh of her breasts pouring out from her cleavage as she reached down to grasp her skirt.

It was quite a bit to pull up, so much crinoline and petticoat. This was really no easy task, in more ways than one, for Nora.

Milton could feel his heart racing. He suppressed the impulse to grin like a boy at his birthday party, but his penis was not so restrained. It swelled with each of her struggles to gather her skirts.

When Nora finally had enough of the multiple layers of cotton and silk corralled, she slowly raised up her skirts, first revealing her button up heeled shoes, then further up her long shapely legs. Milton had indeed seen under this skirt many, many times before, but somehow it was now so very, very different. Now it was for real, sort of.

When she reached her knees, Nora stopped. "Is this far enough, sir?"

"Just a bit higher," he suggested, "if you wouldn't mind."

"Will that please you, sir?"

"Oh yes, Nora, very much."

She smiled at him. "Well, that does make me happy."

How nice it would be, Milton thought, to have dolls like this, in real life. Dolls that were life-sized, that were beautiful, that could move and talk, and were so very considerate. There must be some company working on this. They would make so, so much money.

Nora raised her skirt all the way to her waist, to show him her underwear, a pair of loose cotton pantalets.

Milton said quietly, "They're really very lovely, Nora." His cock swelled within his pants. "They look very nice on you."

"Thank you, sir," Nora replied, pleased that she was pleasing her man, but feeling so self-conscious, so exposed. Yes, he had seen beneath her skirt before, even beneath her pantalets, but this was really much different. This time she was intentionally showing herself off for him, exposing herself to him, in real life, and in a clearly very licentious manner.

"Turn around," Milton nervously suggested. He had never felt so assertive with a woman before, so strong and authoritative, so much like a man, confident, self-assured, in charge. Well, perhaps not really. It had been only a suggestion, and his voice had clearly wavered. He wondered though if he could in fact be more like this in real life.

"Oh sir," Nora whimpered, wondering what was on his mind, not liking the fact that she would be looking away, unaware of what he might be doing.

But, she did as he instructed. She turned around so her back, and her bottom, were facing him. She had to shift her hands though to get all of the material in back pulled up.

Milton took the opportunity to grasp hold of his stiffened dick, giving it a good squeeze. This was by far the best dream he had ever had.

When the back of her pantaloons were exposed, Nora glanced over her shoulder at Milton, an apprehensive, even fearful, look on her face, wondering what Milton had in mind.

Milton leaned forward, reached out with his hands, and pulled open the rear flap of Nora's pantalets, opening up to his eyes Nora's soft round pale bottom cheeks.

"Mr. Widdams, please, sir," Nora pleaded, feeling the cool air of the parlor kissing her exposed bottom cheeks, "Don't you look at it, sir. That's really very embarrassing."

Milton had never seen anything more wonderful, more delightful, at least in real life. He so hoped he would not wake up now. Her bottom was just so pure, so innocent, so pale and delicate, yet split by a crack that hid the most dirtiest, naughtiest part of a woman.

Nora glanced back over his shoulder, her face looking even more fearful. "Sir, please, someone may see us."

"What?" Milton looked behind him, over his shoulder. He had momentarily forgotten that his doll houses lacked any real privacy. "Oh, yes," he acknowledged, looking out of her parlor, through the nonexistent wall, to the house across the street, which also had no front wall.

It wasn't actually a house, in the strict sense of the word. It was a Mobile Sportsman house trailer. There was a girl inside, apparently doing the dishes, her back to them.

Why couldn't these houses, in his dream, now in fact have walls?

Nora stepped away and let her skirts fall back down. She turned around to face him. "It would be real nice, sir, if you would put a front wall on the house. I mean, it really gets rather awkward at times, particularly when, you know, well, I need to go to..." She lowered her voice. "...the powder room."

"Yes, well, I, um, hadn't thought of that," he acknowledged.

"Or at least have a better class of neighbor across the street." That was perhaps a bit mean-spirited on her part, although her fine two-story Victorian home did probably deserve a better neighbor than an old, small, trailer home.

The lack of any privacy would put a damper on his plan for this visit, if he actually had a plan. Although, it wasn't like having an audience would be a problem for him. It wasn't like this was really happening.

Why would it matter to Nora? It was, after all, his dream. "Well, it's alright, Nora. She has her back to us."

"You can't be serious, Milton! Goodness, gracious. What kind of a girl do you think I am? I couldn't imagine such a thing."

Milton could. He was doing that right now. In fact, this whole thing was his imagination, so he assumed. "Sorry," was all he could muster. He had apparently, once again, insulted his doll.

