tagAnalThe Enforcer Ch. 21

The Enforcer Ch. 21


Mandy and Jillian were mulling over my words; I had just given them carte blanche over the rest of the evening's activities. Mandy knew fully well what power she had been given, but Jillian, being new to the group, didn't, so Mandy decided to give her a clue.

"Jillian, you do understand that Vinny has just given us permission to make him do anything we want?"

She replied defiantly: "I know that!"

"That also means that, if you wanted to, you could make him break a promise he made earlier."

Jillian pondered her lover's words then, smiling, said: "You mean I could have him do anything I wanted, even if he had promised not to do it before?"

Mandy nodded.

Rubbing her hands together Jillian smiled devilishly as she said: "He's brave to give us that kind of power, isn't he?"

"Yeah. But he trusts we will not make him do anything we will regret."

"Don't you mean anything he will regret?"

"No. Vinny, to my knowledge, has never done anything he regrets; well not by the next day."

I chimed in: "The only thing I can say I truly regret, or rather regretted until recently, was listening to your grandparents Mandy. I should never have let them keep us apart."

Jillian looked at me puzzled and asked: "What exactly happened? You've told me about your first time together, but you two had a history before?"

Mandy and I spent the next hour telling Jillian about exactly how we had met, and then fallen in love. About half way through the story Jillian cuddled up to me for warmth, so she ended up sitting between my legs with my arms wrapped around hers. Mandy told the rest of the story to us as we listened attentively.

Up until that point I had not realised just how good of a storyteller Mandy was. I was enthralled by her words, and even though I knew the story implicitly, I loved to hear her telling it. I was mildly disappointed when the story ended.

Jillian got up, hugged Mandy, and tears filled her eyes as she said: "That was the most touching story I have ever heard Mandy."

The girls hugged for a few moments before turning to me. That's when Jillian said: "Vinny, I have spent the night by your side, and it was one of best experiences of my life, and we haven't even made love yet. But could I spend the rest of the night alone with Mandy?"

I got up, and lovingly said: "Jillian I have fallen in love with your innocence, and with your tenderness, but most of all I have fallen in love with you. I am incapable of refusing a request from any person I love."

I hugged them both and left. The last thing I saw as I closed their door was the two of them getting into bed together, hugging tenderly.

I headed down the hall to the other bedrooms to see if I could find a place to sleep. But as I reached the doors, I noticed that one room was empty and the other was still filled with light and the sounds of moaning; I realised that I would never be forgiven if I didn't, at least, offer to play to with the girls, so I opened the door and entered.

I was greeted by the sight of Amber and Lynn engaged in an interesting sixty-nine. From my vantage point I could clearly see that Amber had two fingers stuffed into Lynn's anus. She was rapidly pistoning them as she sucked on her lover's clit. Right beside them were Maya and Candy, kneeling on all fours, their pussies stuffed with a large double ended dildo and their assholes stretched open by a smaller one. They were rocking back and forth, fucking each other fervently.

I then spotted Kimberly and her sister, who were hugging each other as they kissed tenderly, legs slightly spread, their fingers exploring their sibling's pussy. They looked so blissful. That's when Sarah spotted me and her eyebrows rose in surprise. Her sister noticed this and turned her face slightly to see what was happening. Their kiss quickly broke, and they rushed towards me, giggling gleefully.

All eyes locked onto me as the sweet creatures jumped upon me. I caught them as they started raining kisses upon my face. As soon as Maya and Candy spotted me they stopped fucking and tried to pull apart. It was almost comical seeing them try to get the dildos out. I guess somebody must have helped them get them in.

My attention was quickly moved to Amber and Lynn as they hopped up onto me, throwing me to the wall with their momentum. I was unable to catch them, but they still managed to lock around me as my shoulders hit the wall. I heard a loud crack as the drywall and the stud behind it gave way. Sensing the wall fail I quickly shifted my left leg back, through the damaged wall, and caught myself before falling further.

Luckily Maya noticed what had happened, and decided not to charge me too. In control of the teeming mass of female flesh smothering me I moved forward, out of the wall and softly said: "Girls you can't do that when we're out; you just put me through a wall."

The four girls on me noticed for the first time that I had smashed through a two by four, and that my left leg was covered in white dust. They quickly released me, and all at once asked: "Are you OK Vinny?"

