The Face-Painter Ch. 09


"This actually stayed in place longer than I thought it would." I stopped and watched as she continued to let down her hair. Her body looked great with her arms raised up as she fiddled with her hair; her large breasts looking incredibly full and round, the visible upper swells jiggling enticingly with her subtle movements. She finally pulled out the last pin and shook out her hair. "There, that's better." She flipped her head from side to side and fluffed her hair out with her fingers. When she stopped and turned towards me, it looked wild and sexy, as if she'd just gotten up out of bed after a marathon session. It set my mind to wondering how it would actually look tomorrow morning, if the night went as I hoped. If things continued the way they'd been going for the last little while, I knew there were going to be a few stray ribbons and gobs of my cum caught in her hair before I was done with her.

"Mom, you look so beautiful." I stepped closer and kissed her once more, my mouth and body yearning for more of what she had to offer. As I kissed her passionately, she leaned back against the end of the dining table, her cute bum perched at the edge. It gave me an idea. I pulled my mouth back from hers, both of us gasping with excitement. "Mom, I'm a little hungry."

"Oh," she said breathlessly, a surprised look on her face, "I think there should be something.....oh......" She never got to finish what she was saying as I pulled the chair at the end of the table back out of the way, picked her up and set her on the table. With her legs dangling over the edge of the table, I reached down and pushed them apart as I stepped between them.

"It's you I'm hungry for," I said as I reached forward and took her beautiful face in my hands and kissed her deeply once more. Finally drawing back from the kiss, I pulled the chair beneath me and slowly sat down, my hands sliding down along the luscious curves of her body as I positioned myself between her spread thighs. I reached down and took hold of her sexy shoes and placed one on each of the arms of the chair I was sitting in. As her long toned legs came up, her body naturally leaned back as she put her arms straight back behind her to support herself. I looked up at her, happy to see that devilish twinkle in her eye once more. "Now it's my turn; just sit back and enjoy yourself."

"I already am," she purred mischievously as she let her legs roll open to each side. My eyes were immediately drawn to the dazzling display before me as she spread her legs further and further apart, her dress rising higher and higher. I looked deep up into that inviting 'V' between her legs; all the way up to the deep crimson red of her panties. It was a thong as I thought; with a narrow band disappearing beneath her while a small satiny triangle covered her front. The front of her panties looked absolutely soaked, and I could smell her warm womanly nectar already. "Go ahead, all you want."

There is nothing sexier than the inside of a woman's thighs; and the creamy smooth skin of my mother's thighs was just inches away from me. I took my fingertips and touched her just above the knee and slowly let my hand slide over her exposed flesh. It was deliciously warm and soft as sin. I turned my face and planted a soft kiss on the inside of her thigh before turning and doing the same to her other leg. I then started kissing higher, going from one leg to the other as I got closer and closer to the secretive treasure pit I had dreamed about for so long. Her warm womanly scent enveloped me like a comforting blanket as my face moved towards her steaming little box.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice," she mewed as my lips kissed high on the inside of her thighs. As her intoxicating scent fired my surging libido, I looked at the deep red triangle of her panties, her dress now hiked up out of the way with her legs spread wide open. I could see that the gleaming red satin of her panties was wet with her flowing juices, the entire area over her sodden trench glistening with succulent nectar. As I breathed in her heavenly scent, a low growl went through me as I slipped my hands beneath her spread thighs and lowered my mouth to her wet pussy. I extended my tongue and slowly dragged it upwards along the front of her panties, gathering up the warm juices that had soaked right through the thin satin.

"Mmmmmm......" I think we both let out a purr of contentment as I pressed the flat of my tongue against the damp fabric and sucked. The warm womanly flavor settled on my tongue like a fine wine as I savored the initial taste. I let my tongue slide over the front of her panties and then pressed the tip right into the center of the inviting hidden cleft lying beneath.

