tagGroup SexThe French Visit Ch. 08

The French Visit Ch. 08


The time had come; Laura was flying back to England to resume her studies and go back to her normal life. Georges and Vivette had invited her back to the chateau whenever she wished, and Paul had promised to visit when he could, but she knew that she would have to find other outlets for her newly discovered sexual desires.

She couldn't imagine any of the boys at college being able to drive her to the heights of eroticism she had reached over the last few weeks, she couldn't think of any of her friends who might be persuaded to try a little experimentation with her. She sighed deeply: tonight was her last night and she hoped it would be memorable.

Georges and Vivette hoped so too: they would miss her, her lush curves and eager appetites, her welcoming pussy and soft breasts.

That evening, the four of them were seated in the living room, a casual discussion of each others 'first times' taking place. Laura's first real sexual experience was known to all of them, Paul recounted an inexpert fumble with a neighbours daughter, Vivette and Georges had had their first experience at their respective colleges. The discussion then turned to other first times: the first oral sex, given or received, the first anal experience, and the first time with a same sex partner. Listening to everyone's experiences, Laura realized that she had perhaps been lucky to have received her education at the hands of experts, each lesson sensual and exciting.

Then Vivette described her first time with two men: this had been the occasion that Georges had filmed. Laura had only watched the first part of the film where Vivette had been riding Paul's cock and her husband's fingers had been probing her tight ass. Had Laura watched on, she would have seen Georges slide his cock deep into Vivette's bowels, thrusting in time with Paul. As Vivette had described the sensations that had overwhelmed her that evening, Laura grew more aroused. This would be a fitting end to her stay, she thought, and from the desire growing in her eyes, the others knew that she wanted to be taken in the same way.

Georges had set up the camera; it was stationary and might not catch much of the action, but he wanted to capture this girls first time in the way he did his wife's.

Laura lay with Paul on the grand four-poster: he was leaning over her, kissing and licking at her nipples until they stood erect. Vivette was stroking her back, running her hands around Laura's chest to cup her full breasts, holding them forward for Paul to caress. Laura's hands edged down Paul's body, boldly reaching for his cock, slowly moving her hand over the warm shaft, feeling the strength and heat of it. It swelled in her fist, and she grew excited, thinking of it thrusting into her.

She was already wet, the talk of the evening driving her imagination, and she pushed Paul over onto his back, mounting him. His cock slid easily into her, her pussy lips stretching around its fullness. She was kneeling astride him, and Vivette began to rub Laura's exposed clit: Paul moaned as he felt Laura's pussy clench around his cock in anticipation. He held her by her hips, helping her slide on his cock. Then he took hold of her shoulders, pulling her forward onto his chest. Vivette reached around and grasped Laura's buttocks, spreading her cheeks, exposing the dark cleft to Georges and his camera. She rubbed one fingertip over the girl's amber rosebud, inviting Georges to take his fill of her.

Paul pulled out from her, leaving Laura feeling empty, her pussy juices cooling on her inner thighs. Georges moved onto the bed with them, sliding against her back, his cock pushing urgently against her buttocks. Laura didn't know where to turn, and found herself passionately kissing Paul, their tongues working each other's mouth. Then hands and mouths began to work over her body, caressing and stroking the tender flesh of her breasts and her belly, sometimes nibbling, sometimes probing. She began to feel fingers sliding in and out of her cunt, probing deep inside the velvet-lined hole, twisting and turning. Every few strokes, another finger was added until she felt full and stretched to accommodate them all.

She was pushed to lie on one side, one leg raised high in the air, and she felt Georges move tighter into her. Paul's fingers were buried deep in her pussy, and she felt the swollen shaft of Georges cock pressing against the cheeks of her bottom, large and hot as he lowered himself into position. Georges reached down to spread her ass cheeks apart, and she felt the pressure of his finger as he sank it into her, stretching her tight anus, burying it into her to the first knuckle. He pulled her back against him so that she was partially laying on him and he began to finger fuck her anus deeper and faster. Moans of lust escaped Laura's lips, the sensation of having both her love holes probed and fingered was overwhelming, the sweet burning pain encompassing her.

With one firm push Paul settled his hand as deep as he could into Laura's cunt: he'd bunched all five fingers and half of his palm was sliding into her tight pussy. He began to thrust gently in unison with Georges's finger fucking her anus. Georges added another finger, overlapping them to stretch her wider.

