The Hay Bales


Emily went to the farm every year.

She had done for almost as long as she could remember. The owners of the farm were family friends, and so each summer, once the holidays began, Emily and her family would travel out of the city and high into the dales to stay with them. Her parents would stay for a couple of weeks, and then have to return to their jobs, but Emily could choose to stay until the end of the holidays, and she always did.

Most of the time was spent helping the farmer and his family with the endless jobs that needed doing around the farm, bringing the cows in for milking, looking after the chickens or helping the farmers wife around the house. None of these things seemed like a chore to Emily, she found a strange satisfaction in seeing a job well done, in helping the farm, and in the tiredness that comes from a day spent working hard, when the fruits of your labour are spread out in splendor before you. The farmers wife was always grateful for the help around the house too. The farmers family had no daughters, just 3 sons, and like most young men, they had little interest in hanging around inside.

But Emily had seen the farmers sons grow, summer by summer, from little boys to young men, just as she herself had become a young woman. All 3 had grown broad and strong, and they moved with an ease and sureness that comes from a life spent wrestling sheep and cattle, long days spent cutting and baling hay, and winters looking after livestock on the high moors. Still, though they were in their early 20's now, she couldn't help but still see them a little as the boys she had grown up with, giggling and shoving each other, fighting over the rods when they went fishing, and tipping each other into the river.

She too, in many ways, hadn't yet seen the change in herself, from the quiet red-haired child she had been when she first came, to now, at 18, a beautiful young woman. The summers spent on the farm had toned her, and she had become tall and long limbed, not slim, but healthy and full, and definitely now more woman than girl. She was developing a shapely figure many women would envy. Though Emily herself may not have truly appreciated the changes, you can be sure that other people had...

Something that Emily had noticed however, was how the personalities of each of the farmers sons had developed as they got older. Edward, the eldest, had always been more thoughtful and introverted as a child, while the younger two, David and Michael, had always been more boisterous and playful. Now the three of them almost seemed a unit for much of the time, working in unison. Edward was clearly the brains, and he did most of the talking. There was a light in his eyes that betrayed a cool intelligence. He was not in any sense small, but he was both a little shorter and slimmer than his younger brothers. David and Michael then, were the brawn, and both had grown into massive men, already gaining a reputation as drinkers in the local pubs, and they weren't averse to fight before closing time either. But when they were with Edward, which was most of the time, they were happy to follow his lead.

Emily thought nothing of it when Edward came into the house early one evening and asked her if she could come and help them in the barn. She was in the kitchen with the farmer and his wife. The farmer had his boots off and his feet up on the big trestle table while he chatted to his wife. Emily washed the flour from the cakes she had been making, off her hands, and dried them. She popped the tray of cakes into the oven and took off her apron as she headed for the door. As she closed it behind her she could still see the farmer and his wife chatting away contentedly, the days main work done, and tea an hour or two away.

They walked across the yard and out onto the fields, headed for the barn half a mile or so away on the hillside. As they did, Emily closed her eyes and felt the early evening sunlight warm her face, while Edward explained that a load of the bales in the hay loft of the barn had been tied together, and neither he nor his brothers thick fingers had been able to untie them. Her nimble fingers might have better luck. As he did so he looked at her from under thick eyebrows. Emily was barely listening, but she lazily replied that she'd have a go. It was hot work walking up the hill in the sunshine and she was glad she had chosen to wear a simple light dress, though the inevitable wellies she was wearing were getting a bit sweaty, and she was glad of the cool breeze blowing steadily down the valley.

When they got to the barn Edward opened the door for her and they went inside. After the outside air, the barn was strangely both warm and cool, with still air, and very quiet after the wind outside. The bales of hay stacked around seemed to deaden all sound. Edward climbed up the ladder to the hay loft. Emily, grateful for the opportunity, took a moment to take off her wellies and followed him.

