tagFirst TimeThe Final Trip Ch. 03

The Final Trip Ch. 03


Quickly Kaleb gets out of the car, grabs the blanket, and then reaches in for me. Because there is such and air of urgency in Kaleb I forget to bring my scarf and I don't remember it until we are part way down the trail. Since I have to almost run to keep up with Kaleb's long strides I don't bother to say anything to him about the scarf. Suddenly he stops. Being that I am right behind him and concentrating on keeping up, I never see him stop and I run directly into him. Spinning around he catches me as I fall.

"My Dear, I am so sorry. I should have slowed down. Please forgive me." Catching my breath I assure him that I am okay, but I need a minute. "That's okay. I am sorry, I should not have gone that fast, but I am so excited about this, that I don't want to waste a minute of it." Suddenly he gets very serious. "This is a big step for you though. If you are having second thoughts, I understand. I would understand if you decide that you want your first time to be in the comfort of a bed, instead of on the hard ground. I am just so...oh I just want this to be perfect for you."

Finally I reach up and place my hand over his mouth. "Kaleb, stop. I am excited about this too. Yes, I am nervous, but I so want you to teach me what it is like to actually be alive, and to be a woman. It has been so long since I have felt anything that I don't even know what to expect. I know things from what I've read, but I also know that fiction is fiction."

As we round a corner I have to gasp at the sight that spreads out in front of me. There it is. The Grand Canyon. I feel Kaleb behind me come up close and put his arms around me. He gently hugs me into his body and I can feel his hard muscles against me. "Maria, this is it. This is the perfect place." Looking around, I see a small overhang behind us. I take his hand and lead him over to it.

Quickly he lays the blanket down on the ground, takes off his jacket and folds it up so that it is like a pillow. Turning toward me, Kaleb looks at me questioningly. "My Dear, I know that you are very self-conscious, but please trust me." Reaching out, he gently starts to unbutton my shirt.

Grabbing his hands I stop him for a moment. "I am just nervous about how you will react when you see how scarred I am. I know that you have felt them, but nothing will prepare you for the reality of seeing it." Without moving his hands he looks down to the small area of my chest that is now visible. Gently he releases his hands from mine and finishes unbuttoning my shirt. Before I can see the look of disgust on his face I close my eyes. I hear him step away, and I feel his hands let go of my shirt. I know that he has turned away, and I drop my head. Quickly I start to button back up.

"Maria, please don't." Startled, my eyes snap open. "You see, My Dear, I was not turning away, I was just taking off my own shirt." As I look at this wonderful man, I see a body being revealed by each button coming undone that could rival that of the Greek god, Apollo's. "Can you please take off your gloves and the rest of your clothes?" Mutely, I shake my head. I can take off my gloves, but that is the most that I can do. Quickly Kaleb sheds the rest of his clothes down to his underwear. Reaching out he gently takes my shirt off my shoulders. Slowly he rubs his hands up and down my back and I can feel the tension slowly leave my body as I relax. "Please lay down, Maria." Laying on the blanket as he kneels next to me to take my shoes, and my jeans off. "My word, Maria. I am surprised that you survived. You must not have been there for very long, otherwise you would have bled out very quickly." I close my eyes as he inspects my body. When I feel him leave my side I know that he will not leave me. I jump when I feel him put his hands on me. "Shhh, My Dear. Just relax and enjoy. Just leave your eyes closed and enjoy your first experience into lovemaking. I will be as gentle as I can be, but I am having a hard time with it. Seeing you lying here naked and waiting is making me so turned on. Please keep your eyes closed though, because I do not want you to be in any way tense or skittish." All the time that he is talking to me he is gently rubbing my body all over. When he gets to the area between my legs I start to squirm.

"Mmm Kaleb, I don't know what you are doing, but keep it up."

"My Dear, I need to be in you very soon." I feel his fingers start to press into me. When he reaches a blockage, he stops. "You are still a virgin?" I nod my head. I can hear the incredulity in his voice. "My Dear, I never thought about that. I guess I just assumed that you would have been active with men before your attack." I feel him press against the blockage. "Oh, Baby, this will hurt you more than I originally thought. I will try to be as gentle as I can be, but I need to do this." I feel him move and before I realize it I can feel his cock positioning to enter. "Just relax, My Dear." Slowly he presses forward and I feel myself stretching more than I ever thought I could. I have to gasp at the feeling of being so filled. When he reaches the blockage he stops. "Maria, how do you want it, hard and fast or slow and painful."

Opening my eyes I see him above me. Behind him I see the sky and an eagle chooses just that time to fly over. Taking a deep breath I look into his eyes. "Kaleb, just do it. Do it fast."

"If you are sure, My Dear." I nod my head and lock my eyes with his. Pulling almost all of the way out, he plunges through the barrier with one swift thrust. Unwillingly I cry out in pain and close my eyes as I feel as if I am being ripped in half. When he is fully embedded in me he stops. "My Dear, please tell me that you are okay. I am so sorry that it hurt that much."

With an unbidden tear sneaking down my cheek I open my eyes again and look into his. I can see the concern there and I smile up at him. "I am fine. Please, continue Kaleb. I want to feel everything about making love." With a groan he pulls out to almost all the way and presses back in. "Please don't be gentle. I won't break."

"Are you sure?" I nod. "Okay then." With that he pulls out and presses fully back into me. Every time that he does it feels better and better. Soon I hear a moaning and I am surprised to find that it is coming from me. "Maria, oh my Dear! I can't hold out any longer!" With one more thrust into me I can feel him cumming. With one final groan he presses into me just one more time. Taking his weight onto his elbows he leans over me and kisses me full on the mouth. "Maria, that was wonderful. You are awesome." I lay there and I feel like I am completely drained. I smile up at this awesome man as my eyes go closed. I hope not for the last time, because I want to live to try this new stuff out.

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Such a great read

One of the most touching love stories ever. I see it has been years since you have submitted another story but maybe someday you could come back and finish this. It has all the makings of a great romancemore...

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