tagIncest/TabooThe Graduation Road Trip

The Graduation Road Trip


As usual, this story is fiction and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters in this story live solely within the confines of my imagination. Enjoy!

Stan and I married right out of high school and I was already six months pregnant with our oldest, Chelsea. I had our son Joe when I was 21 years old. Things were okay between Stan and I for a few years years, but the truth is that the last five years, we've been all but divorced. We share the house and stayed married for the sake of the kids, but Stan and I maintain separate bedrooms and Stan has been keeping company with his latest secretary/whore for a couple of years now. We've already drawn up an amicable divorce settlement that will begin when Joe begins college.

About a year ago, I overheard my husband at cocktail party telling someone that "When Joe (our son), goes off to college, I expect Cathy to be living right there in the dorm with him." Now Stanley is a smartass, but he was a lot closer to the truth than he ever realized. For the last few years, I have been approaching the edge of panic as the prospect of "an empty nest" approached. But even more...the last several months, I've been more than unhappy at my youngest leaving the nest...I have fallen in love with my son! Well, maybe love...maybe lust...maybe something in between.

Still, I want my son, of that I have no doubt. It's amazing the transformation that he has undergone in the last couple of years. At sixteen, Joe was a scrawny beanpole, more likely to trip over his oversize feet than anything else. At eighteen, Joe has matured into a handsome hunk of a man! And he's sweet as can be...the kindest-hearted son any mom could ever ask for. And I find myself insanely jealous of any girl that gets his attention these days. I can't stand the thought of Joe going off to college and banging those college girls in his dorm room when I want to be the one spread-eagled on his bed getting fed his nine inches of hard cock meat (hell yes, I've peeked at him!), until I screaming my head off as I orgasm again and again.

I've been in panic mode since December when Joe announced he was going to attend a university in Arizona (we live in the frigid climes of Northern Michigan!). I knew immediately that there is no way I can survive with my son living clear across the continent. I decided that I would have to seduce him and wherever he wound up, it would be with his Mom's arms and legs wrapped tightly around him and his cock buried to the hilt in the only pussy he would ever need!

When Joe graduated from High School, he told us he wanted to take a road trip to Arizona...see the country and get settled in before the fall semester got underway. I told him that it was a great idea and that I just knew he and I would have lots of fun.

Joe was appalled at first when I told him I would be accompanying him on his road trip, but I played the guilt card about it being the last time we would get to spend time together and that it would be fun for us to have a grown up vacation rather than the ones when he was a kid. Of course, Joe had no clue how "adult" this trip was going to be!

I told my soon to be ex-husband that I would use the trip to break the news to Joe about our divorce and to give him the opportunity to move his stuff out (our settlement included me getting a healthy cash settlement and the house in exchange for me not showing the judge the pictures of him and his previous secretary doing more than balancing a client's books!). I neglected to tell Stan that I was going to use this road trip to lure our only son into my bed and between my thighs!

And I admit, I felt pretty confident about being able to do it. Now, I'm not some skinny, no-assed model, or even Kim Basinger, but I'm not bad for thirty-nine years old either. I stand five foot, six inches in my stocking feet and weigh about 150 pounds. I'm a little on the zaftig side. My measurements are 36DD-27-38. I think my tits have held up pretty well over the years...they're broad, heavy gourd shaped breasts that don't sag a great deal and I'm proud to say I've had my share of Joe's school buddies ogling my cleavage when I've teased them with the low cut blouses (I even catch Joe sneaking a peek now and again)m that I favor wearing. I'm a little stocky, but I'm not flabby...my legs are a little thicker than I want them to be, but they're still pretty shapely and I love to show them off with a skirt and high heels. My butt is a little wider than I'd like, but it is firm and I've gotten my share of wolf whistles for the way it wiggles when I walk. My eyes are brown and I've got light brown hair that remains slightly curly no matter what I do!

The first week of June was our starting date for our road trip. Joe and I both were busy with preparations...me focusing on landing him in bed and my son...well, I guess he was planning on just surviving a boring trip with his boring mom...HAH! In truth, he took care of getting our transport ready for travel. I'd given him my five year old Jeep Cherokee to drive and we decided to take it. Joe stayed busy getting the oil changed, new tires put on the Jeep and getting it tuned up. I gave him a credit card and told him to buy some clothes for the trip, food, a cooler and drinks for the road.

