The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 04


Show time, part 2, Cori thought. Miles hit a shot deep into the corner of the court, right near where the guys were crowded around. Perfect. Cori lunged for it, planting her foot, then let out a squeal and fell to the ground, instantly grabbing for her right thigh. Miles was by her side in an instant and Cori rolled around on the ground, whimpering in pain, her soft sobs eliciting both sympathy and groans of lust from her onlookers who wished they were eliciting those sexy, vulnerable noises by pounding her pussy or ass so hard that it "hurt so good." Indeed, if you couldn't see her writhing on the ground, it would have been hard to tell if her little yelps were caused by pain or pleasure or some mixture of both. She was playing it just like Miles had instructed.

He told her to lie back and asked her where it hurt. "My thigh," she said.

"Where exactly?" he asked, gently squeezing her leg down by the knee.

"Higher," she said. He moved his hand up a little at a time as she kept telling him it was higher.

"Inside or outside?" he asked.


Miles' hands were now nearly touching her pussy, probing high on the inside of her right thigh. "Hmmm," he said, pretending to be debating what to do. "Better not put any weight on it. Can someone help me carry her to the locker room?"

"Sure!" the guys all scrambled to the gate, one of the frat guys getting there first.

"Thanks," Miles said. "I figure if we each get on one side, we can carry her in that chair position. Keep her legs as immobile as possible."

The each put a hand under her ass and another under her knees, scooping her off the ground. But she was wet all over and their hands slipped.

"She's slippery," the frat guy said.

"Good thing she comes with handles," Miles said. He was standing on Cori's right side and put his left hand on her right ass cheek and his right hand on her right breast. "Hold her like this -- one hand in front, one behind. That will keep her from slipping."

The frat guy happily followed Miles' lead, glad to have a handful of firm ass and another handful of big round tit. Not a bad way to start the day. Slowly, partly to keep her from falling and partly to take advantage of every second, the made their way to the locker rooms which sat just across the walkway from the tennis courts. Several of the throng followed, though a few peeled away, off to the other activities of their day.

When they go to the front of the building, there were two entrances -- one for men, one for women. A couple of the guys sprinted to the women's door, ready to open it for Cori. "We can't go in there with her and she needs attention," Miles grunted. "Men's locker room."

"Can she go in there?"

"Any objections?" Miles asked, knowing there would be none. They went in and a couple guys quickly pulled up one of the narrow benches between the rows of lockers. "No, those are too narrow," Miles grunted again. "Anyone in the sauna? The benches are much wider there."

"Nope, clear," the other frat guy reported, holding the door to the sauna open. It was a large room with several wide benches and platforms built into the walls, providing ample room for people to sit or even lay down.

"Good, turn the heat down a little," Miles said. They quickly guided the still whimpering Cori to a wide bench in the middle of the room and sat her down on it. "Just lay back and relax," Miles instructed, their eyes locking as he silently confirmed that this is exactly what he had planned and that she was going to be fine. Just play along. Cori glanced around the room and counted seven other guys besides Miles. She wondered what they were thinking. Were they all concerned about her health? Did they not care about her leg and just wanted a chance to see some skin? She wasn't sure what Miles intended to do next, but she was trusting that it was going to be fun and hoping that it didn't turn into some sort of wild gang-bang. She wanted to trust him, but she didn't. Still, trust or no, it wasn't like she could just get up and leave. She had to play her role, do her part and stick to the contract.

"All right," Miles said softly as he gently spread her legs, bending her "injured" leg at knee and pushing it slightly outward to expose her supposedly injured inner thigh. "Tell me if this hurts," he said, rubbing his hand softly over the tender flesh, then rubbing a little harder. Cori guessed when he wanted her to respond and did so with a louder whimper that was sort of a high-pitched yelp.

"Mmm, that's what I thought," Miles frowned. "Looks like you've pulled a muscle. But it could just be a pinched nerve."

"How do you know?" one of the guys asked. "Are you a doctor"

"No, is anyone in here a doctor?" Miles asked. He hoped not, because that would make bullshitting his way through this a lot harder. Fortunately, no one was, so he continued. "I've just played a lot of sports and had a lot of injuries. Sometimes, the most painful ones turn out to be nothing. A little massaging and stretching and the next thing you know, the pain's gone and it was like you were never injured at all. I had a pinched nerve in my should once and it hurt like hell, but our trainer massaged it, twisted it and stretched it and then I felt a little pop and it felt good as new."

