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The Halloween Tease


Authors note: This story is about teasing, but it's also about relinquishing control and giving another person the responsibility for your own pleasure. It's about respecting another completely and absolute trust. It is NOT about control, or pain, or humiliation. I am not part of the BSDM community and I make no claims that this is how things happen within that community, nor do I advocate for or against what I have attempted to relate. It's just a fantasy vision that came into my head that illustrated a concept of teasing and release. It starts slow, and builds. It is mostly cake. If you wish for the icing only, skip to the last few pages. Either way thanks for reading and enjoy!



Darkness etched by the flashing lights of police vehicles and mixed with neon and flashing strobes framed the night on Commerce street. Formerly and industrial zone, the local neighborhood was slowly evolving into a trendy residential area. It still maintained enough unoccupied hulks and dark alleys to imply an industrial feel, but many of the building's upper levels were filled with expensive loft apartments. The ground floors of most comprised a mixture of art galleries and thrift stores that indicated the last phase of coolness before gentrification. A few more years and the artists would leave and only the idle rich would remain.

But it was Halloween and nobody was worried about the future.

Six streets over from where Corbett avenue crossed Commerce was 32nd street roundabout. Nobody remembered the cross street usually, and simply referred to it as Five Corners because a third street converged there at an oblique angle. On Halloween all five directions were closed, obstructed with barriers of orange and white topped with glowing industrial pumpkins, guarded by not-so-vigilant police officers. All the street lights were turned off for the occasion and crowds filled the open spaces like an amoebic creature, sensually thrusting its limbs in and out of the various clubs and galleries on the periphery.

But it was Halloween, and the crowd danced.

In every direction the sea of people had discarded their normal attire and donned the visage of the unusual and the bizarre. Here was a pirate, there a witch. A mouse, a cat, a shambling garbage can with eyes. Two tall women dressed entirely in feathers and sequins, atop shoes with heals of improbable length. All of them mingling, drinking, joking, dancing and laughing. Small circles opened up around street performers of various kinds, also in costume. A fire eater, a magician, a Dixieland band of small proportion and ghoulish design.

It was Halloween, and the party at five corners was the place to be.

Through all the madness and chaos, Nikki walked confident in her combat boots and leather mini-skirt. For her these garments were fairly normal, though they fit in quite nicely with the crowd this evening. To this she had added a brilliant white t-shirt, torn in interesting places to reveal much of her creamy white skin. That skin, which was so pale as to seem transparent to many observers, was tonight blackened across her face and arms with mystical jagged lines and occult patterns. She had scavenged them out of a silly book from Breanna's collection of witchcraft nonsense. Her hair, naturally a wispy colorless cloud, was dyed jet black and allowed to float freely about her head uncombed. Around her eyes the sockets were ruddy with blush.

It was Halloween, and Nikki had a task.

One of the traditions of the Halloween party at Five corners was trick-or-treating at the various galleries and the four clubs. Party goers would filter in with a hearty "Trick or Treat!" and leave with a small sweet, or in some cases a quick sip of an exotic beer or beverage. As the tradition continued, it became a matter of some competition between the proprietors to have the most unique treats. This year, Nikki was one of the treats.

She found her way into the art gallery through a push of early crowds and crepe clothing only good for one time use. The door was a double winged affair with many antique glass squares that distorted vision past comprehension and highly polished brass hardware. It almost seemed like the portal to the cathedral of an alien and baroque religion, designed for other eyes and other sensibilities. Inside the singular door was an eclectic collection of bronze and terra cotta castings of highly realistic human forms. Many of them were life sized, and most of them were nude. The resident artist was a very talented sculptor.

Andrea met her at the door in a slinky pink fairy dress and tiara, complete with sparkly wand. The wand itself was suspiciously shaped, as only Andrea could sculpt, into something not quite phallic but which suggested a penis nonetheless.

"You're a little bit late Nikki," she admonished light heartedly glancing up to an old-fashioned mantle clock on a shelf, "but we've only had a couple customers yet."

"I'm sorry," she replied in muck sullenness. "I'll be good now."

"You had better be. I expect a big turnout tonight."

Andrea backed up into the gallery, exposing the tableau where Nikki would be the centerpiece. "Wow. It's even more beautiful than your sketch!"

