tagFirst TimeThe Gypsy Wench

The Gypsy Wench


The snap of the fire, the smell of the autumn leaves, the chill of the occasional breeze, left no doubt that fall was here, and winter fast approaching.

I waited my turn to dance inside the small canvas tent. I would have to be the best there was, to garner the support needed to marry the man of my dreams. He would help, but I must also be good. The King of the Gypsies must have a proper Queen.

Demetri and I had loved each other since childhood. I was still a virgin, although I had given myself to him several times and taken pleasure at his magnificent cock, both with my mouth and with him buried deep inside my ass. Now at twenty-one it was time.

The music swelled, and I, the last of the dancers erupted from my tent in a swirl of veils. When the dance was complete. I would be naked except for a short sheer chemise. All would see my hidden treasures by the firelight behind me, and envy my King. I would be for him, and him alone.

I am Tatiana, most beautiful of the gypsy girls, most skilled at our games, and a true witch through many generations.

I heard the gasp, as the first veil dropped. I danced closer to Demetri and held out the second. He pulled it away and now glimpses of my tightly peaked nipples were visible to all. I curled my hands around my breasts, and leaning over held them out to him, inviting him into the sexual pleasures, I offered.

He smiled at me, as I danced directly over his lap, enticing him to touch, to hold, to take me. To everyone’s surprise including mine. He joined in my dance. Announcing to all, it mattered not what or how they voted, he had picked his bride. I exalted in my ability to make him hard, to take him past the edge of desire and into sexual frenzy.

He pushed me against a wagon and pushing up my shift took me, I cried out in pain as he ripped my maidenhead apart. I could feel the warmth of liquid on my thighs, blood or juices, I didn't know. I cried out again as pain turned into pleasure. Together we cried out in passionate completion as he flooded me with his juices. With forty families watching us, there was no question of my virginity or his choice, I was now the Queen of the gypsies.

After our climax, he picked me up and stomped to his wagon. Kicking the door closed behind him. It was a night all brides desire. Recovering from his first climax, he went down on me and reminded me of how we had satisfied ourselves for years. I cried out repeatedly as he brought me wondrous joy.

Turning me over and lifting my ass high in the air, He whispered " now it is time to remind your ass that I own it. " I whimpered in longing, I loved his cock buried deep in my ass. Lived for the pain and the pleasure he brought me. The sharp contrast of the pain he caused me mixed with the pleasure as his hands, and his cock, took possession of me, and made me his own. Always sent me skyward into the heavens.

I heard the swish of his belt, and felt the sharp bite as it hit me. I yelped in pain. Again and again, he hit me till the pain became a hot glowing need to be taken, to be subdued and owned by my master, the man I loved. I felt his fingers delving deep inside me, and his hot wet mouth kiss then bite my reddened cheeks.

"Now my Tatiana now" and he shoved deep. I yelled out as he penetrated me, and then he waited until the pain departed and the pleasure made me force myself back against him.

"Fuck me now Demetri, please now. " He started to spank my ass as he shoved in and out. "Yes my darling I feel your hot center, your spasms, come for me baby come for me. " I did repeatedly, each longer and stronger, until I couldn’t talk or think just exist, in that Middle Kingdom of pleasure that never lasts long enough. When he stiffened and then joined me, the scalding hot juices of his body overflowed my ass and dripped down and onto our blankets.

We soared together into the stars and walked with our ancestors. They told us our nation would thrive and prosper and that tonight I would conceive and that our twin sons would be strong.

The next morning, it was hard to walk. My body ached in the after effects of a long night of love. When my mother brought our breakfast. She had time to whisper that there were many changes. Several of the other dancers had joined with Demetri’s friends that night and were now paired couples. She smiled, " it was a night of love, my darling". Reaching out she massaged my belly. "I hope the boys are well. " I startled. "You think I can not see your sons and their future? I am much more a witch then you my daughter. "

My family was now safe. As Queen, they also would want for nothing. It was a cruel time and yet we prospered. We all had healthy babies, from the dogs, to the horses, to the people. All the children were strong and disease free. They grew wild and strong. We added two daughters and another son to the mix ourselves. Each one welcomed. I never grew tired of my master even when as men will, his eyes strayed to others, younger and different. We agreed and so we took them together. He then would watch as he relaxed, and we took each other for his pleasure.

When I was thirty, I heard the people talk he should take a younger Queen. Demetri never said a word to me, but I worried. One night drinking honeyed wine and after much love making, I felt him lift me and take me to the fire.