"Oh yeah, that's it," she cooed softly as I used my tongue to press the damp satin against her hot flesh beneath. I slid my tongue up and down that warm crevice for a minute or so until I couldn't take it anymore; I needed to taste the real thing. I withdrew my tongue and traced a line with it all around the leg openings of her panties, where her delectable cunt-honey had coated her soft skin as it leaked out the sides. Oh man, did she ever taste good....and her whole crotch was absolutely soaked. Not wanting to wait any longer, I reached beneath her dress and grabbed the waistband of her thong. My mother lifted her hips and drew her legs together to help me as I pulled her panties off and tossed them onto the floor. She quickly brought those sexy stilettoes back up and placed one on each of the arms of my chair. She then leaned back and slowly let those beautiful legs of hers roll open to each side once more.

"It's all yours, sweetie," she whispered softly as she spread her legs wide open, her naked pussy coming into view for the first time. Oh man, it was exquisite! She was totally shaved and her succulent cooze glistened wantonly with her flowing juices. She had slim outer lips but her inner lips were full and juicy like the inside of a ripe peach; lips that looked like they could grip your cock and never let go. They looked swollen with need and were a brilliant vivid pink in color. I looked up to see the stiff spire of her engorged clit winking out at me, a fleshy pink hood covering part of it, the tip almost calling out for my tongue. Everything was sensually glistening with her flowing juices, giving it a wantonly erotic appeal that wasn't lost on me. Yes, this was a pussy that you wanted to have your mouth on or your cock in all night long......and that's precisely what I intended to do. I leaned forward and pressed the flat of my tongue against the base of her inviting slit and slipped my tongue inside, the petal-like lips forming themselves around my tongue. I licked upwards, gathering up as much of her sticky nectar as I could. When I reached the top, I flicked the tip of my tongue teasingly over her hot clit before circling my tongue all around the face of her spread twat. Having cleaned up as much of her sweet cunt-honey as I could, with my hands once more beneath her widely-spread thighs, I pulled myself flush against her and feathered my tongue deep into her welcoming slot.

"Yesssssss," my mother groaned as I slid my tongue deep inside her, my tastebuds instantly being coated with a warm bath of her sticky goodness. I circled my tongue all around the clinging walls within her seeping twat at the same time as I sucked out a copious amount of her sweet nectar. She tasted so good, I wanted more. I pulled her harder against me as I pressed my face as far into her as I could get it, my tongue searching deep for more of that warm honey. And her body eagerly complied as her juices continued to flow readily onto my probing tongue. For the next ten minutes or so, I took my time as I continued to pleasure her with my mouth as she fed me the succulent nectar I had only dreamed of tasting. I'd alternate between sliding my tongue deep inside her and tenderly licking and sucking on her swollen pink pussy-lips. She was moaning and groaning continuously now as I feasted on her heavenly snatch. With my tongue buried deep inside her, I looked up at her enflamed clit, the stiff little bud protruding farther now from within its protective sheath. It looked like a flaming red beacon, calling out for my tongue. I had no intention of denying its siren-like call. Licking slowly upwards, I brought my lips and tongue to the top of her oozing slit before slowly wrapping my lips over the hot red spire in a soft warm kiss.

"Uuunngghhhhhh....." I looked up as she let out a low animal-like groan. Looking past the thrusting shelf of her tremendous rack, I saw her eyes close in bliss as her head went back, her soft wet lips parted as she breathed raggedly. I pushed a wad of saliva to the front of my mouth and bathed the hot red button trapped between my lips with the soothing fluid, my pursed lips drawing softly on it at the same time. I rolled the tip of my tongue all around her stiff protruding clit as I latched onto it tightly, the highly sensitive organ now the main object of my oral assault. As I sucked and licked, I could feel her start to shake and twitch, her breathing becoming louder and more and more ragged with each teasing lick of my probing tongue.

"Oh Connor...that's so good.......I......I........AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH......" She let out a loud gasp as a jolting orgasm shot through her. I held onto her bucking hips as she gasped and shook, her convulsing body twitching in my hands as my mouth continued to pleasure her. I kept slowly circling my tongue around her thrumming red clit as wave after wave of scintillating ecstasy coursed through her. I flicked my eyes up again to see those huge knockers of hers heaving within the restricting confines of her tight dress, the upper swells quivering deliciously in the exciting opening at the front of her dress. As her climax slowly started to subside, I slid my tongue to the base of her gushing twat and licked up her flowing discharge, the warm honey pooling on my tongue as I gathered in as much as I could.