"So, that's what you want to do to my leg?" Cori asked.

"Yes, I think it might help," Miles said. "And if you pulled it, it won't make it any worse, so we don't really have anything to lose. It might hurt a little, though."

"That's OK," Cori said, hoping that Miles just wanted her to keep playing up the pain and didn't mean that he was actually going to hurt her. "If it helps, that's fine."

"Good," Miles said. "Brave girl. Did anyone grab my bag?"

"Got it!" someone yelled, stepping forward and handing Miles the bag.

"Thanks," Miles said, reaching in and pulling out a ball gag with a pink rubber ball and black strap.

"Holy shit!" one of the guys said. "You carry that in your gym bag?"

"Look at her," Miles said, not even hinting at a joke. "You think you wouldn't be prepared for anything, anytime? You wouldn't believe half the places we've fucked. Problem is, as you heard on the court, she's a screamer. So, when you're doing it in a restaurant bathroom, you've got to be discreet. This does the trick pretty well. It's like my credit card, I never leave home without it ... or her."

"Don't blame you there, dude," one of the frat guys said. "Want me to put it on her?"

"Sure," Miles said, watching as Cori dutifully opened her mouth and accepted the ball gag like it was something she put on every day like her makeup or shoes. She was an exceptional actress and a terrific sport. "You can bite down on this if it hurts too much, babe, or if you need to scream, this will muffle it so we don't attract the whole damn resort."

While Cori was playing her role perfectly, inside her head was spinning. A ball gag? Inside a room with eight men? She wanted to believe that this was OK, but doubts were creeping in. They could easily gang bang her, do anything they wanted now, and there would be nothing she could do about it. She had flashbacks to that awful day at her step-dad's just a couple weeks ago where she had been drugged, tied up and fucked repeatedly by a group of men. She didn't consider it rape because they hadn't known she wasn't a willing participant. Only her step-dad knew that and even there a case could be made that she had sent the wrong messages by fucking him the day before. Still, the incident had spurred her to cut off ties to her step-dad and leave as soon as possible. Now, was she in the same boat again? Would Miles really do this to her? It wasn't like he had to. She was willing to do just about anything and had made that very clear. She looked at him and he winked at her. She didn't know what that meant though. She had to keep trusting and playing her role.

"Damn, it's hot in here," Miles said, peeling off his shirt and revealing a well-defined chest and pretty flat stomach, indicating his athletic background and current dedication to maintaining his fitness.

"I turned the heat down some," one of the guys said. "Want me to turn it down more?"

"No," Miles said. "It's fine. The heat's good for her leg. Keeps it loose."

"She already looks pretty loose to me," he heard one guy mumble

"Loose? She looks tight as hell to me," the other chuckled back. Miles pretended not to hear, but loved the way they were talking about her. Nothing was hotter than showing a chick off to a bunch of guys and hearing them talk about how hot she was. Damn, what a turn on! He couldn't wait to fuck her, but he was going to milk this show just a little while longer.

"Hey," Miles said to the frat guy who had helped him carry Cori, "put a sign on the door that says 'Out of Order', would ya? We're not doing anything wrong here, but we don't need any interruptions or anyone getting the wrong idea. A ball gag on a hot girl does tend to send a certain message."

"Sure does," the frat guy said. "At least my girlfriend's dad thinks so. Of course, he was right. I was taking total advantage of her. Hell, she was drunk, what the fuck did it matter to her if I fucked her or not?"

"Just do the sign, you sick punk," Miles laughed. College kids would brag about anything. A minute later, the kid was back.

"Hey, I found a marker, but I can't find anything write on."

"Here, use this," Miles said. He grabbed Cori's soaked tank top and ripped it down the middle, right between her breasts, then pulled it off her arms. He tossed it to the kid, hitting him in the face because he, like everyone else, was staring at Cori's big, naked breasts, all wet and round with those big nipples sticking straight up in the air like two lighthouses jutting out of adjacent hillsides.

"It's all wet," the frat guy said, finally coming to his senses and pick up the white tank top. "I can't write on this."

"Use the back," Miles said. "She didn't get much water on it. It's still pretty dry."

