tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 10

The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 10



She ate breakfast before Norm was even up, leaving a plate for him. As she ate, she mulled over what type of girls she needed to find. Aside from the obvious -- young and beautiful -- they also needed to be energetic, willing to work hard, creative and fun-loving. They had to be strong-willed enough to give and take with some horny, hard-working, hard-living men, yet diplomatic enough to not overreact when they went too far. It wasn't going to be easy. She thought about strippers, but the ones who enjoyed that were making more than she could offer and the ones who didn't probably would be too jaded about men to have the right attitude for this job.

She thought about models, but reminded herself that waiting tables was hard work that wouldn't pay nearly as well as a good model would make. There was more to this job than just looking pretty.

She kept coming back to fun-loving, energetic, smart, creative. Yes, she was going to be able to offer decent money, but a girl just looking to make money offer her looks could do better as a model, stripper or call girl. She needed girls who wanted to have fun with it. College girls seemed like the best option. She knew there were several campuses in the city and mapped out a plan. She figured she needed 10 girls to start and guessed at least half would quit after the shopping trip. It was one thing to hear what you had to do and another entirely to start doing it. So, her goal was to find 20 girls who not only wanted to do it, but also met her own high standards for appearance and demeanor. She didn't want to waste time with girls who weren't going to do it right. That was her plan to start, but who knew, she might have to resort to trolling for hookers if she didn't' have any luck.

Cori knew she had a great business model in mind, but finding girls -- the right girls -- was the whole key to making it work. She also knew that word of mouth was going to be the ticket to get the guys in the door, so she called the Tony, the cab driver she had met on her first day in San Diego, and asked him for a favor -- actually, there would be two, but the second would come later.

"I don't know if you remember me, but you gave me your number and you helped me pick up my step-father from the hospital," Cori started.

"Of course I remember you," Tony said, thinking, 'how could anyone forget her? "You were so hot I thought you had to be a porn star. How's your step-father?"

"Much better, thank you," Cori said, reminded of Tony's odd combination of seeming like a genuinely nice guy while also being quite blunt about his attraction to her. "Listen, I know I owe you a favor more than the other way around, but I still don't know many people here and need some help."

"Sure, what is it?"

"I need to run some errands and get around to several different places today," Cori said. "I'm going to need to cover a lot of ground quickly and I don't know the area at all yet. Any chance that date you asked me for could be preceded by a day of driving around the city?"

"Actually, I'm off today," Tony said, "so it would be no problem at all. I'll pick you up in 30 minutes. It's going to be hot today, so you might want to wear something that's, you know, appropriately cool."

"Of course," Cori said. "Thank you for the reminder. You're so sweet."

She went to the closet to find something suitable. She would have thought that the new her would have been reluctant to break out in her old "slutty" clothes, but on the contrary, she found herself almost looking forward to it. Her new clothes were more comfortable and she was glad to have them, but a little dress up was fun too. She just wished she could get into a relationship where a little bit of both -- some slutty, some normal -- would be acceptable. Even her friends in Georgia had been very reluctant to allow her to wear "normal" clothes in their presence. Of course, they were splitting her time and services four ways, so it was somewhat understandable. Norm's demands, on the other hand, had been unrealistic. She hoped Tony would be there before Norm woke up -- she didn't want him to see her dressed in anything revealing.

And while it didn't match some of the scandalous outfits she had worn in the past, this attire was definitely sexy. It was a basic black mini dress -- with a few special touches courtesy of her friends at The Hard Body Shop. The dress itself was very light, tight and strapless. Two sizes too small, it was sexy enough, but hardly up to their standards. So, they had taken her to a seamstress who had made the necessary adjustments, shortening the dress so that if she pulled it up high enough to cover her nipples, it would come down just far enough to cover her pussy -- if she was standing straight. If she pulled it down even a fraction, one or both of her nipples would pop free. If she bent over, her ass, which hung halfway out as it was, would be completely bared. Making matters that much more revealing, they had requested large oval sections be taken out of each side and over her belly so that her belly button would be bare along with her sides from hip to armpit. As a result, if she moved a certain way, anyone standing beside her might be granted a free peek at her breasts through the side of the dress.