Vivette watched, almost jealously: she knew how good this had felt for her. She was kneeling close to Laura's face, and began to whisper to the girl about how good this was going to feel for her, how Georges was going to fuck her ass open with his fat cock, and use and abuse her hole until he had filled it with his come. Laura whimpered in excitement: Vivette's crude commentary was adding to her pleasure.

Georges slid his fingers from her, and she felt the head of his cock nudging against her muscular ring, which was now beginning to relax and dilate. His cock slowly slid inside. It was much larger than his fingers, and Laura couldn't help moaning. Paul moved his fingers to begin frigging Laura's clit, flicking and pulling, stimulating her to help her take the full length of Georges's cock.

They shifted position slightly, Laura now almost lying full length on Georges's body. He couldn't move much, but he thrust his pelvis, and his cock stabbed in and out of her bowels, the sensation of fullness rippling through her body. Paul pushed her legs to either side, spreading her thighs so he could see the wetness and stickiness of her pussy. He leant forward to lick her clit, taking it into his mouth, sucking avidly on the erect bud. The sensation of being assfucked and sucked at the same time was too much for her, and her first orgasm came out of nowhere. Georges's hands were playing on her breasts from behind, pulling on her nipples, and she could hear Vivette continuing to whisper, urging the two men on to fuck the girl hard and fast. The older woman was kneeling so close that Laura could smell the scent of her arousal, musky heat rising from Vivette's shaved pussy.

As the aftermath of Laura's orgasm rippled through her, she realized that her pussy now felt empty after Paul's fingers had left her. She was so wet, and Paul moved quickly to plug her cunt with his cock, plunging into her. For a brief moment, Laura wondered if she could take this, feeling so full and stretched, but soon both men were buried in her to the hilt. They started to move rhythmically, in perfect timing, both her holes mercilessly full of hard pulsating cock. Her body rocked feverishly in rhythm between them, her pussy coating Paul's cock in a thick layer of honeyed juices. She was almost delirious with pleasure, the slowly shafting cocks pumping deep into her sodden love holes, her pussy aching and throbbing.

Vivette loved the sight of this, the girl's body writhing between the two men, and she began to masturbate, her fingertips expertly flicking and rubbing at her clit. She knelt up as close as she could to Laura, and then pulled the girl's face onto her pussy, spreading her own pussy lips with one hand, her clit standing erect for the girl to suck. Laura's head and neck was twisted a little awkwardly, but she enthusiastically began to lick, her tongue seeking out Vivette's juices. She was buffeted by the thrusts of the men fucking her, and her face was forced on to Vivette's wetness, her tongue delving deeper inside.

The assault on Laura's pussy and ass continued, both men pounding into her. She was gasping for air, grunting as each thrust seemed harder than the last. She wanted them to orgasm inside her, to fill her with their come. She felt another orgasm begin to peak, her body shaking violently as wave after wave crashed over her, her mind buzzing and blackness threatening to overtake her as the intensity was unending: a steady stream of cunt juices was flowing freely over the men's rock hard cocks and down between her legs.

Vivette continued to rub her pussy against Laura's face, the woman's hands wrapped tightly in the girl's hair as she rode Laura's mouth. Vivette began to come, gasps of excitement emitting from her lips as she quivered, feeling her clit vibrate under the girl's rapidly flicking tongue.

This seemed to trigger something in the others, and Laura felt Georges begin to thrust ever faster, his fingers gripping cruelly on her breasts as he fucked her deeper and deeper. Paul followed suit, ramming into her and almost simultaneously, they exploded inside her, hot jets of come shooting against her raw, burning holes, soothing and cooling the abused flesh with every stroke.

The men pulled out, wads of their seed spilling out from her. Laura lay back on the bed, exhausted, and for a moment, they rested, all of them panting with the violence of the session. But Vivette's hands couldn't resist Laura's trembling body, and soon her fingers began to move, lazily tormenting the girl again, her fingers circling her clit, easing into her pussy, pushing the wads of come up inside her. The men watched, too tired to join in but enjoying the display.

Laura couldn't believe herself: she was still aroused, despite her orgasms, and her clit began to throb under Vivette's skilful fingers. Vivette shifted position and began to finger fuck Laura in earnest, plunging her fingers deep inside the girl's needy hole. Laura began to grind her well-fucked pussy against the older woman's hands, spreading her legs to allow her better access.