"Yes," Andrea tut-tutted in response to the praise. "It really came out nicely."

As Nikki knew the tableau was constructed mostly of grayish white terra cotta, cast in Andrea's workshop into the various panels and props that composed the little scene. All of it was painted quite lifelike where necessary, except where the natural texture of the terra cotta was appropriate. The back wall included three tall panels cast like stacked stone walls, but broken around the top as if some tragedy had rent a medieval cottage in storm or wrack. It included a window of actual wood and ancient glass, and several shelves.

The floor was of similar stone fashion, with faux mystical signs engraved or painted over it and drops of red paint implying the blood of unknown sacrifice. It stood some ten inches off the floor, and in it's center a small alter protruded perhaps ten inches more. In the corner a crude broom made of a rough stick and twigs tied with coarse string was leaning comfortably. A small black cauldron about the size of a soccer ball rested nearby, also made of the terra cotta, and a small pillow made of burlap lay at the foot of the dais. All it lacked was a witch to make it complete.

"Are you ready?" Andrea asked her friend.

"Yes Mistress," Nikki replied with something resembling a curtsy. "May I change in the back?"

"Of course, but don't wast time. It's late!"

Nodding her dismissal, Nikki disappeared into the dark back room while Andrea tapped her wand gently against her hand. Everything was ready, only requiring the centerpiece of the stage to take her place. Andrea was slightly nervous about the reaction to her display, but equally proud of the way it turned out. This would be grand evening if everything went as planned!

It only took Nikki a pair of minutes to change, for when she reappeared she wore nothing at all. Naked she strode up to the tableau, and the black mystical marks that graced her face continued down over her body in twists and arabesque coils. Almost as the vines off some hoary old tree they curled around her small left breast and nipple, then disappeared under the right and onto her back. When it reappeared across her left buttock it continued down her left leg dissolving into a flight of raven birds around her ankle.

"I'm sorry. It got a little smudged on the way over."

"Naught girl. I guess we'll just have to fix that." From somewhere behind the tableau Andrea produced a tiny container of black and a small paintbrush. "Now stand still, and I'll touch up that part."

Smudges were apparent on several parts of Nikki's body, particularly where any clothing had rubbed. At the waist where the miniskirt's elastic had tightened, nearly all of the body paint was rubbed away. A few quick feather touches from the paintbrush and that was repaired, though Nikki drew in a soft breath of air as the damp brush touched her skin.

Next a detailed portion of her buttock was mangled, but it too succumbed to a quick dance of Andrea's talented hand. Nikki closed her eyes and her mouth hung open with a breathless anxiety, her face flushed. A thin shiver coursed through her like a breeze and made her hair stand even more on end than it was designed.

Finally Andrea reached the nipple, which had been greatly disturbed by the t-shirt Nikki had worn bralessly. "You little minx, you did this on purpose."

"Oh no, Mistress! I didn't."

"Well, no time for punishment now. This will all have to be redone." With a deft sweep of a damp cloth, Andrea removed what was left of the body paint from Nikki's left breast, leaving a clear slate for her artwork. "Now don't wiggle. This is delicate work."

Her eyes closed and her mouth still open, Nikki breathed in shallow pants while Andrea worked her artistic magic. First several long strokes like sumi-e surrounded her breast in branches, feeling cold in the wetness of the paint. Involuntarily Nikki produced gooseflesh over her whole body and her nipple engorged and hardened.

Then six quick splashes of the paintbrush produced six black leaves among the branches, cupping the lower cleavage like mother nature's bra. Nikki was small, and firm enough through the bust that a bra wasn't usually necessary. Through the transparent nature of her skin a rosy blush was showing in her cheeks as well as her breasts. Her breath became ragged, and even shallower.

Next Andrea deftly and with few strokes painted a ring of small raven figures around the areola, circling and fighting as if over some delicacy or treasure. The breath of the paint bristles so close to her nipple was an agony for Nikki, but she held still stoically as she was instructed. Her heart pounded and her mouth watered.

With a final flourish of twisting motion Andrea finished her art by rounding the raspberry nipple in a stylized sunburst, delicately applying the paint in small curls and intricate strokes. It was done, just as tiny beads of sweet sweat began to break out on Nikki's forehead.

