tagErotic HorrorThe Evil Mirror Pt. 06

The Evil Mirror Pt. 06


The Sultan's women pulled Lady Dee to her knees and held her still as the Sultan and his favorite came closer to inspect her. Dee was completely naked now as two held her by arms and the third pulled her head back by her long chestnut tresses. Her beautiful green eyes were so full of hurt, shame and betrayal. There were tear streaks on her cheeks and still she was sobbing as they walked around her and ogled every inch of her wonderful body. I had to admit she looked quite fetching in her distress, her hair disheveled, her full bosom, her crowning glory exposed for all the eyes in the room.

Then from another door the Grand Vizier admitted the soldier in question. He was a moor, but very light skinned; obviously of mixed parentage. He was bald, or rather his head was shaven, well muscled and above average height. He might have been handsome but for a scar that went from forehead to cheek, and the fact that he was missing a few teeth, the ones that were left were crooked and yellow, so that when he smiled he looked quite fierce.

"His name is Yagmalama." The Vizier introduced the man. Who bowed abjectly to the Sultan, The Sultan with a wave of his hand bade him approach.

Lydia, the Sultan's favorite whispered something to her master and he laughed and spoke to my doppelganger.

"We give the choice to you Lord Theodosius. How shall Yagmalama service your lovely lady wife?"

The Imposter looked into my darling's eyes. She shook her head as much as the grip on her hair allowed and said almost in a whisper. "Please Theo, please don't make me do this please. If you have ever loved me, please..."

The Imposter bent over and kissed her long and deeply upon the lips, but when the kiss was done he turned to Yagmalama and said. "Take her like a beast."

"No! Oh god no, Theo not like that!" Dee wailed and struggled in the grip of the three women, as Yagmalama was disrobed directly before her. Finally when the harem girls had taken the last bit of clothing from him and she saw what he was going to put inside her she gasped and blanched. It was not that he was supernaturally large, probably less than twelve inches, but his shaft was very thick and the circumcised head of his cock looked formidable. Yagmalama looked directly in Dee's eyes, smiling at her apprehension.

"You will like having Yagmalama inside you pretty one." He walked behind my poor love and knelt behind her. She tried to look behind her, but one of the slave girls still gripped her by the hair and forced her to look directly at the Sultan and Lydia.

"Excellent." The Sultan complimented. "I want to see every emotion in the Lady's countenance as Yagmalama takes her."

The two girls giggled as they pulled her arms forward and Yagmalama grasped her by the ankles and put his knees between them. She was in the perfect position for him as he ran his hands over her gorgeous ass.

"Now." Said Sultan. "Put it to her."

Yagmalama smiled and nodded and began to do as he was told.

Dee's whole body jerked, as she felt the hardness of Yagmalama's cock touch her soft white skin.

"Oh no! No! NO! Don't, no! Oh god, please." She wept and pleaded in vain.

Yagmalama slowly forced his way into Dee's body. Her whole body stiffened as he thrust himself fully into her the first time. Her lovely mouth opened wide in a silent cry of pain, humiliation and yes, involuntary pleasure.

"Oh God! Oh God its too big. Theo! Theo, make him take it out. Please my love he will ruin me!"

"If the Sultan wants Yagmalama to ruin you, ruined you will be. I sold your body to the Sultan, Dee. He will do with it whatever he likes." At that moment Yagmalama thrust deeply into my wife and she let out such a wail of despair, that the tears welled up in my eyes. I wanted to look away but my gaze was locked on the horrid sight that was before me. Yagmalama was taking her like a dog, clearly enjoying every moment of my darling's torment.

"I like to rape infidel women." I heard him say in her ear. "Whenever we capture a town or city I make sure I get a good one and I rape her and rape her, till she cums screaming on Yagmalama's cock. But, Yagmalama has never had a woman as beautiful as you. Yagmalama hopes Sultan lets him rape you again. White lady feels good wrapped around Yagmalama's cock. Pretty soon you be screaming too!" With that he pulled out all the way and thrust himself back into her, hard. Dee's whole body was pushed forward and back by the motion of his hips, her wonderful breasts swaying sexily with each thrust.

"There." Said the false me, indicating a change in Dee's breathing and expression. "There, observe, she is cumming." The Sultan smiled and Lydia clapped with amusement. "She tries to remain composed and show no signs of the harlot's own pleasure she has in being forced, but she cannot help it."

"Yagmalama, I want you to test Lady Dee. Show her your "special' talent." Lydia said, gloating and honey sweet.

Yagmalama's hips stopped their motion. He gripped my wife's waist with both hands and seemed to close his eyes with concentration.

"Yagmalama is a very disciplined ravisher of women my dear. Can you feel him inside you expanding and contracting his member." The Sultan said.

Dee moaned unintelligibly.

"Can you resist him, According to your husband, no? Beg him to begin again. Beg him to rape you."

"You bastards." Dee said through clenched teeth. "You filthy bastards." But I could see her try and thrust herself back against Yagmalama. He held her motionless with his member still buried deep inside her.

"Beg me lady." Yagmalama said in her ear. "Beg me and I will give you great pleasure. Maybe I even put a little Yagmalama in your belly?"

"Noooo, no, noooo." She whimpered at that horrid threat and squirmed in desperation in the grip of the slave girls still impaled on Yagmalama's penis. Finally she could bear no more and said. "Do it! Do it now! Oh God do it!"

"Do what sweet Lady?' Yagmalama growled, gloating.

"Rape me." She whispered.

"I don't think they can hear you lady."

"Rape me! Rape me you bastard!" She cried in passionate desperation.

And grunting with his bestial lust and satisfaction he began to thrust himself in and out of her again. Slowly at first, but with a gradual increase in tempo Yagmalama fucked her. Their bodies reflected in the dark glass of the demon mirrors, moving in that primal motion of lust. Dee moaned and cried out little gasps every time the rapist put himself fully to her. On and on it went and each time she came, the Imposter indicated it to the audience, to her shame. Yagmalama was clearly an experienced cocks man and kept up the pressure on her body until finally growling with animal passion he too came, filling her with his seed. At that moment just like the Demon had predicted, my darling orgasmed violently, impaled on Yagmalama's cock.

The women released Dee as Yagmalama pulled himself out of her. And she collapsed like a rag doll on the cushioned platform, her whole body shaking, trembling. Yagmalama flipped her onto her back and wiped his cock clean on her bush.

"You very good fuck, lady. Very nice."

But Dee just looked at the imposter with hurt and yes hatred in her eyes.

"Theo you bastard, how could you let him do that to me?"

"I think Lady Dee is tired out from her exertions." Lydia smoothly commented. "Take her to the Sultan's private chambers. Have her bathed, oiled and dressed in the garments I have laid out for her."

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