tagGroup SexThe Games People Play Ch. 01

The Games People Play Ch. 01


A young couple takes a business trip with their friend and has too much wine, or did they? MMF

Josephine and Tom were whiz kids at MIT. Josephine, or Jo as everyone called her, is your typical Polynesian woman, long black hair with eyes that matched, light brown complexion, 5 foot two, 100 pounds dripping wet, sharp tongue, and quick wit. Tom was the polar opposite. Tom stood tall at six feet, skinny, brown curly hair, blue eyes, very pale smooth skin, and freckles smattered across his face. But together they make an unstoppable pair in the computer programming field. From the moment they met on campus they were best friends, misfits from California living on the East Coast trying to survive the climate changes. Graduating together, they both high tailed it back to California to the land of sunshine.

Jo and Tom started their own dot com business that quickly took off which they then in turn put on the open market and made them each a small fortune. Jo invested in a nice house up in the foothills overlooking Silicon Valley. Tom opted for security and no yard work when he bought a small overpriced penthouse condo with all the amenities and a 360 degree view overlooking the San Francisco Bay

Tom was very shy and never had much of a social life outside of his friendship with Jo. Jo on the other hand was very active and always seemed to have a boyfriend. Jo never dated in her intellectual pool. Jo liked her men to be rugged and macho, real biker types. Jo's latest boyfriend was Mike. Mike was the guy that when you were in high school you drooled over him. Mike was the high school jock, chiseled face, shiny shoulder length black hair, which most women would kill for, biceps that pushed his shirts to its limits. Mike's chest was well defined which was clearly outlined by his tight T-shirts as was his obviously hairy chest by the tufts of black hair that curled out the top of the V-neck shirts he always wore. His jeans were always skin tight, molded around his muscular thighs. Mike was good looking and knew it. During high school he was the bully that picked on the Toms of this world. Mike mellowed with age and spending time with Jo and Tom he realized what a jerk he had been and felt guilty for his past. Mike also was humbled when he could see the difference in being a big macho jock and working on cars for a living versus putting your brains to work and being a millionaire before you're 30, like Jo and Tom.

Mike really loved Jo and grew to like his friendship with Tom. Tom's first impression of Mike was that "Macho Mike" was a douche bag, but after a while he let down his defenses and found out that he was a nice guy. Mike actually tried to fix Tom up with his sister, but after a year she moved out of the area to go back to school.

Jo met Mike when she took her car in to get repaired. The two made a striking couple. Jo brought out the best in Mike. His rugged exterior was only a shell to the big kind heart within. Where Mike was a GQ model clothed, he came up a little short in the cock department sprouting a solid thick five and a half inch cut cock. Mike kept his pubic hair and balls clean shaven to make his cock look bigger. Mike had an average size cock but he knew how to use it. Jo loved the fact that he could pick her up and fuck her for what felt like hours as he lifted her up and down on his cock. Jo chalked it up to having great stamina that allowed Mike to go so long without cumming. She would be exhausted from having so many orgasms before he would finally fill her with his hot seed. One weekend Jo and Mike were having hot and heavy sex. Mike was taking his usual time and Jo was becoming sore. Jo climbed off of Mike to lie next to him, "Come on baby jack off on me. I want to watch you jack off and see your cum fly. Please baby, do it for me."

Mike could never reject Jo's requests. He knelt next to her and began to pull on his cock. Jo's pussy juice made a nice lubricant. Jo reached her hand under Mike's balls and started to lightly bounce them in her hands. Mike threw his head back and moaned as Jo continued to bounce and lightly slap his balls. "You like that don't you Mikey? You like pulling on your big hard cock for me? Are you going to shoot your hot cum all over my tits? Cum for me, shoot your thick white cum all over me. I want to feel how hot it is baby."

Jo's prompting was becoming too much for Mike. He closed his eyes and felt the slight sting on his balls as Jo gently batted them around. Mike began to pump faster. His balls were swinging furiously between his thick muscled thighs. He could feel the thick pelt of dark hair that covered his thighs tickle his sensitive shaven balls. Jo could see the tension build in Mike's body. She grabbed his ball sack and pulled it down hard. The skin on his cock stretched tight making his cockhead flair out and his clit open wide. Mike screamed out as he couldn't take it anymore and leaned over Jo's body, "OH FUCK YES!" Mike screamed as the first shot left his cockhead and landed right between Jo's tits.

