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The Game


Edited by "Blue Eyed 5ft Angel"

It was bizarre! I will never understand how or why it happened. It must have been the thrill of the unknown. The titillation of something wicked, daring, or sinful... but it happened.

We crossed over those boundaries leaving our lives forever changed.

It wasn't planned. We never discussed it and in my wildest dreams I never believed I would have allowed it to happen.

It was just another summer outing with Tom and Sharon. We have been best of friends from the moment they moved into the neighborhood. The event was nothing out of the ordinary, except our children were away, and it was just the four of us. A pleasant evening with a soft breeze blowing off the water that whispered through the trees. The big orange sun was starting its slow descent onto the horizon as our husbands gathered firewood. They were talking guy stuff occasionally glancing our way.

"Gail, I bet those two are up to no good." Sharon said with a laugh. "Watch out, I'm sure they're up to something sneaky."

"Undoubtedly!" I countered laughing along.

I was seated on the only bench and Sharon was sitting on the blanket as the guys started the fire while mumbling to each other.

Once it was lit Bob cozy'd up to Sharon instead of coming to sit beside me.

I laughed at the foolishness, starting to protest when Tom slipped in behind me, putting his arm completely around my chest pulling me back into him.

My eyes were probably big as saucers as I watched my husband nibble and whisper something into Sharon's ear.

She just stared at Tom while I stared at Bob.

"We decided to play a little game of dare." Tom announced coyly adding. "To see who has the most guts!"

"Well why don't you guys play it by yourselves and give Sharon and I a break." I said trying to wiggle loose from Tom's grasp.

He held me firm and I was resisting... until I saw Bob plant a kiss, then a lick on the back of Sharon's neck. That's when I gave up the struggle!

Sharon was speechless as Bob looked over to us with an expression of, "OK Tom, your turn."

My capture slid his hands down releasing my second button, pulling my blouse forward and peering down the front at my breasts.

Shocked wasn't the term for it. I should have jumped up at that moment, yelling they were crazy but before I could react to my absolute outrage at what Tom did Bob was running his hand over the open part of Sharon's tank top letting his fingers slide along under her neckline.

Her jaw dropped as she looked straight ahead while Bob, with a strange smile on his face dared Tom to go next.

What was happening here?

"Stop this!" I yelled. "We can find something better to play."

A new game was not what they had in mind.

Sharon tried to stand, but my husband held her back.

"What are you doing? We're not playing this game." I shouted in what turned out to be a meager protest as I did nothing to stop Tom while he took his time with the rest of my buttons.

I, like Sharon, was captured in the trance of not believing this was actually taking place.

My shock at seeing her nipples swell and her breathing became shallow as Bob's hand continued to move back and forth across her chest while they watched Tom with me only added to the confusion.

Why was this happening and why was I....?

Just then I felt my blouse being tugged from the waistband of my shorts.

It was now Tom's turn and for the first time I realized there was a swelling in the front of his jeans. Perspiration was forming on my body, my hands were shaking. I was definitely aroused.

Tom opened my shirt spreading it back to my shoulders.

My thin bra provided a better view to Bob and Sharon than to Tom, but I knew if I didn't stop this game instantly his hands would soon be fondling me.

I wanted to pull my blouse together and run, but before my muscles could react I became mesmerized watching Bob's hand move to one of Sharon's thin straps pushing it off her shoulder.

Her eyes clamped shut as the neckline of her top caught the hardened nipple, stopping her breast from becoming completely exposed.

Caught up in the watching, aren't you?" Tom whispered in my ear, as I was riveted on the actions of my husband.

My mind suddenly snapped to the realization that voyeurism was the fuel that was driving this perverted scene.

Bob again proceeded to follow the neckline with his fingers squeezing her nipple as his hand crossed over her breast.

A gasp of air escaped Sharon's lungs, her breast now exposed Bob proceeded to play with her.

It was Tom's turn now.

My stomach was doing flips and my emotions were running out of bounds. I was mad, jealous, turned on all at once. Payback time, I reasoned... Bob deserved what his best friend was going to do next.

My outlandish thoughts hadn't completely registered when Tom's hands were at my shoulders pulling my blouse off. I made it simple by dropping my arms and letting it fall of its own accord.

His fingers make speedy work unclasping my bra and I didn't stop him as his hands followed around my sides, under my arms, seizing my breasts.

Shrugging my shoulders forward I allowed my bra to fall away so they could watch Tom mauling me, squeezing and twisting my nipples between his fingers. I loved the look on their faces, but it was only fleeting seconds before Bob had Sharon's other strap pushed off her shoulder and was leaning in sucking on one erect nipple then the other.

Tom continued to play with my breasts as we watched our mates.

Sharon's head was thrown back while holding Bob tightly to her breasts.

Bewitched by their actions I stood and faced Tom pushing my belly towards him.