I softly replied: "I'm fine, and I'm sure the hotel will be able to repair the wall, but you might have been injured if I had not been able to prevent myself from falling."

Maya lovingly said: "My big teddy bear is playing the Knight in shinning armour again." She pouted at me as she added: "We may not be as atrociously strong or tough as you, but we're not wimps either, Vinny."

Candy chimed in: "I have been in more than my fair share of scraps big boy."

I replied apologetically: "I didn't mean to insinuate that you are weak."

Sarah and Kimberly hugged me softly as Sarah said: "I know I speak for my sister too when I say, I'm happy you are willing to protect us."

Amber then said: "I'm more than capable of taking care of myself and of Lynn, but I am happy to have such a chivalrous gentleman looking out for me and my lover."

Lynn added: "Amber, I'm going to have to beat your ass later for that comment; you have never beaten me in a sparring match in your life." Then she turned to me: "But I too am happy you are looking out for us."

Candy smiled as Maya said: "Typical, we all act in pairs, except Candy and me."

Candy hugged her lover as she said: "Maya calm down; you know our differences are what brought us together." They hugged and kissed passionately soon after.

Amber then joyfully said: "We'll worry about that wall tomorrow. To what do we owe this surprise visit?"

Lynn added: "Yeah I thought we'd be without you all night after you left with those two youngsters."

I replied sternly: "Would you stop teasing them. They might not be as mature as you guys, but I love their innocent ways just like I love," I turned to Amber and Lynn, "your scheming duality," I turned to Candy, "your ruggedness," I turned to Maya, "your independence," I turned to Sarah and Kimberly, "and your dependence on each other."

They all smiled. Then Maya said: "We just feel a little left out. You have not spent much time with any of us since we arrived here."

Candy added: "And you and Jillian have been pretty much fused together ever since you met."

"I'm sorry girls; I really didn't mean to leave you high and dry. I love you all, but Jillian couldn't stand being alone, and I felt the need to be there for her. I hope you can understand, and forgive me for my actions."

Sarah replied lovingly: "We all know that, but we are only human, and sometimes we forget that you are too. We all love you deeply; your generous and kind heart comforts us, but we all still want to be near you as much as possible."

Kimberly added: "That's especially true since we are all in a place where we have no other friends. At the base we have many more people whom we can spend time with, but here we were basically stuck with only each other to call upon while you were out."

"I promise to try and spend more time with all of you for the rest of the trip. I realise that as nice as London is, unless you actually have somewhere to go, or someone to spend time with, it is not the easiest place to fit in."

Amber said: "You actually know people here, but as for me, well I was actually surprised that even though English is the spoken language, that I could barely understand the people I met at the graduation."

Lynn added: "They have some strange slang here."

I giggled as I said: "I'm sorry. But I promise to do as much as my body will permit to make it up to you tonight. And tomorrow we can all spend the day together and visit a few of the attractions."

Maya proudly said: "I realise that all us want to be first, but since that's not possible, how will the decision be made?"

Candy proposed: "Why not let Vinny pick?"

I countered: "No, not happening, I already know that whatever I choose to do you will all happily agree, but I refuse to make the choice tonight. I want to see if you can work things out as a group."

The six girls huddled together, and franticly talked. They stayed calm, and eventually Sarah stood up and said: "The group has agreed to let me speak on their behalf; we have chosen to have you lie on your back, we will go at you two at a time. We have also agreed to let the newest members go first, and work back in pairs. So Amber and Lynn will go first, and since Lynn is the dominant partner she has chosen to ride your cock while Amber gets to experience your gifted tongue's actions. Then Kimberly and I will give you a ride, and since I am the older sibling, I get to ride your cock. Then Maya and Candy will have a go at you if you're still able."

I replied as I moved to the bed: "I will still be going after you have all cum at least twice, I promise. It's been a few days since I had a good sexual workout."

All the girls smiled when I said that. And as soon as I was comfortably lying on the bed, Amber and Lynn sauntered over to me. Since they were already wet they didn't waste time and soon Lynn was bouncing up and down on my cock. But Amber was slower mounting my head. To begin she climbed onto my stomach gingerly. Her pussy was sitting on my abdomen as our eyes locked.

She lovingly said: "Don't tease me too long, I really need a good climax to raise my spirits."

