tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Enchantress Ch. 02

The Enchantress Ch. 02


The enchantress lay in her bed, asleep. Her skin was slightly flushed and the sheen of sweat made her body gleam in the moonlight. Her dreams were unclear, even to herself. Her lips grazed a nipple, hard, firm flesh against her soft lips. Her mouth sought to devour it, tasting her own sweat and that of another. The wetness pooled between her legs, and fingers teasingly scratched her stomach. A kiss played across her mouth, hard yet sweet. The wetness between her legs ached to be touched, and at last the fingers complied. They entered her sliding in and out easily, swirling around inside her, touching each part bringing new pleasure. Her breath started to quicken and her pulse followed suit. She could feel the blood beating through her clitoris, warm breath on it. The heat of a mouth about to lower, give her the release she craved. She felt herself close to the edge of orgasm when she became aware of herself. Alone in her bed. Hot and frustrated. Yet again.

She could not believe this wave of lust that was taking over her dreams lately. But enough was enough. She was not some school girl, content to wait until some gallant man swept her off her feet and onto her back. It was time to do something, after all what was the use of having magic if one never took advantage of it? She was a strong, powerful enchantress who could bounce energy balls in one hand. A little relief from the frustration would surely not be a drain to her power. Quickly she picked up a candle and made her way out the door. As she marched angrily through the woods, guided by the bright moonlight, she recalled the moments of lust she had had with the man who's name she did not know. She told herself it was because she did not care to remember, but this was not the truth. The wind made her shiver slightly in her thin nightdress. Her nipples hardened against the fabric and she groaned as the cold shiver turned into a lustful one. She reached the edge of the lake and jumped aboard her rowboat. As she glided it through the water, she thought about who it could be, the plaguer of her dreams. She would soon know at any rate. In the middle of the lake she lit her candle and concentrated as she said the incantation.

Let the water become what I desire

And engulf my inner fire

She repeated the words in a chant. The fat candle burned in her hands, growing hotter with each repetition, the wax melting in its center echoed the wet heat melting between her legs. The flame grew with her frustration, then suddenly went out as water lept up in a stream and drowned it. The spell was complete.

The enchantress stripped off her white nightgown and entered the water naked, the coolness soothing her sultry skin. As she had hoped the water became her desire and she saw a man shape rise up and grab her. The enchantress smiled as he leaned his mouth into her breast. His colours changed slowly as he became more human. As he did so she recognised him, the man who had taken her to fuck her in the past. She was angry for allowing herself to be so moved by a man, and such an ordinary one at that. She threw him back onto the boat. She could not damage the water man, she knew, but she hoped to vent all of her frustrations on him. She leapt in on top of him and brought her lips close to his.

"You will do exactly what I say, do you understand?"

The water man smiled as he ran him hand across her back, lightly circling her anus with one finger.

"I am brought forth from a spell of desire. And you do not really desire me to follow orders."

He pinched her nipple hard and she gasped as the pleasure mixed with slight pain.

"And what do I desire according to you?"


He motioned towards his hard cock which he ran along her belly leaving a trace of pre-ejaculate shining in its wake.

"You want me to tease you, to be arrogant and frustrating and for me to fuck you so hard this boat will capsize. I may be the result of your spell but I can still deny you any of these things."

The enchantress sighed, a little too close to the real thing, she thought. But there was no point in fighting a spell once it was begun, it had to be played to the end. He flipped her onto her back, and the boat wobbled as he lowered himself onto his knees. He wove his hand in her hair and placed her mouth next to his hard dick.

"Give me pleasure, and perhaps I will give you pleasure. I am nothing if not fair. Your choice, Enchantress."

Despite herself she found the sight of his hardness for her intoxicating. As much as he was not real, his pure desire for her gave her the feeling of power, even as she was on her knees. She took him slowly in her mouth, thhe sensation of his soft skin pleasurable against her lips. His soft grip on her hair relaxed further as she tasted the precum that had gathered all around the head of his penis. When she saw him close his eyes she placed her lips around the tip, running her tongue back and forth more and more rapidly. He gently pushed her head into him and she allowed it, opening up her mouth to his cock. She imagined it inside her, and she started to gather speed in her rhythm. She pulled gently on his balls, and teased the outside of his butt with her hands. He grew unsteady above her as his balls tightened up in her hands. He started slowing her thrusts down to a controlled pace, moving further in and out before withdrawing completely letting the mixture of spit and precum run down her chin. He ran his penis over her neck and down her body before placing it just on the entrance of her vagina. He moved it back and forth slightly within the space of a centimeter. She writhed beneath him, begging him deeper with her body, but he disobeyed. Instead he continued his small movements while nibbling her neck. He sucked and held her nipples between his teeth and gently flicked her clitoris with his fingers. Finally she could take no more.

"Fuck this shit."

She grabbed him by the arse and rammed him into her, the pleasure slashing over her in a wave. He let her fuck him fast her buttocks bucking against the wooden floor of the boat. Suddenly her withdrew and turned her around, forcing her onto her knees her hands gripping the side of the boat. He shoved the full length of his cock inside her.

"Do you really want to be in control?"


She tried for emphatic and flat, but the tone was ruined by the breath catching in a groan. He continued moving inside her then slapped her butt softly but sharply intermittently to the rhythm of his thrusts. She felt the tingle from his slaps echo that from the pure pleasure of his cock hitting pleasure spots each time he moved into her

He placed one finger onto her clitoris and moved it in rapid circles. It was too much for the enchantress, and she collapsed forward as her orgasm started to build, the trembling running from the inside out. Legs shaking arms shaking, as the warmth turned to hot goosebumps all over her skin. He nipples peaked into nubs, he held her to him with an arm diagonally across her belly, his fingernails grazing at them, eliciting whimpers. Just as she was reaching the point of no return he was still. Her body thrashed and trembled but he held her firm. Slowly he moved his finger up and down her clit, pulsed his penis that was deep inside her and she groaned in pure frustration.

"You absolute fucker!"

The boat which until that point had been slapping against the water settled to a gentle rocking, which he emulated with his fingers on her clit and nipple. Then he started moving in her again, gradually building up speed as the boat rocked more and more precariously underneath them. Twice more he brought her to the brink before become absolutely still, until she was screaming and swearing and wishing she knew his name so she could curse it. There was nothing but her desperation and the pleasure in her body. She did not wish to respond to him anymore fearing he would never let her come, but as her orgasm built more and more and he didn't stop, she whispered please, and with a final deep thrust she came hard landing in the water as the little row boat tilted just too far and the water enveloped her sweat and shudders. She lay floating on her back, aftershocks still running throughout her body, closing her eyes against the moon and sighing her relief. He had disappeared the moment she came, the semen from his own orgasm becoming nothing but water.

Above her, hidden in the tree line, the real stranger watched her naked body relax in the water, and he smiled.

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