The Examination Ch. 04


"Ahiyouuuuu!" Kate wailed as she came.

After that, the exact sequence of events was a bit fuzzy, but they included Kate tottering upstairs a few orgasms later in just her panties and heels. Bill's hand on her shapely ass provided the needed guidance. Somehow the panties, too, disappeared and Kate found herself lying on her back, red spikes pointed to the ceiling with a naked Bill Jenkins looming over her. His prick was about halfway into her very wet pussy and sinking deeper! Kate knew she was about to orgasm again.

Moments later another inhuman shriek pierced the midnight calm.

"Oh shit!" Bill thought Of all the times for his home security alarm to malfunction, why *now*? He scrambled down to the basement to turn the infernal contraption off as quickly as possible without disturbing the aroused woman lying naked in his bed, but when he returned, he saw the spell was broken. With fire in her eyes Kate was down in the living room with her panties back on, pulling up her skirt and searching for her blouse.

"You son of a bitch!" Kate hissed. "You deceitful, low life, treacherous scoundrel. Why waste abuse on a snake like you? Take me home this instant!"

Kate Harridan when she was riled, brooked no dissent. A chastened Bill Jenkins meekly opened the car door for the fuming woman. She slammed it closed herself. "But Katie ..." he tried to explain as he slid into the driver's side.

"Shut up! I don't want a peep out of you!" Kate glowered. There was nothing Bill could do but start the car and point it in the direction of Kate's apartment. To break the silence he slipped a cassette in the tape player.

Kate was furious, as wrought up as she ever remembered being. As with most women, when she was angry with herself, she projected her ire outward. What a creep! How could Bill Jenkins think she would fall for that romantic evening routine? Bill Jenkins playing the gentleman! What a laugh! Bill Jenkins was no gentleman. He was a rogue, a cad. The machista pig's idea of a good night with a woman was probably to throw the bitch down on a hardwood floor and fuck her senseless.

Kate bet he'd done it enough times, too, starting with that dumb blonde in college. Bill sure had the equipment for it. Kate eyed the bulge in his pants knowingly. Silly women didn't stand a chance with men like Bill. Just like that college floozy, they would glimpse a prong like Bill's and get so horny they couldn't keep their legs together. Any man with a prick the size of Bill Jenkins's was dangerous. Kate had never seen a package that size in a pair of pants. Bill probably had women falling over him, hot little numbers half his age that welcomed him into their warm wet fuck holes in a trice. Gad how she hated him!

"O.K., Katie. Here we are." Bill said at last. "And I really am sorry about ..."

"I thought I told you not to speak!" Kate snapped. Bill waked beside her to the door in silence.

"Well!" Kate growled as she turned her key in the lock.

"Well, what?" Bill asked uncomprehendingly.

"After your disgusting behavior tonight, do you think you can just dump me on my door stoop like a sack of potatoes? Get your sorry ass in here. I want to get laid!"

It was Zen, Kate later reflected dreamily later as she drifted down from a third orgasm and snuggled closer to her now sleeping partner. Once she stopped searching, the meaning became crystal clear. Bill had his huge part`n'er and damned if it didn't feel good!


The next few weeks saw a general relaxation of discipline around NAG headquarters. The President, frankly, was not setting a good example, often ducking out on Thursday afternoons for a long weekend with her new silver-haired beau and sometimes not straggling back until noon on Monday.

Fortunately, Kate had loyal staff that stepped into the breech. NAG's head of Security, La Toya Ruston, put the fear of god into the unruly young men in their fancy cars who were causing havoc, queuing up for their dates every afternoon. Olivia Fuentes in Research tried to keep up a semblance of a media program. Victoria Chung of Personnel relentlessly docked the pay of girls who couldn't wait until quitting time to get started on their evening trysts.

One would have expected Milly to help hold the fort, but Milly was facing one of life's big decisions. A little queasiness one morning brought something to mind she had not thought about for a while. She had been having such a great time these last four months, but she realized that since visiting the Clinic, she had been forgetting to re-fill her prescription for contraceptives. With the exception of Wentworth who was always responsible, she hadn't had much protection. When she got going with Carlos or Albert or especially with Horse, she just didn't have the heart to insist that they stop to put on a condom and she sure as hell didn't spoil the moment by making them pull out before they came. Olivia would have made a more exact calculation. Milly's was rough. Let's see ... three men, twice a week each for four months, average, say, four times a night times maybe three oz. per come ... Hum. About two gallons of semen by her reckoning. Yep, she was probably pregnant.

Waiting until the baby was born was not the best way to assign paternity she knew; it weakened her bargaining position. The decision was too serious for "eeney, meeney, miney, moh." A more objective method was required and the answer was pretty obvious. Wentworth had even more money than Horse and was a lot more malleable. Of course Milly expected his lawyers to try to push him into a stingy pre-nuptial agreement, but she and Wenny would pay a visit to Dr. Bock to talk about the baby and she was sure Amaka could give her fiancee enough backbone to stand up to a few lawyers. Besides, Wentworth would need Amaka's help to "remember" that night he had begged Milly not to make him use a condom and not to wonder why their baby was a lot darker than either he or Milly.

Horse, Carlos and Albert were not too happy when Milly informed them she would not be able to see them quite so frequently once she was married. They were mollified, however, when she promised to introduce them to some of her friends. The ones she had in mind were taking work far too seriously, anyway, and needed a little more fun in their lives. Milly scheduled appointments with Dr. Bock for Olivia, Victoria, and La Toya.


The group wedding of Kate and three NAG officers was the socio-political event of the season. Angelica Lopez headlined the "Style" spread "We're All `New Feminists' Now." The photo caption said it all, "...from left to right the party was composed of Mr. Charles, "Horse" Jones and his bride, Victoria Chung Jones; Mr. Carlos Valdez and bride La Toya Ruston Valdez; Mr. Albert Wu and bride Olivia Fuentes Wu; and Mr. William Jenkins, President of NARM and bride Catherine Harridan Jenkins, President of NAG. Accompanying the party were Mr. Wentworth Stokes and wife Mildred Stokes with infant; and Dr. James Bock of the Board of Directors of NARM and companion, Ms. Amaka Ebe"

The touching photograph showed a delicate Victoria with her dark, straight hair and almond eyes smiling up blissfully as the huge basketball player looked down on her in adoration. Heaven help the man who so much as *looked* the wrong way at his darling Vickie. No bantam rooster could have been more proud than Carlos at the side of the broadly grinning black woman who may have doubled his weight. Olivia and Albert were oblivious to the camera, lost in each others eyes. Kate in her surprisingly short bridal gown beamed as Bill held her around the waist like a prized possession. It was only a fluke of the camera angle that enabled a close observer of each bride's belly to note that someone had jumped the gun by several months on starting a family.

The photographer had not thought it seemly for a family newspaper to include the adjacent tableau, notwithstanding its considerable human interest. There a thin fiery redhead stood grinning, very proud and very pregnant, in the middle of the other four Wizards starters who were looking quizzically at each other.

The End

* * *

Comments, please, to:

Homer Vargas

I wish to acknowledge inspiration from "Downing Street" and someone else who does not wish to be acknowledged without blaming them for the execution. I also wish to thank "Gary Grant," who ought to be writing himself, and who will recognize his input.

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