tagInterracial LoveThe Gold Bikini Club Ch. 03

The Gold Bikini Club Ch. 03


Considering all the crazy things that had happened so far on this holiday, James and Rebecca's third morning continued as routine as their first two. They woke up, showered, ate breakfast, and then went to sunbathe by the pool.

Rebecca was of course wearing her gold bikini and now that she had been given permission from James to act on what the gold bikini symbolised, she was trying her hardest to look as sexy as possible. She wore a little make up and spent more time doing her hair this morning than she usually would. She also tightened the straps of the bikini top so that her breasts were pushed right up, showing off her more than ample cleavage.

Without even realising it, she had also broken their "holiday rule" - she had applied her own sun tan lotion. It wasn't intentional, she was just so fixated on trying to look as sexy as possible that she just took the bottle out of her bag and enjoyed slowly covering her whole body from head to toe. She turned more than a few heads.

Her efforts hadn't gone unnoticed. Not by the hotel staff, and certainly not by James. As routine as their morning would have seemed to another person, to James it was the most exciting morning since their wedding day. His wife had transformed herself into a sexual goddess seemingly over night. He replayed the previous night over in his mind as he lay on the sun bed.

"You do realise that is probably the last time we'll have sex this holiday you know?" teased Rebecca after their wild and passionate love making session. "Tomorrow I'll enjoy my first ever big black cock, and most likely I'll no longer even be able to feel yours inside me, let alone be satisfied by it."

James just nodded. He had just had amazing sex and after pulling out and ejaculating on his wife's amazing breasts, his horniness and desire for her to go through with it had died away.

That was last night though... after sleeping and waking up to see his wife already dressed in her gold bikini, his desire for her to go wild and enjoy all the black cock she could handle was back again.

"Hey you! Watcha thinking about?" said Rebecca, poking James to bring him out of his day dream.

James was thinking about taking her straight back to their hotel room to make love to her all over again. He pictured it in his mind, but the image that came to him wasn't of his beautiful wife between his legs with his cock in her mouth. No, it was an image of his wife between another man's legs, her worshipping his huge erection. James knew that one of the hotel staff could come over to Rebecca at any moment, so instead of suggesting they go back to their room, he just replied, "I'm think about a nice cold drink! Do you want one?"

"Yes I do actually!" responded Rebecca. "You stay here though and I'll go and get them... it'll be hard to hide that little stiffy of yours!"

James noticed that he was indeed hard and his swim shorts were poking up like a miniature tent. Embarrassed, he tried to cover himself up.

"When I get back, you can tell me what you were REALLY thinking about... unless a nice cold drink gets you horny nowadays!"

Rebecca grinned at James's discomfort and walked away. She knew James would be staring at her ass so she accentuated the swaying of her hips just to tease him.

Whilst at the bar ordering their drinks, Rebecca was startled by a voice behind her, "I'm sorry you left so quickly yesterday!"

It was Leon. All of a sudden everything was in slow motion. Turning around felt like it took an eternity until eventually she was face to face with him.

All the confidence left her at that moment. The thought of this man picking her up in his strong arms and carrying her away to give her the fucking of her life had turned her back into a giddy teenager.

She just stared at him.

"It's... Leon," he said as he stepped closer.

Snapping out of her daze, Rebecca smiled and greeted him.

"Yes! I'm sorry. I just..."

"It's ok," interrupted Leon, sensing her discomfort. "I know it's not easy for people to just jump into this kind of thing."

They chatted for a while and all the time Rebecca was admiring his body, as was he hers. He obviously wasn't working today as he was standing there with just a pair of tight swim shorts on. She looked at his muscular body and knew that he must work out on a regularly. She also knew that he intentionally wore those tight fitting shorts because she could clearly see his cock straining to free itself from the material.

She must have been staring because just as she had ran out of small talk, Leon said, "I can see you're still interested."

Rebecca went bright red but Leon put her at ease and then started telling her of a kind of plan that he uses for women who are a little apprehensive. He told her that a lot of women are hesitant because of their husbands. They love their husbands and don't want to damage their relationship.

Rebecca nodded along. She couldn't quite figure out exactly what it was, but it was definitely something to do with James that was stopping her from jumping straight in.

