tagFetishThe Hairem Pt. 01: Getting the Job

The Hairem Pt. 01: Getting the Job


Note: There is some hints of incest in this series so if that is not your thing, then don't read this. Also, everyone that engages in any sexual activity is of the age of 18 or older and is fully consenting.

Additionally, this is my first published piece, so any and all comments, remarks, and suggestions are welcome! Enjoy!


Not sure why, but I've always found that I have pretty good luck. There's no reason why I should have such fortune, I'm not particularly special for any reason. Maybe it's just how I view the world, 'cause I mean bad things do happen to me I suppose. For example, my father bailed on my mother and sister. Not only that but I flunked out of college, which might be for the best because it meant I had time to take up a job to try to help my mother pay the bills. We weren't struggling for money, but me taking up a job as well as my mother working meant we could live the same way as when my dad was around.

Another example would be it did take me a while to find the job I got. However, it was the absolute perfect job for me. I went from place to place seeing if someone would hire me, but either no one needed more staff members, or no one wanted a college flunk. However, my sister had a friend who was a year older and worked at a local salon and they were looking for someone who was great with people. My sister recommended me to her friend and I got an interview.

When I arrived for the interview all dressed up in a suit to impress, the lady at the reception counter asked me to wait. I did as I was instructed and looked around the place. It was a lot bigger than I anticipated. Seeing all the beautiful women and their hair, both customers and employees got my cock a little excited, but I tried to keep myself calm.

Let me take a moment to explain that I have a hair fetish. A lot of guys that have hair fetishes seem to be into the cutting aspect of it, and while a new haircut can definitely be exciting, I much prefer the idea of grinding my cock into those lovely tresses. A few of my girlfriends have let me do it with their hair and it felt amazing! I remember the first time I got to cum in a girl's hair, and it happened to be the same girl that took my virginity.

So yeah, that's the kind of excitement I get from hair. Doesn't matter whether it's long or short, it can be equally hot as long as the color is natural and the style looks good.

Well after only a few minutes I was notified that the owner of the salon was ready to see me. So the cute receptionist walked me back to the office and offered me to take a seat. I very quickly did so as the woman sitting at the desk across from me had the most gorgeous hair I had ever seen. It looked extremely thick and was the perfect shade of chocolate brown. Her bangs went straight across her forehead but had this sexy curve to them. Her mane was bone straight and long, down to her waist. It had to have been the hottest hair I had yet to see.

"Hello there, Connor I take it?" she said.

I was stunned for a moment, forgetting how to speak as I just stared at her hair. She noticed where my eyes were and smiled. "You like?" she said, giving her hair a playful shake.

Remembering words, I said, "Yes I do ma'am. You have gorgeous hair!"

She giggled. "Well I'm glad you have great taste in hair. Tell me, do you enjoy hairplay?"

"Very much so," I admitted, really wanting to talk about hair but nervous to do so for the interview.

"Would you like to play with mine?" she asked bluntly.

"Definitely," I confirmed. A chance to get my hands in that silk? Hell yeah!

She smiled, flattered. "Well I'm sorry to tease but I'm not going to let you play with it. Not yet, at least. First, you have to impress me. The job I need you for is being good with people, so I need to test your people skills."

"Sounds fair. How would you like me to display them?" I asked, really wanting to get my hands into her gorgeous auburn hair.

"First I'll ask you a few questions. Simple enough. After that I'll give you a few scenarios that you can take some time to figure out how to solve. Then to finish off, I'll give you some lightning round scenarios where you will have a limited time to come up with a solution. Ready?"

I sat up straight in my chair, figuring confidence would be my greatest tool in acing this interview. "Absolutely."

"Alright, so the questions are pretty basic but I have to ask them because they're important too. First, why do you want to work here?"

I figured honesty was probably the best way to go. "Well to be honest I have been job hunting and I never would have thought of a salon as somewhere I could work, but when my sister told me that you all needed someone who was good with people, that sounded like something I was interested in. I like being able to help people with any problems they may have. And to tell you the truth, I have quite a fascination for hair, so it's a win - win."

