tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Girl Who Wasn't There Ch. 04

The Girl Who Wasn't There Ch. 04


Welcome to Part 4, the penultimate instalment of this five part story of the adventures of Ginny, a girl with an unusual psychic ability and her even more amazing girlfriend, Freja. This part immediately follows on from Part 2 so to make sense, you really need to read Parts 1, 2 and 3 first – Part 1 can be found at:


I remain indebted to my brilliant editor ArilynWriter for her hard work, encouragement and polishing of these stories: many thanks Arilyn.

Feedback is always appreciated and any comments and constructive criticism are always informative and encouraging.

This chapter is shorter than the previous one as the story moves towards its conclusion. I hope you enjoy it...


It has been a busy fortnight, so no late night writing. At lunchtime two weeks ago Freja overheard someone in town asking about two girls on a motorbike who might be looking for casual work. That was enough and that evening we were back on the road. We headed south-west, which we knew was somewhat risky as that was heading back towards the University but we gave it, and the nearby towns, a wide birth.

We did get to visit Stonehenge though, which pleased Freja. She was disappointed that we couldn't walk amongst the stones, something that my Dad told me people were allowed to do when he visited the monument as a boy. We arrived early, so it was quiet with few other visitors. It is an amazing place, primitive and otherworldly at the same time.

And now we're in a small bed and breakfast in a little Wiltshire village that, by chance, is run by two gay men who automatically offered us a double room. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive so unless we can find some work we won't be here for long.

I was too tired last night, but tonight I'm restless to continue our tale once more. There is no break this time, no intervening years or weeks or days, but on to the next day, Sunday, that was also Halloween, or Samhain as Freja calls it. (Actually, she calls it 'Sawin', which is how it's pronounced, apparently – that's Gaelic for you!).


CHAPTER 4 – "The Mouse that Roared"

We wake spooned together again, but this morning I'm curled around Freja, her naked skin warm and soft against mine. I can hear her breathing soft and slow as she sleeps. I realize that this bed has changed from 'my bed' to 'our bed' and the thought gives me a warm, happy feeling inside.

She shifts, taking a deeper breath and my hand brushes her nipple gently. She gives a little "mmmm" sound and wiggles her bum against me. I don't know if this is deliberate or if she's even properly awake but I feel the tingle of arousal. I run my fingertips along the underside of her breast and realize that some of the sexual excitement I'm feeling is hers. I lean my head in and gently run my tongue over her earlobe before softly sucking it.

"Mmmm," she sighs, "'tis a bonny way tae be woken up. Everyone should have a horny girlfriend as an alarm clock!"

I give her ear a little nip as she slides her hand across my thigh. She turns to face me and our lips meet. Our ESM, our Extra-Sensory Manipulation, which allows us to project our feelings and emotions so that another experiences them as we do, now works instinctively meaning that every touch and caress and feeling gets shared, doubling our arousal and excitement. Our mouths meld together, tongues exploring and intertwining but I know where I want to put my tongue, know that I want to taste Freja. I remember the sensation of licking and being licked, a tongue slipping between wet, swollen labia, the taste...

"What do ye want, my love?" Freja asks. "Ye're thinkin' o' summat that's turning me on like crazy – what is it?"

"I want to lick you, taste you, and eat that cute pussy of yours!" I reply.

"Oh, darling!" she gasps and lays back. I sit up and the covers slip off, the cold air of the room giving us goose-bumps. However, we're both too turned on to care and our passion keeps us warm. I straddle her legs and kiss her lips, then move down. I kiss her neck and shoulders then the tops of her beautiful full breasts. My tongue traces her aureoles and flicks across her nipples, making her shudder as I feel the echo of her sensations in my own breasts.

I run my tongue along the soft crease below each breast, savouring the slightly salty taste of her skin and glance up to see her licking her lips as I share the feeling. Downwards; I cannot stop tasting Freja's skin and my tongue leave a snail-trail line down her stomach till I reach her belly button, that cute, sexy dimple I had first glanced on Friday as she took her hoodie off. Two days ago? So much has happened...

I run my tongue around her belly button the poke it in, wriggling it. The weird, but pleasurable sensations she shares with me mean I continue doing this. By the feel of it, her belly button seems to be hotwired to her pussy. Oh wow...

