tagNonHumanThe Harvest Ch. 03

The Harvest Ch. 03


When young Nicholas regained consciousness, he found himself standing in the middle of a white room. Pure white. Whiter than an Apple store, he thought.

He was standing naked wearing only a hospital gown that was made of paper. His entire body felt sore from the previous rounds with the aliens and their tentacles that had bound and slurped and obscenely stroked his body, but here, in this white room that had no furniture, no features, he seemed fairly safe.


The floor of the room parted and what looked like a surgical table rose up. There was a body on the table, covered with the same paper material his gown was made of. He padded cautiously over to the table and tugged at a corner of the paper. Puzzled, he pulled the paper off to see a transparent female body lying there. It was as if the aliens had created a hairless human woman of clear plastic. Seeing through this clear, transparent female form were tubules and clear organs - all in the right place.

He touched the body's arm - it felt as if it was inflated with a warm gel. It was smooth and pliant, not quite flesh-like, but not unpleasant. Like a firm water balloon.

When Nicholas looked up, there in the corner of the white room was one of the giant squid-like aliens. It waved its tendrils around and began to telepathically communicate with him, "Mount. In. Mount."

Nicholas wasn't sure what was expected of him. He looked around the room for any guidance, but the squid-creature was insistent, "Mount. In. Mount."

The alien scuttled closer and pointed at Nicholas' crotch. Then it pointed to the transparent body on the table to its vagina. The intention was clear, they wanted him to perform coitus with the doll.

For a split second, Nicholas thought about refusing. He didn't want to put on a sex show for the aliens. He didn't want to entertain these creatures. But it reached for his hospital gown and ripped it off, poking at his flaccid organ. One of its tentacles twisted inside out to form a foot long cylinder, and with the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner attachment, clamped onto his penis and started to fluff him.

Shit, Nicholas tried to pull it off, but its squirming and suckling undulations forced him to power. When it finally rolled off him, he had a super hard erection that was red and sticky from the alien's attentions. The alien pointed to the transparent doll and tapped the doll's orifice. Then with a thin tendril it lassoed Nicholas by the head of his penis and starting gently but insistently pulling him closer to the doll.

Nicholas was lead over by his boner to the table. He climbed up and looked at the translucent female form before him, looked nervously left and right, and then was ready to reach down to insert himself when abruptly, the alien tentacle reach out and entwined itself around his shaft, guiding him in.

Geez I can do that for myself, he thought. But the alien's tendrils - like coils of warm noodles - wrapped around the girth of his erection, pulsing, stretching, tightening and relaxing around the length of his shaft to keep him hard. Nicholas was reminded of a wild night last fall when he had 2 girls in his dorm holding his dick, both wanting to blow him - that's sort of how things were feeling now - like ten fingers pulling on him. He positioned his body between the transparent doll's legs and lowered himself, pushing into the doll's vagina, an awkward missionary position on top of this transparent, lifeless doll. But the fit was warm and snug and lubricated, and he was soon rocking himself in and out. It was with a bit of reluctance that the alien uncoiled its hold on him as he inched in.

A second alien entered the room and watched him pump and thrust. Nicholas tried to stay focused, building up a steady rhythm. From their vantage points, the aliens seemed fascinated watching his erection slop in and out of the doll's clear vaginal canal. One alien reached out a tendril to touch his flopping balls. Another alien twirled its tentacles down Nicholas's spine, seemingly taking measurements, taking his pulse, as he arched his back with each thrust.

Out of habit, Nicholas adjusted his legs together - his girlfriend liked to wrap her legs around his hairy thighs and hold his ass while he planked/fucked, but the aliens did not want to be denied the view, so they wrapped a tentacle around his ankles and forced his legs apart while he pumped. The aliens were fascinated with human anatomy, the dynamics, the design.

Nicholas looked up and on the previously featureless white walls were now screens broadcasting his thrusting from many angles. He was more than a little turned on to watch his penis slide in and out of the transparent vagina, swelling in girth, reddening with motion. And the view from above, well, it was hot watching himself fuck like looking up at a mirrored ceiling.

A white alien laboratory did not seem to be the best erotic places to have sex, but Nicholas dutifully pumped in and out of the doll, until he knew he was close. He gasped, "I'm going to cum!" And the two aliens raced to add sensor pads down his spine, down his neck, down the back of his legs.

At one point, one of the aliens stood at the foot of the table with a tentacle holding his balls, other tentacles wrapped around his toes and ankles. The other alien was at the head of the table spewing its tentacles to hold his fingers and wrists, wrapping another tentacle around his blushing neck. Then, the two aliens hoisted poor Nicholas by the ankles and wrists, flopping him up and down the way you'd make a bed by flapping the sheets. But this odd flapping gesture only made the young man's penis repeatedly pop out of the doll's vagina, so the aliens let Nicholas go to return to his steady missionary posture.

Nicholas panted, grunted and struggled and had an instance of embarrassment, wondering how his "O" face would look to the aliens. But he was soon shuddering with release and delight and watched as his ejaculate pulsed into the doll filling many transparent channels inside. He spurted a number of times, controlling his instinct to pull out and cum on its belly like he would with a human girl. When he was done, he began to pull out, but an alien held his ass in place. They wanted every last drop.

Finally satisfied that he had delivered his complete load, the alien withdrew its tentacle from across his buttocks. Another tentacle released his scrotum, his other extremities. Nicholas got up to his knees, looked at the pool of his semen inside the doll's innards - a transparent replica of the uterus and fallopian tubes, and got off the table. He realized he was still dripping cum from the end of his dick, but an alien tentacle tubule quickly suctioned him off. Another alien was removing the sensor pads from his back, a tentacle sniffing his sweaty body like a curious elephant trunk.

Nicholas looked around the room, wondering what would happen next. Finally the darker of the 2 aliens handed him a food cube and transmitted to him, "Well done."

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by Anonymous

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by Arronbird8512/13/17

Awesome! Can’t wait, love it too.... especially when the subject doesn’t exactly agree but ends up enjoying and wanting more in the long run

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by movieye12/10/17

More on the way

Yo ArronBird - yes, probably a sequel soon. I love alien abduction, edging, forced milking stories.

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by Arronbird8512/07/17

Any chance of a continuation with Nicholas or maybe another new character?

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