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The Favourite


I watched Becky surreptitiously from over the top of my book. My older sister wasn't paying any attention to me; she had her headphones on and was busily tapping away at the keyboard on her computer. She was so used to me hanging out in her room with her that I felt like she didn't even register my presence half the time.

Becky's room hadn't initially been a bedroom, and had only been converted when our parents decided we were getting too old to share one anymore. I'd been distraught at the time of the move. I'd loved sharing a room with my big sis, though I understood that she wasn't quite as enamored with the arrangement. Everyone needs a little privacy now and then when going through their teenage years.

Even though I was eighteen now, I still felt like an awestruck little girl around Becky sometimes. She must have understood that on some level. I told her I liked to hang out in her room because it was bigger and nicer than mine, which was not entirely a lie. On the surface she appeared to accept that excuse, but I was sure she knew better.

I squirmed a little deeper into the beanbag chair I was occupying and tried to go back to my book. My sister was beautiful, in my opinion, but that didn't adequately explain why I sometimes got hypnotized by her. She wasn't even doing anything interesting, but I felt like I could have stared at her all evening without getting bored.

"Hey Allie?"

I startled slightly at being addressed. I'd been lost inside my head and unprepared for any interaction.


"Does 'sequitur' have an 'e' or an 'o' at the end?"

I thought for a second. "Pretty sure it's a 'u.'"

"Oh, yeah. That looks right. Thanks."

Becky went back to typing, but now that I'd had her attention for a moment, I was loathe to part with it.

"You working on something for a class?" I asked.

"Yeah. Got a paper due soon. It's pretty important. Like, ten percent of my grade for the class, or something like that."

"What's the topic?"

"Nosy sisters. I figured I should write what I know."

Becky's tone was light, more teasing than annoyed, so I didn't mind the rebuke. I decided to drop the subject anyway. She was busy and clearly wanted to get work done more than she wanted to banter with me.

A few minutes later, our older brother Mike walked in. He gave me a funny look when he saw me, which I thought was weird because he should have been used to me being in Becky's room.

"Hey Mike," Becky greeted him over her shoulder.

"Hey. You got a minute? There's something I want to ask you."

"What is it?"

Mike glanced at me again. "I mean, like, privately."

I rolled my eyes. "Thanks for making me feel wanted," I grumbled.

Becky twisted around in her chair. "Don't worry, Allie. You were here first." She turned to Mike. "If you want to ask me something, do it. Otherwise it can wait 'til later."

I frowned at the emphasis she put on 'later.' It kind of sounded like the two of them knew something I didn't and needed to discuss it when I wasn't around. I got that impression around them just frequently enough to find it irritating.

"Alright, fine, I'll wait," Mike said after considering his options. "I don't know why you two are always hanging out together. You have your own rooms and everything."

"Becky's is way bigger," I said automatically.

"It's not like you need much space," Mike teased. "You're only little."

He ruffled my hair in a pseudo-affectionate manner. He just wanted to make me straighten it out again. I did my best to ignore him until he'd left the room.

"Why's he gotta be a jerk like that?" I said once Mike was gone.

I ran my fingers through my hair in an attempt to restore order. I had no way of knowing how successful I was. Becky smiled at my distress, then took pity on me. She stood up and grabbed her hairbrush from her dresser before walking over to me. I dropped my hands to my lap as she knelt behind me.

"He only picks on you 'cause he gets a reaction, you know."

"I know."

Becky smoothed my hair with her hand before gently running her brush through it. I relaxed and let her mother me. It felt kind of nice; nice enough that I almost felt thankful toward Mike instead of annoyed. Almost.

"He doesn't have to make it so obvious that he likes you better than me," I said, determined to find fault in my brother's behaviour.

"That's a little hypocritical."

I frowned. "What?"

"Allie, how much time do you spend hanging out in my room?"


"Have you spent even half as much time with Mike as with me lately?"

"But... I..." I gave up and shook my head. "No."

"Didn't think so."

"But we're sisters. It's different. Isn't it?"

I squeaked as Becky's brush caught a tangle in my hair.