The big day couldn't get there soon enough for me...the days dragged by slowly, but finally came the big morning. We'd loaded the Jeep up the night before. I fixed the two of us breakfast, got dressed and woke his father up to say goodbye. Stan was sort of gruffly affectionate to his son, slipped him some extra cash and told him to take good care of me. Stan and I said our last goodbyes, kissing each other without any real passion. Neither of us was fooling ourselves. Our love life had been dead for yeas. When Joe was out of earshot, I told Stan that I wished him and his whore of a secretary all the best. Stan had no real reply to that, so he told me to have a safe trip and he'd leave his set of the house-keys with my best friend, Eileen.

Finally, with the morning sun shining on us, my son and I pointed the Jeep south and rolled out of Northern Michigan! Despite being bleary-eyed from our early morning start, Joe asked to drive first and woke up quickly as we buzzed down the road, the radio blaring out Classic Rock tunes (a taste in music that both my son and I shared).

I fidgeted around in my seat, trying to get comfortable with my seat belt and finally said, "Damn it...whoever designed these things sure didn't have big tits!" I let the belt slip off and grinned over at my son. I scooted around so I was comfortable, my back against the door and one leg tucked up beneath me. I was pleased as Joe's eyes grew wide at my outfit. I had on a very short blue denim skirt and a very low cut T-shirt. My bra pushed my big titties up and made them look even bigger with loads of cleavage and tit flesh visible. With every bump in the road, I knew my tits were jiggling big time and my son was sneaking glances every chance he could.

We passed the time with small talk and looking at the road map. We both agreed that it would be a lot more fun if we stayed off the Interstate and went by secondary roads and just took our sweet time. I showed off my legs as well as my tits by easing my seat back as far as it would go and sometimes propping my feet up on the dashboard. Joe gave my legs many admiring looks, being sure to see how far my dress was slipping back and I rewarded him several times with some good glimpses of my panties. I had on some lacy French cut bikini briefs...white and sheer almost to the point of transparent. I'm sure he was able to see that his Momma had a thick, hairy muff and as turned on as I was, I was pretty sure he was going to see them stained with my juices before the day was out.

When we traded places and I took the wheel, I deliberately let my denim skirt ride up, exposing my thighs and my crotch. I was excited and flattered that Joe didn't mention it once, but eyeballed my crotch as we drove along. Joe and I chatted about his plans for college. As he told me about his plans to go into journalism school, I watched as his khaki shorts filled out with a beautiful erection caused in part by him staring at the growing wet stains in my panties.

When it was his turn behind the wheel again, I again sat with my back to the door and let my skirt flop upwards, spreading my legs wide enough for him to get a real good view of his mother's wet panties. In retrospect, it's a wonder we didn't drive right into oncoming traffic. I think my exhibitionism got to him. At a rest stop south of Toledo, Ohio, he spent the longest time in the Men's room and by the way he blushed when I asked him if he was alright, I think he was jacking off in a restroom stall. The possibility that my son was yanking his meat because of me thrilled me to no end and my pussy was tingling for hours afterward...keeping me wet and aroused. I'm sure if we hadn't had the windows down, the car would have been thick with my scent.

We decided to stop for the night in a little town in Ohio called Greenville. After we checked into a room at a motel (two beds alas), we went out and had dinner. On our way back to the motel, I spied one of your typical country and western bars/dance halls and suggested we go in. The place was about half full (it was a weeknight), but they had a decent little band playing and several people out on the dance floor. Much to Joe's chagrin, he couldn't order a beer because he was underage. "Guess you're the designated driver tonight!" I teased him as I ordered a beer for myself and a coke for him.

With some cajoling, I managed to get Joe out on the dance floor and was impressed with his ability to cut a rug. After a fast two-step, the band started up with a rendition of "Are You Lonesome, Tonight," and before Joe could beat a retreat, I had my arms around his neck and was pressing myself up against him. "You aren't embarrassed to slow dance with your old Mom, are you, Joe?" I asked him, looking up into his brown eyes, so much like my own.

Joe blushed and looked down at me and at the deep cleavage formed as I pressed my breasts against his chest. "Um...no...Mom." I grinned happily and reaching up on tip toe, planted a kiss on the corner of his mouth, allowing my heavy boobs to rub up and down against my son's body.

