The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 03


"Looks like you pretty well covered everything you needed to cover," Mr. Cornett acknowledged. "I'm glad it was a successful meeting. Would you care to have Drake return you to your table and the rest of your meal?"

"Yes, that would be great."

"Will the lady be needing a napkin?" Drake asked.

"No, thanks. I'm just fine," Cori said. "Lead the way."

She followed Drake, head held high, through the crowd and back to the dining room. The stares were more evident than ever now, the comments louder and bolder. "Look at her face! She's got cum all over her! He creamed her!" She just smiled and kept on walking, beaming with pride. Following behind, John also beamed with pride, happy to see the reactions as people realized what he had done and just how much cum he had produced.

They returned to their table to a smattering of applause, which turned to gasps and giggles as people realized what was on Cori's face. "Guess she wanted to order off the menu!" someone said, drawing several chuckles. Drake brought out their meals and fresh drinks.

"Hey, you're supposed to put the dressing on the salad, not on her face!" another jokester said. John and Cori laughed along with them as they ate their meals.

John noticed that the white cum showed up very brightly — almost fluorescent — against her dark skin in the spotlight. Because it was so white and thick and she was covered with so much oil, it dried very slowly on her skin, instead oozing about on her face. She kept as much of it on her face as she could, but one large strand made it down her chin and was about to fall off. She caught it with her spoon and scooped it into her mouth. Most everyone saw it and watched in fascination as she swished it about in her mouth before looking John dead in the eyes and swallowing. She licked her lips for show.

They finished their meal with the crowd watching every bite, but otherwise peacefully. Drake took very good care of them and gave them each a free small dish of ice cream for dessert. John handed Drake another $20 as they left, once again squeezing through the crowd by the front door. Many of these newcomers hadn't seen Cori's outfit or face, but quickly took in the bizarre and beautiful site, remembering every detail to tell their friends.

Cori waited by the front door while John went to get the car and pick her up. The cool evening breeze blew against her face, actually blowing some of the cum off her nose and into her mouth, which of course she didn't mind. She got in the car and John thanked her for the display, then told her to eat the rest of the cum.

Using her fingers, she scooped fingerfuls into her mouth, devouring the sticky cum. She actually never really liked the taste of cum, but had certainly grown accustomed to it. While she never craved it, she didn't despise it any more. And, she enjoyed the reactions she got from the guys when she ate it and swallowed it. That made the slightly unpleasant taste more than worth putting up with and that's why it was so easy for her to look like she was enjoying it, even though she didn't like the taste.

It took her several minutes to get her face reasonably clean, and by that time John had driven back to his house. They pulled in the driveway and John noticed his neighbor, Tom Richards, outside doing some yardwork in the quickly fading evening light. Tom was about John's age and had lived with his wife next door to John for the past five or six years. Tom, of course, had seen Cori with John several times and was not surprised — or disappointed — to see her get out of his car.

"Hello neighbor!" Tom called out, walking over to get a better look at Cori. "Hi, Cori. Good to see you again. I've been hearing about this outfit of yours all day today. I'm glad I get to see it in the flesh, as they say."

"Hi Mr. Richards," Cori replied. "A lot of people seem to like this suit. What do you think?" She twirled around, showing him the whole incredible package.

"I'd say it's one of the best I've ever seen you wear," Tom said, leering at her with lust in his eyes. "Man, I don't mind saying I'm more than a little jealous, John. Do her good for all us old guys, will you?"

"You bet," John said, taking Cori by the arm and leading her into the house. John's house was fairly large for a single man, with a big living room, large-screen TV and leather sectional couch. He had three bedrooms, one of which he had converted into a small office.

John went into the garage and came back with a large black tarp. He spread this out on the living room floor, completely covering it. Then, he dumped half of the bottle of baby oil right in the middle. He let it spread around, then told Cori to lay down in the middle and roll around in the oil. She laughed and said, "You're being extra creative tonight, John-boy. I love it!" She laid down on the tarp and began rolling around in the oil, letting a fresh coat add that extra shine and glisten to her skin.