Mike froze as the second and third shot continued the trail down Jo's body until the final two drops seeped out of his cock and dribbled down his hand and onto Jo's freshly shaven pussy. Jo ran her fingers through the hot thick liquid, and then painted her pussy lips with his fresh cum. Jo wrapped her legs around Mike's waist and pulled him off balance where he fell on top of her. Jo kissed Mike hard and held his head in her hands as she kissed him all over his face. "That was so fucking hot, eat me. I need to cum and I'm close Mikey quick eat my pussy and make me cum."

Without thought Mike moved his body down towards her pussy. The fresh cum smeared between their bodies. Jo guided his head towards her pussy so she could cum. Mike began to lick all around her pussy lips and in the folds of her thighs making her squirm, and beg for more. Mike was so caught up in the act he hadn't realized that he was licking up his own cum. Mike ran his tongue deep into Jo's pussy. He could feel her heat. He could taste and smell his own cock in her pussy. He feverishly began an assault on Jo's sensitive pussy. Jo used her legs to clamp tightly around Mike's head. Her orgasm was quick to cum as she forced her pelvis into Mike's face and held him tight.

Mike could taste her juices as they flowed out. Mike was hard again as he lifted Jo back onto his cock. He thrust into her pussy. Jo screamed out not expecting another fucking after just having a great orgasm. Mike was thrusting into her causing her legs to spread far apart. Jo needed this to be fast, she couldn't take another long fucking from him. "Yes Mike fuck me, mmmmm. You are so fucking good. You're going to make me cum again. Oh baby, yes fuck me. Look how hard you got. Did you like cumming on me baby? Did you like showing me how you jack your cock off?"

Mike picked up his pace and Jo knew she was onto something. "Oh yes that's it fuck me baby. Did you like seeing your cum all over me? Did you like the taste when you licked your cum off my pussy baby?"

Mike went into a frenzy of short thrusts. Jo could feel Mike get harder than he had ever been before. Mike was sweating as the hair on his chest was matted and glistening with sweat and cum. Mike was ready to shoot another load into Jo. Her words were hitting a dark corner in his mind, one that nobody has ever tapped before. "Oh ya you liked licking your cum off my pussy. I bet you could eat an entire load out of my pussy can't you baby? Would you do that for me Mikey? Would you eat your cum out of my pussy for me and give me one of the best orgasms of my life? Make me feel real good Mikey and eat your cum for me."

Mike lost it. His world started to spin out from under him. Jo just hit one of Mike's most inner dark secrets. The words were out there. His secret revealed and she didn't even know it. Mike's body shook like he never did before, "AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!" Mike's cock flared out and his cum shot deep into Jo. She wasn't expecting such force setting as it rippled through her body causing her to have another orgasm.

Mike immediately felt guilty for cumming as his secret was revealed. His cock quickly deflated and he wanted to run out of the room. Jo grabbed onto Mike and kissed him hard. She knew this was a pivotal point. Mike flopped down on the bed next to Jo. Jo climbed on top of Mike's body and she started to kiss his face, "God I love you Mikey. You just rocked my body like never before. You are so fucking sexy."

Mike's ego was quickly re-inflated and Jo forced him past the guilt he was feeling. They were soon cuddled up and asleep in each other's arms. When they woke Mike acted as if nothing happened, but Jo knew Mike's secret and she was going to find out what else he is hiding.

The next week went by as normal. Jo went to work at her and Tom's Company and Mike worked as a mechanic at a local dealership. Friday night came and Jo had some pent up sexual tension she needed worked off. Mike came home and followed his normal routine, grabbed a beer, kissed Jo hello, and headed for the shower. Jo decided she would join Mike in the shower and get the evening off to a good start. Mike was bending over and lathering his legs when the door opened and Jo stepped into the shower. Jo grabbed Mike's taught ass cheeks and gave them a hard squeeze. He looked so vulnerable bent over like that, she liked that. Mike was covered in soap so when Jo ran her hand up the crack of his ass her finger pressed against Mike's tight little puckered hole. The tip of her finger slipped in ever so slightly, not enough to penetrate but enough to open his hole. Rather than jump Mike let out a little moan. Jo placed that in the back of her mind as she pressed her body against his back wrapping her arms around his torso.

