tagErotic HorrorThe Four Horsemen Ch. 02

The Four Horsemen Ch. 02


A roaring sound filled the dark Atlanta streets. A red blur was all some night walkers and a homeless person saw when they turned to the sound. It is Friday night and the clubs are open and ready to receive patrons. Some of the more upper scale clubs have valet parking. One such club called the Rocket was one of the hot spots of the Atlanta night life. The roaring of an engine grew louder as a fire red Ford Mustang approached the valet entrance to the club. This Mustang glided to a graceful stop. The engine rumbled as if upset to not be racing the dark night streets. The valets on duty had never seen this model Mustang. It was sleek and shapely like a supermodel strolling down the runway. All the windows were completely black from the outside. Each of the valets strained to see into the car but no figure could be seen. There was a hiss sound that startled the closest valet to the car. He had moved to the driver side door and was looking for a non-existent door handle.

When the hissing grew louder and then there was a click and the door to the Mustang opened up as if it were a bird spreading one of its wings to check a feather. What the valet saw sitting in the driver's seat would haunt his wet dreams for many nights. A woman with deep red hair and lightly tanned white skin looked him in the eyes returning his stare. Her lips were full and juicy as if they were cherries wanting to be bitten and sucked. She had a red leather bustier on that seemed to just cover where her nipples should be. The tops of her breasts showed no tan lines, thick and healthy they begged to be sucked and worshiped for all the glory they look to promise. This red headed goddess looked at the valet and extended her hand to him and he took it. She slide out of the car and was standing before him tall and voluptuous. She stood on 6 inch heals which caused her legs to seem to go on forever. Her hips and thighs were covered in a red leather skirt that came just above her knees. She handed the keys to the valet and told him to take special care of her baby. She then strolled into the club, leaving the valet standing there with slightly wet underwear. When she walked into the club heads turned to get an eye full of beauty made live. She scanned the crowd in the bar it was packed with all kinds of people. She saw him close to the bar talking to some less than attractive women. She moved toward him as a lion moves to track its prey. When she got close to the man he noticed her and smiled at the site before him.

"Damn, you is one fine woman," he said as he ignored the two other women that were staring also at the newcomer.

"My name is Rose, "she said. "I believe you and I need to get together tonight," she spoke to him in such a seductive way that the bulge in his pants was noticed by the other two women which were fast losing interest in this situation. Rose looked the two women over and said, "Thanks, for keeping him company. You can go now." The two women looked at each other and walked toward the dance floor. "Now, how about a drink?" she said to him. He waved for the bartender and she asked him for a Flaming Samurai. The bartender handed her the drink. She blew out the flame on top and drank it down half way. She turned to the man and kissed him on the lips. She sat back and licked her lips. The man tasted the beverage on his lips and smiled at Rose.

"Girl, you don't waste no time, do you," he replied as he reached for her hand. Rose shook her head no as she led him out of the club. They got outside the door to wait for her car that the valets were hurriedly getting. He held her close to him and looked deep into her eyes. He thought he saw a faint red glow in her eyes, but he did not care. She put her mouth to his and they kissed deeply. He felt heat from her lips like he had never felt before. Rose sucked his lip and her tongue probed his mouth deeply in a sensual kiss that made his legs buckle. Just as he thought he could take no more, the valet pulled her Mustang up for them. They got in with her driving and he in the passenger seat. She rubbed his crotch as she drove. Some how she managed to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. He did not care how as she was now stroking him to heavenly bliss in the car.

They arrived at their destination which was an upscale apartment building in downtown Atlanta. Rose's skills at hand jobs had prevented him from cumming in the car, but his dick was rock hard. He was breathing heavily from the pure pleasure he was experiencing. Once inside her apartment they were in each others arms, lips locked and grinding hard on each other. Rose kissed him deeply and sucked on his tongue. As she did this, she slipped out of her leather skirt to reveal leather crotchless panties. He slid his hands down her back to her now bear ass. Rose reached down and unbuttoned his pants and they dropped to the floor. She broke her kiss and then led him through the apartment to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom she took off her bustier and released her breasts to the kisses from the man before her. He licked and sucked on her hardened nipples. He paused briefly to take the rest of his cloths off and stand naked in front of her. Rose lay back on her bed and threw her legs up in the air and removed her leather panties. Then she spread her legs and beckoned for him to come and get it. He moved closer to her and lowered his head to taste her wet glistening pussy that was before him. His tongue flicked out and licked her hairless pussy lips. She had a sweet taste, almost like sugar. As he licked her Rose gasped in ecstasy. She moved her hands to his head and pressed his head harder into her pussy. She trusted her hips up as his tongue went inside her. He licked her dripping tunnel. He tilted his head slightly and caught her clit between his lips. He sucked and this brought Rose over the edge. She came hard on his face. Her juice squirted on his face and onto the bed. He stopped sucking her clit and she began to descend from her climax. He sat up and back on his haunches and started to rub his dick on her pussy lips. She smiled and reached up to grab his dick and guides the head to her pussy. But she stopped and smiled a devious smile. Rose then got up and had him lay on his back on the bed. She straddled him and impaled herself on his hard dick. She took all eight inches of his cock in one downward thrust. She then began riding him as if in the saddle on a horse. She was bent low over him looking into his eyes as she fucked him like a professional jockey rides in the Kentucky Derby.