John, who had stripped down to just his boxers, kneeled over her with the baby oil and poured the remainder slowly over her writhing body. When the bottle was empty, he told her to lay still on her back and he proceeded to run his hands all over her — both inside and outside her suit. He stuck an oil-soaked finger in her pussy, which was delightfully warm and tight. But the lubrication and her natural juices made it easy to slide his finger in and out, so he gradually added more, not stopping until four fingers were jammed inside her, rubbing her pussy walls while his thumb massaged her clit and his other hand toyed with her firm tits.

She was writhing on the oil-slicked tarp, clearly responding to his touch. He heard her breathing grow short and raspy and felt her pussy begin to spasm and knew she was nearing orgasm. This wasn't all that surprising, as she tended to cum fairly quickly.

He continued to massage her twat all the way through her orgasm, then told her to turn over.

She did and he again rubbed every inch of her, spending plenty of time, of course, on her perfect ass. He spread her ass cheeks and saw the thong diligently hanging on, trying in vain to cover her asshole and pussy. He pulled it out of the way and began rubbing his oily hands inside her ass.

When she was sufficiently lubed, he stuck one oily finger inside her, working it gently into her ass. With his other hand, he scooped up a handful of oil that had puddled on the tarp and poured it into her asshole. This lubrication allowed him to drive two more fingers into her ass, both coating the lining with oil and stretching and relaxing her ass.

Soon, he could wait no longer and, believing her ass was properly prepped, ordered her onto her knees, head down, ass up. He stroked his cock, coating it with oil as well, then, holding her ass cheeks apart with both hands, plowed his thick cock into her ass. Thanks to the lubrication, he slid into the extremely tight hole fairly easily and was soon pumping her ass with almost as much force and gusto as he would her pussy.

Cori, who never thought she would like anal sex before the shop guys had introduced her to it, found that she actually enjoyed it most of the time, though there were times she wasn't really in the mood and found it somewhat painful. This wasn't one of those times. Thoroughly lubricated and fresh off a massive orgasm, she was ready to take it up the ass. She loved the feeling of fullness that John's thick organ gave her and squealed with delight when he slapped her ass.

"That's it, big John," she cooed, "make me your fucking slut. Make me your hot little ass-whore. Fuck me like the naughty little bitch I am!"

She knew this kind of dirty talked turned John on and said it, hoping to encourage him to say the same sort of things to her. Often times, he hesitated, concerned about hurting her feelings. But tonight he was hornier than he had been in a long time and in just the right mood to say what was on his mind.

"Yeah, take that big cock, right up your ass," he said. "You're such a hot little bitch. I'm going to fuck you all night!"

"Oh yes, fuck me all night," Cori groaned. "Use me any way you want to."

"You like wearing my cum, didn't you slut?" John said, not waiting for an answer. "Everyone in that restaurant knew what was on your face and where it came from. Yeah, I'm going to fuck you real good, my hot little cum slut."

"Oh yeah, I love wearing your cum," Cori said. "It feels so good and I feel like such a pretty slut. I'd love to take a bath in your cum, soak me in it like this oil."

John studied her perfect body as he fucked her and pictured it covered in white, thick cum. This image put him over the top. He pulled out of her ass and pumped another thick, sticky load all over her ass cheeks and down the middle of her back. The slippery oil made it slide right off into a milky, oil puddle on the tarp.

John told Cori to go upstairs and take a shower while he cleaned up. He put the tarp in the backyard to let it dry. He'd wash it off with the hose tomorrow and have it ready for use again in the future. He threw out the empty bottle of oil and threw Cori's cum and oil soak suit into the washer. Then went upstairs to join Cori in the shower. They soaped and lathered each other, cleaning each other thoroughly.

When they got out, John put on his robe and a pair of boxers. With her suit in the washer, Cori had nothing to wear. Of course, she could have worn something of John's but he told her just to stay naked for now, except, of course, for her heels, which she put back on.

If many ways, her body was even more beautiful without the form-fitting bathing suit and oil. There was nothing fake about her curves, incredible fitness or natural beauty. Sure, the makeup, tan and heels helped, but none were integral parts of her attractiveness.

Watching her from behind as she walked carefully on those high heels down the steps, John was overwhelmed with pride and joy at the fact that he was lucky enough to be fucking such an amazing woman. And to have her completely at his disposal, ready to please him in any way, was more than he could ever have imagined possible.

Despite the fact that he had already showed her off at the restaurant and fucked her twice, his desire was far from quenched. Generally, he was much more low-key than this, but tonight, thanks to Cori, he felt like he was 20 years old again.

