tagNovels and NovellasThe Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 07

The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 07


All of the characters in this work of fiction are over the age of 18.

This chapter contains sex, eventually.

In previous chapters, a young widow identified the men who raped her and killed her husband. The widow, Marie, inherited a small fortune and lived on the south shore of Long Island with her sister, Jenn, and Jenn's fiancé, Chloe. After over a year of mourning, Marie (who was a nurse) began to date. The doctor she was seeing was seeing three other nurses with whom Marie worked. Marie and her co-workers have agreed not to see the doctor socially. Chloe worked hard to get Marie's friend, Holly, elected as a judge. Holly had agreed to marry Chloe and Jenn in May. Jenn and Marie's parents, Harry and Catherine, had a sub named Annie whom they tied up and fucked. Harry has given Chloe his blessing to marry Jenn. Marie's brother-in-law, Frank, calls Marie every other Sunday morning. Chloe was returning home from mailing her wedding invitations at the post office when she was struck, on her bicycle, by a young woman in a car who ran a stop sign to send a text.

I would like to thank all the people who have commented and voted on my previous chapters. One gent went so far as to read the first five chapters in one day and comment on each one. Cheers, mate! I do read my comments and will often comment right there with you, so feel free to ask polite questions. I would prefer you did not call me a fucking idiot, even when it seems appropriate. I feel ineffable joy when the authors I follow take the time to read my stuff. Therefore, special thanks go to Jessie92 for her help in shaping this chapter and for her incredible advice about my writing in general. If you have not read Jessie92's amazing series, The Descending of Jessica, do yourself a big favor. Read it now. I can wait. Thanks, also to Dru_Druthers, who has, remarkably enough, read my works and has also given some excellent advice. If you have not read Dru_Druthers' two magnificent series, Hidden Desires and Finding Love, check them out as soon as humanly possible. Jessie92 and Dru_Druthers are the top two names on my favorite authors list, so you just have to go to my profile to find their work. Thanks also go to sweetestsin316, thestoryguy33 and seattlejack who were gracious enough to let me edit some of their stories for Literotica. These folks are also on my favorites list.

As always, polite constructive criticism is appreciated.


It was a typical Wednesday morning in the Emergency Department for Marie, until the ambulance brought Chloe in. She was the victim of a hit and run. There was blood all over Chloe's face and arms as well as blood seeping through the blanket covering her, indicating other injuries. Marie made sure she saw Chloe blink before allowing herself to look away.


To Chloe's credit, she did not allow herself to lose consciousness. There was a protective cell phone bag on her bicycle which shielded Chloe's phone from the impact. She reached into the bag to retrieve it and called 911. Chloe saw and memorized the license plate of the hit and run driver. She was checking her memory; focusing on this moment to make certain she wouldn't lose it.

"911 Emergency Services," said a confident, albeit bored, female voice. "What is the nature of your emergency?"

"I've been hit by a car and it just kept going," said Chloe.

Fearing a concussion, Chloe asked if the dispatcher could stay on the line until the ambulance arrived. The dispatcher did so and the two women talked about everything Chloe could remember about the incident. Chloe was a little fuzzy about a few things, at first, but her memory seemed to be intact.

When Chloe mentioned where she was coming from and why, it piqued the interest of the dispatcher, who identified herself as Gail. Gail was also a lesbian who was in search of an LGBT-friendly judge to perform a wedding ceremony in Suffolk County. Chloe was able to provide Gail with Holly's cell phone number from memory.

Gail did not worry that this conversation was being recorded. Everyone at work knew she was a lesbian. She never tried to hide it. Besides, the young woman she was talking to needed to stay awake until the ambulance got there. Gail spoke openly to Chloe and gave her encouragement as they spoke.

The ambulance arrived and Chloe hung up with Gail. The paramedics disentangled Chloe from her wrecked bike and carefully loaded her onto the stretcher. They raised up the legs of the stretcher, after belting her in, and banged it hard so the legs folded as the stretcher rolled into the ambulance.

Once inside, Chloe's clothes were cut off of her and she was quickly covered with blankets. Chloe was very nervous. She was more than very nervous. This was actually the first time since being hit by the car she was feeling something that actually registered as fear. To be suddenly stripped like that by two people she did not know was unnerving, to say the least. She understood she was a trauma patient, but her clothing was loose enough that it could have easily been slipped off her body without destroying it. If the man with the scissors had such little regard for her personal belongings and her privacy, how much could she really trust him? She kept her eyes on this man while his partner got behind the wheel.