"I'll try," the kid said.

Miles didn't wait to see how he did. He looked Cori squarely in the eye, trying to reassure her. He could tell she was getting nervous and understood why. He had purposely not told her his entire plan, preferring to see how she would react. But now he regretted that decision. He wanted to excite her and tease her and show her off and maybe embarrass her a little, but he didn't want to hurt her or scare her. He realized now she was getting scared. He had thought out every detail and, until now, it had been flawless. But he had failed to take into account what she would think. Well, he didn't like it, but he wasn't going to change his plan. She'd just have to trust him. She'd see soon enough that it wasn't going to go too far. And after she had taken a load of his cum, he'd give her a proper apology. Until then, his sexual satisfaction was his one and only priority.

He didn't know if his second wink reassured her or not, but he didn't wait any longer. "We need to do some intense massage and need to have some room to work," Miles said, hooking his fingers in the top waist band of her shorts and quickly pulling them down, then doing the same thing with her thong. He pulled both off, along with her shoes. She was completely naked now, her long, curvy tanned body fully displayed for the room full of men, her skin glistening with water and sweat.

The door opened and Miles turned his head. It was the frat kid. "Holy shit," the kid said, looking at Cori's naked body. Miles just raised his eyebrows and the kid said, "Oh, uh, the shirt didn't work, but I found some paper. I posted it on the door."

"Good," Miles said. "Just to be safe, tie the shirt around the handle over there. All right, Cori, just relax. You're safe and you're going to be fine. No one's going to come in, so it's just the few of us here. We're going to take care of your leg and see if we can't get that pinch nerve straightened out."

Cori nodded, her eyes locked on Miles' eyes, looking for any sign of reassurance or danger. She saw none. The man showed very little facial expression. She felt his hands on her thigh once more, his touch still gentle as her rubbed the inside of her upper thigh. "Does that feel OK?" he asked as Cori whimpered at what she assumed was the appropriate time. She nodded. "Good."

"Anything we can do to help?" a man in his mid to late 50s asked.

"Yes," Miles said. "Have you ever heard of clitology?"

"No," the man admitted. Miles looked around and no one else had either. "How about reflexology?" he asked.

"That's where rubbing your foot is supposed to effect different parts of your body, right?" the older man said.

"Something like that," Miles said. "I don't really know. I'm no doctor, but I think it's something about different pressure points on your foot relating to various parts of your body. Well, a doctor friend of mine -- Dr. Pound -- was telling me about this study he's been doing on a technique called clitology. He says pussy-ology would be a more accurate name, but it's too hard to say and cunt-ology just sounds too crude. If there's a technical name for it, I'm sure I have no idea. Anyway, the point is that he believes that, much like the foot, there are pressure points in a woman's erogenous zones that relate to feelings throughout their body."

"Bullshit," someone said.

"It probably is," Miles admitted. "Dr. Pound is known to have some pretty wild ideas, so I have my doubts, too. Still, Cori's in some pain here and I want to try to help her. I figured maybe if we did some massage, some stretching and a little clitology, it might help. But if you don't want to help, you're free to leave."

No one left. They had just been told that they might have a chance to touch Cori's erogenous zones. Whether it was some bullshit medical mumbo-jumbo or not, a chance to touch a red-hot babe was always worth a few more minutes of one's time.

"OK, first let's try to stretch it out a bit, OK, Cori?" Cori nodded at Miles' suggestion. Nodding back, he addressed the older gentleman who had offered his assistance. "Sir, would you mind holding her left leg down flat on the bench while I move her right leg around a little? Yes, that's it, up on her thigh, good."

The man was holding Cori's warm, smooth thigh, his eyes focused on the perfect pussy so close to his fingers. Her thick pink pussy lips were moist and glistening, beads of water clung to her narrow strip of blonde hair.

Cori pointed her toes as Miles pushed her right leg up until her thigh was against her breast, then pulled it to the side, stretching her in all directions. She was so flexible that this didn't hurt in the slightest, but she still whimpered softly through the ball gag and squeezed her eyes shut at times, as if grimacing from the pain.

"Any better?" Miles asked after a few minutes of stretching and rotating her leg. Since he hadn't yet done the clitology stuff he'd been bullshitting about, Cori assumed she was supposed to say no and shook her had slowly.

