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The Games We Play


As the couple pulled into the driveway they noticed automobile lights coming up behind them. Michael quickly pulled the car into its parking space, but before he could even bring the vehicle to a stop and turn the engine off, the dark sedan had pulled up behind them.

They had only been to their secluded mountain getaway a short time. This was their big weekend. They had been cooped up all winter long, and were desperate to get out of their house and have a little fun. Arriving a little earlier in the day, the couple had only been inside the cabin long enough to bring their bags in, change, and set out for the nightclub, in the town a few miles down the road.

Wondering who had come to visit them, Michael and Taylor remained seated in their vehicle. As he turned off the ignition they looked back through the car's frosty rear window. They could make out the shape of a large man as he stepped out of his car. Whoever he was, the man was leaving his motor running and the lights on. Taylor could see, out of the passenger side mirror, the man was walking to her side of the car. She could also see the dark figure carrying a flashlight. "Ah oh, I think it's the cops," she said as she rolled down the window.

"Good evening," the man said as he stood slightly behind the passenger door. "I need to see your identification and proof of insurance."

Taylor could feel the cool night air on her face as a slight breeze blew through the open window. She clutched at the long fur coat she was wearing, pulling it tight around her chest. The evening darkness and the shining beam of the flashlight obscured her view of the officer. She could tell he was a tall man, dressed in a suit and tie. He was obviously a detective or plain-clothes officer. "Hello," she replied. "Is there anything wrong sir?"

Taylor squinted as the man shined the flashlight into the vehicle, first looking in the back seat, then to the front. "I noticed you weaving back down the road," he said in a matter-of-fact tone. "May I see some identification?" he again asked.

Having had a few drinks that evening, Taylor turned and stumbled through her purse, searching for her driver's license. Michael on the other hand was fully in control of his senses and quickly leaned across his wife and presented the officer his wallet.

"Can you take the driver's license out of the wallet sir?" the man asked. Michael quickly responded, answering "Sorry. Of course."

Still searching through her purse Taylor was startled when the officer opened the passenger side door and asked, "Ma'am, will you step out of the vehicle?"

Stunned Taylor reached upwards, pulling the collar of the coat around her neckline. "Did we do something wrong officer?" she asked.

The man shined his light to the car's center console, revealing the wasted remains of a marijuana joint lying in plain view. Though inebriated, the woman had gathered herself together enough to feel a sense of dread as she looked at the joint. Complying with the man's wishes she slowly stepped out of the car, again clutching the fur coat at the neckline and at the waist.

Leaning down the officer looked through the passenger door at Michael. "Sir, I need you to step out of the car and walk around to the front," he ordered. Michael slowly opened the door and complied with the officer's command, walking to the front of his car and placing his hands on he hood.

"How much have you had to drink tonight," the officer asked Taylor.

"Just a few," she replied as she stumbled slightly to her right. The officer reached out, grabbing her right arm, and steadied her. "And I don't remember smoking anything," She said with a pouting, childlike voice. "It's just a little roach. Could you let us slide this time officer?"

Showing no emotion the officer looked back inside the car and asked, "Is that your purse Ma'am?"

Taylor paused for a second. She could now see the officer better. He was a well-built man probably just over six feet in height. She could tell that he was in shape with broad shoulders and dark wavy hair. "Yes," she replied in a seemingly frustrated tone.

In a commanding voice the officer ordered, "I need to see inside ma'am. I want you two to put your hands on the hood of the car and not move." Taylor turned to the front of the car, putting one hand on the vehicle's hood, but continued to clutch her coat with the other. "I said both hands on the car," the officer barked.

The woman took a deep breath and turned to the officer. "You see, I have a problem," she whispered. She began to blush as she attempted to explain to the officer that she was not wearing anything under her coat. The couple was an adventurous sort, always playing little games and daring each other. They had had several adventures, her tying him up and teasing him, him once giving her a list of tasks to perform at a swingers club, including having her gain ten male autographs on various parts of her body, then drawing one of the names and giving the winner head. They had always played little games like that and this night was no different.

