tagErotic HorrorThe Evil Mirror Pt. 07

The Evil Mirror Pt. 07


When the mirror cleared again it showed me a new scene. It was another smaller opulently appointed chamber, circular in shape. There was a great cushioned settee at one end and in the center a small pool of water or bath. Braziers lighted the room, and its walls were hung with the finest eastern tapestries.

It was there that I saw my poor darling Dee. The Harem girls had already finished bathing her and her naked body now glistened with the scented oils they had rubbed on her skin. They dressed her in a shear turquoise vest and gauzy harem pants of the same color. They then bound her wrists with golden fetters attached to a chain, which went a pulley, which hung from the ceiling. She was still struggling with them, but weakly. I could sense her feelings of hopelessness. I was sure that the fact she believed I had betrayed her to this cruel fate, contributed to her sad state.

With the aid of a winch, Dee was hoisted by her wrists, till she stood on her tiptoes, her clothing leaving little to the imagination. As she tried to steady her balance a full length carved mirror was placed before her. It too was another of the Devil mirrors, which had plagued us. I could see the despair in her beautiful face as she realized that again, she would have to be witness to her own defilement.

It was then that I saw Lydia enter the room carrying a box and a jar of some kind. She approached Dee and looked on her with approval. "The Sultan is pleased with your husband's gift. I do not think he will be retuning it anytime soon."

I could see Dee blink back her tears.

Lydia continued. "The Sultan has certain desires my dear. I'm sure you will understand that a man of his standing will not want to go where a lesser man has gone before?"

"I don't understand... you don't mean that. Oh no, you can't mean that. That's unnatural!"

"Don't be so close-minded my dear. If the Sultan wants your lovely ass, that's just what he will have; After all, your loving husband sold it to him as well as the rest of you. Oh, don't look so sad. I don't want him to hurt you, well, not too badly at any rate, so I'm going to stretch you out a little. That way it will be a better fit." Lydia looked at the Harem girls and asked. "You fully cleaned her?" They nodded in reply, giggling at Dee's distress. "Good."

Lydia opened the box and took out three wooden dildos of ascending size and began to anoint them with an oily substance from the jar she carried. She walked behind Dee, who desperately tried to look over her shoulder to see what she was doing, although the intent was obvious. Dee tried to keep her legs together and struggled mightily to prevent this new violation of her person, but Lydia just seemed to enjoy that more. She had two girls pull Dee's pants down about her ankles and hold Dee still while another spread her ass cheeks.

"We are doing this for your own good Dee. We wouldn't want the Sultan to tear you. He can be quite rough you know." Lydia purred as she inserted the smallest dildo into my darling's ass.

Dee let out a high-pitched cry as the invading object was inserted in her.

Lydia just laughed cruelly and began to rotate the wooden cock in my wife's ass. "I wonder, if you like this my dear. I can't really tell yet, maybe this one is too small?"

Lydia pulled out the first dildo and replaced it with a larger one. Dee's whole body went stiff as a board and she shrieked when it was rudely jammed inside her. "Oh, I am sorry Lady Dee." Lydia sneered. "Was that too rough? Well just you wait till the Sultan gets to sodomizing you. I can't wait to hear the song you will be singing then." Lydia probed Dee's ass for a few minutes while my darling wept hanging from her bonds. "See if she is wet now. Is she? Lovely, just lovely. The noble and serene Lady Dee... I can't wait to see you cum like a whore when the Sultan takes your tight little ass. Now, the big one I think." Lydia slowly inserted the largest of the dildos into her as Dee gasped and cried. "We leave this one here a while, I think. It will stretch you out nicely for your new master."

"Oh God take it out! Take it out please!" Dee cried "Please Lydia, please."

But Lydia only smiled and gagged my poor Dee with a silken scarf and watched her twist and writhe in her fetters until she heard the approach of the Sultan. Then she took the dildo from Dee's ass and pulled her pants up again.

"The Sultan always likes to unwrap his gifts himself." She hissed in Dee's ear. "I hope you are better behaved for him Lady than you were for me. If you bore him with your whimpering and crying he may just give you back to Yagmalama, or perhaps the rest of the barracks as well."