Her moans and gasps increase as her first orgasm sweeps through her and I share her pleasure. As it subsides I finally manage to remember where I'm headed. My lips trail quick little kisses down her abdomen and onto her mound. The short, fine hair is damp with her wetness and I get my first subtle taste: it is all I had hoped it would be.

Cunnilingus has always been a favourite form of lovemaking, but the thought of my tongue entering the most intimate places of this beautiful, wonderful girl turns my insides to jelly. My tongue runs through her short hair till it brushes the top of her inner labia. At the touch Freja spreads her legs wide, opening and offering herself to me.

My head lowers and my tongue slips between her deliciously wet lips and I taste her fully. The taste of her, the way my tongue is engulfed by her womanhood, that I am doing this to the girl I adore, her low moan of pleasure, and the electric thrill of my lick that she shares with me through our gifts all collide and to my amazement I am cumming hard. I drive my tongue deep into her and my top lip presses her stiff little clit and with that the feedback loop of orgasm triggering orgasm starts as it did yesterday. This time, however, I have the delicious added pleasure as I feel her juices flood into my mouth, lifting my ecstasy to new heights.

My world becomes one of pure pleasure, my body singing in orgasmic bliss. And my beautiful one is part of that too, her own melody of sexual release playing alongside mine. Crescendo is reached, our cries echoing off the walls before leaving us entwined and panting in the ringing silence that follows.

I flop onto my back and gasp a 'Thank you' to Freja, the world, and any listening deities, that such wonderful lovemaking, such pleasure exists and that I have shared it with this girl. Freja moves, crawling around till her face appears upside down above mine. She kisses me deeply then runs her tongue over my cheeks and chin, cleaning her cum that has spattered my face.

She smiles at me. "Mmmm, ye seemed to like the taste of me so much I just wanted to try it fae mysel'. It's no bad, but..." She continues to crawl moving down my body. In my post climactic, brain-addled state I do not realize what she's up to until she licks the full length of my slit, button to perineum. It is too much and the sensation is so intense as to be painful.

"Nooo!" I gasp as my hips buck. I cannot help passing this pain onto Freja and she pulls back immediately.

"Och, I'm so sorry my darling! Sorry, sorry, sorry." I raise my arms to her and we cuddle as the feelings pass.

"Sorry, Freja. I know you wanted to eat me, but I'd just cum so hard and the feelings were all just too much. It was amazing though – and fuck do you taste good!"

"Thank ye – I like the taste of ye better, though. Next time ye're first on the menu!"

"Deal!" I say as we snuggle together. The air and our skins are heavy with the scent of our lovemaking and as we start to feel the chill we once again go hand-in-hand to shower together.

- - - - - -

We sit together in the canteen having a very late breakfast. As Freja cuts a piece of black pudding and pops it into her mouth it occurs to me that our sharing by ESM is now almost constant and instinctive. I don't like black pudding (it's made with blood for goodness sake!) but the enjoyment I'm getting from Freja as she chews happily makes me want to take a bite! It's a bit weird, but I wouldn't lose a moment of this link we have, any more than she would.

As we come to the end of breakfast I can sense there's something she feels awkward about but I don't push it. Eventually the small talk ends and she gets serious.

"Ginny, ye know what today is?"

"Sure – Halloween."

"Aye, but in Wicca its Samhain: the last and most important festival of the Wiccan year. It's the day to remember those who have died. I... I want tae remember Mam. Somewhere outside, with nature around, ye ken?"

I hold her hand. "Of course we can. There's the heathlands south of the city, we can take the bike and go there. When do you want to go my love?"

"Can we go and maybe watch the sunset? That feels right."

"Okay, our little coven of two will celebrate Samhain. I need to get a bit of work done for a couple of hours then we'll go to the heath and perhaps eat in town on the way back?"

She hugs me and we head back to our room, me to marking some essays that I really need to return to students and Freja curled up on the bed reading my dog-eared copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone that she found on the bookshelf.

Later that afternoon we head out on the bike up to the heathland. The weather has stayed clear and cold and the heath is all browns, oranges and dark golds as we ride up to Grey Twins Tor, an Iron Age monolith near the centre of the heath. We park up and I lead her the last half mile on foot from the road to the Tor.

"Och, Ginny, what a perfect location. Thank you," she says as she sees the stones. We sit on the fallen one of the three stones looking westwards between the other two stones, the Twins, that are leaning, but still upright.