"Good answer," the lady complimented. It dawned on me that I didn't actually know her name and that made me nervous. How was I supposed to refer to her if I didn't know her name? I was so wrapped up in checking out her hair that I didn't even stop to think about asking for a name, and I couldn't remember one being said. I wondered if maybe she had a nametag or a name plate on her desk and as luck would have it, she did have a name tag. It was a gold plate and it looked fancy with a couple pairs of scissors at the start and end of her name which read "Angel Wilson."

"What do you think makes you good with people?" she asked as the second question.

"I'm resourceful. I don't look for just one solution, I check for multiple in case one fails. And if I can't find a solution at the very least I will see if there's some sort of compromise that can be made. Just to quickly add to that I also try to be genuine. I don't like lying to people, but I'll always look on the bright side of a situation to help solve any issues."

Mrs. Wilson nodded her head, seemingly satisfied with that answer. "Alright. Very good. Last question I'll ask is how did you hear about this job exactly? You mentioned your sister told you; does she work here?"

"No, but her friend, Cat, does. I guess they were talking and my sis mentioned how I needed a job and so Cat informed her of your desires to have someone who had good people skills."

"Alright, well that answers all the questions I need to know. Now for the scenarios. There's a day where we're understaffed because we get more walk-ins than we normally do and all the stylists are constantly busy taking care of customers. Some of them have trouble finding the time to restock on the tools they need or finding replacements for broken tools, which only adds to the wait time. You are up working the reception as customers are coming in. What do you do to help keep the customers happy as they wait for their turn?"

I sat and thought for a moment. The answer I wanted to give seemed good, but I guess I wouldn't really know until I gave it. "I would write down the names and the times that customers came in and make sure they are all taken care of as they come in. Any spare time I might have I would run errands for the stylists to help minimize the wait time, getting anything restocked that they might need restocked, making sure that in a moment's notice I could be back at the reception desk if there was a customer."

"And what if you get complaints about the wait time?"

"I'd just politely and calmly explain that the stylists are very busy and that we are limited on staff."

"Good. Next scenario. A customer comes up to you and as they register for a cut they ask you what style you think they should get. How do you respond?"

As a person who always prided himself in looking good, I knew a couple things about fashion. Not to mention, one of my girlfriends used to be really into fashion so I knew a thing or two. Hell, I even helped dress my best bud up for prom 'cause he was clueless as to what to do. However, fabrics and hair were two different things. There were definitely styles that I liked to see on women that would get my cock hard, but I couldn't necessarily look at a person and know the perfect hair style for them.

"I suppose I would look at them and see if their style already is perfect for them and suggest they stick with it if I thought it honestly looked great. If I thought they would benefit from a change, I might suggest something that I might find appealing on them, and worse comes to worst I'd suggest them to ask their stylist what they think."

Miss Wilson nodded her head as she analyzed my answer. "Not bad. Time for the lightning round. Ready?"

Feeling confident about the answers I had given so far, I was sure I could ace this. "Bring it on."

"A man walks in with a gun and points it at you. He demands you to give him money from the register. What do you do?"

"I trigger any silent alarm I might be able to, but I cooperate and give him what he asks, making sure there's no incentive for him to harm any customer or employee. I make sure to look at his face as best as I can, and if he has a mask then I take note of any noticeable features that I can so that the cops will be able to find him and arrest him and get back the money he stole."

Without much hesitation, Miss Wilson gave me the next challenge. "Second, a customer storms in furious about their hair cut and demanding a refund and then a free haircut. Your response, go."

"I quickly apologize for their dissatisfaction and ask them to wait a second while I seek out you or someone in charge to help solve the situation, being as overly polite and understanding with them as I can."

"Why would you not just give them the free haircut and refund?"

"I feel as though that'd be stepping out of bounds of my authority and that that would be a better call for a manager to make, and I especially don't want to make any promises that I can't confirm that I can keep."

Once again, with no space in between Miss Wilson shot off the third lightning round challenge. "You notice a coworker is intoxicated as they come in to work. Everyone else is too busy to notice their state as it's not obvious, but you not being in a rush can tell they're not sober. How do you handle that?"