The hay loft, when empty, was a long, massive room that ran the entire length of the barn roof. But now, getting near to the end of the summer it was almost full, a wall of hay filling almost the entire length of it. All that was left now was a "room" at one end, made up of stone walls on 3 sides and a wall of hay bales on the other, with a small hatchway on one corner of the floor for entry. The ceiling was vaulted, with eyes on the beams for hauling the hay bales around. Aside from the rolls of baling twine in the corner, the only other thing in the room were a few spare bales of hay on the floor scattered around. David and Michael, who'd obviously been waiting for some time while Edward walked to the house and back, were sitting on one of them with their backs to the wall, while Edward stood leaning against one of the wooden pillars holding up the ceiling.

"Hello!" said Emily brightly to the two younger brothers as she climbed up into the loft, "Lets have a look at the knots that have defeated the big boys then!". She stuck out her tongue as she went past. She strode over to the wall of bales and bent to find the string binding them together. She spent a good 20 seconds looking more and more confused before straightening. There wasn't any.

"What's going on?" she demanded, turning to face them. "There isn't any string on these bales at all."

"No, there isn't." Edward replied calmly, looking into her eyes as he spoke.

"So what? You drag me all the way up here from the house for a joke?" As she spoke, she noticed that David and Michael were no longer sitting down, but had stood and leant against the wall on opposite sides of the barn, and there was a strange look in their slightly hooded eyes. Edward's own eyes betrayed nothing as he spoke.

"No. It wasn't a joke. We really do want your help with something. But its not the hay bales."

"Well what then?" Emily demanded again. This was getting weird.

"Perhaps its easiest to think of it as an experiment. An experiment into potential."

"What potential? What are you talking about?"

"The potential of willpower in changing things to the way you want them. The potential of punishment and reward as a way of getting what you want. The potential of forcing your will over that of another." Edward chose his words carefully.

"And what is the subject of this experiment?" Emily asked, still confused. She was not prepared for the reply.


Emily didn't reply for a moment while she took this in. She still didn't really understand what was going on, but she had uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She decided to be firm.

"Look, this is just getting silly. I'm not going to be an experiment for you or anyone else. Now if you don't mind, I've got things to be getting on with." With that, she started for the hatch in the floor.

The only response that this seemed to achieve was that the two younger brothers stopped leaning against the walls. They were large enough that this effectively blocked her exit. Then Edward's voice came from behind her.

"I'm afraid that this will be taking place with your consent or without it. The possibility of your reluctance has already been considered. It is unfortunate, but we'll just have to see how things go. You never know, you may find you even enjoy yourself a little."

She turned to face him, anger flashing in her eyes, "Fuck you."

"We'll see." he replied.

As he did so, she felt strong hands take hold of her arms from behind. Instinctively, she tried to twist out of it, but the grip was steel.

Edward looked at her coldly. "I'm going to tell you how it will be."

He walked over and stood directly in front of her, inches from her face. "You will do as you're told from now on. Without hesitation and without complaint. Any and all infractions or resistance will be punished, lightly at first, but with increasing severity."

"Frankly I expect you to resist," he continued. "Indeed that's the whole point. It will be interesting to see just how much it will take to break you."

Emily tried to lash out and slap him, but the brute arms of the two brothers behind her were ready for it, and held her tightly. Desperately, she tried to dive for the floor, hoping to crawl or run for the hatchway, but the arms holding her simply lifted her off the ground with no more difficulty than a prize calf. Finally, she screamed "Help!, Help!" knowing the futility of it, this distance from anywhere, before sagging, limp, in the arms holding her.

Edward came down and knelt on one knee in front of her. She had her head down as she sagged between the two younger brothers, their bulky forms dwarfing her.

"Hmmm, well that's not a good start at all is it?" he said, looking at her with an amused expression.

Emily spoke from behind the hair that had fallen over her face, "Please, I've got to get back, there are cakes in the oven and they'll burn, I just want to go, please let me go..." By the end she was just babbling.

"Stand her up" Edward said. They pulled her roughly to her feet. Edward swept the hair back off her forehead to show her face, but she kept her eyes closed. "If you try to escape again you will be restrained. And if you try to scream, not that it matters, you will be gagged. Its time you saw that you have literally no choice."

