tagBDSMThe Glory Hole

The Glory Hole


People called it the glory hole for many reasons, mostly because of the anonymous orgasms it allowed. A man could go into a urinal or a video booth and stick his cock through the hole. Someone on the other side serviced it for him. Once he had come, he was free to reciprocate or go on about his business. It wasn’t mandatory to return the favor.

The people who serviced those cocks did it for many reasons, some because it was a raging need, some because others required them to humiliate themselves by handling the sexual needs of unknown strangers.

This is the story of one night and a submissive named Pam who upset her Master so badly that he dragged her naked into the adult bookstore known as “The Hidden Door.” Once there he arranged for the owner to send every male who entered the store back to his video booth. This was a Friday night so traffic was hot and heavy especially when once serviced, the men called friends to tell them what was happening.

The room Pam was in had seven holes. She was required to first thank every cock that appeared by kissing it on its weeping eye, and then to suck it until the men were ready to come. They had been advised by her Master to warn her before that happened, she then pulled free and allowed their come to coat her face, her neck, her hair, and everywhere it could reach. When she slackened due to becoming tired, her Master was there to remind her with his whip to continue and make her best effort.

At first Pam sucked hard and fast and hoped that they came quickly so this would be finished. Soon her Master realized what was happening, after that he made sure she took her time and gave them her best well trained performance. She licked around the head and under it, she sucked softly and nibbled gently on that sweet spot that sends shivers down a man’s spine. She then would lick up and down the core of the man and whisper to them to play with their balls since she could not reach them. This slowed things down a lot, but the enjoyment level went higher for the men involved.

Pam had an adherent fear of dirty cocks, and men who were not healthy. Several times the odor especially of the unwashed cocks almost made her vomit. Always her Master was there to see she didn’t give in to her urges. The motivation was that if she did he would make her lick it up and he would let the man fuck her besides everything else. It was a strong motivation.

He watched his bad little slut sub, as cock after cock washed her with come. Soon she was a beautiful sticky mess. Occasionally she would beg him to let her stop or rest, and this always brought her pain. He smiled because even with the pain and the humiliation or maybe because of it, his proud haughty bitch of a sub. was soaking wet. Finally he took off her cuffs and said, "pleasure yourself while you suck the cocks, but do not come without begging me."

She thanked him profusely and was buried in her dripping tunnel of pleasure before she finished her speech pounding inside at herself and rubbing her clittie. The new men didn’t see what was happening but benefited because she sucked them with renewed vigor.

The next time she received a bath in come, begging him with her eyes he allowed her to come. She screamed out in pleasure as she cascaded into a climax of her own. This was too much for her Master who pushed her over the chair, He had been sitting on, and invited the watching men to see him take the slut's ass. They withdrew their cocks and plastered one eye to the hole to see him skin down his leather pants and push a cock anyone of them would have died to own, into the tight ass of a tall gorgeous redhead dripping with come.

He smiled as she screamed out in pain, and then he rode her like a bucking bronco on the cowboy circuit, to a bone-shattering climax. It left him weak and two of the men glued to the glory holes had nothing left for her to suck, as they blew their loads watching the action.

To congratulate the others, who didn’t lose their loads, he opened the door and invited them inside.

“You may fuck her ass but gently as only I am allowed to damage her.” Five lucky men fucked her ass until they were ready to come and then coated her back, and ass with their come. They left congratulating themselves on the night of their life.

Finished, he pulled her up from the chair and still naked and still bound, coated with the come of over forty men, He dragged her on full view of all out of the store. She had come dripping down both her legs, her ass was agape from the use it had seen, she was hardly the proud and haughty bitch he had arrived with hours earlier. He forced her to look at herself in the plate glass window of the store and then wrapped her in a blanket due to the chilliness of the night air and returned them to there home.

Once inside she headed for the bathroom to clean up, pulling her leash loose from his hands.

“Wow, there girl, where are you going.”

“Shit, she had done it once again.” She thought quickly “To clean up in case my Master has further need of me tonight.”

“Good try little slut, but not happening. Do you remember why you got punished?”

She hung her head low and softly said, “I refused to suck Charlie’s cock, when you promised him a treat. I thought I was to good to be used by one of the servants.”

Master Donald smiled and patted a clean spot on her head. “Now what do you think?”

Pam took a chance and looked him straight in the eyes. “I think it is a privilege to do anything that makes you happy. I will never say no to you again Sir, please forgive this unworthy one.”

Softly with pride in his eyes he said, “Very well said pet, now lets finish your punishment.”

He took her leash, pulled her into the kitchen, and called Charlie to come and join them. She cringed, in total humiliation that anyone she knew should see her as she was now especially the serving staff. He saw it and laughed silently knowing she talked a good game but had much humility to learn. It was all right he was a good and patient teacher.

Charlie arrived, with widened eyes as he took in the condition of the arrogant cunt; his Master bedded, fed and paid for and knew he was still in for his treat.

“Do you have something to say to Charlie, my pet?”

“Yes Master,” she hung her head. “Charlie I am sorry, I was such an arrogant bitch before. It is my pleasure to please you and my Master. May I please suck your cock now?”

Charlie sat as she crawled over to him and using her teeth since she was once again shackled unzipped him, unbuckled him, and managed as he sat up a little, to pull his pants loose. Once free, his cock popped out to hit her in the eyes.

Pam gasped in shock, still not fully hard; Charlie was almost three inches across and eight inches long. She licked out and her eyes said thank you, when she found he was clean and tasted sweet. After tonight, she would never complain about the taste of come again. She sucked him into her mouth and swirled her tongue around his head. She hummed in gratitude when she heard his moan, and felt him twitch inside her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down his trembling shaft and around his balls as she nosed his cock aside and down to his asshole as he scooted forward to allow her the room and then back to the top.

Once back to his head she started to bob lower and lower until the head of his cock was deeply lodged inside her throat. Swallowing he felt the roughness of her muscles as they massaged some of the most sensitive spots on his body. She came back for air, and started all over again. Charlie lasted all of ten minutes. He would always remember those ten minutes.

He pulled loose as instructed when he was ready to blast and covered her again with come. After four mammoth spurts, she was dripping in it and the Master again knew he would require the services of his slut. What better way to end the day then to have her suck him off and finally swallow a load of male juice?

He sent Charlie back to his apartment and pulled her down hard and tight to his groin pushing into her throat before she could adapt. He ruthlessly forced the issue until he felt her weaken from lack of air. Only then did he pull out and allow her to breathe on the upstrokes. Finally, he unloaded seven times into her throat and straight to her stomach no eating come tonight for his slut. She considered that a pleasure.

She collapsed when he withdrew and he waited until he softly kicked her to remind her she wasn’t done. Wearily she worked her way back up to a kneeling position by inching up his leg and then licked him clean with only a slight gag as she remembered where his cock had been earlier in evening.

This time he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. Releasing her and removing her collar he gave her thirty minutes to clean up and join him in the video room to watch tonight’s performance.

“I want you never to forget tonight my pet so don’t anger me by being late.”

She shook her head no, and softly said she would hurry. She then stepped down into the very welcome tub. As she cleansed herself, she couldn’t help noticing how wet she already was at the mere thought of seeing herself servicing so many unknown men.

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