"Considering they're dealing with sharp objects around people's heads and working on what's basically an art craft I would have someone keep an eye on them so they don't give any haircuts as I go up to you or some other manager in charge and inform you of the situation."

Finally a moment to breathe. Miss Wilson sat there and considered all my responses. As she did so, I took another moment to admire her hair. It looked so soft and inviting to play with. I really wanted to earn that chance to run my fingers through it. As Miss Wilson sat longer in the silence I began to fantasize as to what it'd be like to have my hands in her hair, and maybe even stick my erection into her silk and give it a good fucking. I felt my rod start to harden and quickly tried to distract myself from the erotic thoughts so as not to have a boner during this interview.

"I must say I'm impressed with you," Miss Wilson spoke, breaking the silence. "Normally I might take some time to think things over, watch the security tape of this interview to see if you were bullshitting me, but you seem like a very genuine person and seem to know how to handle yourself under pressure. Granted, actually seeing whether you hold up to what you say is a different story, but you have me convinced enough to go ahead and give you a shot. You're hired!"

I couldn't believe it. Right on the spot! A definite stroke of luck. I smiled as I stood up and held out my hand. "Thank you Miss Wilson!"

"Please," she said, "if you're going to be allowed to play with my hair, I think you can call me Angel."

I stared at her in disbelief as I shook her hand. "You mean I get to-"

"Well you haven't taken your eyes off my hair this entire time. And like I said, I was impressed with you. So go ahead, you can play with it for a little. Hell, if you do a good enough job I might let you do it again some time."

She sat back down in her chair and spun it to the side, pushing her hair over the chair. I moved so that I was behind her. The back of the chair was plenty low so that I have pretty good access to her head. I also noticed that her head happened to be at the same level as my crotch. When I got to her hair, her glorious hair, I cautiously reached out a hand and placed it on top of her head. I closed my fingers, bunching up the chocolate softness into my hand.

Then she said, "If you're going to play with it, then play with it. Don't be timid about it."

I figured why not and dove my second hand into her hair. This time I took both hands and slid them to the base of her hair. I got a good hold and gave a gentle pull. Miss Wilson, or rather Angel, let out a pleasured sigh. So I released my grip and then renewed it and repeated the action, acquiring the same response. Next I took her long hair and gathered it into a ponytail and then began wrapping it around my arm. It got me so hard, having all her lovely hair around my arm. Once again I gave a pull, this time a little harder and she let out a moan, clearly enjoying the hairplay.

I continued messing with her hair, shaking it out and then brushing it back to perfection with my fingers as she asked, "So what's your availability look like?"

"I am good to work every day," I said as I ran my hands from her forehead down to the ends.

"Well I'd have you come in at 10 and you'd be on until 8, and I'll make a deal that if you come early enough to help open and stay late enough and clean up, you can play with my hair both before and after work. My exboyfriend used to play with my hair and it was always so relaxing. You definitely know the art to hairplay and I would love to keep experiencing this. What do you say?"

A chance to play with this lovely lady's gorgeous mane every day twice a day? Sign me up!

"Absolutely! I can start tomorrow. Do I need to bring anything?"

"Just your magical hands!" she moaned as I continued the hairplay. I was wishing this moment could last forever, but just then there was a knock at the door.

"Excuse me Angel, there's someone at the front that needs your signature," someone said through the door.

"Alright, I'll be out in a minute after this interview." She then turned to me and said, "If there's any other way you'd like to play with my hair, this is your last chance for today."

I looked at those hot erotic bangs of hers and knew what I wanted. "I'd love to mess with your bangs a bit."

She did a 180 in her chair so that she was now facing me. "Go ahead, mess away!" Angel said.

I ran my fingers through her bangs. They were so thick and soft! I shook them around a bit and then ran them through my fingers again. I then tried to brush them back into place, but it was clear she'd have to make a deliberate effort to straighten out her hair again after me having made it a mess while playing with it.