Paul joined in: he pushed a finger into her alongside Vivette's, probing the girls pussy, feeling the muscular walls of her love tunnel that were still moist with his come. Laura began to tremble again, leaning up against Georges's chest. She felt Georges hands begin to caress her, stroking her shoulders and breasts, kissing her neck. Meanwhile, there were four hands now working again on her, probing the folds of her pussy lips, frigging her clit, dipping inside her stretched and abused ass ring. Georges wrapped his hands around her, and reached down to spread her pussy lips fully. He was almost lifting her up and down on their probing fingers, and she came again, less violently, but waves of sensation eddying through her body.

She lay, still trembling, in the circle of Georges's arms. Vivette and Paul lay close together, Vivette's hands trailing over his broad chest. She could smell the younger girl's love juices on her fingers, and traced the outline of Paul's lips with her fingertips: he opened his mouth to clean them for her. Vivette was still horny: she had had one orgasm from Laura's tongue, but needed more. Both of the men were exhausted, and she decided to play by herself, putting on a show for them.

She reached over and took a dildo from the bedside table. Her pussy was slick and oily with her juices, and lying back, she spread her legs widely, rubbing the firm head of the dildo over her pussy lips and clitoris, dipping it down into her tight hole. But she wanted more than this-she had been so excited to see Laura's tight amber ring stretched by Georges's cock that she wanted this for herself. She got onto her hands and knees, buttocks spread wide so that they could see the muscular ring of her ass, and reaching awkwardly behind herself, she began to finger herself.

She felt the tight muscles give way under her probing finger tip, and heard an intake of breath from Laura as the young girl realized that Vivette was finger fucking her own ass. Vivette pushed further, and could feel the heat of her rectum, massaging the sensitive muscular walls. Then she slid out, and placed the head of the dildo against her hole. Slowly she pushed and it entered her, filling and stretching her. Breathing deeply, she pushed harder and it slipped further inside. She began to pull it out, almost the whole way so that her ring was distended by the lifelike bulbous tip, then shoved it back in. It felt good, but her clit needed some attention. Paul took pity on her, and took over manipulating the dildo for her. Still on her hands and knees, she began to finger her clit. Rubbing and pulling almost viciously at the nub of sensitive tissue, she had brace herself against the thrusts of the dildo in her arse; Paul was ramming it into her vigorously, each thrust stretching her wider, and he twisted the dildo inside, tormenting her ass.

Georges passed another dildo over to Paul, wider and longer than the one he was using, and he eased this one into Vivette's pussy. She was taken by surprise, but pushed back against the increasing pressure in her pelvis. Filled by both dildos now and still playing with her clit, she was in ecstasy. Paul was thrusting them in alternately, both hands working rapidly, the sound of her breathing hoarse and ragged as she reached orgasm quickly.

She came hard, her body trembling, and collapsed face down on the bed to rest. Paul slipped the dildos from her. He spread her ass cheeks and looked at her hole; it was reddened and swollen, but still slightly dilated and intensely inviting. By now he had a raging erection again and he had to bury his cock somewhere. He rammed it into Vivette's anus in one smooth motion; it slid in easily, there was little resistance and he ploughed deeply into her.

Vivette started to whimper and moan; even after what had just been done to her, she still preferred the feel of hot meat inside her, and raised her buttocks slightly so that Paul could thrust into her. His cock was deeply implanted inside her, and then she felt his body stiffen against her. He groaned as his balls began to flood her ass with his juice, pumping his come deep into her bowels.

He pulled out from her, a flood of hot juice following, dripping over her buttocks. Satiated now, Vivette rolled over, and moved up the bed. Georges still lay with his arms around Laura, and Vivette leaned over to kiss the girl, then her husband.

It was time for bed. They had an early start in the morning to catch Laura's flight.

The next day, they arrived at the airport promptly. Laura was tearful, not wanting to go, but knowing that she had to. She was still sore from the night before, but welcomed the pain as a delicious memory of the excitement she had felt. She knew that she would see them all again, but for now, she had to return to college.

They kissed her goodbye; long lingering kisses that drew a few shocked glances from passers by, then waved her to her departure gate.

Promising to keep in touch, she left France: she would be back again some day, she knew that for certain.

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