The Halloween Hazing


-- Upstairs on the first floor, Trish and Amanda hurried through the house opening doors until Trish hollered that she found the bathroom. Amanda rushed over and together they entered the dark room. A massive claw foot tub dominated the room. A shower curtain that spread all around the tub hung from a ring suspended from the back wall. A filthy toilet sat in the corner and a cracked sink was opposite the tub.

Without a pause, Trish reached up and yanked the shower curtain to the side, exposing a bloody body lying in the tub.

Both girls screamed simultaneously and grabbed each other in a hug, their eyes as big as saucers. Then Trish looked closer at the body and discovered that it wasn't really a body, it was a mannequin, and upon closer inspection, the blood was only red paint. Amanda was still screaming and wouldn't look in the tub.

"It's alright. It's not real. It's a mannequin." Trish said, as calmly as she could.

Still shaking like a leaf and ready to run, Amanda turned and looked back into the tub. "Oh my God! Oh shit! Oh fuck! My heart, my heart is going to burst out of my chest. Shit that freaked me out!"

Trish pulled away from Amanda and looked closer at the mannequin in the tub. There was three small holes punched in the head, and red paint had been splattered about. Taped to the chest was a note. She reached in and grabbed the note before reading it.

"Search in the kitchen to find two more items related to the killer."

"The kitchen, I opened the door to the kitchen, Come on." Amanda said and hurried back out of the creepy bathroom with Trish right behind her.

-- In the basement, Jennifer heard the girls bloodcurdling screams and scrambled away from the door to the other side of the room where the tools were. She curled up in a ball in the corner of the room and looked at her watch again, seeing that there was only about five minutes till the thirty minute limit was up.


Amanda rushed into the kitchen with Trish in pursuit and they immediately began throwing open cupboards and drawers, looking for the items. There was a sense of urgency in their movements, knowing how fragile Jennifer was, but after opening all the drawers and cupboards, they had found nothing.

Amanda went one way while Trish went the other, still looking for their clue. As Amanda walked by the open door that they had come through, a dark figure in a hood and wearing a mask stepped through the door behind her. A cold hand slapped over her mouth and she was yanked through the door with an "MMMMMPPPPHHHH!!" scream.

Trish turned just in time to see the door slam shut. "AMANDA!?!" she screamed and ran across the room to the door. As she reached for the doorknob, a jolt of electricity was blasted through her hand, traveled up her arms, and into her chest. She was thrown backwards across the room and landed on the floor. The impact knocked all the breath from her lungs, causing her to momentarily black out.


Huddled in the corner of the locked cell, Jennifer hugged her knees and rocked back and forth. She glanced at her watch and whined as she saw the second hand tick off the last few seconds. They had been inside for thirty minutes, and while she watched the tiny second hand go past the 12 and head toward the 1, the light on her headlamp began to fade.

"Nononono!" she squealed and grabbed the light. Just before the light went completely out, the door of her cell swung open, and an imposing figure stood in the doorway. Ice cold daggers of fear shot through her veins as the person stepped forward, into the room. The light from her headlamp was so dim that she couldn't make out who it was. She tapped on the side of the light, and suddenly, it brightened up again, shining directly on the man who was now standing directly in front of her.

"Daddy?!?" Jennifer gasped, looking up at the familiar figure of her father. "How did you get here? Why are you here?" she asked, still not entirely believing her eyes. After all, her father should be two thousand miles away at his home.

"I'm here for you Jennifer." He answered. "You needed me, and I came to you."

She didn't think it was possible that her father was here, but seeing him and hearing him convinced her that he was here, and she jumped up and threw her arms around his neck, sobbing into his neck and crying out "I'm so glad you're here daddy. I was so scared. I couldn't get out of the room and the light was going out and I thought I was going to die here." she was gushing, the words spilling from her so quickly.

"Shhh, you're okay now, I'm here with you." Jennifer's father whispered into her ear, calming her somewhat, but as she started to calm down, she noticed that his hands were sliding down lower on her back, all the way down to her buttocks, where he gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her forward, grinding his crotch against hers.