He could not take too much of a fucking like this. He could feel his dick about to loose its load. He was building to climax fast, as he watched Roses boobs sway and bounce in rhythm of her fucking his pole. On each down stroke of her pussy her ass would slap his thighs. He would thrust his hips slightly but Rose's fucking was doing all the work. Then as Rose continued to fuck him she bent down low her mouth almost touching his and she said, "How much Blow did you sell to the kids today?" His mind raced at the question. He did not expect to be asked about his drugs in the middle of the best fuck session he had ever experienced. All he could get out between strokes of her smacking pussy was,

"About 50", he grunted. Rose smiled and then bent lower and kissed his lips. She continued kissing lightly and slowly all over his face. She slowly maneuvered his head so that his right ear was exposed to her. She nibbled on his ear as she fucked him. She kissed his ear. He was in bliss. He felt her tongue in his ear and her wet lips kissing and sucking his ear. Then he felt her sucking behind his ear. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought this is one kinky bitch. He felt her giving him a hickey behind his ear. Rose sucked on the skin behind his ear and left her mark. When she was through sucking she slowly sat up saying

"Yea, that is enough." She reached down and rubbed his chest still jackhammer fucking him. He could not hold back any longer. He started to groan and he exploded in her. As he pumped her full of cum he could feel her pussy sucking and milking his cock. He pumped five, six, seven jets of cum into her. Then he was spent. He had no more to shoot, but his dick was still hard and deep in her. She just smiled down at him. Then her pussy messaged and sucked his dick harder and harder. He was in pain now. It felt like his dick was about to be ripped off. His cock was deep in her and he could not move. His life force had been drained from his body. His muscles throughout his body were not responding to his thoughts. This beautiful woman was on top of him with his dick in her and he could not push her off or move. Rose rocked her hips a little and he yelled out. It felt like she was going to rip is dick off with her pussy. He could feel his energy being drained from him. It was going out his dick. She was sucking him dry, literally. "You are a drug dealer and it is your time to die," she said to him in a sexy, sadistic way. Horror was on his face after he heard this. He did not want to die. Especially not be fucked to death. Then as if she heard his thoughts she said, "Oh I am not going to fuck you to death, I am going to use my sword."

That did it; this bitch is crazy he thought. He could not talk; he could not move his mouth or his arms. Rose stopped rocking on his dick and slowly got up off him. He could only watch her rise. His whole body was paralyzed. His dick was still hard and standing straight up at full staff. Rose stood on the bed over him. His cum dripped out of her pussy, moving down her leg. She wiped her finger on a drop and put it in her mouth. "Not bad for a fucking drug dealer." She got off the bed and waked over to a closet. His eyes followed her movements but he still could not move any part of his body except his head and neck. She opened the closet and pulled out a red leather whip. His eyes grew very big when he saw that whip in her hands and she turned toward him looking very intently at his incapacitated body. Moving his mouth and jaw up and down he was trying to yell out.

'Bitch put that away, Fuck you!! You better quit playing!!' No sound came from his mouth. He looked like a real bad kung fu movie without any dubbing. Rose cracked the whip once.


Rose had done this many times before. She was very skilled with her whip. She smiled as she looked at the helpless slug before her. He knew that he was not in a good situation. He could not move, or yell and could not figure out why his dick was still hard. He was not into S&M. He had never done that, and didn't this bitch say something about killing him, he thought.

Rose moved closer to him looking at his hard cock. She bent over it and licked it once from the base of his balls up to the tip. She smiled looking at his crazy bugged eyes and then stood up raising her arm holding the whip. He watched as her arm raised and then came down as if in slow motion wielding the whip. Darkness over came the drug dealer.

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