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The Gallery


Rane Wilson watched from her wooden bench at the park in New York where she spotted the cloaked figure dressed in black and wearing what appeared to be a golden dog mask.

She has been watching it for weeks now the anthropomorphic creature doing the same thing over and over just taking a stroll through the park.

At first Rane thought it would be the last time she would ever see it since she only caught it a couple of weeks ago. But the creature kept coming out of its hiding place, whatever that was, and taking a stroll across the park.

Rane couldn't blame it; it was a beautiful day with the sun hiding in and out of the clouds.

But Rane had more important things to worry about than the weather and even watching the dog walking in the park.

If Rane wanted this to work she needed to make her move and now before she never gets the chance.

Rane grabbed her belongings, a dirty light green wool bag with a strap that went over her shoulder. She carried everything in it from coloring pencils to a coloring pad where she did most her drawings.

Rane walked over and carefully to the golden dog mask anthropomorph making sure she didn't scare the creature off.

"Excuse me," Rane finally spoke.

The heavily cloaked anthropomorph quickly turned around to see a beautiful woman with her raven colored hair turned into a ponytail.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you," Rane admitted, "but I was wondering if you can help me out?"

The golden mask dog looked Rane up and down as if it did not know what it was looking at.

"Do you speak sign language?" Rane asked.

The dog nodded.

Rane chuckled like she was relieved that she made the move in the first place.

"I'm working on a special project," Rane started, "a project I hope you would consider and I think you would like."

The dog rose up its massive gloved hand and started to use sign language. "What project?"

Relieved again that it was curious Rane began to explain using her skill of sign language and voice. "I'm what you call an artist and I'm looking for anthropomorphs just like you to help me out with my art."

The golden dog mask suddenly turned sideways like it was confused. Then it started to use sign language. "Why anthros?"

"That's a good question," Rane said using sign language as well, "because I think you and your kind are fascinating and I think the world needs to know that you are too."

The golden dog mask stared at Rane looking intimidated but Rane knew that she had to see past her fears if she wanted this to work.

"Listen I know that it seems a little skeptical at first but I'm willing to pay you handsomely if you just give me the chance." Rane promised.

The golden dog mask stared at Rane for a few seconds as if thinking about her proposal. Then it nodded.

"Yay," Rane cheered clapping her hands together in success, "if you will follow me and I promise you, you won't regret it."

The golden dog mask nodded and started walking right beside Rane.

"So by the way," Rane spoke and used sign language at the same time, "my name is Rane, Rane Wilson and you?"

The golden dog mask anthropomorph started doing sign language. "My name is Rocky."

"Rocky," Rane repeated, "such a unique name. It's nice to meet you rocky." Rane reached out her hand to shake his.

When the anthropomorph shook Rane's hand in return Rane felt his strength going through her body making her feel warm inside.

Rane had shaken many guys' hands in her time but this felt different. The handshake had some power behind it something she was intrigued about.

Rane unlocked and opened the door to her studio apartment and stepped aside letting Rocky in. Rocky looked around to see paintings everywhere.

"Come in and make yourself at home," Rane introduced, "how do you like it?"

Rocky looked around. The place was big enough for more people but it seemed like Rane was all alone.

Rocky turned to Rane and nodded.

"Good, for a second there I thought you would not like it." Rane admitted. "Come I'll fix you something to eat I know your starving, I know I am."

Rane cooked up some vegetables and clean chicken and placed them on two plates and placing the both of them on the kitchen counter. One was in front of Rocky and the other in front of Rane.

"Eat up," Rane spoke as she took her fork and began digging in.

Rocky lifted his golden mask up just a bit to show his muzzle and bent over to pick up his food with a fork and stuffed some of it inside his mouth.

Rane watched not disgusted but intrigued on how Rocky ate.

She picked up a glass of water and drank some to wash down her food. Then placed the glass back on the counter and continued finishing her dinner.

Rane and Rocky both finished their dinner with Rane grabbing both plates and placing them in the sink.

After pouring hot water on the stained plates Rane turned to face Rocky who was looking down at her.

"So how did you like your food?" Rane asked already knowing the answer.