"Tonight I mark this woman as mine. She is my chosen one, and never will there be another wife before her. " I smiled, thinking I was dreaming until the searing heat of his branding iron touched my thigh.

My sons held me tight. Completed, I now wore his mark for all to see. I heard the sighs of other women, who desired men to love them, as mine loved me. It was late the following morning before I awoke. He was watching me. "Does that answer your question?" I nodded.

"Now call this reward for your love, or punishment for your doubts. Bite on this leather. " I did. When I saw the needle, I pulled away. He bound me to the crossbar of the wagon and then pierced my nipples, hanging pearls on thin gold wires on them. Finished there, he bent lower. I screamed long and hard as his needle pierced my clit and I had a hoop with his crest through it, before he was done. he smiled and licked the droplets of blood then kissed me. You are beautiful and you are mine. I fainted. It was late evening when I awoke again. He was holding a cup of honeyed wine to my lips.

"Feeling better, my witch? There are strangers here, who would gift us with horses and money if my Queen could dance for them, and service them. Are you ready for such things?" I nodded and whispered " if it is my King's wishes".

The outsiders were funny. Their women did nothing to pleasure them. Often times I know, that leaving here a woman learned new pleasure at the hands of her man. It was part of how our nation lived. The taking of things from outsiders in return for our knowledge of love. The music started and I danced.

At thirty, having had five children, I was ripe, no longer tight as a virgin. My breasts were overflowing, and my ass as it wiggled sent them into spasms. Soon enough, they threw their gold and begged me to pleasure them.

I took cock after cock into my mouth, until spent they withdrew. Many of their sons learned with us, first the pleasures of the mouth. Finally Demetri brought an old tough man to me, and whispered "he wants to take your ass my queen here in front of his friends, and will give me two horses and a large pig for the privilege. He also wants to see me whip you. "

He kissed me and I smiled. " Such riches, they offer for an old married woman. " I smiled in pleasure, "and I get to be whipped by you as well, how can I refuse?" I stripped my clothes and walked to the center of the firelight. Demetri tied me and hung me from the pole that stood there.

Uncurled his whip and I heard the hiss just before the tail struck me. I yelled out in pain as it hit me repeatedly. He took me systematically into the pleasure he always brought me.

When I was moaning for his touch. He stopped and said "now take her. " The man’s stubby fat cock invaded my ass, as I felt Demetri’s push into my pussy. The old man stopped then started again. I was full and riding high ready to orgasm, when a slight young man pushed his cock against my mouth. I opened and sucked him into the depths. I felt him shiver and knew he would be quick.

Together all three shot at the same time. Moreover, I joined them from sexual overload. I think it was that night that we conceived our twin girls. I was oblivious to anything. The overload of the branding, the piercing and the sexual show left me out of realities touch until almost twenty-four hours later. When I came to, we were miles away from our camp and heading to a reunion planned for over a year.

We would be the most prosperous band there. It had been good times for us. Rumors were all over that it was time to journey far from our homes for the armies of this country did not like gypsies.

They thought us less human then their Teutonic blood made them. They wanted to cage us. Make us settle down and live in places they called ghettos. It was not a good thing. Like others before us, we must now fight or flee. This reunion would determine the outcome of our nations. We would also laugh, talk, dance, drink, and make love. That is what gypsies do to celebrate life.

Many of us had been dreaming. I saw us often taking a long ship's journey to another place. I could only assume it was America. On it, I saw many deaths and the birth of my twin girls. I knew we would separate and that soon, I would no longer see my mother or my family for many would not come. I was sad. I knew however that first we must take care of as many as we could.

The reunion saw over three thousand gypsies gathered together. Once we determined to flee. We sold everything we had except for clothes and backpacks and our gold. The women practiced holding small cylinders inside their bodies for hours, when examined no one would find our money. We also sewed gems onto our clothes scattered in with the glitter and sparkle of the junk jewelry. We could and would start over in this new country. My sons found wives from another band and the weddings were wonderful. I know had more daughters to make me glad. Pregnant myself, the help of others was always welcome.

Soon it was time to go. As we boarded the huge ship with tears in our eyes. I felt my heart already flying to theis new country called America. Such adventures we would have. I whispered, "How will we find a way to be private on such a large ship? Demetri leaned in and bite my ear. "Always for you I will find the time and the place. "I kissed him and lightly fondled his magnificent cock. Our future was safe in his arms. He reached and supporting my belly cuddled me and the girls close. "It will be well Tatiani, I will make it so."

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