"That was so good," my mother cooed blissfully as she reached forward and tenderly ran her fingers through my hair.

I reluctantly pulled my mouth away from her sopping crotch and looked up at her, a determined look on my face. "I'm not done yet." I pasted my mouth back to her leaking twat and feathered my tongue back deep inside.

"Oh God, that tongue of yours is incredible," she responded as she gripped my head with both hands and held me firmly against her. I enthusiastically ate her for the next fifteen minutes or so. I loved eating her, it was something I had always dreamed of and I knew I could have stayed there all night bringing her one orgasm after another if she let me. I alternated between slowly teasing her engorged red clit and feathering my tongue deep inside the hot soft folds or her weeping pussy. She was moaning and sighing with each soft swirl or lick of my tongue, her sweet juices flowing readily into my waiting mouth. As I continued to slide my tongue all around her warm pink flesh, I felt my cock starting to respond again. Within minutes, I could feel it had come back to full erection once more within my pants. As another warm gush of discharge rolled onto my tongue, I pressed my tongue upwards within her molten channel until I was pressing on the soft folds of flesh on the roof of her vagina.

"Oh fuck, that's perfect," she said she took my head in her hands and held me there as my tongue pressed and rubbed against the hot pink flesh way up inside her. I took her right to the edge of ecstasy about three or four times before she finally pleaded with me to stop teasing.

"Connor, please....I.....I can't take it anymore.....just.......just finish me please. I need to cum so bad." I slipped my tongue from within her velvety cunt and latched onto her enflamed clit once more. Within seconds she started convulsing and bucking her spread hips up against my face as another nerve-jangling climax shot through her.

"Yesssssssssssssssss," she hissed as I rolled my tongue all around the throbbing red nubbin trapped between my lips. She rode her orgasm out for a long time as I pleasured her tingling nerve center. As her body slowed its twitching and shaking, I lowered my mouth and licked up the substantial amount of juices pooling at the bottom of her oozing slit. With her feet still perched on the arms of my chair, I felt her reach down and touch my shoulders.

"C'mere, sweetie," she said softly as she pulled me away from her steaming twat. She had a look of blissful satisfaction on her face as I reluctantly let her pull my mouth away from her and stood up between her spread legs. "Oh my God, look at your face. What a mess I've made. Here, let me take care of that for you." She slid her arms around my neck and pulled my face down to hers. I watched as she had that mischievous little smile on her face as her tongue slid out and she started to lick my face. Her soft warm tongue felt wonderful as she licked along my chin and jawline before moving to my cheeks as she lapped up the remnants of her love-honey. Like a mother cat bathing her kitten, she kept licking all around my face until she had cleaned every drop of her sticky nectar off my skin. She then pulled my mouth to hers and we shared another deep lingering kiss.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred into my mouth as one hand slid down to the front of my pants. Her slim fingers found what they were looking for as she wrapped her hand around my bulging member. She put her soft lips next to my ear and whispered, "I think it's time you put this inside me."

She pushed me back slightly as she lowered herself from the table and pushed her dress down. She took me by the hand and lead me to her bedroom, those sky-high heels of hers making the sexy "click-clack" sound on the hard tile floor again. I wasn't sure why I loved it so much, but the sound of high heels always hit me with a feeling of illicit suggestiveness that never failed to fuel my desire; now hearing the sound being made by my own stacked mother made it all the more exciting.

Entering the bedroom, she flicked a light switch which turned on one of the bedside table lamps, the soft light bathing the whole room in a sensual warm glow. I looked at her king-size bed, the bed I had dreamed about being in with her forever. When my father had been alive, I'd heard that bed squeaking many times from their love-making, and I always wished it was me with her instead of him. I had loved my father dearly, and never wished him harm, but in the mind of a teenage boy, I had always wanted to replace him in my mother's bed; to feel that tremendous body of hers beneath me, her wide hips thrusting up to meet each powerful thrust as I fucked her hard and deep. And now.....I knew my dreams were about to come true.

I followed her further into the room and stepped up close behind her as I wrapped her in my arms. She turned her heads sideways as I pressed myself against her back and lowered my face to her neck. I used the side of my face to push her hair out of the way and gently kissed the smooth soft hollow at the dimpled joint of her neck and shoulder. I pressed my cheek against her warm skin, reveling in the silky smoothness. I drew my lips upward along her neck and then nibbled teasingly at her ear.