The clingy fabric molded to her curves, outlining her breasts, nipples and hips. Naturally, she never wore a bra under it and a black thong was really the only way to go. Black heels with straps around the ankles completed the look -- one she felt would help draw Tony's approval and assistance, some attention on campus and, of course, be a suitable outfit for whatever kind of date Tony had in mind.

She wrote Norm a quick note and waited outside for Tony, who showed up just a few minutes later. She didn't have to read his face to tell if he liked the outfit or not. "Wow, you look amazing," Tony said. "That's the hottest dress I've ever seen."

"Thanks," Cori said, sliding into the seat of his car, an old Camaro that he had obviously either fixed up or taken very good care of. "Thank you so much for doing this."

"No problem," Tony said, his eyes devouring her. "I'm sure you'll make it up to me somehow. So, where are we going?"

Cori explained the situation and that she needed to find young, attractive women to help at the truck stop. Tony agreed that campuses would be a good place to start and promptly drove to the nearest one. As they entered the campus area, there were several small speed bumps. His mind firmly on Cori's breasts, Tony hit the first one at a full 25 miles per hour -- not fast, but enough to cause a good jolt. His eyes shot to Cori's chest and he saw those big orbs jerk up in unison, then slam down. The top of the dress was so tight that it was basically hooked over those long nipples, which were barely hanging on.

Her breasts were still jiggling when he hit the next one and as they slammed over the hump, her dressed snapped down hard against her rib cage as her breasts emerged triumphantly from their constraints, flopping up with such force that they nearly smacked her in the face. She grabbed the dress and stuffed her tits back inside as quickly as possible, but not before Tony had a good long look.

"Sorry about that," Cori said, feigning embarrassment. "I guess I don't fit into this dress quite as well as I used to."

"I'd say it fits you perfectly," Tony said, pulling into a parking space near one of the quads. There were dozens of students walking around, some hurrying to a class, others strolling slowly, some playing volleyball and Frisbee and football, some studying in the grass. There were plenty of exercisers too, joggers and bikers riding around on the paths. If he didn't have Cori in the car with him, Tony most certainly would have been admiring the view as a good portion of the students were indeed very attractive young women. But his half-naked Cori had them all beat.

He waited in the car while she went out to recruit. He watched her ass intently as she moved across the lot and approached the quad. Not only was she gorgeous and sexy as hell with the way she walked, but he also admired her confidence and determination as she prepared to approach complete strangers with a most unusual proposition.

Cori smiled to herself as she walked toward the campus, knowing she had given Tony exactly what he wanted -- at least so far -- and that he would definitely be prepared to do anything to help her today. And, unless he turned into a complete jerk, she would absolutely show him her appreciation later. But now it was time to start thinking like a guy and look for the right girls to train.

Thinking like a guy came pretty natural to her these days, at least in terms of figuring out what guys liked to look at. All the specialized outfits, modeling sessions with bizarre poses and endless variety of sexual positions had taught her a great deal about what turned a guy on. She didn't always understand why they thought or acted the way they did, but she at least had learned to anticipate what they would like.

She scanned across the quad, not knowing exactly what she was looking for -- until she saw a brunette walking down the sidewalk who immediately caught her eye. If you just heard that she was wearing jeans, pumps and a tank top, you might not get excited. But it was obvious at one glance that this girl knew how to work her body. The jeans weren't all that revealing, of course, but they were exceptionally tight, molded to an ass that Cori herself admired, wondering how she kept it so firm and round. The way she walked, head high, chest out, told Cori she was confident, sexy. Her breasts looked to be firm and round and about average size. Her dark hair hung down to her shoulder blades.

"Well, she certainly looks good enough and isn't afraid to flaunt it," Cori said to herself, stepping forward as the girl approached. "Excuse me, can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure," the girl stopped, smiling at Cori, checking out her unique, oh-so-revealing dress. "Quite a dress you have there." It didn't sound like a compliment, but it didn't have a judgmental tone either.

"Thanks," Cori said. "A little skimpy, I know, but the guys like it."

