tagFetishThe Fetish Shoe Shop: Nita

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Nita


Rob telephoned The Fetish Shoe Shop to make an appointment for his wife Nita. It was her birthday soon and he wanted her to visit the shop as a surprise birthday present. Nita has a serious shoe fetish and loves nothing better than having her toes sucked while she has a cock in her mouth. We weren't sure whether Nita had any bisexual tendencies but Mrs. Wyles was very keen to get involved.

Nita arrived by taxi without knowing where she was going. The taxi driver had instructions from Rob to drop her off at the door and tell her to go straight in. She had no idea what sort of place she was going into, although she thought there would probably be some sort of sexual theme involved. All Rob had said to us was to let her enjoy herself and send him the video.

Nita knocked at the door and I opened and let her in. I introduced myself and Mrs. Wyles and told her we had been expecting her. Nita was a very attractive lady, smartly dressed with nice make up. Her shoes were open toed sandals with ankle straps. I said to her, 'I know you don't know what to expect but I can assure you that you will not have to do anything you don't want to. But if you want to you can walk out of here after a couple of hours feeling wonderful. Now follow me.' I opened the door into the showroom and Nita followed. As she saw the racks and racks of shoes, her face lit up with a huge smile and said, 'Rob was right, I am going to enjoy myself'.

Nita walked over to the racks of shoes and spent ages picking them up, studying them and smelling the leather. I said, 'Choose a pair or more than one pair if you like'. She carried on looking and settled for a pair of open toed bright blue sandals with 5 inch heels and ankle straps and a pair of conventional black shoes with a 6 inch spiked heel'. She bought them over to me and I sat her down on the sofa. I said, 'Now you've got to put your trust in me, let me do what I want and I assure you that you'll enjoy it'. She thought about it and said, 'OK lets go for it, Rob told me to enjoy myself'.

I lifted her feet into my lap and removed her shoes. She wasn't wearing any stockings or tights. I said, 'I'm going to clean your toes and feet, there are two ways I can do it. I can either clean them with baby wipes or I can lick them clean. What shall it be'. Nita didn't hesitate with her reply. 'Oh definitely, lick them.'

I lifted one of her feet to my mouth and my tongue eased between her toes. She squirmed a little and said, 'Wow, I like that'. I really took my time and after I finished I took each toe into my mouth and sucked it. Then I licked along the soles of her feet. I could see the effect this was having on Nita as she had a sort of dreamy look on her face. It looked to me as she was getting sexually turned on. I asked her if she was enjoying it and she replied, 'yes, its great, its affecting ALL parts of my body'. I knew instantly what she meant. I suggested that I painted her toe nails to match the colour of the shoes and she agreed. I said, 'You're enjoying this, would you like to remove some clothing and really get into it'. Nita replied, 'That's a good idea.' She stood up and removed her skirt and blouse. She only had a light blue bra and matching knickers. She sat down again. Did I detect a slight damp patch on her knickers or was it my imagination. I went and found two legs supports. These are the same height as the sofa and are used to support the legs and feet so that I can use both hands when painting her toenails. I positioned one of them and lifted her leg onto it and then found the other one. I positioned this one close to the other and then said to Nita, 'I think I'll position this one slightly further apart, shall I'. She smiled and nodded.

This meant her legs would be parted and clearly exposing herself quite a lot. I placed it about a foot away from the other one and lifted her other leg onto it. My eyes went immediately to her knickers. They were definitely damp. I felt my erection growing. Nita said, 'I don't mind if you move them farther apart.' I slid the other leg support another 6 inches apart. Nita said, 'Further'. I moved it another 6 inches and said, 'Enough'. She said, 'No, much wider'. Eventually I moved it about 3 feet away from the other one and Nita was sitting back against the back of the sofa with her legs about three feet apart. She looked very sexy. I longed to bury my face against her pussy and lick her cunt. I found some matching blue nail varnish and started painting her toe nails. I could see she was enjoying this. When I had finished one of her feet I moved across to the other and started sucking the toes. Nita sighed and said, 'Oh that makes me so horny and wet. My pussy is beginning to leak. What can you do for me. I love having my toes sucked but I think my pussy is going to need sucking too'. I replied, 'I'm sure Mrs. Wyles would be happy to join us, she loves sucking toes and pussies, so between us we could both give you what you want.' Nita replied, Yes please, I just need to cum.'

Mrs. Wyles was in the outer office waiting for me to call her. She followed me in and I saw that Nita had now taken her bra and knickers off and was sitting back on the sofa with her legs on the supports. She had moved the supports even further apart and she was stroking her pussy. Nita said, 'Can I wear stockings and you suck my toes through them'. 'Of course', I replied. I fould Nita a pair of silky support nylons. Mrs. Wyles took one and I took the other and we both pulled them up Nita's legs. Mrs. Wyles brushed her hand against Nitas very wet pussy. I said to Nita, 'Who do you want doing what.' She said, 'I want Mrs. Wyles to suck my toes and Robert to make me cum with your tongue'. Mrs. Wyles said, 'First of all I need to dress appropriately. She undressed and put on her favourite fishnet seemed stockings and her 8 inch high heels and said to Nita, 'Look how good those heels are. I'll let you suck them later or you can wear them and Robert and I will suck them while you're wearing them.'