Emily slowly opened her eyes to look at him. The moment she did so, he slapped her across the face with an open palm. The shock, more than the force of it, stunned her, and her legs collapsed, though the arms holding her up meant that she didn't actually go anywhere.

"Don't you see that I, we, can do whatever we like with you?" He slapped her again for emphasis, and tears sprang in her eyes. "Now now, a slap or two doesn't seem like too bad a punishment, there are much worse ones available. Do you think you're ready now to do as you're told?"

Slowly and haltingly, Emily said "What...what do you want me to do?"

Edward smiled slightly, but his eyes still watched her coolly. "Good girl. Oh nothing too taxing first of all. Why don't you go and stand over there." he said, pointing at the floor in front of the hay wall. Carefully, the two younger brothers released her arms, and their eyes warily watched her as she slowly walked over and away from the hatchway. As she did so, her eyes scanned the floor for something she could use to help her, but there was nothing, just stray stalks and dust.

Edward strode over to the rolls of baling twine against the wall, pulled a pocket knife from his trousers and cut off a long length. He coiled it and placed it on the floor in the middle of the room, then pulled a spare hay bale across as a seat and sat down. David and Michael took up their positions along either wall, watching her intently.

"Go and pick up the rope off the floor and stand back where you were." he said. Slowly, she did, watching him from under her eyebrows as she did so. She stood back with the rope in her hands.

"You remember how to use a skipping rope don't you?"

She looked at him, confused. "Yes?"

"Then skip."

"You want me to skip for you?" she asked incredulously, "This is just stupid."

"Do you really want to find out what the next punishment is already?" he replied.

"No." she replied quietly.

"Then I suggest you begin."

Emily took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She passed the rope between her hands until she had a good length and slowly, awkwardly at first, began to skip. With her eyes closed and the rhythm of the rope to concentrate on, she slowly forgot her surroundings, concentrating solely on the whip of the rope on the wooden boards of the hay loft floor. She was brought back by a slow deep laugh from the room outside her closed eyelids. "Hur hur."

She stopped skipping, and opened her eyes to see David openly leering at her breasts. He had been watching them bounce as she skipped, and clearly enjoyed the sight.

Edward stood up from his seat on the hay bale and spoke. "The skipping was David's idea. He thought it would be amusing. Apparently it is, but then he is a man of simple pleasures."

Emily realised that they had all been looking at her breasts, and blushed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"But enjoyable as that was, the important point is that you stopped without being told."

"I'm not going to be laughed at, and I'm not here for your amusement." Emily said indignantly.

"Oh, but you are," Edward replied. "And you may have to suffer much more than appreciative laughter before we're through. But now its time you were punished."

As David and Michael bore down on her she backed away, saying, "No, please don't."

Edward stood back, his eyes glittering. "But we must, or you will never learn. You've been told that any resistance or hesitation would be punished, and yet you have shown both. A spanking, I think, may be a lesson you will learn from. Over there, the hay bale I think." he said, pointing.

As they pulled her over, she shouted, "What? No!"

They forced her to kneel at the side of the hay bale and lie over it, holding her down. Edward came and knelt by her head.

"But first, we need to do something about the shouting and screaming. You were warned about that too." He gripped her hair and pulled her head back, forcing open her mouth with his other hand and stuffing in a dirty rag. She tried to spit it out, but he pulled a loop of twine from his pocket and put it over her head, tightening it and holding the rag in place in her mouth.

He let her head drop and stood up. "Ah, that's better." Emily tried to swear at him through the gag, but all that came out was a muffled "Munff Moo".

Edward walked round to the other side of the hay bale and looked down at Emily's soft cheeks, the material of the dress covering her buttocks pulled taut by her position bent over the bale. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this." Emily tried to speak, but it was incomprehensible behind the gag. She was mumbling now, and it got louder as Edward bent down and gave the hem of her dress a gentle upward tug. She couldn't move her upper body at all, with two men holding her down, but she could move her legs, and she began to wriggle them around.