"Mmmmm," she mewed like a kitten as I slid my enveloping hands up the front of her body as she leaned back against me. I felt her hand reach around the back of my thigh and pull me against her as my own hands slid up to cup her enormous breasts.

"So, you like this dress?" she whispered provocatively. With my lips kissing the smooth skin of her neck, I could see her eyes were half-closed with desire as I hefted her massive orbs.

"I love this dress.....but I think I'm gonna like what's underneath it even better." I softly squeezed her big tits, amazed at the size and the incredible softness of them.

"Then maybe you should unzip me." She reached up and lifted her hair out of the way as I stepped back and saw the tiny clasp at the top of the slim zipper almost hidden beneath a tiny fold of the rich silk material. I reached up and took hold of the little metal tag and slowly drew it down.

"Zzzzzzziiiiippppppppppppp," the delicious sound was music to my ears as I drew the zipper all the way down to the base of her spine. It was something I had dreamed about doing for years and I felt a stiffening surge go through my prick as my hands released the zipper and reached for the top of her dress. She stood with her back to me, her hands still holding her hair out of the way as I pushed the material off her shoulders and drew it down as she deftly stepped out of it. I turned and placed the beautiful dress over the back of her dressing-table chair as she let her hair down and turned to face me, her frosty blonde locks falling in sensuous waves about her exposed shoulders.

"So, do you like what's underneath?" she asked coyly as she placed her hands on her hips and looked at me provocatively. Fuck.....did I ever! She stood before me in just those sexy strappy high-heels and an alluring satin bustier that spectacularly displayed her gorgeous set of 34Fs. It came to her waist and was a gloriously rich crimson color, the smooth satin material shining wickedly in the soft light. It hugged her hourglass figure at her waist and I followed the smooth vertical lines of the structured garment upwards until I encounter the overflowing cups. My God, I thought as I gulped noticeably; those cups seemed to be fighting to contain the ample amount of soft tit-flesh she had poured into them, the lacy front edge barely covering her areolae and nipples. The heavily reinforced cups were pressing those spectacular guns together and up, creating a long dark deep line of cleavage that drew my attention like iron filings to a magnet. My eyes followed the two thin satin straps supporting the overflowing cups upwards, to where I could see them biting into her shoulders under the tremendous weight they were carrying.

"I love what's underneath," I said as I stepped forward and kissed her deeply once more.

"My turn.........I want to undress you......just like when you were a little boy," she said naughtily as she reached up and slipped my suit jacket off my shoulders. She laid it gently across an easy chair she had in the room before kneeling down and slipping off my shoes and socks. As she stood back up, she reached up and slowly started undoing the buttons of my shirt, her eyes looking into mine sinfully. She pulled my shirt out of my pants and slipped it off my shoulders. Her hands reached up to my chest and she smiled at me as they explored the firm muscles of my chest and abdomen.

"Mmmmmm.....nice," she said softly as her smooth warm hands slid all over my taut flesh. She reached for my belt and quickly undid it before her hand grasped the top of my fly and drew it down. "The muscles on your chest and stomach are really nice.......but there's one muscle I need more of right now." Her provocative words sent an electrifying jolt right to my surging prick as she grasped the waistband of my pants and underwear at the same time. She sank to her knees as she tugged downwards, taking my clothes down to the ground with her. I quickly stepped out of them as she tossed them aside.

"Aaaaaah.....that's better." I looked down at my beautiful mother kneeling before me, another one of my fantasies coming to my life before my eyes as my long thrusting cock bobbed menacingly over her pretty face. I looked down as she reached up and drew my engorged manhood down until the broad enflamed crown touched her pouty lips.

"Mmmmm," she mewed deep in her throat as I watched her pursed red lips stretch open as they followed the flaring contours of the lemon-sized helmet. She closed her eyes in rapture as she sucked further down my rigid stalk before retreating, her hot spit glistening on the exposed shaft. Oh man, she was an amazing cocksucker, and I could see how much she loved doing it. I watched enthralled as she drew her mouth back off the end and took the long thick shaft in both of her loving hands.

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