"Daddy, what are you doing?!" She asked, feeling a sudden jolt of unexpected pleasure shoot through her. "Stop!" She shouted, and tried to pull away from him. This was not at all like her father. He had never attempted to touch her in any inappropriate way before.

"Oh honey, I want you so bad. I've always wanted you. You're so fucking sexy." Her father said as he held her tightly, and began ripping her gown open from the rear.

Jennifer was aghast, and totally in denial about what was happening. "Daddy, why are you..." Her gown was suddenly torn apart from behind, eliciting a high pitched squeal. "No daddy, stop. this isn't right." She tried pushing him away again, made two fists and started hammering on his shoulders. It was like he was in a trance though, and he wouldn't be denied. With her last bit of strength, she brought her knee up quickly into his crotch, and made a solid connection.

"Uuuuaahhh!" he yelled and shoved her back up against the rock wall. His arm came up and under her chin, pinning her to the wall roughly. "You bitch!" he spat, and with his free hand he grabbed her right breast and pinched painfully, drawing a scream from her. He slid back, grabbing her throat with his thick meaty hand and holding her while she choked and gagged, her face turning red as she began to asphyxiate.

The look of terror and confusion in Jennifer's eyes was palpable. She was going to die, killed by her own father's hand. And then, just as she was beginning to lose consciousness, he pulled her away from the wall and threw her to the floor, ripping her gown completely off in the process. Her strength gone, Jennifer lay on the dirt floor gasping for air, while she watched in wide eyed shock as her father, the man she loved more than anyone, stood over her and began taking his clothes off.


Amanda was dragged backwards down the hallway and into the entryway while she struggled and fought, kicking and trying unsuccessfully to pry the arms away from her body. She felt her feet leave the ground, as if the person who was dragging her was suddenly floating, and then she did float, straight up in the air beside the staircase, until she was pulled painfully over the railing. Gasping in terror, she tried grabbing the railing as she went over, but it slipped through her fingertips, then she was flying backward at an incredibly fast pace down the upstairs hallway, and through the door at the very end, which slammed shut with tremendous force.


Meanwhile, Trish was waking up on the floor in the kitchen, her fingers and arms still tingling from the shock she had received. "Uhh what the...what the fuck...Tabitha...I'll fucking kill you..." she gasped, as she sat up and looked around. She pushed herself up off the floor and stood on unsteady legs, leaning on the counter to keep her balance. There was light in the room from somewhere, and she shook her head to clear the cobwebs before looking around the room to see where it was coming from.

The refrigerator, and old rounded door style with the lock handle was wide open, and there was a bright light coming from the inside. Cautiously, Trish made her way around the table and toward the fridge. As she moved closer, she noticed that the open door led to the outside world, and it was sunny and bright out there. She stepped up to the door and she could smell the fresh cut grass and flowers, and she could hear birds singing in the trees that she could see just a few dozen yards away. She could feel the heat from the sun, and it was wonderful. How Tabitha created this, she didn't know, but it was irresistible, and she stepped through the opening and into paradise.

It was so wonderful that she didn't even notice the door closing behind her.


Jennifer's father stood naked over his daughter, his insanely huge penis standing up at a ninety degree angle from the rest of his body. His face had become a sinister version of itself, still recognizable, but terrifyingly evil looking.

As Jennifer looked up at the imposing figure, her eyes landed on his obscene cock. Her whole body became numb with fear, and her mind snapped, the terror becoming too much to handle. She watched as he kicked her legs apart and knelt down between them. A large drop of precum hung on the tip of his cock and dripped down onto her thigh, burning her like acid. She screamed in pain, in terror, in shock, as he laughed and pointed the tip of his cock down toward her slit.

" I've been waiting for a very long time to fuck your hot little pussy." the evil version of her father sneered. His eyes were black, his tongue was forked and impossibly long, and his breath was rancid and hot. He put the head of his cock against her vagina. It was far too big to go in. The head alone was easily the thickness of a baseball bat. "Just relax, and enjoy it bitch."