Mike attempted to spin around to face her but she held him tight. Jo ran her hands up and down his body. She loved the feel of his muscled body. She reached up and ran her soapy fingers around his hardening nipples. Mike gave a little gasp and his cock sprang up. Jo ran her hands over the six pack ripples below his ribs until she came into contact with his hard cock. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and gave it a couple of pulls. Mike finally broke his trance and turned towards Jo. His hard cock slapped Jo's side as he spun to face her. Without a word Mike lifted Jo in the air and placed her pussy at the tip of his hard cock. Jo wrapped her legs around his torso and let him lower her onto his cock. She leaned in and kissed him as his cock slowly found its way into her warm soft pussy. Mike grabbed onto Jo's ass and spread her cheeks allowing him a little more access to her pussy. Mike fucked Jo as the water cascaded over their bodies and washed the soap away. Jo bent her head down and sucked in one of Mike's hard nipples. Jo felt his cock flex deep inside of her and knew she found another one of his hot spots. Mike moaned as her teeth lightly tweaked his nipple. Jo held onto Mike tight as she really clamped down on Mike's nipple with her teeth, not enough to draw blood but enough to send a sharp pain throughout his body. Mike held her head to his breast as his body shook. She felt his cockhead flare and his hot cum shoot inside of her. This was her plan. Mike lowered her off his softening cock. They shut the water off and grabbed their towels.

Mike was in the bedroom ready to pull on his underwear, "Whoa there cowboy what do you think you're doing?"

"Getting dressed so we can have dinner?" Mike said with a confused look on his face.

"Well that is a bit selfish of you don't you think? I got you off in the shower but I still have needs. Now get yourself onto this bed and finish what I started." Though Mike towered over Jo he turned and crawled onto the bed like a scolded little boy.

His cock was still soft but had a drop of cum dripping from it. Mike lay on his back as Jo crawled up between his legs and sucked in his soft cock. Being soft like this allowed her to take his entire shaft in and run her tongue all over his balls at the same time. She could feel the last of his cum drip into her mouth. Jo pulled out and crawled up on Mike's chest where she planted a kiss on his lips. Mike returned the kiss and pushed his tongue into Jo's mouth. Jo could feel him searching her mouth rather than just kissing him. He was looking for the taste of his cum and Jo knew it.

"Need a little more time to reload cowboy? Well maybe you can find another way to get me off." With that Jo spun her body around and sat on Mike's face. The soles of her feet clamped onto either side of Mike's head. Mike's hands grabbed onto Jo's waist in an attempt to push her off. He wanted to eat his cum out, it was his biggest fantasy, but he lost the drive right after he came.

"Don't push me off baby, I need to cum. Please just try for me. Stick your tongue in my pussy and wiggle it around. I need to cum bad baby." Jo leaned forward and pushed her pussy against Mike's face.

Mike looked up into her pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen from the fucking she just had. The smell of her pussy mixed with his cum was making him light headed. He was fighting all of his demons, 'would she think I'm gay?', 'would she think I'm not man enough for her?', 'would she dump me because I ate my cum?'

Jo could sense the hesitation and had to push him before he gave up, "Come on baby eat me. God this is turning me on and making me so horny thinking of you eating me right after you fucked me. I'm so horny baby I need to get off. Please, eat your cum for me baby. Make me cum."

Mike's cock jumped as it began to harden. Jo smiled to herself as she wiggled her pussy in Mike's face. Mike slowly brought his mouth to Jo's hot pussy. Her pussy lips were soft and mushy as they made contact with his lips. Mike slowly eased his tongue out and gently touched Jo's pussy. He continued to push his tongue between the folds of her lips. "Oh yessss. Baby do it, it feels good baby. AAGGHHHH! You're making me so hot."

With the added encouragement Mike pressed forward with his tongue. His first swipe caused Jo to moan more. Mike could not tell if there was even any of his cum in there, maybe it shot so high up it won't come down. Mike could feel his cock getting hard. The urge to finally fulfill one of his fantasies was rising, along with his cock. Mike inhaled deeply and could smell his cum. Mike used his entire tongue to go up and down the full length of Jo's pussy. His tongue flicked inside of her. Jo pushed her face down on Mike's cock and rubbed her face all over his hardening cock. They were driving each other crazy with lust. Mike held onto Jo's ass as he pressed his face into her pussy. Mike was no longer holding Jo off but rather he was pulling her closer. His tongue began to probe her pussy with a new found urgency. Mike held her firmly as she began to wiggle with excitement. Mike was going to make her cum and that is what he focused on. Jo relaxed her muscles and could feel Mike's cum begin to flow out of her with her own juices. Mike felt the liquid change and became thicker as it began to flow out. He never could have imagined how erotic this felt and tasted. He knew that his cum was flowing into his mouth. The first taste was bitter but not bad at all. He rolled the first bit around on his tongue and smeared the inside of his mouth with the thick liquid.