Chloe did not really feel any pain. She felt sore on her right arm, her back, her lower chest, her head and both legs. It was a warm, throbbing, soreness that she felt she could deal with. Chloe looked at the medical instruments bouncing gently in the back of the ambulance with her. The rhythm of the bouncing equipment should have been terrifying, but she found it soothing. She was relaxing a tiny bit.

She was put on oxygen with a nasal cannula, at two liters, and the paramedic riding in the back with her asked her to talk as much about the accident as possible. The back of the ambulance was cramped and bumpy and it took her a few moments to adjust to her surroundings. She did not have the chance, yet, to completely relax. This guy saw her naked and he was a dick to her nice clothes.

She pushed that out of her head and focused on the task. Chloe remembered everything. She explained that she was returning home from mailing wedding invitations. She clearly described the car and the driver as well as the iPhone the driver was texting on. She said the license plate number of the car. Chloe asked to be taken to Good Sam's hospital. It was where they were going anyway.

Soon after coming in the entrance to the ED, Chloe saw Marie and she smiled despite her soreness. Fear faded into something akin to joy at seeing her dear friend waiting for her arrival. The paramedics noticed how Chloe physically relaxed as soon as the injured redhead saw the raven haired nurse. Marie held Chloe's bloody and bruised hand in her gloved hands and Chloe allowed herself to close her eyes for the first time since being struck. She didn't care if this was a mistake; she needed to relax and this was her first opportunity.

The ambulance driver asked Marie, "Do you know her?"

"Yes," said Marie. "She's engaged to my sister."

"The good news is that I got the invitations sent out," said Chloe softly with a groan. Her eyes were still closed.

Dharmesh was the doctor on call. He recognized Chloe and worked very professionally to get her stabilized. Dharmesh always liked Chloe. He knew of no reason not to like her. He never gave Marie a chance to tell him it was Chloe who told her he'd been lying to her.

It was agreed by all that Chloe's helmet took the brunt of the impact. It was at that moment that Chloe thought about all of her birthday presents that were destroyed in fewer than 12 seconds. The bicycle she loved so much was now a metal pretzel. Her safety vest and the strap of her helmet were cut off by the paramedics. Her phone and her bike clips were placed in a bag by the paramedics. Her bike rack was bent; her panniers flattened. Her headlight was smashed. Chloe was sad and angry that a careless driver could do so much devastation in such a short span of time.

Chloe was in and out of consciousness during her stay in the ED. At least, this is how she felt. In actuality, she realized, there were certain moments she did not remember. This thought was horrifying to Chloe, who was so genuinely proud of her memory. She tried to remain positive as she tried to hold on to all the things she could remember.

She did remember when Marie gave her a bed bath. Marie was completely professional and yet, at the same time, incredibly seductive. Marie removed Chloe's nasal cannula. Chloe felt the warm, wet, soapy washcloth on her forehead and down her cheek then around her face. A second washcloth, to rinse the soap, followed quickly in the exact same movement. The drying towel came next and Chloe felt clean and refreshed there. This same process was repeated over her entire body. Marie slowly slid the blanket off Chloe's body.

There were no words exchanged between the two friends during the bed bath. This added to the surreal and seductive nature of the moment. Chloe could feel her breathing increase. She stared at her suddenly taciturn future in-law with a mix of awe, respect and lust. It was the same emotions she always had for Marie, but the proportions were different.

Chloe's room in the Emergency Department was essentially a cubicle with a bed in it. It wasn't even really a bed. It was a stretcher with a set of sheets on it. She was in treatment room 6, which put her right by the nurse's station. If, at any time, Chloe pressed her call button a nurse would emerge almost instantly. It was usually Marie. Chloe carefully regarded Marie. It wasn't as though Marie was usually voluble, but she was not speaking at all. It was making Chloe horny.

The soapy washcloth felt so good on Chloe's perky breasts. Marie had to lift them each to wash underneath. Her skilled touch was amazing; clinical, yet sexy as hell. Marie had started at the top and was working her way down Chloe's body slowly. The fact that each part was massaged three times in a row with a slightly different sensation each time was alluring to Chloe.