Rocky gave her thumbs up signaling that he was pleased.

Rane chuckled happy to see that. "Well good I'm glad you enjoyed it."

Rane glanced at the other room and back at Rocky. "Shall we continue into the other room?"

Rocky nodded.

Rane walked into, what she called, the art room and Rocky followed behind.

Inside Rocky took a strong look around the room. The walls were painted with all different colors of the trees and oceans, planets and stars, and of the city itself. Rane couldn't tell but by the look of it Rocky was impressed.

"Welcome to the Art Room," Rane introduced, "this is where I create my own world and private thoughts."

Rocky nodded understanding where she was coming from.

"Now to start this off proper there is a stool over there in the center of the room," Rane pointed to the wooden stool behind a wooden canvas, "you can sit over there but there is one catch."

Rocky tilted his golden dog mask head wondering what that catch was.

"This maybe a stupid question and forgive me if I ask but are you wearing anything under that? T-shirt, underwear, something?"

Rocky confusingly shook his head.

"Good because that's what I want to paint. I want to see natural beauty and for that to happen I have to see all of you including your face, will that be a problem?" Rane explained.

Rocky had to admit to himself that revealing his true natural body could freak someone like Rane out. But Rocky knew Rane was somewhat different. She seemed edgy but at the same time was confident enough to go through whatever she was going through to get what she wanted.

Rane licked her bottom lip and came up with a better idea. "How about this..." Rane reached under her shirt and pulled it off her body revealing her tan white bra. After throwing it aside she unbuckled and unzipped her denim pants, taking off her shoes and socks, and pulling her pants all the way down so she could step out of them and kick them to the side along with the t-shirt and shoes. "There is that better?"

Rocky tilted his golden dog mask head sideways wondering why on earth she was doing this.

"Not good enough?" Rane asked reaching behind her back to unsnap her bra letting her perky and voluptuous breasts free. After throwing that to the side she reached for her panties and pulled them down stepping out of them and kicking them to the side revealing the small black pubic hair of her pussy. "How about that?"

Rocky was taken aback by the site of Rane stripping down in front of him. Whatever project she was doing she was going to get it at any means necessary.

"Now it's your turn," Rane said walking up to Rocky, "let me see you, all of you, please? I promise I won't freak out."

Rocky started off taken off his hood where Rane could see his cropped up dog ears. Then he took off his gloves showing Rane his massive pawed toasty red claws and hands. Rocky continued to undress as he pulled off his cloak revealing his muscular toasty red furry frame that opened Rane's eyes wide.

Rane walked up to Rocky and without his permission, even though Rocky didn't care, Rane reached for the golden dog mask and carefully removed it from Rocky's face.

Rane stepped back in awe as she was not just staring up at any dog but the body and head of an all American red colored pit-bull.

Rane stepped up to the pit-bull named, Rocky, and stared into his light brown eyes. "You are so beautiful."

Rocky leaned down and gave Rane a strong lick across her left cheek making Rane chuckle.

"Slow down cowboy," Rane said, "we still have one more thing to do."

Rocky sat on the wooden stool naked, at least that's what Rane thought since it was covered in red fur, while she concentrated on painting on her wooden canvas.

Rane turned to Rocky who stared back at her. Rane couldn't tell but she had the feeling that Rocky was checking her out. It also helped that she two were naked and she noticed that Rocky was paying attention to that.

"There I'm done," Rane announced.

Rocky stepped off the wooden stool and walked over to Rane. He turned to look at the painting of himself and his eyebrows widened at the sight.

It was Rocky except instead of sitting on the stool like before the painting showed him standing and in the background was the painting of the city he lived in. The painting of himself was spot on and the background of the city was beautiful with amazing colors. It was like staring straight into a mirror image of himself but in a different place.

"Impressed," Rane asked proud of her work.

Still staring at himself Rocky nodded in agreement.

"Good," Rane said reaching down to wrap her soft tanned hand around Rocky's furry pawed one, "come with me, I have something else to show you."

Rane walked away from the painting with Rocky following from behind. They left the room and started down the hall where Rane opened the door to another room. It was dark but Rocky could see that there was a big queen size bed in the middle of the room well made, at least for now.