I undressed and Nita reached out and grabbed my erection and said, 'I want this in my cunt later'. Mrs. Wyles started sucking Nita's toes and I dived in between her wide apart legs. Her cunt was soaking wet and almost leaking cunt juices. Nita put her hands down and pulled her pussy lips apart and said, 'Suck my cunt, lick my slit, suck my clit, put your tongue inside my cunt and tongue fuck me. Oh that's wonderful, all I need now is a cock in my mouth and I'd be totally satisfied. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Let me get you a vibrator and you can fuck yourself while you suck Robert off and I suck your toes'. Nita replied, 'Later, I need Roberts tongue in my cunt now, I need him to suck my clit to orgasm, I need to cum over his face. Oh Robert that's great, suck harder, push your tongue right inside my cunt, oh Robert, you're making me cum, oh Robert, I'm cumming, oh fuck, I'm cumming, cumming, cumming, oh yes.'

My face was soaked with Nita's pussy juices. Mrs. Wyles was still happily sucking Nita's toes as her orgasm happened. She also had two fingers inside herself and was busily finger fucking herself.

When Mrs. Wyles saw my face she leaned over and licked Nita's cunt juices off me. Nita lay back recovering. Her legs were still wide apart on the leg supports and her cunt was clearly still soaking wet. Mrs. Wyles said to Nita, 'Its time for you to wear the 6 inch spiked heels you chose and went and got them. Mrs. Wyles and I put them on Nita's feet for her and helped her stand up. Nita walked over to mirror and twisted and turned and admired herself. She paraded up and down, looking at herself all the time. After a few minutes she said to Mrs. Wyles, 'What did you say about vibrators earlier'. Mrs. Wyles went over to a cupboard and bought out a huge box. Nita happily rummaged through the box and was fascinated by what she found.

I said to Nita, 'Both Mrs. Wyles and I need to cum soon and I'm sure you'd like to cum again, what would you like now'. Before she could answer, Mrs. Wyles said, 'Why not let me help you. As a woman I know what you'd really love'. She went over to her box and found a strap on vibrator and said, I'll fuck you with my strap on while you suck Robert off into your mouth and at the same time you can watch everything in the mirror. You can admire yourself in your high heels and stockings, you can watch my 8 inch imitation cock plunging in and out of your cunt or you can have the double header and watch it plunging in and out of your cock and arse and at the same time you can watch me fucking my own arse with a 6 inch high heel. Believe me you'll adore it. Nita didn't hesitate although she did ask if she could wear the 8 inch heeled shoes.

I went and found them and Mrs. Wyles and I knelt on the floor in front of her and one by one took her 6 inch heels off and replaced them with the 8 inch heels. Nita stood with the 8 inch spiked heels on and said, 'Oh God, I feel so fucking sexy in these, just to do whatever you want to me, just give me as much pleasue as you can. Use my body any way you want, do anything you want, just make me cum and cum and cum and cum.

Mrs. Wyles had by now strapped on the double headed vibrator. She had made up her mind that Nita was going to get fucked in the cunt and arse. Mrs. Wyles positioned Nita so that she had mirrors all round her. Whichever way she looked she would see herself. I too had put on a pair of red stockings and was wearing 6 inch red high heeled sandals and tied a stocking over the top of my cock and underneath my balls and pulled it tight, making my cock harder and my balls tighter. Mrs. Wyles stood behind Nita and making sure she was well lubricated slowly inserted one of the dildoes into Nita's cunt and one into her arse.

Nita let out a huge sigh as she was entered in both holes at the same time. Mrs. Wyles was up to her usual antics and had a six inch heel embedded deep inside her arse. As Nita was already standing, I stood on a stool and made sure my cock was level with her mouth. Mrs. Wyles had her hands round the front of Nita and was playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples. Nita had both hands on my cock and soon she had her lovely red lips clamped tightly around it. She sucked me as hard as Mrs. Wyles fucked her. I sensed her second orgasm rising and wanted to delay mine. In Nita's words she wanted to cum and cum and cum and Mrs. Wyles and I were going to make sure that happened. I saw Nita glance sideways at the mirror so she could see the double fucking that both her holes were getting. I also saw her look down at the 8 inch high heels she wore. All we really needed was her husband Rob here who could suck and lick her shoes.

Nita was soon cumming and even before that orgasm had a chance to die down Mrs. Wyles was again plunging into both her holes. Nita was now holding onto the armchair and instead of her sucking me I was now fucking Nita's mouth. She was out of control. One orgasm merged into another as her body shook with the pleasure that all her holes were getting. Nita wanted to cum three times but actually managed 5 times. Eventually I could wait no more and I put my hand behind Nita's head and held it steady as I pumped what seemed like pints of spunk deep into her mouth. Nita swallowed most of it and let the rest dribble out over her lovely lips. This left only Mrs. Wyles to cum and she didn't mind how she came. She wanted to show Nita her speciality and lay on the sofa with her legs on the supports three feet apart. She still had one high heel shoe embedded in her arse and now got the second one and inserted it into her cunt and ground the sole against her clit. Nita and I knelt down in front of Mrs. Wyles and sucked individually on her 8 inch high heels as we watched her abuse her cunt and arse with the shoes she so much adored.

Nita was so turned on with watching this that she insisted she was allowed to do the same and as she fucked her own cunt and arse she loved watching Mrs. Wyles and I sucking her heels and licking the soles of her shoes.

We all sat back and recovered and Nita said she knew that Robert would love seeing the video and promised to make an appointment for him when it was his birthday.

This was written specially for a reader of Literotica.com about his wife. If you want an account of your wife or girlfriend visiting The Fetish Shoe Shop give me as many details as you can. I need to know what she looks like, her hair colour, her build, her likes, her dislikes, her fetishes and anything she wouldn't do. The more information you give me the more realistic I can make it.

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