The soapy washcloth felt different than the one rinsing her, which was surprising. Chloe would have expected them to feel the same. The soft drying towel felt wonderful and always arrived just before the water from the rinsing cloth could turn cold.

The washing ritual descended lower and soon Marie was washing Chloe's pussy. It seemed remarkable to Chloe how intimate this act was and how routine it most likely felt to Marie. Chloe's breathing increased. She looked deeply into Marie's eyes. They seemed greener than usual.

The three cloth system felt AMAZING on Chloe's vajayjay. Her heart rate, which was being monitored, definitely increased. All too soon, Marie's talented hand moved on. Flashes of emotions swept over Chloe; sadness, disappointment, longing, sexual hunger.

Chloe noticed some tender areas as the washcloths and towel caressed them and told Marie as she felt them. Chloe's legs were particularly sensitive and Marie was washing off a lot of blood from Chloe's legs. Chloe also felt tenderness when she was log rolled by Marie to wash her back and ass. Once Chloe was washed, rinsed and dried, a fresh hospital gown was placed on her. The raven haired nurse returned Chloe's nasal cannula and adjusted it for a snug fit. Marie took a brush and thoroughly worked all the knots out of Chloe's red hair. Chloe remembered closing her eyes.

There was a point of confusion when Chloe woke up. At first, she thought she was looking at Marie. After taking a closer look, she saw the young woman facing her was not wearing scrubs, had her hair down and that her eyes were blue.

Chloe broke into a big smile and lurched forward to hug Jenn. Jenn quickly moved to accept the hug. Chloe had to let go of Jenn with her left arm, which was tethered to an IV drip. Chloe did notice the leads, and the heart monitor they were attached to, were gone. It was during her embrace with Jenn that Chloe realized they were not in the ED. They were in a larger room, but that was not to say the room was large.

There was only one bed in the room. There was a window that overlooked the football field of the Catholic High School next door to the hospital. There was a television in this room. There probably had been one in treatment room six, but Chloe did not notice. She only saw this television because Channel 12 was playing softly.

There were two chairs. One of those chairs held Jenn. She was so gorgeous. Chloe still felt horny from the bed bath despite the obvious fact that the bath obviously had taken place hours earlier. Chloe was staring at her sexy fiancé, not realizing she was licking her lips.

"I'm sorry I didn't come sooner," said Jenn. "Ree called during her break and told me everything she knew. She told me it would be best to wait until you were out of the Emergency Department and were placed on the Med/Surg unit. Once you were moved, Ree called again and I came right over."

"Did you come here for a conjugal visit?" asked Chloe in a husky voice.

"Baby, I'd love to," said Jenn, "but we'd wake up Frank and you know he has a crush on you."

"What do you mean 'we'd wake up Frank'?"

Jenn tilted her head and indicated the large man curled up in the other chair in the room. Chloe looked carefully, recognized her drinking buddy and wondered how the hell he got here since she felt she hadn't been in the hospital very long.

Chloe cleared her throat after an initial attempt to speak failed and asked, "How did he get here?"

Jenn gave Chloe a loving smile and said, "After Ree's first call, I went out to Hoffman Avenue to try to find your bike. I collected what was left of it and then I sent out a mass text letting everyone know you'd been in an accident.

"My text included a picture I took of the remains of your bike. I came home and sorted through the items from your bike that were salvageable. There wasn't fucking much.

"Later, when Ree called to say you'd been put in your new room, I rushed out the door and Frank was walking towards the house. When he got my text, he jumped in his seaplane and got an itinerary on route, whatever that means. He flew all the way up and landed just off from Lindenhurst Beach. He left it parked there in the Great South Bay and swam the fucking remainder. He had a 'dry bag' with a change of clothes in it. It was such a romance novel move."

"How'd he get here so quickly?"

"Baby," said Jenn. "I sent out my text over twelve hours ago. How the fuck do you feel?"

"Stiff and sore, Sweetie," said Chloe, "but I think I'm okay to go home now. Did you bring clothes for me? Mine were cut off my body on the ride over."

"Baby, you can't fucking leave yet," said Jenn. "They need to run some tests and both of your legs are broken. You also cracked a couple of your ribs. Just lay back and try to relax, Baby."

"I don't mean to be rude, Sweetie," said Chloe, "but that came out sounding a little obtuse. You tell me my legs are broken, my ribs are cracked, and then say to relax? That's like in that Batman movie we saw where Batman tells Katie Holmes not to panic and the next thing he says is that she's been poisoned. The two concepts do not mesh together very well."