"Was my hair to your liking?" she asked.

"It definitely was!" I said as I tried to hide my raging hard on. Luckily the suit pants were loose and could hide my rod decently enough. "So any particular dress code?"

"Dress pants and shirt, though other than that I don't really care."

"Excellent! Well I'll see you tomorrow at 9 so I can be here early enough to play with your hair."

"Sounds good, see you then!"

I then left Angel's office as she started brushing her hair back in place.

I went home, ready to thank my sister for scoring me this job. I made sure to remember that I needed to thank Cat as well. When I got into the driveway I saw that mom was home, which was a surprise as I expected her to still be at work. Since our dad left she had started to pursue her dream as a computer scientist. She was taking classes that her work was paying for while working alongside a team of computer scientists working on some project that my mom said she couldn't share details on yet.

I walked into the house and was immediately greeted by my wonderful mother. "Hey Connor, there's pizza in the fridge if you want some. I ordered it just a couple hours ago."

I headed over to the couch and bent over it to give her a hug from behind, my cheek brushing up against her sexy black silk locks. My mom was of Middle Eastern dissent while my dad is Irish. I got more of my dad's genes and my sister got more of mom's. She's not an exact look alike, but they have the same dark silky hair. What is awesome is that they had two totally different hair styles. My mom always had hers short in one of those typical mom cuts whereas my sister Maddy has hers nice and long. I'll admit that I've thought about them a few times as I've masturbated, but never considered doing anything with them.

"Why are you home?" I asked as I pulled out of the hug, maintaining my position behind her. Feeling a little bold after the fantastic interview and the erotic hairplay with my new boss, I went ahead and laced a hand into my mom's hair and started playing with it. I used to do it all the time when I was younger, but stopped when I discovered it was a fetish.

"Mmmmm. That feels nice sweety," my mom said in reference to my fingers massaging her scalp as I played with her silk. "We ended up making a break-through in coding part of the program we're working on and finished it up early, so we wrapped things up and were given the rest of the day off to relax and bask in our success."

"That's awesome mom! Congratulations!" I leaned down and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. It was intended as an innocent act, but turned me on much more than I anticipated.

"Have any plans tonight?" my mom asked.

"Absolutely. I'm just gonna go out drinking with that good friend of mine that totally doesn't exist." I laughed. To be honest I didn't have many friends as I mostly kept to myself since I flunked out of college. It was somewhat of a lonely life, but I didn't mind too much. It meant that my time was my own to do whatever I wanted, which was never the case in high school. I was always Mr. Popular. Not necessarily the most popular guy, but most of the girls found me attractive and I was one of the best rowers on the crew team at the school. Granted football was the bigger sport to be in, but being a top performing athlete in a sport where the uniform molds to your body definitely helps your rep.

"Well why don't we have a mother-son night," my mom suggested. "We can put on a movie, drink some wine, and you can play with my hair. You've got a few years to make up for mister."

I chuckled. "You know I don't like wine, mom."

"Then go get yourself some whiskey and stop complaining and just join me will ya?"

I smiled and leaned down for another kiss on my mom's head. "Sure. I'll make a quick run to the liquor store and then I'll be back. Should I pick up any snacks?"

"Nah, the pizza filled me up plenty."

"Okay, I'll be back." I gave her hair a shake and then left, thinking I'd really need a good jacking session at the end of the day.

As I walked out the door and headed to my car, my sister pulled up in hers having just finished cheerleading practice at her high school. She was the senior captain and well liked by the coaches and other cheerleaders, though there were a couple cheerleaders that weren't quite fond of her.

When she got out of her car she slammed her door closed, clearly pissed off.

"Woah, sis. You okay there?" I asked.

"Not really. That bitch Jenna was giving me a hard time today. God I wish I could just put her in her place sometimes."

"Can't you do that since you're the captain?"

"She's co-captain, remember. The team was so big this year that they decided to have two captains." I then recalled a brief conversation where Maddy was ranting about how it sucked that she had to be co-senior captain rather than just senior captain. I remembered how she was even more upset that Jenna had been picked.

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