Leon continued to explain that sometimes, he finds it helps for him to, in a way, "seduce" the husband instead of the wife

"James knows that he could never satisfy you the way someone like me could. He wants you to be happy in every way, even if that means losing you sexually to an alpha male."

That made Rebecca smile, "Oh yes? An alpha male?"

Suddenly, everything was in slow motion again. Rebecca saw that Leon was moving in closer to her. It felt like he was both miles away, and yet so close that their bodies were almost touching.

When Rebecca thought that Leon was about to kiss her, he moved his mouth to her ear, and whilst he lightly placed his hand on her side, he whispered into her ear, "Yes. An alpha male. I'll show you that not only is James OK with you guys joining The Gold Bikini club, he wants to see you riding my cock and I'll prove it to you. Follow me."

Leon slowly pulled away, caressing Rebecca's body as he did so. His touch sent ripples of pleasure flowing through her. He took her by the hand and started to lead her back to where James was. Rebecca was in such a daze that she totally forgot about the drinks she left at the bar.

Leon knew exactly where they had been sitting. In fact he'd been watching Rebecca all morning. When they were just a few metres away from James, he told Rebecca to go and hide behind a palm tree, just behind were James was.

James heard the approaching foot steps and was about to ask what took Rebecca so long when she saw the tall muscular figure standing in front of him blocking out the sun.

Reaching out to shake James's hand, Leon introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Leon. Your wife and I had a, erm, connection yesterday."

As James shook his hand as Leon sat down on the sun bed next to him.

"You have a really beautiful wife," said Leon. "I dare not say this in front of any of the other Gold Bikini Club members, but I don't think we've ever had a member so sexy."

"Well, we're technically not members yet," said James.

"You do want to become members though don't you?"

"I think so. I just don't want to lose her."

"And you wont. She'll still be your loving partner that you'll share special moments with, have children with and grow old with. You'll just have another side of your relationship. The side where she will be fucking other men..."

Rebecca, still listening, was shocked that Leon said that. She thought he was trying to tempt James into joining, not scare him off.

"I know. I'm willing to give it a go if she is!" said James.

"Being willing isn't enough. Your wife thinks you're still just playing a game. This is serious."

"Ok, I want her to."

"Want her to what?"

James hesitated and was about to answer when Leon discretely pulled out his cock for James to see. James was shocked and looked around to make sure no one could see.

"Look at it, James," said Leon. "Look at my cock. It's not even hard yet and I'm willing to wager that it's much bigger than yours. Would you really want to keep your wife from enjoying it?"

Leon wasn't wrong. Even flaccid, his cock was around 7 inches long. James's was 6 inches erect on a good day! James just started at the bulbous head and and the veins along the long black shaft.

Leon continued, "I know you're not gay, James. Not with a wife as beautiful as yours. But I can also see that you can't take your eyes off my cock, and that's because you want me to fuck your wife with it. Don't you?"

"Yes," James's reply was little more than a whisper.

Leon looked over at Rebecca. He wanted to make sure he still had her full attention.

"Then ask me," said Leon in a firm tone.

James finally looked up at Leon. "Ask you what?"

"Ask me if I'll fuck your wife. If you don't ask me, as sexy as she is, I won't do it."

For the first time since they started talking, James didn't hesitate.

"OK, OK! Please... fuck my wife."

"Louder," said Leon in a firm tone.

"Please, fuck my wife! Give her your big black cock and satisfy her in ways I'd never be able to. I want us to join the Gold Bikini club and come back here every year so she can get the fucking she deserves."

Leon looked over at Rebecca again and smiled. He knew he had them both on board. Unexpectedly, James carried on with his plea.

"I've fantasised about Rebecca fucking a black guy for years. I don't know why. I just want to see her ride a huge monster of a cock and cum on it over and over again. I want to see her given levels of pleasure that I couldn't even dream of giving her. I don't care if she gets addicted! I just want her to become a black cock slut!"

"Good lad," said Leon with a smile on his face. He reached down into his swim shorts and put his cock away. "Come on, Rebecca. I told you I'd be able to get him to confess."

James looked up and kept the expression of shock on his face as he saw his wife appear from behind a tree just a few feet away from them.

