The Enforcer Ch. 01


Her climax looked like it was subsiding. However I was surprised when her body once again squeezed me tightly, she was cumming again. It was rapidly bringing me closer to an orgasm. I felt my resolve fading as my balls tightened. Her body tensed, as she came yet again, driving me over the edge. I came, filling her body with my semen. I was tired, yet very satisfied. I needed a break

We both lay back down; I rolled her over onto myself, leaving my cock deep in her body. We remained there for what seemed like hours. My limp penis eventually was squeezed from her body. We were happy being close, her tiny body on mine.

I was the first to speak: "Candy, I do believe, I may be falling in love with you."

Candy just laid there and softly replied: "I am thinking the same thing."

We spent over an hour together, blissfully ignorant of the world. I felt happier then I had in a long time. Eventually she looked up to me and said: "We should really a take a shower and get dressed. The Outlaws will be expecting their new Boss to bring back the local fuck toy."

I softly stroked her face and said: "Well that is going to change today. You are mine, and you will never be fucked by a man you do not want, or a woman for that matter."

Candy smiled and said: "You know they're not going to like that."

I held her close and said: "They can challenge me if they disagree. I am pretty sure they won't have the balls to fight me."

Candy smiled and said: "They may try to overpower you with numbers."

I smiled and said laughingly: "Good fucking luck. They can't fucking fight. I have had a hundred trained Wheelers try, they never did that again."

Candy laughed and said: "Yeah I can see that happening."

We both got up and walked, naked to the bathroom. I set the water temperature; Candy in the mean time took the opportunity to play a little more with my cock. I got hard very quickly. I lifted her small body up, and placed her standing in the shower. She yelped slightly as the warm water hit her skin. I climbed in and joined her. Candy took great joy in washing my body, paying special attention to my balls and cock.

I had to stop her from bringing me off. She was a little disappointed. But that faded quickly as I drove myself deep into her body. She moaned loudly as I fucked her with abandon. She came quickly; I climax at the same time, filling her small body with my semen again. She smiled at me. She looked really happy.

I washed her body, with a soft sponge, paying great attention to her breast, pussy and ass. She came twice more at my hand before the end of our shower. After we were done I dried her off. She returned the favour.

We then got dressed and headed to the bar. Sure enough a brawl broke out when I announced that Candy was mine, and only mine. Needless to say, the cops and the paramedic were called in. Candy and I were taken to the police station, where we had to give our statements. Every man stupid enough to have taken me on was now in the hospital. I greased the chief's palm and we were allowed to leave. I added a couple hundred extra and he confirmed Candy's claims.

I decided I'd stay, and make the gang mine. Candy moved in with me, she only had one suitcase. That was a couple of days ago. There aren't enough members of the gang out of the hospital yet, but as soon as there is, I will make my rules heard. Candy and I are in love. We have been making love for the last four days, four times a day, or more.

If you want to hear more, please tell me. I am sure the next few days should be interesting.



If you want to more of this story line or if you have a comment, feel free to drop me a line. I read all feedback I get. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for a next part, or want to see something special.

A Thank you goes out to MindFiend for all his help.

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Thank you.


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