"Oh, the things we do for guys," the girl nodded. "I can barely fit in these jeans anymore, but my boyfriend used to beg me to wear them. He's history now, but I still wear them. Doesn't make much sense, does it?"

"I'm Cori. I just wanted to ask you if you'd be interested in a really good paying job with flexible hours."

"Maybe," the girl said. "I'm Brandy."

"Nice to meet you, Brandy. Look, I'll get straight to it. My step-father is part owner of a truck stop restaurant. He's been sick and he and his partner are failing in their business. I know how to help them, but I need help from girls like you."

"What do you mean?" Brandy said. "Girls like me?"

"Pretty girls who are friendly, flirty and don't mind, you know, showing off a little bit."

"I'm no stripper," Brandy said, "I don't want to work in some topless bar."

"No, no," Cori said. "This would be more like Hooters -- sexy outfits, serving food, no sex or anything. Just a little teasing to help get the customers in and make them want to come back. And, I'm sure you can imagine, they would tip well too. I know it's a lot to ask, which is why we're offering great base pay, a clothing allowance and you get to keep all of your tips."

"100 percent?"

"Yes," Cori said. "And you'll be totally safe -- at least five security guys at all times."

"Sounds fishy," Brandy said.

"I understand," Cori said, handing her a card. "I'd be skeptical too. Look, just come to the truck stop Saturday at 9. You'll get $30 and a free meal just for showing up and listening to more of the proposal. If you like it, great. If not, you can leave and never look back."

"All right," Brandy said. "I'll think about it." She took the card and walked off, her ass wiggling back and forth in those tight jeans. Cori looked around and saw several guys looking at her, but several others following Brandy as she walked off. Yes, she would be a good one to get.

Over the next hour, Cori handed out another 15 invitations. She talked to many more girls than that, but some weren't interested and some she wasn't interested in hiring because of their attitude -- too snobby, too shy, too naïve. She didn't need any of that. She had worn the dress for Tony but found it to be a good measuring tool. The girls that gave her disapproving looks and made snide comments were clearly wrong and she didn't waste her time on them.

Of course, she had to wade through the usual dreck of guys hitting on her. She didn't mind the ones who stared or made comments as they passed by -- that was all in good fun. But the ones that came over and leered at her or put their arms around her were not only annoying, but blocking her view. She would chase them off by nodding toward the car and Tony, who would wave and nod as they moved off.

By the time Cori got back to the car, Tony was sitting on the hood, drinking a Coke. He handed one to Cori as well and she took it gratefully, leaning against the car.

"Looks like a tough job," Tony said. "How many more do you have to get?"

"As many as I can," Cori said. "Thanks for the Coke and for helping with the guys."

"Happy to help," Tony said. "It would look more convincing if you'd give me a kiss." He leaned toward her and she kissed him on the mouth while he put his hand on her breast and gave it a firm squeeze before reaching down to pinch her ass cheek just below the bottom of the dress.

"That ought to do it," Cori grinned.

He took her to two more campuses and she handed out a total of 52 invitations during the course of the day. She hoped that would be enough. If half showed up, that would be 26 and if she could get 10-12 of them to stay on, that would be great. The good news was that there was such a multitude of attractive young women that Cori felt very confident that men would be pleased with any of the 52 she convinced to take the job.

"OK, we're done," Cori said, sliding back into the car, her skirt hiking up as she bent her long legs and sat down. "Again, thank you so much for all this."

"Any time," Tony said, his eyes on Cori's bare thighs. He had been watching her and fantasizing about finally having her all day. Now, with the chores over, he was about to burst. "Look, I think I know how you're going to repay me -- at least I hope so. And I know this isn't hardly romantic, but right now, I'm horny as hell. Now, I won't make you do it, but if you were going to be willing to fuck me at the end of our date tonight, I'm just asking for a quick blowjob right now. Then, we'll have a nice dinner and whatever."

Cori was again surprised by Tony's directness. Even guys who knew they were going to fuck her were seldom this direct. It certainly could have been insulting, but she found it refreshing and interesting. This man knew what he wanted and he got right to the point. And dressed the way she was, it was easy to see why he'd be so presumptuous. Still, she decided to play with him a little. She was curious to see how he'd react.

