tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Fall of Wrath Ch. 02

The Fall of Wrath Ch. 02


Deirdre lay in silence and shame, her blood soiling her sheets and her rapist's cum dripping from her sore pussy. Why couldn't he have killed her before he left? At least then she wouldn't be experiencing such guilt. Why did she have to enjoy him? She knew many women that fantasized about the daemon. But no woman would have wished for him to just take her innocence under threat of death and then leave. She was drowning in her heavy thoughts until she finally fell asleep from exhaustion.

Wrath appeared in the halls of the court of judiciary daemon. He walked briskly to His office. He burst through the doors in anger. His master stood up in surprise at the rude entrance. "What is the meaning of this, Wrath!"

"She was innocent!" Wrath roared back.

"Who was innocent?" His master looked confused.

"Deirdre, the woman you just sent me to kill. She could not have cheated on her husband when she still had her mark of innocence and no ring of belonging!"

"That is troubling," the sage justice daemon settled back into his chair, "The person who requested her death was not lying however. How can there be two truths?"

"He lied somehow," Wrath snorted.

"Could her runes be false?" His master questioned him.

Wrath looked at the floor. "No, her runes were not false."


"I was overcome," Wrath stated sheepishly, "Never before have I seen a mortal as beautiful as she, she was a virgin when I arrived at her apartment, but not when I left her."

"Fool! Do you know what you have done? Taking an innocent? You must make this right!"

"Kill me now as I give myself to your justice" Wrath knelt on the ground.

"Stand up!" The master fumed, "I am not going to kill you. I must think of what we can do. Go now and protect her, she must not have more wrongs done unto her because of your weakness. You may have a mortal wife if I cannot come up with a better solution."

Wrath bowed before his master and left his office. He materialized again at the corner of the street by Deirdre's apartment however he was not visible to the mortal eye. In his mind he was watching her lie in her bed. She looked confused and miserable. He was angry at himself, but more so he was angry at the position this false vision had put him in. He was still tired; he sat down and rested against a fire hydrant. Wrath let himself drift into something similar to sleep that daemon use for rest. Regardless he was still vigilantly watching Deirdre.

Deirdre woke up midway through the next day. She looked at the clock on her night stand. She had slept through all of her classes for today. Maybe last night was only a bad dream she wondered. She sat up in bed and felt soreness in her pelvis. She frowned, it was not a bad dream; it was real. Her reddish brown sheets stained with her dried blood were further evidence. She fumbled her way to her bathroom and into the shower. She turned the water to as hot as she could withstand and stood under the spray where she began to cry. When she felt calmer, Deirdre nearly emptied a bottle of soap onto a cloth and began scrubbing her body. The immortal's stench clung to her, stuck inside her nostrils, constantly reminding her of him, it was bittersweet. He was erotic and repulsive to her. She gingerly washed between her legs. It stung and though she wanted to wash inside of herself she dared not to for the pain.

After her shower she wrapped herself up in a large soft towel. She numbly sat on the edge of her bed, hugging her pillow, staring at the mess on her bed. Suddenly her telephone rang. Meekly she answered the phone.

"Deirdre! You never made it to class!" The voice on the other end answered.

Deirdre sighed, her fiancé Donovan, was the last person she wanted to speak to. "I wasn't feeling well today."

"You should go into the infirmary and be looked at, a nasty virus is going around." He was worried.

"It is nothing like that" Deirdre's voice trailed off.

"Oh? Well I missed you. Am I going to see you today? Will you be up for some dinner?"

"I would rather not. I think at most I am going to go for a swim."

"When you aren't feeling well?" Donovan sounded doubtful.

"I actually think the exercise will help."

"You certainly love torturing me. Did I tell you I miss you yet?"

"I am sorry" Deirdre could feel tears start to well up. "Look I need to go. I love you."

"I love you too."

Deirdre let the phone drop to the floor after hearing the line go silent once Donovan hung up. She buried her face in her pillow sobbing. How was she going to explain her loss of innocence to him? He would never believe that an immortal stole it from her. His first assumption would be that she cheated on him, even though it was an incomprehensible idea. Cheating was an obviously poor decision since her infidelity would be proven due to the rune of innocence's disappearance. When he first penetrated her she was overcome by the painful sensation his cock caused that she hadn't at first noticed the rune flare icy cold. The cold slowly dissipated and it was soon gone.