"If you don't stay still, this will be much, much worse, I assure you." After a moment she stopped wriggling, and the mumbling became quieter.

"That's better." Edward said, and resumed the slow gentle tugging at the hem of her skirt. From his position at her hips, he could see her face reddening as he slowly exposed her thighs and bum, though the cheeks of her arse were still covered by her panties. He took his time, enjoying her discomfort, complementing her on her choice of panties and commenting appreciatively on her arse while she got redder and redder.

Eventually the whole skirt of her dress was hitched up around her waist. Emily stiffened as she felt him hook his fingers into the waistband of her knickers and start to pull them down. He slowly pulled until they were bunched at the crease at the bottom of her cheeks. Then she felt his rough fingers move over the surface of her bum. She started trying to shout through the gag again, trying to make him stop, pleading incoherently.

Without warning his hand smacked down on her arse cheek, hard. Her whole body bucked from the impact, and she let out a muffled squeal. 3 times his hand came down on her exposed cheeks, first one then the other. Each time the shock traveled through her as her muscles spasmed. Her legs kicking out behind her and then collapsing as she did so.

"If she can't keep her legs still for her punishment, she'll have to be tied." Emily squirmed again, trying to fight the big men holding her. "Her arms too I think." He went over and cut some lengths of twine from the reels. After tying them around the hay bale, he secured each of her legs to it, just above the knee. She tried to resist, kicking her legs, but he held each of her legs in place effortlessly while he tied the knots. When he was done she could no longer wriggle them more than an inch away from the bale. When he came to tie her arms at the front, one at a time, she resisted again. When she did it with the first arm he said nothing, simply gripped her by the hair, pulled her head up and slapped her. When she tried it with the other arm he said "Stay still, bitch" and then lifted her head and spat in her face. She hung her head and the spit ran down her cheek and onto her nose as he tied the other arm.

When he was done, Edward stood back to admire his handiwork. She was now securely tied on all fours, her legs and arms strapped tightly to the hay bale she was bent over. David and Michael, no longer needed to restrain her, stood back to watch, as Edward circled the prostrate girl, her exposed buttocks slightly pinked from the spanking.

Edward knelt in from of her again. "Look at me." She slowly looked up from behind her hair. "Lift up your head and look at me properly bitch." She lifted up her head straighter and glared at him, hate in her eyes. "I like it when you get all haughty," he said, laughing, "especially when you're trussed up. But I think its time you were broken in a little. I wonder how quick a learner you are."

With that he stood up and walked around to the other side of the bale. The hem of her dress had slipped back down a little and he yanked it back up. Then he leant over slightly and began to spank her again with lazy slaps all over her bottom. They were almost pats at first, and Emily simply closed her eyes, but slowly they became stronger and began to sting, the smacking sounds each signaling a starburst of pain from her bum. Emily tread to squirm away, pulling with her arms and trying to kick back with her legs. She tried to wiggle her hips out of the way of the blows, but it was futile, she wasn't able to move more than a fraction in any direction.

Then he began to concentrate on one cheek and then the other, smacking each 3 times in turn with increasing force. The intensity was too much for her to take, and tears sprang in her eyes as she struggled. As they did so he began to speak.

"Now I'm going to ask you some questions. And you are going to answer them." He punctuated each sentence with a smack. "You're gagged, obviously, so just a nod or a shake of your head for yes or no will be fine. All no answers will result in more spanking. Failure to answer will result in a further punishment, and the spanking will continue. Is that clear?"

Emily simply stiffened and tightened her jaw.

Edward leaned back and delivered a full force smack onto her already reddened buttocks. Before Emily could react, there was another, and another. A small yelp escaped through the gag.

"I said, is that clear?"

As it smacks continued to rain down, Emily began to nod her head, slowly at first and then vigorously, throwing her head up and down as the only way to stop the pain. After a few moments, they stopped. He looked down at her and said, "That's better."

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