"Wow," Cori said, jerking her head back. "What kind of girl do you think I am? Do you think I'm some kind of whore? Look, I know I dress a little revealing, but that's no reason to think I'm going to blow you on demand."

"True," Tony said calmly. "It's not. And if you don't want to, I won't make you. But I'm not going to play games with you either. You wanted some help today and you got it because I wanted to help you. Now, I want you. It's up to you to decide if you want to help me or not. If you do, I'll tell you exactly what I want. If you don't, I'll take you home. I want to make it clear that you owe me nothing. Don't justify fucking me by saying you owed me. You don't. If you fuck me, do it because you want to."

Wow, again, Cori thought. This is one strange guy. He's giving me an out, leaving the decision all up to me. She was used to guys trying to take the guilt out of it for her. "Well, you owe me because you have this great job." "You owe me because your mom was a bitch to me." Whatever. But here this guy, who she really did owe, wanted nothing that she wasn't willing to give of her own volition. Cori had always taken the bait from guys, justifying her actions to herself by saying, well, I didn't have much choice, or, it was the nice thing to do. That had been her plan with Tony. Now, with that crutch knocked away, she was forced to face the hard truth -- did she really want to fuck this guy she barely knew or not. She was surprised at how easily the answer came to her.

"I want to," Cori said. "I want you to tell me what you want."

"Like I said, I need a blowjob right here, right now," Tony said. There was no hint of surprise or victory in his voice. "I want you to swallow every inch, I want you to suck it as hard as you can and I want you to swallow every last drop. Any questions?"

"What if someone sees us?" Cori asked. "We're right in the middle of the parking lot. I mean, look, there are students walking around all over the place."

"I'm counting on them seeing us," Tony said, again amazingly calm, especially given the immense hard-on she saw tenting his pants now. "But you pay no attention. You're to be focused on one thing and one thing only." He pulled his cock out of his pants and waved the thick, veiny thing for her. "If you focus on this, everything else will take care of itself." He continued waving it back and forth, slowly brandishing it in front of her eyes as if trying to hypnotize her with it.

Cori leaned over and, for the next 15 minutes, did what she does better than anything else and arguably better than anyone else. She never once looked up, never thought about doing anything but her absolute best for his solid piece of meat. She wasn't thanking him or repaying him. She was giving a great blowjob because she loved to do it -- to be nice, to give to others, to please others. Tony had given his time and transportation to her out of the goodness of his heart -- no strings attached. Wanted, but not attached. Now, she was giving him her mouth, her tongue, her lips and her throat out of her own generosity and caring.

She heard him moan several times and heard him lower the window, talking to someone who was obviously looking in, just inches from the action, no doubt watching ever move of Cori's mouth. "Looks like you're having a good day, dude," came the young man's voice.

"Definitely," Tony said. "Every man needs at least one of these a day, don't you think?"

"No doubt. The world would be a lot better place if every guy got a daily blowjob. Doesn't seem like that much to ask, really? Damn, she's really going after it."

"Yeah," Tony said, gently patting the back of Cori's head. "She's had a lot of practice, if you know what I mean. I'm lucky, she just can't get enough of it. I always offer to fuck her pussy or let her jerk me off, but no, nine times out of 10 she wants it in her throat."

"Fuck, no way. Dudes, get over her, you gotta see this bitch."

In some foggy part of her brain, she registered the sound of shuffling feet and a lot of "holy shits" and "fucks" being expressed. Tony was telling them what a hot piece of ass she was and she was certainly backing up everything he said, both in appearance and action.

"Does she ever come up for breath?" one guy asked.

"Not until she's done swallowing," Tony said.

"She swallows? Fuck, that's hot."

"Never misses a drop," Tony boasted. "And when she does, she'll lick it off anything -- the ground, the furniture, hell, even the toilet seat."

"No fucking way. You're full of shit."

"I don't care if you believe me or not," Tony said.

"Well, hell, I believe you," another guy said. "If you can get a bitch this hot to dress like that and deep throat you in public, I'm willing to believe about anything you say."

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