As the night passed, I drank several beers...enough to get a buzz, but not really drunk, although I acted like I was a lot drunker than I really was. We danced all evening...fast two steps and slow, sensuous dances. Several times, some good old boy would approach our table and ask me to dance, but I'd just lean into my son and giggle that I was already spoken for, winking at Joe as I did so.

We had a good time and then my sober Joe, pole hard in his pants, drove us back to the motel. With his arm around his "drunk" mother, Joe guided me up to our room. I pretended to be off balance and acting all affectionate and was continuously rubbing my self up against my son, insuring that his dick stayed hard.

"That was so much fun, Joe!" I laughed as we weaved into the motel room. "I love to dance. No one's taken me dancing in ages!" I threw myself at Joe, again flinging my arms around him. "Thanks, sweetheart for taking your mom dancing. I hope you weren't too bored?"

By now, a little used to me being in his arms, Joe wrapped his arms around my back and held me close...and as he had done all night, stared down at my tits. "Hell, no...uh, Mom! I really had a good time!" He hugged me a little tighter. "I'll take you dancing whenever you want!"

"Mmmm...I'd like that." I grinned up at my son and decided a little naughtiness was in order. "Damn, Joe. You are such a good looking man. If you weren't my son, I think I'd have to rip your clothes off and rape you."

My son's eyes almost popped out of his head. "Mom! Jeez...you must be drunk!"

I giggled as I reached down and slowly, deliberately palmed the bulge in his pants...I could feel his monster dick pulse! "I don't know, honey. If I was really drunk, I think I'd be fishing this big ol' thing out and sucking it, even if I am your mother!" I gave his covered hard-on a gentle squeeze.

Before Joe could respond, I stood on tiptoe and kissed him firmly on the lips...no tongue, but a firm, passionate kiss all the same. Then I whispered, "Good night, sweetheart. Mommy loves you." I turned around and flopped face down on one of the beds and pretended to pass out. Part of me hoped Joe would just grab me and ravish me on the spot, but I wasn't surprised when he didn't. I was aware of him just standing there, and I realized he was looking at me ass cheeks as my skirt had flopped up and my bikini briefs were leaving most of my butt naked. I sighed and spread my legs slightly so he could see how wet I was.

Joe groaned and fled into the bathroom, closing the door. Before long, I could hear him grunting and puffing and then a muffled few words I'd swear were, "Love you, Mom!" and then a long groan. I felt a great wave of contentment wash over me as I did fall asleep them. My seduction of my son was underway!

The next day we slept late and I awoke with a mild hangover. We knocked around that little Ohio town, visiting a museum with stuff about Annie Oakley (apparently Greenville, Ohio's most famous native), before getting back on the road around 1:00 P.M. Joe had been pretty quiet...subdued might be the word. I'm sure part of it was because of my actions last night, but part was due to the outfit I was now wearing.

I had on another short skirt...this one was red dyed denim and a matching cotton halter top that tied around my neck and exposed a whole lot more of my breasts than my previous day's blouse. I had abandoned my bra as well. Joe was getting a real good idea of the shape of my nipples as well as the heft and curve of my unfettered breasts. The halter top material clung to me like a second skin and my nipples, round as a nickel and half an inch long, were pushing against the material as if trying to escape. I was well aware that I looked a lot like a streetwalker on vacation, but I didn't care. I was just pleased to see my son burdened with a hard on more or less all day.

Back on the road, I worked to get Joe to talking. "You're awfully quiet, son. Everything all right?"

Joe was silent for a long time. Finally he spoke up. "I uh...I had fun last night, Mom, but it's just...I've never seen you act that way before."

"How do you mean...what way?" I asked, enjoying putting him on the spot."

Joe squirmed in his seat. "Jeez, Mom...I don't know...all sexy and stuff and it was like you were coming on to me or something."

I glanced over at him from behind the steering wheel. I winked at him and said, "And would that be so bad?"

Joe's face turned bright red. "That's what I'm talking about! Like you've gone wild or sex crazy or something!"

I laughed and blushed a little myself. "I'm sorry, son. I didn't know letting my hair down would scare you so much! I really thought since you were eighteen and all, that I could act more adult around you and treat you like an adult. You know, sex isn't that big a deal. I'm pretty sure you've done it, right?"