"Sorry," she said, stroking the affected spot tenderly with her hand. "And yes, I guess it is different. Still, you can't blame him for being a little jealous. How would you feel if he was the one always in here instead of you?"

I didn't have a response to that. I'd never considered that Mike could be jealous of me, especially in regard to our mutual relationships with Becky. I still wasn't sure I believed it, but I clearly wasn't going to win the argument either way.

"So what did he want to ask you about?" I said instead.

"How would I know?"

"I don't know, but you seemed like you knew. It was pretty much just like you didn't want to say anything in front of me."

I felt a small pang of self-pity. I hadn't meant my words to sound as pathetic as they did.

Becky was silent for a moment, long enough that I thought she wasn't going to answer. She was still brushing my hair in long, smooth strokes, even though it must have been fixed by then.

"He's been having girl troubles," Becky said at last. "I assumed that's what it was about. Nothing he'd want to talk about in front of you. I wasn't about to kick you out though. You were here first."

"Oh. Well... thanks." I considered the matter briefly. "Is he really having girl trouble? I haven't heard anything about that."

"No reason you would have."

"I... no, I guess there isn't."

Becky kissed the top of my head, then stood up. She dropped the brush back on the dresser before turning to her computer. She hesitated for a moment, went to her bed instead and lay down with a groan.

"I don't feel like going back to work," she said.

"'Kay. You wanna do something else?"

"Um... I dunno. Maybe. I'm just going to feel guilty if I don't write a little more tonight though."

I got up and went over to sit beside her on the bed. Her eyes were closed and her lips slightly open, making it look almost like she was asleep. I admired the lines of her face for a moment, taking the opportunity while she wasn't looking. My sister's features held a certain fascination for me. It was hard not to stare sometimes.

I reached out and gently stroked her hair, mirroring the way she'd smoothed mine. Her lips twitched into a faint smile at the contact.

"I don't look that sad, do I?" she asked.

"No, not really. Just thought it might help."

"How 'bout a back rub instead? You know, as long as you're feeling helpful."

Becky rolled over without waiting for an answer. I adjusted my position so I could comfortably reach her back with both hands. I started off lightly rubbing one of them up and down her spine. She made an appreciative noise, and I felt some of the tension leave her muscles right away. She'd probably just needed an excuse to relax and not worry about her paper for a while.

I gradually built up to using a little more pressure, massaging any areas that felt tight. I wasn't an expert by any means, but Becky's soft moans when I hit the right spot made it easy enough to figure things out.

"Mmm, that feels nice," Becky said. "I shoulda been getting you to do this more often."

I felt myself blush a little. "I wouldn't mind. You know, if you want me to."

She chuckled softly to herself. "I should start charging you a back rub tax for hanging out in here."

I was okay with that idea. I was really getting into the task and I couldn't see any problem with doing it again in the future. It was oddly mesmerizing watching my hands glide across my sister's back and feeling the slow rise and fall of her breathing under my palms.

Becky's shirt had gotten pulled up slightly as I rubbed her, exposing part of her lower back. I'd avoided the bare skin at first, but it looked so inviting. I let my hands drift lower, brushing across the gap between her shirt and pants. Somehow, without consciously deciding to so, I let my fingers slide under the hem of her shirt. It was an instant improvement. Her bare skin was softer and smoother to my touch, and didn't move around the way her shirt did.

"I think you've got the right idea."

Becky's voice startled me. I'd zoned out, focusing on the small expanse of naked flesh that was my play area. I was glad she couldn't see my face, because I was sure it was bright red. I didn't know what it was about my sister that caused such weird experiences for me at times.

Before I could react, she levered herself up onto her knees and pulled her shirt over her head in one swift movement. Without missing a beat, she unhooked her bra and tossed that aside as well before lying back down. I shouldn't have been too surprised since my sister didn't tend to be shy around me, but even after all the years growing up together somehow it wasn't quite as meaningless to me as it was to her. I couldn't help locking my gaze on the side of her breast that was barely visible in her prone position. I didn't know why I even cared-breasts were just breasts-but I did.

"Something wrong?"

"What? Uh... no. Nothing's wrong."