Since her back was to Lynn's chest, the bouncing beauty stopped and reached around her friend, and grabbing her breast teasingly, said: "I've been trying to get her to climax as violently as you make her all day, but she's too preoccupied with you to relax. Give her a good one for me."

Amber moaned as her friend's hands teased her erect nipples. But Lynn soon returned to fucking herself on my rod, and Amber lifted herself up. She moved her body forward until her dripping pussy hovered over my face, then she let her knees spread until her pussy was less than an inch from my open mouth. I could clearly smell her excitement, and poked my tongue at her dripping sex a few times.

She gasped. I ran my tongue along her slit a few times then I decided to just attack her with all my skill. Soon my lips locked around her clit, and my tongue teased her hard little nubbin. Needless to say she came quickly. But I did not stop my assault, and quickly brought her to a second orgasm. Her body was convulsing, so I grabbed her hips, kept her pussy locked to my face, and began exploring her hole with my tongue, setting off a massive multiple orgasm.

Lynn had been riding me hard the whole time, but my attention finally returned to her when I felt her pussy clench around me as her first orgasm hit. Sensing that, I began to fuck into her with my lower body as she climaxed, all the while still licking Amber. I kept up the pace for a few minutes before I finally came inside her.

They both collapsed forward. Amber almost fell off the bed, but I was able to catch her. Lynn's breasts landed on her friend's ass, and my hands. Maya and Candy picked Lynn up off of me. Then Sarah and Kimberly pulled Amber's limp body off my face. They put the two sexed out girls on the floor, on a sheet that they had placed there during their earlier sexual escapades, also giving me a minute to rest.

Maya and Candy noticed that I was at half mast, and that my face was covered in Amber's girly juices. Maya offered to Sarah: "With your permission I'll get Vinny's member back to full strength for you Sarah."

Sarah nodded.

Candy then said: "Kimberly would you mind if I cleaned Vinny's face off before you got to ride him? You know, just to give him a breather too."

She also nodded.

Soon Maya was giving me a heavenly blowjob while Candy licked my face clean, giving me a few quick French kisses in the process. But once I was clean, and hard, the girls backed away, true to their word, and offered me up to Kimberly and her sister.

Sarah moved herself over me and as she lowered her body Kimberly guided my shaft into her sister's dripping slit. I entered her slowly, not that I really had a say in the matter, but it was heavenly torture to slip into her warm insides, and unlike Lynn's entry I was able to devote my mind and body to the wonderful experience.

I was surprised that even after I had completely entered her sister, Kimberly just watched us. I asked her casually: "Kim, aren't you going to join us?"

She replied as she watched her sister slowly raising herself up: "I will in a while, but first I want you to just concentrate on what Sarah is doing. I want both of you to enjoy each other before I divide your attentions."

Sarah grabbed her sister by the shoulder and guided her mouth to hers. Their lips locked into a passionate French kiss as Sarah started her second trip down my engorged member. My hands were softly caressing her thighs. I could feel the tone in her muscles as she slowly relaxed them as her body approached mine.

My entire being was focused on Sarah, and Kimberly, sensing this, decided now was a perfect time to become a part of the fun. She raised her left leg and swung it over my head slowly, never breaking the kiss she was sharing with her sibling. Her pink slit loomed over me as she shifted her weight and brought her other leg onto the bed.

I waited as Kimberly lowered herself to my face. When her pussy was close enough for me to smell it I decided that I would take things slowly with Sarah and Kimberly. So I raised my head ever so slightly and lethargically ran my tongue along her aroused pink center. She made no sound, but I felt her body shiver at the light contact.

I began to explore her folds with my tongue as I felt Sarah's tempo ever so slightly increase. My cock throbbed as her velvety vice hugged it lovingly. We kept our slow pace up for several exquisite minutes, arousal rapidly increasing in all of our bodies. But I fought off the urge to increase my tempo. Sarah and her sister were no doubt playing with each other; I could feel them writhing ever so gently on my body.

I was surprised when they came simultaneously. I knew their arousal must have crested but it had been so gradual that it was still a surprise to me. But I was close, so the feeling of Sarah's pussy grabbing hold on me and convulsing, combined with the wonderful experience of having Kimberly's juices filling my mouth, threw me over the edge, and I came into Sarah's pussy, filling her with my cum.