Rane turned to Rocky who looked down at her in confusion. "I know you have some questions," Rane spoke also doing sign language, "if this is too weird for you please let me know and we can stop right now."

Rane was hoping that the anthropomorphic pit-bull would not be freaked out by the situation that was about to take place. Instead Rocky used his pawed finger to move the single strand of hair from Rane's face. To Rane that was a clue that Rocky was not going anywhere.

Then Rocky did something unexpected to Rane. He reached under Rane's buttocks and lifted her up off the floor making her yelp in surprise.

Rane has never been this up close and personal to a creature of this size and never felt the strong fur that brushed up against her skin. But then again she never felt the power of an anthropomorph before.

With this power Rane felt strong warmth in her body going down between her thighs.

Rane was carried to the bed and was lightly laid on the cushioned and soft covers.

Rocky got on top of Rane who was spread eagled on the bed. Grabbing onto her wrist pinning her down Rocky took one look at Rane and moved in closer to give her a nice strong lick across her right cheek.

Rocky continued licking down Rane's neck and chest until he got to her breasts.

Rocky wrapped his furry pawed hand around Rane's left breast and squeezed as hard as he could making Rane gasp feeling his power surged through her with an erotic feeling.

Rocky lowered his muzzle to Rane's left breast and sniffed it like it was trying to sense if it was real or not. Then gave it a strong wet lick before putting the whole thing in his mouth.

Rane gasped again feeling everything from the beast's wet hot mouth to his sharp canine teeth lightly scrapping the soft flesh. Then Rocky turned to the right breast to do the same thing.

Satisfied that both breasts were erect and ready, Rocky continued licking Rane down to her belly button until he was positioned between Rane's thighs.

Knowing what was going to happen next Rane spread open her legs letting Rocky get a good whiff of her sweet and wet scent which made him lick her pussy starting with her clitoris. After that toughen up Rocky dug his face further into her mound licking the inside of Rane's pussy lips.

"Yes," Rane spoke in a low sexual tone, "just like that."

Rane petted Rocky's bulbous furry head showing her appreciation in getting pleased by the beast.

Rane cried out as she felt her dam break within and all her juices flowed out of her body and onto Rocky's tongue where he continued licking it up as if cleaning the area.

Through pleasing Rane orally, Rocky stood up and gave Rane a first look at his penis.

Rane stared wide eyed as she sat up to look down at the nine inch and two inches wide pink and red veiny dick that somehow came out of its furry sheath.

Rane looked up at Rocky who was looking down sternly like it was not going to go any further unless Rane returned the favor.

Rane wrapped her hands around the warm pink and red flesh that was Rocky's dick and stroked it slowly watching the pink and red head pulse right in her face.

The whole thing was astonishing to Rane to see this type of anatomy from a beautiful creature.

Looking up at the pit-bull one last time Rane opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed the head first. The feeling was that it was already wet from being inside the sheath for so long but that didn't stop it from growing hard.

Rane then tried to take the rest of the body swallowing the wet pink and red shaft that belongs to Rocky.

Rane decided to go a step further reaching under Rocky's wet dick and cupping his furry red testes in the palm of her hand lightly squeezing and massaging them.

Rane could hear Rocky breathing heavily feeling the full impact of his privates being taken control by Rane herself.

Rocky could feel the fire of semen ready to develop in his balls which made him push Rane back lightly freeing his hard pink and red cock from her mouth.

"What," Rane asked confused and hoping she wasn't doing anything wrong, "what's the matter?"

Rocky didn't explain in sign language and didn't have to. He just pushed Rane back on the bed with his pawed hands and got on top of her. He took Rane's wrist in his pawed hand and placed her hand inside his hot wet mouth licking and sucking on it to make her hand wet from his saliva.

Satisfied that the hand was wet enough Rocky took the saliva wet hand and directed towards his dick where Rane continued stroking making Rocky's cock wetter.

But the way Rocky was positioning himself between Rane's thighs gave Rane a clue in what he wanted her to do.

Rane guided the head in between her pussy lips and Rocky pushed in with all his might making Rane gasp erotically and arch her back.