"There. That'll do." Andrea studied her work with a critical eye, walking around her subject to see it's effect. Satisfied she set down her tools and gently, teasingly, almost ethereally, came up behind and circled her arms around Nikki. Cupping the unpainted breast in her hand and allowing the other to wander down over the freshly bared lips of Nikki's pussy she exclaimed "You're a dirty girl, aren't you? You're all wet."

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes," Andrea chastised mildly, kissing her gently behind the ear. "But no time for that now. Take your place on the stage, Dear."

"Yes Ma'am," Nikki answered docile, but disappointed. She stepped up onto the tableau and took her place on the alter. Striking a pose, she thrust her right knee forward and stood back on her left. Placing her left hand on her hip, she picked up the little treat-filled cauldron with her right and smiled. "Like this?"

"Just as you practiced, my dear. That's very good." Andrea looked around with a hint of frustration until she located her wand. Retrieving it, she knelt on the burlap pillow in front of the dais and took one of the treats from the cauldron. "Are you ready Sweetie?"

"Uh-huh," was her breathless reply, as her eyes got large and round.

From the cauldron in Nikki's hand Andrea removed one of the hand made hard candy treats. In form they were much like an old fashioned dumbbell; a slender rod of hard sugar about three inches long with marble sized rounds of the same candy at each end. There were various colors and flavors, from sour grape to berry. The one Andrea picked at random was tart apple.

"Relax, my dear. Here it comes." Gently as if she were feeding a small animal, she touched the end of the dumbbell to the damp lips of Nikki's pussy and watched her shiver. Her pussy was slippery and ready, and the ball of candy slid up and down the outer labia spreading the liquid sex around. Nikki moaned, but stood firm and unmoving under the titillating touches.

Finally, her teasing done, she pressed half of the treat up inside and released it. The candy hung there, retained by muscular talent and desire, and Nikki moved the cauldron in front of her mons veneris to hide the fact from the soon to be open door.

"There. Is that okay?"

Nikki shivered again and nodded. "Yes mistress... but... I'm very horny!"

Andrea smiled and stroked the design on her cheek gently. "Yes, I'm sure you are. But you'll have to wait for your treat. It's going to be a long night."

"Ye... Yes Mistress..." Nikki was breathing shallow and hard, and she licked her lips. "I'll be good."

Looking around once more to make sure everything was in place, Andrea opened the door and hung out a wooden board with a sign painted on it in a medieval script. "Knock for Treats" the sign advertised, in large mystic red letters. They seemed to drip with blood, and the sign was hung on a hook in the shape of a dagger implanted into the door. "Now we wait!" she exclaimed.

Quivering with desire, Nikki counted out the seconds of the longest three minutes of her life. Every nerve in her body was electrified, until she felt as if she must glow like a neon sign. It was hard to stand still. Even harder to endure the calm intense observation her mistress was affording her from a comfortable chair by the door, sure to comment on any fidgeting she might do.

Inside her pussy the candy wiggled slightly with every breath she took, and with every wiggle another sensation of delight rolled out through her body like thunder. Her breasts ached, her knees shook. Her hand on her hip started to wander over her skin.

"Did I tell you you could move?"

"N-no," Nikki breathed out in a whispered violence, punctuated by a knock on the door.

"Hmmm. Customers," Andrea mouthed quietly while rising from her chair. Her eyes narrowed, and a silky smile graced her lips.

She opened the door slowly, almost sexily, and stood there in her pink fairy dress filling the threshold. A young couple was revealed there, he in a fuzzy teddy bear outfit resembling cookie monster, and she in a fairly typical Arabian dancing girl costume with brass chains and bells over silk. "Trick or Treat.... Oh WOW!" they broke out as they caught a full view of Andrea's dress.

Lighted from the rear by the lights of the gallery it became translucent, clinging tightly to her bosom and waist before draping across her thighs in a random half finished cut. It fastened on the left shoulder only, and was constructed almost entirely of a two-layer combination of white lace over a stretchy pink sheer fabric. It left little to the imagination.

"Come on in and get your treat!" she said brightly, stepping aside to reveal the tableau.

Seeing Nikki for the first time as they stepped into the gallery they both put on faces of shock and delight. "What did I tell you about this place?" the girl told him, and reached up to close his mouth. It was hanging open in the breeze. "Are you going to go get your treat or not?"