On this particular occasion he had dared her to wear only her buttonless fur coat during a portion of their night out. She had eagerly agreed, being a bit of an exhibitionist. The dares caused her heart to race. The thrill of being found out. Only now, she was about to be outed in the worse possible circumstance.

The officer looked at Taylor for a minute, saying nothing. He then reached up, scratching the top of his head., then rubbing his chin. He looked at her and said, "I want you to open one side of the coat while you hold the other side closed. I need to make sure you're not carrying any weapons."

Trembling, Taylor nodded. She could smell the officer's cologne as he moved towards her. Obeying the officer's order she held the right side of her coat close to her body, and slowly opened the other side. The officer could see the woman's bare side as she tried to pull the remaining half across the front of her body. He could tell she was telling the truth, her naked flesh revealed from her ankles to her neck. She was wearing neither a bra nor panties.

"Now close that side, and open the other," he ordered.

Again Taylor complied, opening her coat and exposing the other side of her firm form.

"I need to look in the pockets ma'am," he told her.

Taylor nodded as her teeth began to chatter. The embarrassment of the situation, coupled with the cold temperature was causing her to shake. She looked down as the officer reached forward, first checking the outer pockets of the coat, then the inside pocket.

"What is this?" the officer asked as he pulled out a rolled up plastic sandwich baggy from the inside pocket. The officer unrolled the baggy and opened it, holding the bag up to his nose.

"What is that?" Taylor sheepishly asked. Her tone grew louder as she declared, "That's not mine. I swear, I've never seen that." Her heart was racing. She looked at her husband, his head down with his arms spread out across the hood of the car. He looked back in surprise and shrugged his shoulders. She turned back to the officer, "Someone had to have put that in there. It's not mine ... really!"

The officer looked at the woman as he tossed the baggy in the front seat of the couple's car. "This will get you about a year in jail. I'm gonna need you to turn around and put your hands behind your back."

"Please," Taylor pleaded. "That's not mine." She thought to herself, "What is going on? How could this be happening? What would her friends think? Her family?"

The officer took hold of the woman's arms and with a firm grip turned her against the hood of the car. Pulling her hands behind her, he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and snapped them around her wrists. Taylor could feel the lukewarm metal of the car's hood on her body. She could smell the residual fumes from their car's engine as it seeped into the evening air. Stunned Taylor felt like she was watching a movie. "This is not happening to me," she thought. "This must be a bad dream." Now beginning to sob she looked to her husband, but he only remained silent, staring at the hood of the car. "What could he do?" she thought. "He's probably going to jail too."

The handcuffs firmly in place the officer pulled Taylor upright and turned her towards him. This time her humiliation was complete as the coat swung open, fully exposing her naked body. The officer seemed emotionless, as he eyed the woman up and down. Her perk breasts glistened as the blue light from a nearby street lamp faintly illuminated her bare flesh. She continued to try to hide her body from the officer, squirming, attempting to turn to the side, and pulling one leg up and across the other.

The officer grabbed his flashlight and shined it up and down Taylor's body. Her smooth bronze shape exposed, he could see goose bumps forming across her skin. He paused and reached upwards, rubbing his chin. He could see her nipples, standing erect in the cool night air. Her brown eyes staring at the ground Taylor kept her head low, her long blond locks fell forward, partially hiding her face. The officer took a step back and shined the flashlight at the cabin. He turned to Michael and asked, "You guys renting this for the weekend?"

Michael turned to the officer. "Yes sir. We rented it til Sunday."

The officer turned his flashlight back to Taylor. Reaching up to her chin, he pulled her head upward and gazed into her watering eyes. "I think we may can work something out," he said softly. The once emotionless face now cracked a smile as he led the woman towards the cabin. Taylor felt like her heart was going to jump out of her chest. Her breathing heavy, she felt helpless. She didn't know what was about to happen, but she knew she was helpless to stop it.

As the pair walked past the front of the couple's car the officer turned to Michael and ordered, "Sir, you need to come with us."

Michael looked at the officer and gave a faint smile and a wink. The officer only responded with a slight nod as he led Taylor towards the cabin. As they walked away Michael paused and straightening his jacket. He smiled as he thought to himself, "This is the best game yet."

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