After it was all the way in Rocky reared back and slowly entered into Rane who automatically wrapped her arms, hands, legs and feet around Rocky's furry red body as he started to move faster.

Forcing himself inside her welcoming pussy Rocky continued pounding into her over and over again until he felt the fire in his balls begin to grow.

"You don't have to worry about cumming inside me," Rane spoke under her breath as she was getting thrusted by Rocky, "just do it it's okay."

Rane didn't know if Rocky was paying attention or not or plain out didn't care. All Rocky knew was that he was cumming and he was cumming hard as he howled when his semen finally broke free from his balls.

The pit-bull's sperm went up the shaft and into Rane's pussy where she gasped again feeling the full force of Rocky's semen filling her up.

Rocky looked down at Rane who looked up at him both breathing hard from the hardcore fucking they were given.

Rocky leaned down and gave Rane a nice strong wet lick across her cheek. But that wasn't enough. Rocky stared into Rane's eyes and lowered his pit-bull lips to connect to hers and they started kissing. Something Rane never experienced from an anthropomorph.

Rocky broke free of the kiss and laid beside Rane holding her in his furry red muscular arms and hands drawing her closer to his body.

Rane looked up at the dark ceiling smiling delightedly. This was simpler than she thought and wondered what other anthropomorphic creature would like to be a part of her little project?

At Starbucks Rane sat at the black table drinking her mocha latte and looking out through the window thinking about her first night with an anthro and a pit-bull at that. The sexual appearance was intense, powerful, and strong. She experienced power she never knew existed to any human or animal. Just thinking about it made Rane horny all over again.

Rane admitted the fucking was phenomenal and was hoping to see Rocky again in case she needed another fill. But she had work to do. If she wanted to get this project off the ground she had to focus on more anthropomorphs. Rane would just have to return to Rocky later. And who knows she may meet different species that will keep her occupied and her thoughts away from Rocky. But she also hoped that would not happen. Rocky was Rane's first love and success story. She needed to see him again but right now she was too busy trying finish what she started.

Rane continued looking out the window normally not looking for anything specific until she spotted another anthro but this was one had a golden mask of some cat creature.

Rane was taken aback by the irony. The whole time she was thinking about Rocky and an anthropomorphic creature of a different species suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

The golden cat mask creature seemed to be just walking by. If this was a sign Rane had to catch up with it before it walked away for good.

Rane took her bag and cup of mocha latte coffee and dumped it in the trash. Then she hurriedly walked out to follow the anthropomorph before it got away from her.

Rane opened the door to her apartment and stepped aside letting the anthropomorph creature with the golden cat mask walk in.

The creature's name was, Panthura, a unique name Rane never heard of before.

"Are you hungry," Rane asked, "thirsty or anything?"

Panthura did some sign language. "Do you have water?"

Rane smiled. "Dasani coming right up."

Rane walked over to her refrigerator and grabbed two bottles of Dasani waters. After shutting the frig Rane walked over to Panthura and handed her the water bottle.

With her massive gloved hand Panthura twisted the bottle and took it off. Then lifted his mask just a little bit for him to gulp it down.

"My you must've been really thirsty?" Rane commented watching Panthura almost finish her bottle.

Panthura put the rest of his mask back on and placed the bottle on the counter.

"So just to let you know," Rane started, "depending on where you want to be in the art room I will be painting a picture of you on my canvas. That's if you don't mind?"

Panthura turned his golden catlike mask to the closed door which had different colors of paint stained on it and back at Rane.

Panthura raised his hands to do sign language. "Can I take off all this shit?"

Rane almost chuckled at the question but was taken aback by the question since that was the plan from the beginning.

"Of course," Rane responded using sign language, "be bold all you want."

Panthura nodded in agreement and took off her gloves showing Rane his black furry pawed hands.

Rane was getting the since that Panthura and Black Panther go together.

Panthura pulled back the hood of his cloak where his black ears cropped up. Then he took off the mask revealing the Black Panther's long raven colored hair and head.

Rane couldn't stop staring up at the beautiful creature she had a feeling she was going to fuck.

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