With a tremendously violent shove forward, the giant cock plunged forward, tearing into Jennifer's pussy. Her mouth opened wide and she screamed as the giant invaded her body. The first thrust only went in about two inches, but stretched her wider than she had ever been stretched before. As she tried to catch her breath, the monster inside her squirted once, and stopped, holding still in place. A new feeling began to overcome Jennifer, a feeling of intense pleasure, and when she blinked her eyes, their color had changed to a deep red.

"Ohhhh yeah. It feels so good daddy, fuck me please fuck me. I want it so bad." Jennifer wailed as her breasts swelled. The corners of her mouth curled up in a grin, and she lunged up, planting her mouth against her father's mouth, and sucking his long tongue deep into her mouth. She could feel it enter her throat, tickling her as she hungrily sucked his mouth.

Another thrust sent the beast cock six inches deep, and Jennifer started cumming. Her legs wrapped around her father's waist and she pulled herself up, impaling her abused pussy even further on the cock. Her pussy was clutching and gripping and sucking and the third thrust pushed the last four inches inside. Her guts were pushed aside by the behemoth, but still she continued cumming. She was having one long, continuous orgasm, that just went on and on.

The beast that resembled her father started fucking her wildly, pulling his meat slab all the way out before slamming it back to the hilt. Over and over, in and out, his body slammed against hers.

Jennifer's body was gripped in a series of endless orgasms. She felt pain, but in her state, the pain was euphoric and added to the pleasure. What she didn't know was that she was bleeding internally from the ferocious fucking, and that there was a growing puddle of her very own blood pooling on the floor beneath her.


Amanda was thrown roughly to the floor. As she tried to scramble up, her arms were grabbed from behind by slimy tentacles. More tentacles slid out from underneath a bed and wrapped around her feet.

"No! Let me go!" she screamed, trying to twist away from the creepy things. The tentacles were covered with suckers and a thick mucous like slime, that gripped her appendages tightly. With a sudden yank, all four tentacles pulled taut, yanking her arms and legs straight out away from her body. She screamed in terror, still unable to comprehend what was taking place. This was the kind of thing that happened only in horror movies, not in real life.

A fifth tentacle appeared about a foot above her head, and dripped a dollop of slime, that appeared to be coming from the center of the suckers, onto her face as it moved over her. The goop splashed on her cheek and nose, with just a tiny bit landing on her upper lip and entering her mouth. The taste was utterly vile, and she spit the bad taste out.

The tentacle that hung over her head dipped down next to Amanda's face and she turned her face to the side, trying to avoid the touch of it. There was a terrible smell coming from the tentacle, and Amanda groaned as it laid against the side of her face. The tip came to rest just above the top of her gown, and burrowed under it. Suddenly it surged forward, sliding underneath the gown. It traveled down between her breasts, catching her bra and snapping it at the center, then continuing its way down to her crotch.

As the tentacle slid down Amanda's body, the suckers slid wetly along her face, and by the time the thin tip had reached her crotch, the part still up by her face was as thick as her thigh, with suckers as big as small plates. One such sucker was positioned right along side her neck area and when the slimy arm stopped moving down, the sucker latched on to her neck.

"Somebody help meeeee!!!" Amanda cried out helplessly.

The tip of the sucker that was laid across her body, slid up under her panties and between the lips of her pussy. Once more Amanda cried out, this time screaming "Nooo!" as the appendage entered her like a cock. "Stop it stop it stop it nooo don't do that!!" she bellowed, her hands balled up into fists and her toes curled over as she felt herself being penetrated by the vile beast. Then the suction on her neck grew more forceful, and she could feel her skin being stretched. "Ohhnoonono pleeease no more!" She was babbling now, as insanity took over her mind.

More tentacles slid across the floor toward her, these ones thinner and looked like impossibly long snakes, or garden hoses that had come alive. On each side of Amanda's splayed body, a thin snake like tentacle grabbed the material of her gown and tore it completely away from her body, exposing the huge tentacle that was laid flat against neck and chest and stomach. It was clear that several suckers had latched onto her body and were sucking with tremendous force.

One of the small suckers down by the tip of the largest tentacle, had latched onto Amanda's clitoris, sucking the tiny nub and lots of other loose flesh from her pussy lips inside. Meanwhile, the end of the tentacle that was several inches deep inside her pussy, began to secrete copious amounts of gelatinous mucus directly into her womb. As her pussy filled with the slime, a feeling of peace came over her, and her fear disappeared, replaced with a sudden need to cum. Her eyes, which she had closed tightly, popped open and were blood red.