Joe turned redder. "Mom...God! But...I mean what you were saying about me...I'm your son."

I winked again and stuck out my tongue. "Vice is nice, but incest is best!"

I thought he might cum in his pants right then and there and his face was the color of a fire engine. "Mom! I can't believe you're talking like this!"

I reached out and patted his thigh. "Just teasing you, son! We've always been able to talk to each other about anything...can't we talk about sex, too?" I winked a third time. "I'm sure you're not a virgin...I'd love to hear how you lost your cherry."


"I'll tell you about my first time if you'll tell me your's."

Joe was silent for a while. The whole time he was eyeing me and my partially clad body. My nipples were swollen and sticking out against the material. My skirt was pulled up around my waist, showing off my wet panties to my son again. In keeping with the day's outfit, these were lacy red bikini panties. Without looking down, I knew there was a darker spot that was probably getting bigger.

He pursed his lips. "Tonya Key."

"Hmmm." I responded. Tonya was my best friend, Eileen's daughter, a slender, tomboyish beauty a year older than my son. "Tell me more!"

Face beet red, my son began talking. He told me how he and Eileen had done it in our tool shed, almost getting caught when her father came over to borrow a chainsaw from Stan. Fortunately, Stan had talked him into coming into the house to watch the Detroit Tigers and drink a few beers. It was a funny story, but I felt a little sorry for Joe and Tonya, as it sounded like it hadn't been much fun, especially for her. I pulled details out of him like a dentist pulling teeth.

He talked about her slim body and how pretty she was, "But, I wish she'd had bigger breasts...like, uh," Joe glanced over at my heaving chest. "I mean I wish she had big breasts like you, Mom!"

Joe looked at my face to see if his words would make me mad, but I smiled at the compliment and said, "Ahhhh, my son is a tit man, huh? I'll have to remember that." I learned from my son that Tonya also shaved her pussy, keeping it smooth all over. I cast a speculative eye at my son. "I've never shaved my bush off before. If you've sneaked any peeks at your old Mom, sweetie, you know I'm pretty hairy."

Joe blurted out, "I like women with hairy pussies, Mom." His eyes widened and he actually turned pale.

I reached out and patted his thigh again. "That's good to know, Joe." For some reason, the conversation dried out and we rode on silently for quite a while. I finally pulled us over into a rest stop and Joe was out of the Jeep like a shot for the rest room. I took care of my business, imagining my son in a Men's Room stall masturbating to an image of my wet, hairy pussy. And believe me, my pussy was wet right now! My panties were actually dripping with pussy cream!

Joe took over the driving afterwards and after a short silence, he said, "Your turn, Mom."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Um...how'd you lose your cherry, Mom? Was it Dad?"

I felt a fresh spurt of juice explode in my pussy at my son's question. "Oh! Well, no, it wasn't your father. Um, you know Uncle Chuck?" Uncle Chuck was actually my Mom's brother.

"You fucked Uncle Chuck, Mom!" Joe glanced over at me in disbelief. He actually swerved a little, drawing a honk from an indignant Kentucky truck driver.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Well, like I said...vice is nice, but incest is best!"

My son shook his head. "Uncle Chuck taught me to fish!"

"Well, son of mine, he taught your Mom a whole lot more!" I replied. "I was a teenager and the whole family was at a place up on Lake Huron for the summer and well, we snuck out one night and rowed a boat over to a little island and Uncle Chuck taught your Momma what a pussy and a cock are supposed to do!"

I thought Joe was going to explode in his pants as I explained how my uncle had licked my pussy until I had cum several times and then fucked me...that I was so wet and horny that losing my cherry hardly hurt at all, "And he had such a big cock...he made me cum and cum and cum." I sighed and acting if I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing, I fondled my breast, rubbing one very hard nipple as I continued, "Uncle Chuck had me so worn out he had to carry me back into the cabin."

"Wow!" Joe said. My son looked like he'd been pole-axed.

I glanced at Joe. "Sorry...you must think I've lost my mind, huh? Guess you never thought you'd be hearing your Mom talking in detail about her sex life?"

Joe bit his lip as he seemed to be debating with himself about what to say next. "No, but then I know you've not had much of a sex life lately and now that you and Dad are getting divorced, you're planning to get caught up, huh?"

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