tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Fall of Wrath Ch. 03

The Fall of Wrath Ch. 03


Deirdre stepped back from Wrath and moved towards her bathrobe. Wrath frowned as she concealed her body with the oversized robe. "That is probably best."

Deirdre stayed across the room crossing her arms over her chest, "I could not stop you if I wanted to."

"If?" Wrath's eyebrow arched in curiosity, but then he banished those thoughts from his mind, "I owe you an apology. I was weak last night, my lust over took me when I am normally more disciplined than that."

"Why?" Deirdre started.

"You are incredibly enticing to me."

"Oh," Deirdre began to blush, "No, I meant why were you even in my apartment? Why would an assassin be sent to kill me?"

"That was a serious mistake that I intend to rectify. The man, who made the request for your death, somehow falsified his memories. He portrayed you as his cheating wife. The justice daemon approved his request based on his false memories."

"I am not married, I was a vir..."

"I know. I saw your rune of innocence; that is why I did not kill you."

Deirdre's chest heaved in exasperation, her heart was beating fast. "But you took me despite it?" She very nearly shouted, her anger overtaking her fear.

"I intend to try to make it right."

"You cannot make that right! I have a fiancé! He might not even want me anymore!" Deirdre took a step forward, shouting at him.

Wrath growled to himself which caused Deirdre to step back. He kept his words from spewing out at her and stood thinking to himself. He could not deny when his master told him he may have a wife, Wrath was not displeased. He anger was barely controllable when he saw the two men at the pool put their hands on her. He had materialized behind them and it was all he could do to not take their heads immediately. He caught himself before he did, reminding himself she was still between them. "If he is worthy he will understand." Wrath finally said softly.

Deirdre faltered, she did not know if Donovan would still love her and that scared her. "You said you would make it right? How?"

"I will find the man who falsified his memories and I will kill him." At this Wrath pulled his sword out of its sheath on his back. He holds it out for Deirdre to inspect. "My sword is strengthened by the evil inside the hearts of the men I kill. If I should ever kill a guiltless person my sword would disintegrate in the innocent blood." He re-sheathed his sword.

"Is that why you didn't kill me? Your sword?"

"I am not an evil daemon, Deirdre. I have killed many men, and women too. But never a soul was taken that was not approved for death by the justice daemon, and as you well know they judge on behalf of the gods. I have never enjoyed my job, if I enjoyed what I do, I would be no better than those I kill."

"What am I to say to my fiancé? I doubt he would find it easy to believe that an assassin daemon took me."

"Why is that hard to believe? I suppose why an assassin would have crossed your path is difficult, but you sell yourself short. I did not speak lightly when I said I am usually better disciplined. Your beauty and purity is beyond anything I have seen for a long time. It is not hard for me to believe that a daemon would try to have you. I, again, am sorry for what I did."

Deirdre was now blushing uncontrollably now and was letting loose her bathrobe. She studied the daemon's chiseled body. He wore tight fitting black pants and a button up shirt but only the bottom two buttons were actually buttoned. A shield rune was tattooed over his heart and a little hair was scattered across his chest. The hair that enticed her the most was the hair that led downwards from his navel and disappeared into his pants. She did not need to see his arms to know that he was well muscled under his sleeves. His rough beard and wild longer hair added to his sinister demeanor.

"You know my name but I do not know yours," Deirdre finally responded.

"My name is a complicated thing. It is a very special honor to know a daemon's true name. Those who know me call me Wrath. That is likely all anyone will ever know as a name for me."

"Wrath? Fitting I suppose."

Wrath nodded, "You should get dressed. I am taking you to see my master"

"Wait, why? You mean on another plane of existence? Can I even go there?" Deirdre had never heard of mortals visiting the other planes.

"Yes you can, as long as you are with me. I cannot babysit you and save you from every degenerate man you come across. We need a solution to keep you safe."

"What would you suggest?" Deirdre asked with a slight degree of hope, which surprised her.

Wrath was a little taken aback by the way she asked him, he did not dare tell her what he thought, "That is up to my master. Take my hand." Deirdre took Wrath's hand and before she could blink she was standing in a large stone building. Wrath looked down at her staring doe-eyed at the other daemon standing around in the hallways talking and going about business. "This way," he said gruffly and let go of her hand.

"Are all daemon women so lovely to look at?" Deirdre asked following after Wrath.

He turned and saw the daemon women she was admiring. "Would you believe me if I said they are rather average for an immortal?"