"Oh yes, it feels so good. Fuck me, fuck me so hard!" she wailed. A snake like tentacle slid up toward her mouth and she gladly let it slide in between her teeth and enter her throat. She felt another penetrate her virgin asshole with ease and soon felt her bowels filling up as several feet of the snake wormed its way inside her. Her body began convulsing in orgasm, the most powerful, intense orgasm that she had ever experienced. Her arms and legs were released and she just laid there while her body was wracked with a series of orgasms. It was heaven and she didn't ever want it to stop.

The tentacles inside her body began slowly sucking the fluid out of her. Two of the smaller, snake sized ones latched onto her nipples and began a rhythmic sucking, while the one that was lodged down her throat was cleaning out her stomach and the ones in her pussy and ass were sucking out all her juices down that end.

The pleasure and orgasms continued even as Amanda's body became more and more dehydrated from the inside out. She was dying and didn't even know it.


Trish had to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight as she walked through dew soaked, ankle high grass toward a beautiful tree. It was unlike any tree she had ever seen before as its leaves were an unusual purple color. It almost looked like she was walking in a painting and she was overwhelmed by the beauty all around her.

As she approached the wonderful tree, she saw two naked figures, sitting on the ground facing away from her. She could tell they were both females, and she started to feel herself becoming aroused even before she knew who it was. Trish had a secret that she hadn't told anyone yet, she was gay, and just the sight of naked females was usually enough to get her juices flowing.

The closer she got, the more she was able to see, and she saw that the two women were holding each other. As she came up behind them, they both turned and she saw that it was Amanda and Jennifer.

"Oh my God, what happened to you two?" Trish said, rushing the last few yards toward them. "How did you get here? And what is this place?"

" Isn't it beautiful?" Jennifer gushed, a relaxed smile spread across her face.

As Trish came around to the front of them, she saw exactly what they were doing. Both girls were fingering each other. "Oh, ah yeah, yeah it sure is beautiful." She replied. Her eyes were drawn to the action going on and she felt her pussy lubricating. They were beautiful and she was turned on.

"Do you like what you see?" Amanda asked with one raised eyebrow and a sexy grin.

"Ahh," Trish licked her lips, trying to wrap her brain around this new development. "I ah, yeah, I guess." she stuttered.

"Then join us. After all, three's company, right?" Amanda said, then she moaned and her eyes fluttered while a look of pure pleasure spread on her face. "Mmmmm so good." she whispered.

It was an amazing sight, and Trish wanted to join them so badly, but there was something about this whole thing that just wasn't sitting right with her. "I...I don't know. This is...this is too weird." She looked around at the world around her, this time really looking as far as she could see, and there was something different about the landscape, something that she couldn't quite figure out, but it made her uncomfortable.

Both girls on the ground in front of Trish reached up toward her at the same time, offering their hands to her. "Join us." they said in perfect unison, and it was so inviting, she really wanted to take their hands and strip down with them. She saw her hands reaching toward the other girls as if she was in a dream, but her mind was telling not to take their hands, there was danger in taking those hands.

Trish stopped just short of taking their hands and said "This doesn't make any sense. Where did the house go? Why is it daylight out? Where are we?" She stepped back one step, but her arms were still in front of her, her hands held up as if she was telling someone to stop.

Amanda got up off the ground and said "None of that matters Trish. You're here now, and there's no way out. Come play with us and you will experience the best pleasure ever, but if you fight us, we will make it very painful for you." Her eyes darkened for a moment and the hint of a sinister smile played on her lips for about two seconds, then went back to normal and inviting, a warm smile back on her lips.

"You can't get away Trish." Jennifer said from the ground, "so you might as well just join us and enjoy yourself."

Trish backed up another step and found her back up against the tree. She was scared now, and she wanted to run away from here and never look back, but as she stared into Amanda's pretty face, she felt that her legs wouldn't move. Amanda stepped forward and reached out her arms, offering her hands for Trish to take once again.

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