Mike's attention went from getting Jo off to sucking out all of his cum. Mike went back with a furry as he shook his head back and forth in an attempt to get his tongue further inside of her pussy. Jo was going mad with desire as she could not hold back and longer. Her entire body went rigid as Mike's tongue flicked and fluttered inside of her. She kept imagining Mike's cum dribbling into his mouth. She wanted to watch him enjoying the taste of cum. Her thoughts, along with Mike's tongue, pushed her over the edge and she screamed out, "Suck it baby, eat all of it. OH GOD YYYEESSS!!! Oh shhIIITTT!"

Jo sent a torrent of her cum, and the rest of Mike's, flowing down Mike's throat. Mike couldn't keep up and let some dribble down his chin and neck. Mike was about to shoot his own load again, but Jo pulled off his face, spun around, and sat on his cock. The heat of her pussy was too much and he shot another load inside of her pussy. Jo was still in the throes of her climax when she felt him shoot his fresh load. Before Mike began to soften, and while he was still delirious, she pulled off of him leaving a cum trail back to his face as she sat on face and her pussy met his mouth again. Mike didn't hesitate this time and started to eat his fresh hot cum out of her pussy. When Jo couldn't take anymore she lifted off of his face. Mike had cum all over his cheeks and neck. Jo moved up and started to kiss and lick his face clean before they kissed. "That was the hottest thing I have ever done. I love you Mike."

Mike looked at her, "You don't think anything less of me Jo?"

"How could I think less of you? You are such a compassionate lover. You just proved you want to make me as happy as I want to make you. Did I push you too far?" Jo showed concern but knew she hadn't.

"NO! I just don't want you to think less of me. It was better than I could have imagined." Mike didn't realize his confession until it was too late.

"Imagined? You mean you've thought of this before? What else have you imagined? I want to make all of your dreams come true. I want us to try anything and everything that will make us happy and fulfill our fantasies." Jo was kissing Mike all over his neck and chest.

Mike grabbed her and gave her a big hug, "I love you so much. What are some of your fantasies that I could help YOU with?"

Jo cupped Mike's balls as she spoke, knowing his cock would answer her honestly, "Well I think our relationship is strong enough to handle it, I have always wanted to have two guys in bed with me." Mike's cock flinched slightly.

"I'm not enough for you?" Mike said slightly looking pouty.

Jo was ready for this little act of defiance, "Oh no you're plenty enough for me. My sore pussy is testimony to that. What I meant was I really want to maybe share a cock with you. I want us both to suck a cock together. The thought of guys touching makes me really wet. But it would have to be someone we both connect with not just any guy." Mike's cock actually showed signs of life as it stirred beneath her hand. Maybe he had somebody in mind?

"I don't know Jo. I mean eating MY cum is one thing. I don't know if I could handle another guy fucking you. I am not sure I could touch a guy let alone suck his cock." Mike was unconvincing as his cock continued to move in Jo's hand.

"Oh baby." Jo said as she softly stroked her hand against his face. "Maybe we can start off with you fucking me while I give him a blow job? Would it bother you to see a naked man standing in front of you as he put his hard cock in my mouth while you fuck me?" Mike's cock was almost all the way hard in Jo's hand.

Mike's heart was racing, "No I guess not."

Jo started to stroke Mike's hard cock, "Fuck me baby. Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me NOW!"

Mike's cock leaped at the sternness in Jo's voice. He wanted to be told what to do. He didn't want to be the big macho man. He would do anything she asked of him, but he would never let her know that. Mike rolled over on top of Jo. He put his head between her breasts and kissed his way to her left nipple. Jo had nice firm 32b tits with large dark nipples that stick out at the tips. Mike grabbed ahold of her nipple and gave it a tongue bath. Jo lifted her legs and offered her pussy to Mike, "Shove it in baby. Do me good and hard."

Mike eagerly complied and shoved his cock balls deep into Jo's very wet pussy. He kept a firm grip on her nipple as he plunged his cock in and out of her pussy. "Ya harder, fuck me harder. Shove that cock in me."

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