He was dying to show her off some more, but didn't really want to go out anywhere. Plus, her suit wasn't done washing and drying yet and she had no other clothes there. They could get away with doing a lot of things with Cori in this town, but parading her around totally naked would not be allowed, even though John guessed more than half of the residents — including the mayor — would have no complaints.

"Want to have a drink out back?" John asked. "Seems like a nice evening."

"Sure," Cori said. "Do you have something I can put on?"

"No," John said. "I think it's warm enough you won't need anything, don't you?"

"Of course," Cori smiled, realizing John was anxious to push things and put her outside naked. It was dark out, of course, but still there was something about being nude outside that seemed daring and adventurous, even to Cori, who was certainly used to public exposure. "Whatever you say, John."

John had a small deck built off the back of his house. . It was just large enough for a small table, three chairs and a grill. It had a railing all the way around it and five steps down to the ground. The deck overlooked his small back yard, which had no privacy fence. Only the neighbor directly behind him had a fence. The ones to the left and the right had no fence either. John and Cori walked out on the deck, each sipping on their bottles of beer.

It was dark out and no neighbors were in sight. Cori sat down, but John went back inside long enough to turn on the outside light, which shone down directly on the deck. Now, anyone happening to look would certainly be able to see that Cori was nude.

She sat in one of the cushioned deck chairs with John sitting next to her. John was amazed at how she could go from looking so hot and slutty one minute to so gorgeous and elegant the next. Many women were one or the other, but few could pull off both looks so easily. And to look elegant and graceful while nude was even more impressive.

They sat and chatted for several minutes, talking about work, dinner and the show they had put on for the other patrons. Cori admitted that wearing his cum in public had really gotten her juices flowing and probably contributed to her rapid orgasm from his fingers in the living room. She also admitted that the oil was a fun addition to the mix and really helped during the anal sex. They weren't talking loudly, but loud enough that any of their neighbors would have been able to overhear their x-rated conversation with little effort.

It was a warm night, but there was a cool breeze which hardened Cori's nipples to full erection. Her long legs were crossed and she was leaning back, relaxing and sipping her beer. John, in his robe, was also relaxed, resting for his next go-round and waiting to see if anyone might happen to pop outside and see them.

On cue, Tom Richards walked out his back door, smoking a cigar. He noticed the light on the deck and looked over, instantly noticing Cori's exposed state. With his wife out of town, he didn't hesitate to start walking their way to get a closer look.

"Hello, neighbors," he said, approaching the invisible lines between the two yards.

"Hey, Tom," John waved. "Come on over and join us for a drink, if you like. Wife's out of town, right?"

"Yep," Tom answered, silently accepting John's invitation as he crossed into John's yard and approached the deck, making no effort to hide his interest in Cori. "So I'm sure she won't mind if I have a drink with you folks and enjoy this nice evening."

"Well, have a seat right there next to Cori and I'll grab you a beer," John said. "Cori's bathing suit is in the washer — actually, I'll put it in the dryer while I'm inside — so you don't mind that she's naked, do you?"

"No, not at all," Tom said. "Wouldn't have her any other way."

They all laughed and John went inside to put the suit in the dryer and get Tom's beer.

"So, you two had a nice evening?" Tom said. He was staring directly at Cori's tits and it wasn't entirely clear whether he was referring to them or Cori and John. Cori assumed the latter and said, "Oh yes. John and I always have a good time, and tonight has been especially fun."

"Really? What have you been doing?"

"Well, do you want the short version — we had dinner, sex, more dinner, then came here and had more sex and a shower — or do you want the juicy details?" Cori teased. She was still sitting back in her chair, legs crossed, arms folded under her ample breasts.

"Give me the details," Tom chuckled, trying to hide his excitement. He felt like a 12-year-old boy flipping through his father's Playboy for the first time.

"Well, it started with dinner at Marlin's," Cori said. "You saw the bathing suit I had on earlier, right? Well, I was wearing that and about two bottles worth of baby oil. It was all I could do to keep that suit on, I was so slippery..."

John came back out just as Cori was wrapping up the story.

"... and then he flipped me over and fucked me really hard in the ass."