"Maybe I can help you to relax," said Jenn. Jenn stood up and peeled off her lavender blouse to reveal a lacy black bra. Jenn kicked off her heels, lifted up the covers and scooted into the bed next to Chloe. She leaned in and sucked on Chloe's earlobe. She stopped just long enough to ask, "Is this better, Baby?"

Chloe moaned in reply, "Mmmmmmm, much better." Chloe had barely noticed she was no longer wearing a nasal cannula.

Jenn held Chloe carefully as she nibbled and sucked on the earlobe. After seeing the bike, Jenn had feared the worst. She allowed herself to relax as she felt her sexy betrothed in her arms. Chloe was so warm and so soft to touch. It was a matter of willpower for Jenn to keep her libido in check. Holding back was never one of Jenn's strong suits, but she persevered.

Earlier, she had pulled off Chloe's covers to look at the bruises and bandages. Jenn had lifted Chloe's hospital gown and inspected the body she knew so well. Jenn had seen and touched the bruises when Chloe slept and, therefore, had a good idea where she could and could not touch her fiancé.

Jenn's hands did not roam over Chloe's soft body, despite how much they both wanted that. They settled into an almost possessive hug. Chloe's breathing slowed down a bit and she felt her body relax. She felt safe and she felt loved.

Chloe remembered closing her eyes, but had apparently drifted off. When she opened her eyes, things were very different. Chloe was now in bed between Jenn and Frank. They were in the same room as earlier. It was daytime and occasional sounds could be heard from the football field through the open window.

Frank had his arm draped around Chloe's shoulder. Jenn still hugged Chloe possessively. Marie and Holly sat at the foot of the bed and Catherine and Harry were seated in the chairs. Marie was not in scrubs and her lovely raven hair was down. She was wearing a light blue sweater with jeans. Holly was in a black suit with a white pullover top and a pencil skirt.

Chloe could feel herself grinning. It had been a very long time since Chloe had felt like a member of a family. Her parents had disowned her long before they died. Her father was not going to have a "lesbian whore" for a daughter. All of her stuff was tossed into a garbage bag and she shuffled off looking for a place to live. When her parents died, she had no tears left for them. They were already as dead to her as she had been to them. Looking around the hospital room made Chloe realize that these wonderful people were her family. They were here for her and she was thrilled. She carefully wrapped her arm around Frank's neck.

"You actually flew all the way up here in your seaplane to see me?" Chloe asked.

"Hell, yeah, I flew up to see you," said Frank. "Good wing men are hard to come by."

Chloe replied, "Maybe you're not such a punk after all."

"You really have no idea how to compliment a man, do you?" asked Frank.

"You let me know when a man shows up and I will compliment him," said Chloe.

"Right," said Frank in a sarcastic voice. "You're not a man hater."

"The term is misandrist," said Chloe, "and, no, I am not." Chloe turned to Marie and asked, "So, when can I go home?"

"It's going to be a little bit," said Marie. "I have some contractors working on the house, so I paid for this room, including breakfast, lunch and dinner for Jenn, for the next three days."

"Why are contractors working on the house for three days?" asked Chloe.

"To make the house wheelchair accessible," replied Marie.

"Why are you making the house wheelchair accessible?"

"C, Honey," said Marie, "you broke both legs. You are going to be in a wheelchair. We live in a house designed after Super Storm Sandy. We need to make it accessible."

"Is that practical?" asked Chloe. "I'm not going to be in a wheelchair forever..."

"Practical, schmactical," said Marie. "I want you to be comfortable in your own home."

Chloe brightened at Marie calling it her own home. Chloe often felt like a guest at the home of the Stevens sisters. She knew she was loved by both of them, but never completely felt at home there until Marie used that phrase. It took the argument out of Chloe.

"Ok," said Chloe, "three days. Wait. You bought meals for Jenn for all three days?"

Jenn asked, "You don't mind, do you?"

Chloe had a huge grin on her face and said, "Shit, no!" Chloe did not like strange beds; Jenn knew this very well. Chloe was so happy that Jenn would be staying with her in the room during meals. Chloe suddenly remembered the rest of what Marie had said. She had purchased the hospital room for the three days. This most likely meant Jenn would be staying here the entire time. That would explain why Jenn was told to wait until Chloe was in her new room.

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