They were both glowing and happy when they climbed off of me, but since it had been such a gradual build up I felt ready to go again. And I was still rock hard. Seeing this Maya and Candy approached me and, lying on either side of me, hugged me close.

Candy whispered: "Big boy do you think you could do something special for us?"

Maya continued: "We wanted a special little something my big teddy bear."

I smiled and replied: "I'll see what I can do. But can I ask what's with the nicknames?"

Maya replied as she nuzzled my side: "I don't know. I just felt like it was time I gave you a pet name. I guess we're just at that point in our relationship."

Candy chimed in: "Do you really need to know why I'm calling you big boy?"

I kissed Candy's forehead, then said: "No, not really my pet."

Candy giggled as she said: "Hey I like that!"

I asked lovingly: "What do you like so much my pet?"

She looked at me wide-eyed and said: "That nickname. Feel free to call me your pet, I love it, it's perfect for me."

I looked at her and said: "I'm glad you like it. I guess it's about time I gave you a pet name; never really thought I'd use pet as one though."

All the girls giggled at my comment.

Maya looked up at me and asked: "So what about me? Don't I get a special name?"

I placed a kiss on her forehead then said: "I haven't really thought about one for you my love."

Maya's eyes beamed as she said: "I think that would be fine."

I laughed as I thought: 'Maybe I really shouldn't be trying to come up with a name, looks like they more or less fall into place by themselves.' I then said: "Yeah I guess that will work."

Amber then asked: "When will we get names too?"

Sarah replied for me: "Calm down kid, it will happen eventually. Just remember that we are still new compared to Maya and Candy. I know Vinny loves us all, but we just entered his life, give it time."

Kimberly added: "I'm certain we will all soon have a cute name for him too."

I replied: "Just promise not to be too open about it until the gang accepts you as being my girls. They are still not fully ready for that, but I am certain they will adapt soon."

They all agreed, and then gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I was about to ask Maya and Candy what they wanted when I saw that the rest of the girls were leaving the room. I asked them: "Where are you guys going?"

Amber simply replied: "We're going to bed."

Lynn added: "I think we all agree that you have pleased us."

Sarah continued: "But right now it's Maya and Candy's turn to be with you."

Kimberly finished the thought: "And I know if I was in their shoes I would be grateful if I was given some privacy and time alone with you. So you guys have fun." And as the last words left her mouth the girls all disappeared into the hall, closing the door behind them.

I had not been truly alone with Maya and Candy in a few days, so I wasn't exactly certain what to expect, but luckily they had something planned for me.

Maya kissed my cheek and said: "Vinny I want my big teddy bear to do me a favour."

I had turned my face to hear as she spoke, but just as she finished Candy kissed my other cheek and sweetly said: "Actually we have something we want you to do big boy."

I asked as I laid back: "What can I do for you tonight?"

Maya smiled as she said: "Candy has convinced me to try something she once enjoyed with you," I looked at her puzzled as she continued: "Candy once tied you up?"

I nodded.

"Well I want to try something similar, but since we don't have a headboard to tie you to I was thinking I could just tie your hands behind your back, but Candy pointed out that would not be very pleasant, so she suggested that we tie your arms to your sides using a rope running behind you."

"Ok, do you two have a rope handy?"

Candy smiled as she pulled out a length of heavy hemp rope and said: "I know it's a little rough, but you're such a powerful guy I didn't think you'd mind too much."

Maya added: "And who knows, this one might actually be strong enough to hold you."

I smiled as I teasingly said: "You'd think so, wouldn't you?"

Candy replied coquettishly: "But you will indulge us and not break your bonds while we tease you, right?"

I nodded. The girls quickly motioned for me to stand up and turn my back to them. Then they tied me up securely, and when they were certain I was not going to escape they turned me back around and pushed me back onto the bed. I crawled back until I was lying in the middle of the bed, then I awaited my fate patiently.

Candy placed one of her small hands close to my left foot, her fingers just hovering over my toes. Maya followed suit and placed one of her hands over my right foot also. Their hands just floated over my feet for a few seconds, piquing my curiosity; however I did not move. Soon their soft hands started to gently explore and tickle my feet. They kept this up for a few minutes, gradually working their way to my heel. I had to use a considerable effort to avoid laughing or contorting.

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