"Do we have to do anything?" I ask.

"Enjoy it: the sky, the heath, the setting sun, and being here, and thank the Goddess and the God for it all. And I shall remember Mam and thank the God and Goddess for her life and the life she gave me."

It is beautiful and peaceful and it is easy to feel close to the divine, Freja's Goddess and God. I find myself remembering Mum, and for the first time, more in gratitude for what she'd done than with anger at her leaving me all those years ago. There is sadness still; sadness that I hadn't had the chance to get to know her as I grew up. I wish her well, whatever comes after, wherever she is now.

As the sun became a burning, brilliant line through the rising mist on the horizon our hands meet and clasp. The sun disappears and Freja turns to me, saying quietly, "Blessings of the new year, Ginny love."

I slip my arm around her, "and a happy new year to you too Freja Mouse, my darling girl. Thank you, this has been lovely; I feel... very at peace, and very deeply in love." I can feel her becoming chilled as the air cools quickly. I kiss her. "Come on, we passed a pub on the edge of the heath that does food and we're both staving. Let's go and have our Samhain feast."

- - - - - -

When I wake the next morning it is from that same deep and peaceful sleep that I enjoyed the last two nights. This happiness is short lived as I glance at the clock: 8:26. "Shit!" I gasp.

"Wassup?" mumbles Freja groggily.

"I'm late!" I explain." I've a meeting with Tanya at nine o'clock!"

Freja shimmies out of the bed and grabs my hand. "Come on, love, shower quickly!"

"Pity, I like showers with you," I complain.

"I did nay say shower on your own! Just quickly together!" she laughs.

It was a quick shower and only twice as long as if I'd been on my own. However, we are out of the door at ten to nine, me to head for my meeting and Freja to go and find breakfast. Fortunately, the canteen is en route to Tanya's office though, as agreed, we won't hold hands or hug on the way. I also have to find some way to confess our relationship to Tanya in a way that doesn't trigger a several megaton explosion!

Halfway to the canteen I hear my name called. As we stop and turn, a group of students jostle past and Freja instinctively draws against me. Just then I see Wanda heading towards us and I feel Freja relax. Wanda stops short of us, studying us intently and with a look of intrigue on her face.

"Ginny girl, what you gone and done?" she asks. By the sounds of things she's spent some time with her West Indian relatives as her accent is always more pronounced afterwards.

"Sorry?" I ask while I remember how, even without ESP, she has a ton of empathy backed up by a very sharp mind. My stomach is full of butterfly nervousness.

"Ginny, I may not have any ESP or psychic fireworks in my head, but I got eyes! I left a little terrified girl with you on Friday an' today... I've seen newlyweds less obviously in love! Damn, girl, what were you thinking? Tanya..."

"I know, I know. She's going to go ape shit isn't she?" I say despairingly.

"Wanda, it wasna just Ginny. It was as much me, ye ken? I love her so much." Freya puts her arms around me. "And I can do what she can do too; her witchy ESM thing!" she adds proudly.

Wanda looks at me and I nod. "It's true. She's getting very good at it too; with me, anyway." I feel both my own and Freja's cheeks burning. Wanda shakes her head.

"I really don't want to know!" replies Wanda, an all-too-knowing smile on her face. "Okay, Ginny, DON'T say anything about you and Freja falling in love, whatever you do. Let's tell her what the lovely Freja can do and, well, we'll see what happens. Okay?" Freja and I nod.

"Is... is Doctor Tanya no as perceptive as ye, Wanda? Will she nay notice?" Wanda and I both smile.

"She's a bit better than she used to be," I tell her, "but I'll be careful. Anyway, as Wanda says, when she hears about your vanishing ability and the ESM, she'll be too excited to notice."

The three of us head off together, leaving Freja at the canteen as we pass. We don't kiss, but as I turn away I feel her projected feeling of her lips against mine. I smile and send the same back realizing she's getting very good at ESM.

Wanda knocks on Tanya's door and we enter. I make a beeline for the coffee machine wishing there'd been time for breakfast, though perhaps given how nervous I feel missing breakfast might be just as well. I prepare three cups and pass them around, adding extra sugar to mine as I feel I need the energy boost.