"Rebecca, how long have you..."

"The whole time!" she responded with a smile on her face. "I enjoyed hearing your 'confession' and now I know you're really fully into this, I don't think we should wait another moment! Leon?"

Leon smiled and put his arm around Rebecca's waist and started to lead her off to his apartment. It was almost as if they had both forgotten James as he struggled to pack all their things away so that he could follow. He saw Leon's hand move from the small of Rebecca's back to her ass and give it a squeeze. James was shocked that she didn't even try to push him away.

When he had all their things packed he went off into the direction that they had gone but couldn't find them. He heard Rebecca giggle from around a corner and followed the sound of her voice but lost them again. Eventually, he saw some of the hotel staff and had to ask if they had seen them.

"Excuse me... her, have you seen two people walk past here just now?" asked James.

"We've seen about 10 people walk past here just now. What did they look like?" said one of the workers.

"Well my wife is wearing a gold bikini, and she was with a tall muscular man," responded James.

All of the hotel workers had big grins on their faces and suddenly James realised what he had just said and went bright red with embarrassment.

"Oh you mean Leon and that sexy red head he was with," said one of the workers. "They went to Leon's apartment. Apartment 88C, just around the corner."

James thanked them and ran off in search for the apartment and felt his masculinity slightly diminish as he heard the men laughing behind him.

When he found the apartment, he tried the door which thankfully was unlocked. The sight before him was something he never thought he'd ever see in his life. His new bride was on her knee's sucking the biggest, blackest cock he had ever seen. He was sad that he had missed the moment that she had first put it in her mouth but was thankful that he was there now to witness the rest.

He liked the sight of her small white hands on his big black cock. What really made it even sexier though was to see her wedding ring on her finger. A black cock is one of the last things he ever imaged her wedding ring would be touching.

It was a few moments before Leon or Rebecca even noticed James standing there in the doorway.

"Come in," said Leon. "Take a seat. Rebecca?"

"Oh yes! Sorry.", said Rebecca as she reluctantly let go of Leon's cock.

She went over to her husband and stripped him naked. She led him to a chair in the corner of the room and told him to sit on his hands.

"Sorry honey. Leon doesn't want you touching yourself whilst we fuck. It's not just him though – all the hotel staff insist on it if the husbands are allowed to watch."

James was fine with it at first but knew he'd be aching to touch himself pretty soon. His cock was already pretty much as hard as it was going to get.

Rebecca wasted no time in getting back down on her knees in front of Leon. She took his cock back into her mouth and began sucking on the head whilst running her hands up and down his shaft. She needed the two hands to do the job properly and there was still room for another hand!

"Mmm, your wife sure does suck a mean dick!" said Leon looking over at James. "I have no idea how she's so good at it if she's only had yours to practise on!"

There was something about the tone of his voice that made James OK with his remark. He had just insulted him, yet somehow managed to say it in a friendly way that made James almost nod in agreement.

Rebecca continued to suck for another 10 minutes before Leon announced that he was getting close.

"Shall I stop?" asked Rebecca, sounding disappointed.

"Haha! Girl, you really are in for a shock," responded Leon. "I'm not going to cum just once and be done with it. Go ahead and tip me over the edge."

Rebecca didn't wait another moment before putting Leon's cock back into her mouth and continuing sucking. James wondered where she was going to let him cum. She usually made him cum on her breasts, or if they were having sex, on her belly. What she did next was yet another shock.

"Becky, I'm going to cum!" shouted Leon.

This just made Rebecca speed up until he let out a moan of pleasure and Rebecca felt the first spurt of cum land on her tongue. She swallowed it and before she knew it another spurt landed at the back of her throat. Wave upon wave of cum was being released from Leon's cock into her mouth and she was struggling to swallow it all fast enough. After he had finished cumming a bit leaked out the side of her mouth and Rebecca had no choice but to lick it up.

"You never do that for me!" shouted over James.

"That's because you don't have a cock like this!" Rebecca shouted back with a smile on her face. She blew James a kiss and started to lick the last few drops from the tip of Leon's cock.