I replaced my hands on Becky's back, biting my lip as the warmth of her skin spread up through my fingers. I wished I could be as cool as her about some things. I felt like such a prude, like I placed far too much emphasis on nudity when clearly it wasn't a big deal in this case. We were sisters; it was fine. Obviously it was fine. Why would it not be?

"You ever feel like you stress out too much over something that's not worth it?" Becky asked.


"I guess everyone probably does, come to think of it."


Becky let out a low moan as I hit a tight spot that I'd missed before. The sound caused strange feelings inside me. I was getting all confused and uncertain. I liked being able to make her feel good, but the vague, nonspecific worries were starting to build up too much for me.

"Hey, so, um... I should, maybe, grab a shower before bed," I said, grabbing the first excuse to leave that popped into my head.

"Oh, yeah, sure. Sorry, didn't mean to keep you stuck here. I was enjoying myself though."

She flashed me a smile over her shoulder. I returned it as best I could, though my attempt felt weak. I needed to get out of there before my nervousness became any more apparent.

I left the room as quickly as I could without appearing like I was desperate to get out. I was trembling and I couldn't seem to stop. The shower I'd used as pretext started to look like an actually good option. Even if my shivering had nothing to do with being cold, the promised warmth of the water was alluring.

I gave in to my nascent desire and headed for the bathroom. I turned on the shower to let the water heat up, then stripped out of my clothes. Once I was fully naked, I stopped for a moment and examined myself in the mirror.

Physically, I resembled Becky quite a lot; we had the same builds, and our hair was the same colour. However, I felt like my body wasn't quite as developed as hers, like I was stuck being a girl while she gracefully transitioned into womanhood. Maybe that was what had bothered me about her toplessness. I cupped my hands under my breasts and lifted them slightly. I tried to think back and remember if there'd been any hint of jealousy in my reaction to the brief flash I'd gotten. That would have helped explain things, at least.

I eventually turned away from the mirror in frustration. I didn't know what was the matter with me, and staring at myself wasn't helping. Stepping into the shower provided a much quicker, more tangible result. The warm cascade of water on my skin had a cleansing effect; both literally and figuratively. Standing with my eyes closed and letting the water embrace me took my mind off of my troubles far more effectively than analyzing them had.

I slowly rotated in the shower so the water would hit all sides of my body. I lost myself in the moment, concerning myself solely with the pleasure of the heat sinking into my skin. For a few minutes, I was able to forget the world outside the bathroom door.

My thoughts gradually returned to Becky, though in more of a detached way this time. The way she'd smoothly removed her shirt was so clear in my mind that it like I was still there. I could see every soft curve of her skin as it was exposed. I played the scene out over and over. It seemed retroactively obvious to me that I'd overreacted to something. My sister was beautiful; there was no harm in appreciating that.

Emotional balance restored, I began washing myself instead of continuing to let the shower rinse me down. I noted that my nipples seemed more sensitive than usual and I toyed with them briefly, enjoying the way they hardened at my touch. At that point I had to admit that I was kind of horny. I let one of my hands slip lower down my body to my pussy. I cupped my mound, gasping at the thrill that shot through my clit from such limited stimulation.

Clearly I'd become more worked up than I'd realized. I wondered if that had something to do with my earlier weirdness. Being around Becky while she was topless could certainly have been construed as a somewhat sexual experience, or at least my body could have been tricked into thinking so. The strangest things could turn me on sometimes, although this was stranger than most. She was my sister; thinking about her that way was pretty messed up. At least I knew it hadn't been anything conscious and, in all likelihood, was nothing more than a brief moment of confusion.

Whatever the case, my pussy was demanding attention. I rubbed my slit, teasing myself a little before getting down to some serious self-fingering. It was impossible to tell how much of the wetness was my own and how much was water from the shower, but I knew I was contributing a fair amount. Maybe it had just been too long since my last release; that seemed to be the message I was getting.

I traced circles around my clit, brushing it with my fingertip rather than rubbing it directly. I needed to work up to that. Small jolts of pleasure radiated outward when I made contact in just the right way. I bit my lip to avoid moaning out loud. Even though I had my privacy, the bathroom was hardly sound-proof.