Nora though could see that she was again disappointing her owner, and that was not the right attitude for a doll to take. "There are many things we can do, sir," she suggested. "We could play Graces, or Jackstraws."

Milton had no idea what those games were, but he sorely doubted that he would enjoy them. He looked out into the street. Maybe he could go for a walk? Perhaps visit another home? Actually, the woman who lived in the house trailer across the street, Claire, might be a bit more cooperative.

Nora could see that she was losing his interest, his attention, and no doll likes to be set aside for another. She strode up to him. "May I sit on your lap, sir?"

"What? Well, yeah, sure...of course." He parted his legs a bit, giving her room.

Nora sat down on his lap or, actually, on his right leg, her legs in between his. She wrapped her left arm around his shoulder. "Now, this is very comfy cozy, isn't it, sir." She snuggled his chest with the fingers of her right hand.

Milton smiled. He would have to agree. It wasn't sex, but it wasn't like pretty women liked to sit on his lap, or had done so terribly often. It was rather nice, and he enjoyed how her fingers flirted with his chest. He wrapped his arm around her so very thin waist. Dolls have such teeny waists. His erection was swelling hard within his pants.

She felt his right bicep. "And, my goodness, Milton, you're so strong!"

"Well...' Milton knew that wasn't true, but perhaps a doll wouldn't have that much experience with guys. Actually, given his isolation of them she may have no experience at all!

But, he then realized that he was taking this experience too seriously, as if it wasn't a dream, as if it was for real. Well, that's alright. It's nice to lose oneself within a dream, particularly a dream as pleasant as this one. He suggested, "I do work out." He didn't.

"Ooooooh, I can imagine. Goodness, Milton, perhaps next time you could work out by the table, in front of my house. It can get so boring by oneself all day long, and gracious, I would so enjoy watching you flex those big manly muscles." She was laying it on pretty thick herself, but she could see that he was enjoying it, and she was very happy to see that.

Milton laughed to himself at such a thought. He supposed he could lay out all of the female dolls and work out for them, perhaps even naked, with an erection. However, that was a pretty odd thought.

He asked, quietly, "Nora, could I at least, well, um..." He averted his eyes as he finished the sentence, "touch your breast?"

Nora gave him a playful slap on his chest. "Milton, you're just incorrigible! Goodness, what is a good girl supposed to do?!"

Milton began to wonder what he might do with this doll when he woke up.

"I know, I know, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked." He looked away as he admitted. "It's just that, well, um, I, uh, you know..." His voice got very soft, "I don't actually have a wife." It was so embarrassing to admit his inadequacy to a woman, and one of his own dolls, no less.

That wasn't really a surprise to Nora. Goodness, Milton had no wedding ring, and no woman ever visited the den. She knew that Milton was alone. Nora felt so sorry for him. Frankly, pleasing him, as a woman, was really her duty, her responsibility, as one of his dolls, and certainly one of his favored dolls. She was clearly letting him down.

She looked over his shoulder at Claire, the woman across the street, verifying that she wouldn't be able to see him doing it, as her breast would be hidden by his body. "Well, alright, Milton. I guess that would be alright. Just be careful that nobody will see. I mean, well, I have a reputation to protect, you know."

Milton smiled with unbridled delight as he reached up with his left hand to cup Nora's right breast.

"Mmmmmmm," he sighed as his hand made contact with her soft bulging boob. He gave it a little squeeze, causing the exposed flesh to rise up even further within her so very deep cleavage.

"Oh my goodness," Nora sighed, leaning into him, bringing her breast closer to him. She whispered into his ear, "That's so nice, Miltie," and she wasn't actually lying. It did feel nice to have a man's touch on her breast.

It felt even better for him. He would not admit it to anyone, even to his dolls, but he was a virgin, and not just with respect to sexual intercourse. He had never even fondled a breast before, which shouldn't be too surprising given how isolated and introverted he had been as a child, and as a young man. Well, if absence makes the heart grow fonder, he was in love now with Nora's breast. He squeezed, caressed, and fondled to his heart's delight, as well as his dick's.

Nora's breathing accelerated, the soft mound of pure white fleshing rising and falling with greater strength and pace. She held onto him more tightly with her left hand, squeezing her body against him, her right hand drifting down. She whispered, "Oh, I do like it when you play with me, Miltie."

That statement had a number of meanings to Milton. He would admit that he had sort of played with her breasts before. He hadn't fondled a real breast, but he had felt the breasts on his dolls. A doll didn't provide much of a breast to squeeze and grope, but he would let his thumb slide over it as he took off or put on her clothes. He wondered if she actually enjoyed that. He decided it was best though not to ask.