The rune's purpose was to deter women from behaving whorishly. Perhaps he would believe she was raped, but he wouldn't believe by an immortal. Would he want her after all this? If he couldn't love her through it, it would be hard for her to start over and meet someone. Women who had sex unmarried were horribly outcast by society but sought out by the scum of that same society. It was a wretched double standard that men could love many women but when a woman did the same then she was a slut.

The swimming excuse to not see Donovan today did seem like the perfect activity to keep her mind off of things. She was on the swim team before she started going to the university and swimming was relaxing and stress relieving. There was an indoor pool a block away that was never busy. At this time of day, she likely would be swimming alone. Deirdre began to dress and once finished grabbed her swim bag. Looking backwards at her bed as she began to leave her room Deirdre saw the mess of her bed again. Turning back she ripped the sheets and blanket from her bed, took the pile with her, and she stuffed it into the washer in the pantry near the front door. She turned the water on, "Thank the gods for white sheets," she mumbled as she poured some bleach into the machine.

Deirdre pulled her collar up as she walked into the reception area of the pool. An ugly old man was at the counter. She could not make eye contact with him and quickly showed him her membership card. He nodded and she scurried to the changing rooms. She stripped quickly, her hands were shaking. Deirdre stepped into her bathing suit, a simple black one piece. Walking into the pool area she was relieved to see there was no one else swimming. Deirdre dove into the deep end and started swimming strenuous laps.

Deirdre did not notice two young men also enter the pool area for quite some time while she swam. Upon her seventh lap to the shallow end, Deirdre stood up to catch her breath. She saw in front of her two pairs of bare feet. She continued to look up and saw the two young men smiling down at her. "That's quite a work out," one stated, a sturdy looking blonde.

"Do you swim for a team?" the other, a lithe brunette with blue eyes asked.

"I used to. Were you watching long?" Deirdre shyly stated. She was thankful her hair was clinging to her neck and chest covering where her rune would have been.

"Oh well we don't mean to come off creepy, but we have been here a while. We were very impressed and didn't want to interrupt." The blonde answered. "I am Randy and this is Sam."


"Nice to meet you, do you mind us swimming too? We actually want to try out for the university team and this pool is closest to us." Sam added.

"It's fine,"

"Maybe you can give us a few pointers." Randy interjected.

"Oh I think I might be leaving soon."

The two men lowered themselves into the pool and Deirdre felt uncomfortable at them coming closer but so far they seemed friendly enough. "Don't leave just because we are here." Randy stepped closer to her.

Deirdre was getting anxious and she started to twirl her hair, a nervous habit. She realized her mistake as she had uncovered her neck. Quickly she tried to cover it up again but the men took notice of what she was trying to hide. Randy reached out and took her hand, the hand that should have had her ring of belonging. "Do I make you nervous?" His demeanor shifted, he was no longer a fellow swimmer, no longer on an equal basis, he was predatory.

Deirdre tried to take her hand back, "Why should I be nervous?" Her voice wavered as she noticed Sam move around to her back.

"I don't think she is nervous Randy, I think she can't handle waiting any longer." From behind Sam moved one hand to her throat pulling her hair back and the other move to cup Deirdre's breast.

Deirdre struggled to get away from him and Randy quickly stepped forward grabbing her by her waist. "My ring is with my clothes! Please stop!" Deirdre lied desperately.

"No woman takes that ring off." Randy mumbled as he moved in to kiss her neck.

Sam's grip on her breast was painful and his other hand moved now from her neck to between her legs. Randy had one hand at Deirdre's neck holding her still and the other hand was loosing himself from his swimshorts. Deirdre struggled against the two men as best she could, she tried to keep her legs tight together but Sam's fingers were strong and prying. Tears started well up and this time Deirdre felt zero desire for the men accosting her.

"Take your hands off her!" A voice boomed from behind Randy.

Randy and Sam both stepped back in shock. Deirdre sloshed through the water away from them.

"We weren't doing anything that she hasn't already done before." Randy started.

"Silence!" Wrath hovered over the water towards them. He drew his sword.

"Whoa!" Sam and Randy both gasped at once and tried to get away from Wrath. Deirdre stood at the edge of the pool in terror, but she managed regain herself in order to climb out the pool before the swiftly reddening water reached her.

Wrath moved to her side. "I will not hurt you. Let's get you home and safe." Deirdre did not know what to think and her mind especially whirled when she was without warning in her bedroom with the daemon.

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