"OK, let's try some massage and clitology," Miles said. "I'll rub her thigh. As you can see, she has really sensitive breasts, so let's try that first. Can a couple of you guys help me with that?"

They all jumped up to help, but Dax, a slender black man in his 30s and Dale, a sandy-haired man in his 40s, were the first ones there, taking up positions on either side of her prone body. "All right," Miles said. "Easy does it, guys. Gentle squeezing, now, start from the base and pull up toward the nipple. Slow and gentle. That's it. How does that feel, Cori?"

She nodded her head and he smiled, rubbing her thigh, letting his hand brush against her moist pussy. Miles noticed the guys weren't talking much. They weren't sure what to say or do. Obviously, Cori wasn't seriously injured, but Miles had been treating this is a medical situation -- not a sexual one. If they showed too much interest in her sexually, would he be mad? Would he make them leave? Would he take Cori and leave? What they were thinking and saying were two different things.

"Does this look right?" Dax asked, both hands on Cori's firm right breast.

"Perfect," Miles said. "I really appreciate this. You guys are doing great."

"D and D working on a pair of double-D's," Dale dared to joke.

"That's right," Miles laughed along. "Although she's actually a C. Hard to believe, isn't it? I mean, C's are great, but they seem bigger, don't they? I think it's because they're so firm and she's got such a narrow waist. Plus those big nipples sticking out. It just makes it seem like her breasts are so much larger than that."

"Perfect size," Dax said. "Normally, I say the bigger the better. I say give every woman in America a free set of DDs when they turn 18. But I think we've got an exception here. Anything larger just wouldn't look right -- she's got the perfect proportions." Miles realized his own comments were allowing the guys to loosen up. They could comment on her body without making him mad. As they went along, he was sure they'd become looser and more excited.

"Try tweaking the nipples just a bit," Miles suggested. "Maybe roll them between your fingers. I know she likes that, so maybe that will help her feel better." Dax and Dale were happy to oblige. Miles looked around the room and noticed that all the guys were trying to discreetly grab and rub themselves, trying not to let the others that they were getting off on this. Well, they were all going to have to settle for their hands -- or go back and give their wives and girlfriends a surprise mid-morning stiffy -- but he had no such worries. He had Cori and the only decision to be made was how exactly he was going to put that perfectly proportioned body to use. There were so many terrific options. Good thing he had all day to explore them all.

"Any better?" he asked Cori, gently pinching her thigh to signal her to say no. Cori yelped through the ball gag and shook her head. "Hmm, better try the pussy then, huh? Guys, you keep doing her tits. I'm going to rub her pussy. Maybe it's a combination of zones that will ease her pain. That damn Dr. Pound made it sound so easy, but I'm starting to think he's just a quack. Still, can't hurt to try."

Miles gently squeezed her pussy lips together with one hand then traced lightly over the exquisitely soft flesh with the fingertips from his other hand. Because of the temperature in the room, they were all hot and sweaty from head to toe now, but it didn't take long for Miles to realize that Cori's pussy was noticeably hotter and wetter than the rest of her body. She was reacting to all the attention. He had hoped she would -- it had been fun to watch her cum yesterday and a repeat showing today would be welcome. But his own desire was growing rapidly. If she was going to cum, she'd have to do it quickly. He enjoyed making a girl cum, but he wasn't the type to delay his own pleasures very long.

He traced the outline of her lips, gently working his fingers into the crease between them, spreading them open and finding her clit. He rubbed that hard little button, noticing that she was beginning to squirm a bit as her clit and nipples received direct attention from three men. Miles nodded to one of the frat boys to come over.

"Ever rubbed on a nice hard clit?" he asked.

"Of course."

"Good, take over for me here. Nice and gentle. That's it. Now, you two," Miles pointed at tall man with a bald head and thick beard and another man with wire-rim glasses and an Oxford shirt. They looked like a biker and a professor and made for quite an odd couple, but he was going to give them a simple job. "Come here and spread her legs as far as you can. I need to have room to work here. I tell ya, this medical stuff is very tricky."

They all chuckled, well aware now that this was no attempt to fix Cori's leg, which they realized probably wasn't even hurt. This was about making a hot girl cum and, they hoped, getting a chance to fuck her themselves. The two men took their places, grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs wide apart until she was doing the splits.

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