"What's going on?" John said. Cori, still calm and relaxed, nipples erect and legs crossed, was in pretty much the same position he had left her in. But Tom was on the edge of his seat, eyes wide, mouth slightly open, hanging on Cori's every word and movement.

"I was just telling Mr. Richards about our evening," Cori smiled. "He said he wanted details. I didn't think you'd mind."

"Not at all," John said, handing Tom his beer. "What do you think, Tom?"

"I'm happily married," Tom said. "But I think you're the luckiest bastard on the face of the earth. "

"I think you're probably right," John said, smiling at Cori. "So tell me Tom, if you were in my shoes, what would you do with Cori next?"

Tom smiled a devilish grin, as if imagining all the things he'd like to do with and to Cori. Of course, she had just told him that John had done two of those things already. Old Tom always had been and always would be a tit man, and one thing he knew he would like to do is wrap Cori's big, firm knockers around his cock and give her a good titty-fuck.

"Well, since you've already had her mouth and ass tonight and gave her a good finger-fuck in the pussy," Tom said excitedly, his breathing shallow and rapid, "I think I'd lube up her tits with some of that baby oil and give her a good titty-fuck."

Cori smiled and John exclaimed, "Sounds like a great idea to me. Then what? Would you cum on her tits or on her face or in her mouth?"

"I'd cum all over those big titties," Tom was clearly in his fantasy world now, gazing at Cori's chest, "and then I'd make her lick it all off and swallow every drop."

"Wow," John said. "That's quite a fantasy. Starting to get me all worked up again. Hey Tom, you got any baby oil? We're all out."

"Yeah, I think we do, why?"

"Well, I liked your idea enough I think I'd like to try it," John said. "Care to watch, you know, to make sure I do it right?"

"Oh yeah, I think I'd like that. I'll go get the oil."

Tom half-jogged over to his house, hunched over trying to hide his erection. He came back a few minutes later with the baby oil, his erection still standing firm.

By then, John and Cori had brought out a thick comforter and a couple pillows. After moving the table out of the way, they spread the comforter out on the deck and Cori lay down in the middle of it, propping a pillow under her head. Her legs were spread, each high-heeled foot resting on one of the deck chairs.

Any of the neighbors looking out their windows were seeing quite a show. The thought of this made John's cock swell, and he was ready to fuck his darling Cori for the third time that evening.

"Care to do the honors?" he asked Tom, motioning to the bottle of lotion.

"Well, I don't know. I am happily married, like I said," Tom looked longingly at Cori, the thought of rubbing all over those tits bringing him to the verge of orgasm. "But then rubbing a little oil on someone isn't adultery. It's just friendly, neighborly, right?"

"I think so," John said. Cori agreed and Tom knelt down next to her. Holding the bottle over her chest, he squirted oil all over her tits, which he was amazed to see didn't sag or droop off to the sides of her body, but sat firmly and proudly atop her chest, as if held there by some invisible push-up bra. The oil drizzled over her erect nipples like chocolate syrup on a cherry-topped sundae.

He set the bottle down and began rubbing the oil in, kneading her amazing breasts with his strong, trembling hands. "Man, I can't believe these are real. They're perfect," he said.

Cori didn't respond. Her eyes were half closed and she was lightly licking her lips, letting the feeling of Mr. Richards rough hands on her tits stimulate her. The excitement of doing this outdoors and being completely exposed further excited her. Her breasts had always been extremely sensitive, and Mr. Richards' ministrations were getting to her. Her breathing grew shallower, her nipples harder and her pussy wetter.

John decided to add his fingers to the mixture and plugged one, then two into her pussy, again using his thumb to tend to her swelling clit. Tom heard the soft "squish" as John's fingers entered Cori's moist tunnel and turned his head to take a look. His hands never left those perfect tits, but his attention was now equally divided between admiring those knockers and watching her pussy take two, then three and finally four fingers.

A quite, calm night filled with the sounds of chirping crickets now also heard the gentle, passion-filled moans of a horny 22-year-old babe in the throes of mounting orgasm, brought on by the hands of two men more than twice her age. Cori was arching her back, wriggling her hips, tossing her head and flailing her legs in the air, her body responding eagerly to the continuing stimulation. She didn't talk, only moaned, her mind entering a trance-like state, not thinking, only reacting and giving in to the pleasure.

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