"I thought you were joking!" he said as he stepped up to the alter, visibly uncertain. He tried to reach into the cauldron, but Nikki moved it away out of his reach. Due to the fact that she was standing rather above his level, suddenly the guy was face to nipple with what was increasingly and obviously a very naked girl.

"Only the goddess can reach into the cauldron, silly boy." There was laughter in Andrea's voice, but also a hint of warning. "You take your treat from the mouth of the goddess."

The guy in the bear suit so prompted looked up at Nikki's face, but it was impartial and unhelpful. "There's no treat there!"

"Is he always this dense?" Andrea asked the girl in the dancing costume.

"Sometimes, yeah," the girl replied, and brushed the guy off the tableau with a wave of her hand. "I'll take the first one."

Kneeling down in front of the alter on the little pillow brought her face down to the proper level, while her boyfriend simply gawked at the scene speechless. "May I take my treat?" she asked Nikki quietly. Face still impassive, she nodded without speaking. Her body was tight like a bowstring and a sheen of the sweat of anticipation made her glow.

Slowly, as if she were taking a small animal from it's nest, the girl in the Arabian dancing girl costume leaned forward. Nikki's lips were covered in a damp glycerine sheen that made her pussy look oiled, and the end of the candy sticking out slowly nodded up and down. The girl's tongue slipped out of her lips and caressed the outer ball of the candy up and around like a fancy lollipop, pulling it gently towards her mouth without removing it from it's sweet containment. Nikki shivered and gently bit her lip trying not to move.

Breathing hot breath on her skin, the girl once more leaned towards Nikki's sex- this time taking the whole end of the candy dumbbell into her mouth. Her lips contacted pussy-lips in a feather touch, and both girls drew in sharp ecstatic breaths. With a slow, agonizing pull she removed the whole candy from Nikki's vagina with a soundless pop, drawing its wet outer end upwards over her clitoris before releasing all contact between them.

"Hmmm," she said sucking the treat fully into her mouth and savoring its tart-sweet apple flavor. "That's the best treat I've had all night," she added around the mouth full.

While the two trick-or-treaters watched, Nikki removed a second treat from the cauldron and with a glance over to Andrea almost as if for permission she inserted it between the lips of her pussy. Andrea almost, but not quite frowned, as Nikki moved the ball end of the candy up and down the lips slightly in the process. "Are you ready for your treat now?" Andrea asked the guy, deviously in voice and manner.

"Holy shit..." the guy muttered. Beads of sweat broke out on his brow as he awkwardly knelt down on the burlap pillow. He glanced aside at his girl almost as if for permission. The dancing girl giggled in obvious amusement and nodded.

Slowly, and rather too deliberately the guy leaned forward to take the candy. Almost without thinking he raised his hand and made as if to touch Nikki's outer thigh. More as a way of stabilizing himself than anything else, but with intent none the less.

"Do not touch the Goddess," Andrea warned, but not in an unkindly voice.

The man in the teddy bear costume dropped his hand almost as if burned, but he managed to pluck the candy from Nikki's vagina quickly with his lips. He stood and stepped back unsteadily off the tableau, the candy hanging from his mouth like a forgotten cigarette.

"You're a coward, you know that?" the dancing girl laughed. She took him by the elbow. "Come on! Maybe what you need is a little more practice." The two of them headed towards the door, but the girl glanced backwards and blew Andrea a sly kiss. She caught it, and licked it off her lips.

The two were barely distorted shadows through the door's glass retreating into the party before a second knock interrupted Andrea in the process of inserting another of the evil little candies.

Andrea made two long steps to the door, the slit in her fairy dress revealing quite a lot of bare thigh, and opened it with painful slowness. "Trick or Treat!" a girl said brightly, and stepped inside the shop.

Another girl followed closely on her heels, eyes agog and round as soup plates. The two of them waited just inside the threshold while Andrea stood aside to show off her treat. Each of the two girls was dressed rather unrealistically as American Indian princesses of the Pocahontas tradition. They both had long black braids of what was likely their own hair, and were as much alike in physical form to actually be sisters. But no native princess ever went dressed as these two. The faux buckskin skirts hung so low on their hips that they seemed in danger of falling down over the two girl's shapely buttocks, and their halter tops were constructed of little more than beads. They each wore boots of brown leather with thin soles and trimmed in fur.

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