Nora probably would not have admitted to it if he had asked. She could hardly admit it to herself, but it had been true. She did so much enjoy how he studied, considered, admired, and caressed her body when he changed her outfits. It was, of course, only natural to enjoy the touch of your man, the only real man you know. She closed her eyes and gasped, "Squeeze it harder, Miltie, would you, please?"

He obliged the lovely doll, his eyes fixed on her big round soft bulging boobs. He would like to pull them out, at least one of them. They did appear that they so much wanted, needed, to escape the tight confines of her bodice, but that would risk exposing her to the eyes of Claire across the street, or anyone else that might walk by, if anyone does in fact do that.

He did though, quietly ask, "Nora, have you ever seen a man's penis before?"

"Milton!" Her face again flushed. She looked across at Claire, who was now vacuuming her carpet, seemingly oblivious to what was going on across the street. She turned back to Milton. "Well, of course not, goodness."

It was perhaps a stupid question. He had never given her the opportunity. But, it was also an important point. He asked further, as he gently caressed and squeezed her nipple through her dress, "Wouldn't you at least like to know what one looks like?"

Nora's jaw dropped. "Well, I, um, I..." She didn't know how to answer that question. Frankly, clearly she would, at least at some point, and when would that opportunity ever arise again? Goodness, she might not even ever see Milton again. This could in fact be her only opportunity, and it would even be Milton's penis. She lowered her face toward his, and quietly acknowledged, "I guess so."

"Nora, it's alright. You won't have to do anything. I'll just show it to you. No one will see, and I promise it will be our little secret."

She asked for reassurance, "You really won't tell anyone?"

He wondered who he could possibly tell that would matter to her. It's not like he would, or even could, tell the other dolls. "Nora, I promise."

She again looked over his shoulder. The woman across the street was now looking at them, a scowl of jealousy on her face. Nora smiled. Claire being jealous of her special relationship with Milton pushed her over the edge. She reached down into Milton's pants to take hold of his zipper.

She struggled a bit with it, yanking and pulling on the zipper to no appreciable effect.

"Here, let me help you," Milton offered. He removed his hand from around her waist, as well as from her breast, to use both to get his zipper down. His own hands were a bit shaky themselves, being rather excited about the possibilities.

When the zipper was down he reached inside the flap to extract his dick, which also wasn't that easy. The flap of his boxers was relatively small and tight. Plus, he probably should've undone the belt as well. He essentially had to wrench his cock out through his opened zipper, but in the end all that hard work and effort proved to be well worth it.

"Oh my goodness, Miltie," Nora gasped. "It's so big!" And, she was not just flattering him. To her, living the life of a doll confined to a house with no male companion, it was indeed quite an impressive, even intimidating, sight.

It actually was even a bit scary looking, like an angry snake straining to take a big bite of her, the head so swollen and inflamed.

"Would you like to take hold of it?" Milton politely offered.

"Oh! No,," she repeatedly asserted, her eyes though remaining fixed on it, mesmerized by it. "Well...yes, okay," she eventually admitted.

"Take your glove off first," Milton suggested.

"Oh, yes, well, of course." She pulled the glove off her right hand, reached down, and tentatively, gingerly, wrapped her fingers around the shaft. She would have preferred to keep the glove on. That would have been more sanitary, and less personal, but as soon as her fingers made contact she was glad that she had removed the glove.

"Oh my," she exclaimed, "it's so hard. It's like a steel rod, or something. How do you get it so hard? Do you exercise with it?"

Milton smiled at her naiveté. It was a pretty silly remark, but perhaps understandable for a doll. It's not like dolls get any sort of sex education. They don't even have parents! Milton though realized that he was again taking this whole thing too seriously. After all, it was just a dream. Plus, frankly, the naiveté was rather adorable. "No, no, honey, it just gets that way when it's all excited." He added, "It happens when a very pretty girl is sitting on my lap."

"Oh, Milton, don't be so impertinent," but she was clearly flattered. It's one thing to turn a boy's head. It's quite another to get this concretely evident and sincerely strong reaction. She would not admit it but she did feel rather proud.

She looked over Milton's shoulder at the woman across the street, who was now trying to pretend that she wasn't at all interested, albeit continually stealing glances, wondering what was going on. Nora was a bit tempted to show it to her, just to show off, letting her neighbor know what she had visiting her home that Claire was unlikely to ever have.

While Nora was pleased as punch, Milton was ecstatic. A woman was actually grasping hold of his naked erect cock!? Of course, it wasn't for real, but like any dream it sure as heck felt completely real. He so, so hoped that he would not wake up now. That would be so disappointing.

He tried to keep his voice calm and relaxed as he suggested, "You could perhaps stroke it a bit. He likes that," she added, as if it was a puppy.

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