As soon as I sit Tanya begins. "I received your email, Ginny, and your notes, Wanda, about this new subject Ms Freja Mause. If what you both say is true then we've found someone with an amazing psychic ability. Can you both go over your experiences for me?"

Wanda starts, quickly relating how she went to Scotland following information from Jake Green, he of my first and infamous interview, who is now part of Edinburgh University Parapsychology Department. He had, somehow, heard of Freja, but was unable to interview her and so he tipped off Wanda.

Wanda now outlines the nervous, almost terrified girl she encountered once there and the minor miracle she'd had to perform just to persuade her to talk. On two occasions Freja had 'vanished' and Wanda had found herself walking out of her house wondering what she was supposed to be doing.

Curiously, it was the suggestion that she could come to here to Wessex Uni that had caught Freja's interest. Tanya, correctly I believe, suggests that she saw it as a way to escape.

"I have to say, though, Ginny has done brilliantly with Freja and has really made a connection with her," Wanda says in conclusion. I bite my lip to supress a giggle but I have to applaud Wanda's brilliant comment; at a stroke she's helped explain to Tanya how Freja and I will appear together.

Tanya now asks me to detail what I have learned and I run through my interview and some highly edited events of the weekend (all the really good bits, the love and the love-making, were definitely out!). I explain that I think her ability to disappear seems to be her making others lose interest in her. I finish with, "Apart from the vanishing, which is both real and amazing, Freja also seems to possess ESM too or, rather, has found she has it." Tanya is surprised and Wanda, bless her, pretends to be.

"How did she find out?" Tanya asks.

"She tried to do it, off her own bat. I had suggested that her ability might be related to my ESM so she... she just went for it! She thought it hadn't worked at first, but I had been feeling, well, strange. We've been practising since and she's got good, fast!"

"And can you also vanish?" asks Tanya with a wry smile on her face.

"Um, I've not actually tried..." I reply nervously, looking down and feeling that I've cocked up.

"Chill, girl," says Wanda, "you've only had two days. Doctor Tanya is winding you up!"

I look at Tanya and she's smiling, "Of course I'm teasing you, but it's something else to investigate. Now, I'd like to meet Ms Mause. Would it be better if either of you were there, given how nervous she might be?"

Wanda and I glance at each other. "We'll talk to her and see what she wants," says Wanda.

Ten minutes later I'm sat in the canteen with my Mouse, Wanda, and (blessedly and at last!) a bacon roll. We talk and Freja agrees to be interviewed by Tanya on her own, but on condition that I am outside in case it becomes too much. "I think it may be easier tae do my vanishing if I'm a bit nervous and I'll nay be nervous if ye're with me Ginny," she says.

So we meet Tanya at her office and the three of us head to the interview room. As we part I nearly kiss her without thinking but manage to cover it as just a hand on her shoulder and leaning forward to say, "Don't forget about the green button if you need to get out!"

"Aye, I'll remember," she replies as we move apart.

I spend the next hour sat on the unspeakably uncomfortable chairs that seem the standard in institutional corridors everywhere. I think I doze because the thunk of the magnetic door lock startles me and I am slightly disorientated. I leap to my feet and Freja bounces through the door and into my arms and we kiss automatically.

"Is there anything else I should know that you left out of your briefing, Ginny?" Tanya's voice turns me cold.

"Oh shit," I whisper and I feel Freja tremble.

Tanya holds the door open and gestures back into the interview room. "Shall we?" she asks.

Freja and I share the armchair she first sat in. It's quite large, but she still has to sit half on my lap; I guess at this stage our cuddling won't matter. We wait for Tanya to speak.

"Ginny, what are we going to do with you?" she sighs. "Okay, Ms Mause's abilities are astounding; her disappearing unprecedented and her ESM nearly as good as yours, Ginny. And I agree with you, I think both abilities are linked and that you might also be able to do both... Oh, damn it, Ginny, what is it with you and sex?"

I'm trying to think of a reply when, to my astonishment I hear, "That's nay it!" Mouse almost shouts. "We fell in love, Doctor," she continues, more quietly, "almost the moment we met. I dinna ken if ye can understand or believe that, but 'tis the truth anyway. Ginny did nay take advantage of me, she would ha' done nothing if I had nay told her how I felt."

Tanya looks at me hard and I nod to confirm what Freja has said. "Nevertheless," Tanya says sternly, "I don't see how I can let this go."

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