"Average?" Deirdre's heart sank a little. A daemon woman who was beautiful by mortal standards but average by immortal standards meant a mere mortal was plain. She still had conflicted emotions about Wrath. The thought of him fucking her again, on more consensual terms, made her pussy wet but she also felt shame about desiring him before Donovan. The daemon women made her self-conscious, Donovan made her feel self-conscious. Deirdre looked at the floor and did not look up until Wrath stopped in front of a particular door.

Wrath knocked and entered the room, Deirdre trailed behind shyly. An older looking daemon stood up behind a desk. Deirdre wasn't even sure daemon aged, but this man looked older and wiser. "Wrath? You brought her? A mortal to our plane?" the man behind the desk queried.

"I did, its important." Wrath bowed.


"Clearly it was not long before trouble again found her. She needs something to keep men she just happens upon from thinking she is a slut. Is there a way she can just wear a ring of belonging until she marries someone?" Wrath growled.

"Hmm, she cannot wear a ring of belonging. Those rings are specially made and magically imbued at the ceremony. False rings of belonging simply do not exist. However there is a ring that young widows and divorcees wear until they find a new spouse. It would explain her lack of virginity and still portray her as looking for a spouse, with her honor intact. It is the ring of seeking."

"You did not mention this ring last night." Wrath tried to hide his annoyance, but despite what he truly desired he felt it was futile now.

"I had hoped to not need to use that particular ring. It doesn't always hinder men. There has been a problem with brothels getting hold of these rings to hide their prostitutes and keep them safe when they weren't working."

"I am engaged," Deirdre stepped up beside Wrath. "It won't be long before I do have a ring of belonging."

Wrath's master eyed him cautiously appraising Wrath's reaction. "Hmm, if that is what you want?"

Deirdre hesitated a little, "Yes."

"Master," Wrath quickly started, "Did you learn of the man who requested her death?"

"Yes, but I am not sure you should know who he is."

"I need to know," Deirdre cut in.

The master sighed deeply and stood quiet deep in thought. "Okay," he said finally, "His name is Hoight."

"Hoight?" Deirdre gasped suddenly.

"Do you know him?" Wrath demanded.

"He is a patient at the mental health hospital I am doing some of my studies at." Deirdre sank to her knees. "I want to see Donovan now."

Wrath's master held out his hand and ring appeared in it. Deirdre hastily put in on her middle finger. Wrath reluctantly in turn held out his hand to take her to her fiancé's apartment, the location he gathered from images in her mind.

Donovan dropped the pan of water he was carrying from the sink when Wrath and Deirdre appeared in his kitchen. "By the gods! Deirdre? How did you? Who is?" Donovan stepped back recognizing the man as a daemon. "Who is this?"

"That story is too long and too sad to tell, his name is Wrath," Deirdre's whole body quivered. "Donovan," her voice cracked; Deirdre began to cry. Donovan opened his arms and she rushed into them.

"What happened?" Donovan held her for several long minutes.

Wrath glared menacingly at the pair. He had acquired a gift for sensing evil inside mortals, he could also sense purity. Donovan wasn't giving him either feeling, which made Wrath uneasy about the true nature of Donovan's soul. Usually a person, Wrath cannot place immediately meant that person was not truly pure and had great potential for evil, but had not opportunity to discover it. Wrath entered Deirdre's mind, "Are you sure you want to tell him? I would offer myself in his place if you would have me."

"What?" Deirdre pulled back from Donovan. She turned to Wrath.

Wrath feigned ignorance to what she was talking about. "I didn't 'say' anything."

Deirdre turned back to Donovan and she pulled back the hair hiding her bare neck, "I was," she choked up again.

Wrath interrupted, "She was raped, by a monster of a being..."

Deirdre stopped him this time, "But he is gone, and the justice daemon has already taken care of him. Wrath here was ensuring my safety back to you. I have this ring, um, instead." Her voice was quivering as she extended her hand to Donovan.

Donovan stared at her incredulously. "Raped?" He suddenly reached out and grabbed her shoulder pulling her closer to him inspecting her neck. Deirdre flinched and Wrath reached for his sword. Donovan's eyes moved to Wrath, "I am not going to hurt her." He fumed condescendingly. "And this ring?" He lifted her hand up again to look at the ring of seeking.

"It is a ring of seeking. The daemon gave it to me to protect me from those who would think I willing gave away my innocence. When," Deirdre faltered at this, "If you still want to marry me, the ring of belonging will replace the ring of seeking."

Donovan felt the harsh stare of Wrath and the scared look from Deirdre, "Of course I will still marry you! It was not your choice; I would not hold it against you."

Happily Deirdre collapsed into his arms crying. Wrath slowly backed away angrily, "I take me leave then, mortals." He vanished from the room leaving Deirdre feeling confused about the bittersweet emotions caused by his departure and Donovan mulling the situation over in his mind.

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