The Sultan entered the room accompanied by a young man, who very much resembled him, a younger version. Both were wearing robes and looked as if they had just bathed as well. The Sultan smiled and laughed when he saw Dee strung up, waiting for him. He was clearly relishing this moment. "Ah, Lady Dee, I'd like you to meet my favorite son, Selim. Selim, this is the Lady Dee, I have told you so much about. Oh dear Lydia, Lady Dee seems to have something in her mouth. Would you do something about that?"

Lydia un-gagged Dee, who looked at the Sultan and his son with great apprehension? The Sultan motioned to his son to be seated and walked circled Dee; Walking slowly examining every inch of her.

"My Lord Sultan, please if you let me down, I will do anything you desire. I will please you I promise." Dee begged

"Oh yes Dee, you will please me." He said standing close behind her. "But I don't think I'll let you down just yet." His hands reached around and grasped my wife's wonderful breasts, his fingers gently tweaking the nipples through the shear fabric. "But I think we can come to an understanding, yes." The Sultan then violently ripped the vest open causing Dee to gasp in shock. "First," he continued, "I will do whatever I wish to you and you may scream and cry all you want. In fact you may even beg and scream, but if you please me with that lovely body of yours, I may let you go back to your loving husband on the morrow. Second, there is one important rule, do you see yourself Lady, in that mirror?"

Dee nodded.

"Well, you must keep looking." The Sultan said "Whatever happens, no matter what I do to you must keep those beautiful green eyes wide open. If I see them close but once...well being bred to Yagmalama, will seem kind fate compared to what I will do to you then." The Sultan nodded to his girls who quickly came to his attendance. They disrobed him and stripped the harem pants slowly off Dee. "Open her for me." He commanded and they did, two grasping her by the ankles. The Sultan's hands were all over Dee now. I could see his erection jutting out behind her, the tip of his cock already glistening with pre-cum. He licked his lips and began to rub himself against her lovely ass. She was biting her bottom lip trying to compose herself, steel her body for what she knew was coming but to no avail. He fit himself to her asshole and slowly forced his way inside her. Reaching around he grasped her tits and holding her tightly by them began to sodomize Dee. She did scream at first, but after the first few thrusts the screams subsided into a horrible animal noise that she made each time he thrust into her. In the mirror she could see it all, this horrid man raping her ass while she was forced to watch. Her eyes were indeed wide with horror and pain; tears welled up and rolled down her cheeks. Finally the brute began to reach his climax and with particularly violent thrust came inside her. I could see my poor wife's battered body involuntarily respond to this, just as Asmodeus had said. She could not help herself but moaned and finally cried out in animal pleasure in that same instant that the Sultan erupted inside her body. Clutching at her breasts the Sultan lingered inside my wife. He kissed and licked her gracefully throat with abandon, while she quietly sobbed.

Finally he pulled himself out of her and laughing slapped her buttocks. "Good Lady, good. Now you please my boy Selim with that lovely mouth of yours. Lydia, bring the lady to her knees.

Selim eagerly approached Dee as the chains that held her arms were slackened and she fell to her knees. The harem girls opened Selim's robe and Dee saw what she must do. Slowly she lowered her mouth to his member and began to kiss it, to lick it with her tongue and finally to draw it into her mouth and begin to suck him off. Selim was clearly enjoying the whole thing; his hands toyed with her hair, and caressed her face as she worked on him. His whole body was trembling when he came at last, shooting his jizz into her mouth and throat and horribly I saw the evil magic at work on her again. At the very instant Selim came in her mouth, she too orgasmed and in doing so, for a moment closed her lovely eyes.

"Father did you see!? Did you see!?" Selim shouted, pulling his dripping cock from her slack lips. "She closed her eyes, she broke your rule."

The Sultan stood, now robed again with Lydia by his side in front of my kneeling wife, who was still chocking on his son's semen. "Ah Lady Dee. I did warn you, did I not?"

"Oh please, My Lord, please don't kill me. Please spare my life." She gasped out. "Did I not do as you asked you?"

"Yes, you did my lovely, but now I am afraid I must give you to the Djinn. It is such a waste really, you were quite good."

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