As I continued to rub my pussy with one hand, I used the other to play with my nipples. They got so sensitive sometimes that I felt like I could get myself halfway to orgasm solely by touching them. This was one of those times. My clit and nipples seemed to be connected, with any surge of pleasure from the one traveling directly to the others.

In my mind's eye, I saw images of Becky over and over again. Her topless form dominated my brain, my imagination filling in the details I hadn't seen. I was too far gone to care about how messed up that was. She was simply the most recent sexual stimulus I'd had and I was seizing on it involuntarily. I could make peace with it later.

As I neared the end, I grabbed the shower head and fumbled it off its mount. I pressed the spray of water to my pussy, maneuvering one of the jets directly onto my clit. I gasped and clutched at the shower curtain, nearly tearing it down as I struggled for balance. Even though the sensation was exactly what I'd been looking for, it still overwhelmed me.

I managed to hold the shower head steady and let it do its job. The extra stimulation built my orgasm even more furiously. I leaned against the wall and clap a hand over my mouth as an explosion of pleasure rocked my body and threatened to send crashing to the floor. It was intense enough that I had to drop my 'toy' and relieve my pussy from the constant jets of water. It was just too much.

I had to slump down into almost a sitting position as my legs gave out on me. It had been a long time since I'd had an orgasm that wiped me out like that. I must have been in just the right mood for it; the stars aligning kind of thing. I didn't think I'd be able to recreate it easily.

Slowly, shakily, I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I was exhausted and kind of just felt like going to bed. I wrapped my towel around me and walked out into the hallway. I decided I should go see Becky before crashing for the night, if only to reassure myself that my need for release had been the only thing causing weirdness for me earlier. Now that I was calmed down I couldn't imagine ever looking twice at my sister's boobs. It all seemed so silly in retrospect.

Becky wasn't in her room. Her door was open and the light off, but I peeked in anyway just be sure. It was a little disappointing not to find her, but there wasn't much I could do about it since I wasn't in the mood to go searching the house for her. I shrugged and started back to my room. I could talk to her in the morning if I still felt the need.

I paused as I heard a faint noise. It sounded like Becky's giggle, but I couldn't tell where it had come from. I waited silently, straining my ears for any other sounds. Just as I was about to give up, another giggle followed the first. This time I got a sense of its direction. It sounded like it had come from Mike's room.

I padded down the hallway to my brother's door. I felt a little uncomfortable going to his room with only a towel on. Somehow, it made me feel much more nervous than approaching my sister's room similarly attired. They were both my siblings, but, well, it was different.

There were sounds of movement from behind the closed door. I didn't hear any talking, although that didn't necessarily mean anything. Becky may or may not have been in there with Mike; I had no way of knowing. It was none of my business if they wanted to have a private conversation anyway. I certainly wouldn't want Mike snooping around when I had something important to discuss with Becky.

Despite wanting to give my siblings their privacy, if indeed that was what they were looking for, I lingered for a moment. The next sound I heard was confusing. It sounded almost like a moan, but that didn't make any sense to me. I pressed my ear up against the door so I could listen better. There was a long period of silence, long enough that I began to get anxious about eavesdropping, knowing that it would be all to easy to get caught. Then I heard the same noise as before, this time slightly clearer. It was definitely a moan of pleasure, and I could swear it came from Becky.

I backed away from the door, suddenly unsure of myself. I was so confused, and curious, and nervous all at once. I was still standing in the middle of the hallway with my damp hair and only a towel wrapped around me. Whatever was going on in Mike's room, I probably should have just left it alone. I didn't even want to contemplate how embarrassing it would be for someone to stumble on me snooping dressed the way I was.

I couldn't help myself though. I couldn't help the wild speculatory images flashing around the edges of my mind. I had to know what was going on. My hand lifted toward the door to knock and announce my presence.

At the last second I went for the door knob instead. Slowly, carefully, I turned it. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Trying to stealthily enter an occupied room just wouldn't work. It couldn't possibly. And yet, as I cracked the door ever so slightly, there was no sign of me having been noticed. The only sound that greeted my ears was another soft moan from my sister.

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