Now it was turn for Leon to repay the favour whilst he recovered. He threw Rebecca on the bed, held her legs open, pushed her gold bikini to one side and started to lick her pussy. He was pleased to see that she was shaved smooth and showed his appreciation by pushing his face deep between her lips and darting his tongue in and out. It was only a few moments before Rebecca got close to having her first orgasm, but Leon eased off.

When Rebecca opened her eyes, she saw that he was hard again and was stroking his cock to full attention. He lay down on the bed beside her and told her that for the first time, it'll be easiest if she lowered herself onto it and rode him for a while. That way she can go at her own pace.

Rebecca straddled Leon and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips, covering it with her juices. James's view from his chair was perfect. He could see Rebecca's amazing ass and her pussy lips being parted by Leon's dark cock.

Rebecca was having a hard time taking Leon's cock. Not because she wasn't wet enough but simply because she had never ridden anything this big before. She managed to get the head of his cock into her pussy and then just rocked backwards and forwards so his cock disappeared inside her inch by inch.

It was barely half way in when Rebecca finally had her first orgasm. Leon felt her lips contracting around his cock, held her by the waist and thrust his cock the rest of the way inside her. The unexpected movement took Rebecca by surprise and only prolonged her orgasm and made it more intense! She would later confess to James that it was the longest and most intense orgasm she's ever had.

They continued fucking in this position for over 15 minutes before Leon picked Rebecca up and in one swift movement, had her on her back and was ploughing his cock into her like there was no tomorrow.

James's cock had long ago started to ache from being so hard. He really wanted to touch it, but didn't dare disobey Rebecca and Leon and risk ruining their first encounter.

Rebecca started to get more vocal.

"Oh, oh, yes! YES! Fuck me Leon! Fuck me!"

"Whose pussy is this?" asked Leon.

"Yours, baby."


"It's yours, Leon! This pussy belongs to your and your magnificent black cock!"

"Is it better than your husbands?"

"OH GOD! YES! MUCH BETTER! It's longer, thicker and blacker!"

"Will you ever fuck his little tiny cock again?"

"No! There wouldn't be any point! I'd not even be able to feel it any more!"

James then saw that Leon was whispering something into Rebecca's ear. He couldn't make out what they were saying to each other, but could just make out Rebecca saying "I can't do that" and eventually "OK".

A few moments later, Leon thrust his final few thrusts and sent load after load of cum erupting into Rebecca's pussy. She could feel his cock pulsating and it tipped her over the edge one last time.

After lying there together for a few moments, Leon said to Rebecca, "Do it."

Slowly, looking over at James, Rebecca said "James, come here, please."

James got up out of his seat and quickly walked over to Rebecca. He looked at her well fucked pussy and a small drop of cum was oozing out.

"Thank Leon," she said.

"Thank you, Leon. Thank you for giving her the fucking she deserves," responded James. He had no shame left in him. He was just madly in love (and madly horny!) looking at his beautiful wife, laying on the bed, her gold bikini still on, but with the thong pushed to one side exposing her pussy.

"Now baby, there's something I need you to do..." continued Rebecca.

She gently put her hand on his head and guided his face down to her pussy.

"Please..." was all she said, before James slowly extended his tongue and started to lick her freshly fucked pussy.

Rebecca moaned at his gentle tongue caresses. It was a nice contrast from the rough fucking she had just received and she was sure she had another orgasm in her.

Running her fingers through his hair, she started to tell James how good Leon's cock felt inside her, how many times he'd made her orgasm and how much cum he'd unloaded in her.

James didn't need to know how much he'd came, he knew because he was lapping it up as it leaked out of her pussy.

Just as she was finally clean, she orgasmed one last time.

Leon, after having left them alone for a few minutes came back and said, "I'm sorry to steal her away from you, but we're going to shower now."

He stripped the bikini off Rebecca and handed it to James. "Go and wash this please. She'll need it tonight."

"Why? What's happening tonight?" asked James.

"The ceremony of course! Your official Gold Bikini Club initiation!"

Neither James nor Rebecca had any idea what that would involve but they were both excited never the less. Rebecca and Leon disappeared into the other room to shower and James was left standing there, still hard, still horny and with a gold bikini to was before their Gold Bikini Club initiation!

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