No words were needed he knew what I wanted and started unzipping my shorts.

"Your turn to watch us." I sang out undulating my hips into Tom.

I was horrified as the words came tumbling from my mouth. This wasn't me! How could I have said that, but I stood there letting Tom proceed.

Once he had my shorts over my hips he slid his hands under my panties, playing with my ass.

I put my hands on his shoulders arching my back to place my nipples in reach of his mouth. My shorts dropped to my ankles and I stepped out of them using my foot to flip them towards Bob in a taunting gesture.

"It's your turn." I said perching my pantied bottom down on Tom's lap.

Neither said a word as Sharon stood up.

Bob reached under her skirt jerking her panties down to her knees.

Her legs weakened as my husband's hands slid up Sharon's thighs disappearing under her garment.

The smell of her aroused sex became obvious as she latched onto Bob for balance.

It was our turn.

Tom stood me up but I stopped him before he could remove my panties. This had gone too far!

I needed to shock my husband into reality so he would call a halt to this little game.

I removed Tom's hands from my waist and reached for his zipper hoping this would do the trick.

The reaction I wanted never came. Their expressions were daring me to continue.

My mind was out of control when I reached in grabbing Tom's cock, pulling it out into the cool night air.

I kept waiting but nothing was said so I continued, using both hands to rub and stroke it while pulling his cock to my lips, kissing the end, letting them see my tongue run over the tip.

I turned looking for the jealous reaction that would stop this whole perverted scene, knowing if it didn't come quickly under the unwritten rules of this game I would have to continue licking Tom's swelling cock.

Not a word, just the sight and smell of lust.

I reluctantly took Tom's organ into my mouth and sucked for a few brief moments.

"Your turn!" I blurted out pulling his cock from my mouth as his precum spun a web from his tip to my lips.

Oh My God! I wasn't thinking clearly. There was only one act beyond this and I just gave them permission... My husband and my best friend!

Tom's knees were wobbling as he came crashing down onto the bench when I realized I was still rubbing his cock while watching Sharon push Bob over onto his back on the blanket.

She unhooked his pants pulling them and his underwear completely off.

I could see Bob was rock hard as Sharon grabbed his cock straddling him. Her skirt covered their movements as she worked around on top of him. Her hand was still under her skirt.

Maybe she was positioning his manhood so as not to let it enter her.

All of a sudden her eyes closed, her mouth flew open and she sat very still before a slow but deliberate rocking motion began as she leaned back placing her hands on Bob's thighs for support.

My head was spinning. This wasn't happening. My best friend wouldn't be screwing my husband right in front of me!

Tom's voice startled me and I knew it was true as his words vibrated in my ears.

"Come on.. You have to show us!" he egged them on.

Sharon hesitated for a moment then sheepishly lifted her skirt. Bob's cock was all the way inside her.

Tom pushed me to my hands and knees as we watched them fucking.

I don't remember my panties being removed before he entered me.

I cried out with lust as he took me with one full thrust.

This was only the second man I had ever been with and now I was questioning why I waited so long.

The spectacle was so hot we all came in a matter of seconds but after a brief rest we were ready for more.

Bob and Sharon played with one another while they watched Tom and I doing the same.

Voyeurism definitely fueled the flames of lust giving each couple time to rest between fuckings.

"How long had you two been scheming this little adventure?" I asked my husband when we were finally alone on the drive home. "And how in the hell did the idea ever come up?"

"About two months ago I guess." he answered with a sly grin looking over to me.

"Was it everything the two of you imagined it would be?" I asked curiously while adjusting in my seat.

"Even Better!" Bob boasted as he put a gentle hand on my knee. "Are you OK?"

"I'm not sure. I just spent an evening screwing another man while you watched." I answered as the realization of what happened hit me. " I've never done it that many times in a row. I've never made love to anyone but you... " Wait... I had to think about that. I did not make love with Tom. It was only raw unbridled sex... I was rubbing my head in a daze. " I'm not sure what I'm feeling."

"But did you enjoy it?" He kept prodding me.

My pussy was alive with tingles and quivering as I recalled Tom's cock inside my orifices while I watched my best friend fucking my husband.

"Bob..." I stammered afraid to blurt out the whole truth.

" Oh God Yes! I would have never believed it but I loved it from the moment Tom started unbuttoning my blouse!"

My floodgate burst open and my deepest thoughts came rushing out.

" I was just scared and wasn't sure what was happening. Watching you and Sharon was...was... I got so turned on. Even though my mind was screaming 'NO' I wanted it to continue. I knew what was going to happen and I wanted it. " I confessed in a breathless pant.

"Would you do it again?" Bob asked blankly, squeezing my leg.

I just stared at him. "Right now all I want is to make love with you."

"I'm going to pull over so we can fuck in the car like we did when we were dating!" He blurted out steering off the road.

In no time I was naked lying on the seat with one leg over the steering column and the other over the back of the front seat.

As Bob mounted me I brought my legs around his back riding him to another fabulous orgasm.

Still coupled to him I whispered, "I can't believe you got so hard again after fucking Sharon so many times."

"It was the vision of watching you fuck Tom that got me so hard." He offered adding," You haven't answered my last question. Will you do it again?"

He was slowly pumping inside me as we spoke. I could feel his flaccid cock returning to life.

"Bob I don't know. It was... I just..." I stammered searching through the realm of mixed emotions.

"Will you do it again!" He drilled me, pulling back, looking into my glazed eyes.

"Is that what you want?" I asked, my lower lip quivering as I felt his cockhead spearing into my cervix.

"I want to see you fucking other men." He yelled thrusting into me harder and harder in an almost animalistic rage.

"You mean other men besides Tom?' I groaned meeting his thrusts. " Does this mean you want to fuck other women?"

I was bucking and jerking beneath him fueled by thoughts and words and the possibility of unbridled sex!

That did it! Our bodies were wrenching in yet another orgasm. This time coming together!

I was amazed he was still hard and after a brief moment he started fucking me again.

"I really don't care about other women." He panted while riveting into me, "If they're there fine. I just want to see you fucking other men!"

He was using me like he had never used me before. It felt as if he was going to rip me apart.

" Will you continue to fuck other men for me?" He kept prodding with the questions as he hammered into me. Our juices were slushing between our clamped groins, running down the crack of my ass, pooling on the seat.

"Holly shit Bob. How often do you want me fucking with others?"

I couldn't believe my own ears. Was I beginning to submit to this? My body was on fire with lust at the mere sound of the word fuck.

"I don't know. Just like tonight when we're out with another couple or by ourselves we could look for a willing partner." His face was grimacing as he pumped faster and harder the more he spoke.

"What about Tom and Sharon?" I croaked as he pistoned into me grinding the base of his thick cock into my pubic bone.

"Yes I want Tom fucking you and I'm sure Sharon would be game some of the time." he groaned as his body tensed. " But I want to see you fucking other men too."

"OK! OK! I will, but there has to be a limit. I don't want to start doing this every night."

As soon as I agreed he blew off again. There wasn't any cum, but his orgasm was powerful.

What have I agreed to?

Bob slowly lifted himself up. We were both pretty sore by this time making our way home without the urge to stop again. We were just plain fucked out.

The next morning I woke Bob telling him we needed to talk.

We had delved into a world of swinging last night and I had made promises in the heat of passion. Did Bob really want to carry through with his?

"About last night Honey. We really need to discuss this." I said apprehensively. " Do you really want me... You know... Continue?"

Bob took me in his arms sliding his hands over my breasts, pulling and pinching on my nipples. They were sore so I brushed his hands away. I could feel his cock against my leg getting stiff as he moved his mouth over my breasts kissing them.

He wanted to mount me again?

"Bob I can't believe you. How can you do this again after last night? I'm so sore I don't know if I can." I whined as my pussy broke out in tingles recalling last night.

He laid half way on top of me licking my nipples while his hand gently rubbed over my mound.

I was sopping wet in no time.

"You liked last night and you want to continue don't you?" he said teasing my nipples with his teeth.

"Well..." I answered hesitantly," Last night was wonderful, but I'm not sure I can be that type of wife."

Bob bit my nipple before releasing it, "You mean fucking other men besides Tom?"

"Yes!" I screamed out as my nipple jerked for Bob's mouth.

"You won't know until you give it a try Sweetie." He said coyly as he gently eased his hard cock between my wet thighs.

I found myself opening to him. All this talk was making me horny. Sore or not I wanted him again.

"Bob!! Last night was fun with Sharon and Tom and I want to do it again." I whispered as I wrapped my legs around his waist drawing him deep inside. " We can play with them and maybe add another couple, but I don't think I can go out and pick up other men to screw."

Bob looked down into my flushed face, seeing in my eyes what I so desperately tried to conceal.

"I think you can." He whispered thrusting his hard cock deep inside me as my juices gushed out from between our clenched groins." Do you realize how sopping wet your pussy is just talking about it?"

He was right and we both knew it.

"OK we can try it." I said giving in to his pressure. " However if it doesn't turn out as we planned we'll stop."

My thoughts were racing. Visions of unfamiliar cocks invading my body while Bob watched were filling my mind.

"If the first one doesn't work out we'll just try another." Bob said grinning as he brought me to a tremendous orgasm.

I knew my fate was set and secretly I couldn't wait to get started.

* * * * *

I want to take a moment and thank the "Blue Eyed 5ft Angel" for her contribution and editing of this story. "Blue Eye's" you're the greatest!

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