The Hay Bales


Then he began to thrust all the way in and out of her mouth, his hands in her hair pulling her head onto his cock at the same time, raping her mouth over and over. Her throat, now fully open, provided no resistance as he slid his cock fully into her again and again, the head invading her throat.

She could feel him slowly building to an orgasm as he grunted into her mouth, his cock got even harder, and she could taste pre-cum on her tongue. Then, unexpectedly, he pulled her head off his cock and threw her onto her back on the floor.

"No cum for you yet, bitch." He left her on the floor and took off the rest of his clothes. "You ready to get your dirty little cunt fucked now?"

She looked up at him from the floor, her face stained with dried spit and tears, and pre-cum gathered at the corner of her mouth. There was no resistance left in her now. "Please yes, please fuck me, I need to be fucked. I need you in my dirty cunt. Please fuck me."

He pulled her up by the hair and forced her onto her back on one of the hay bales. "Now spread your legs so I can fuck you bitch." His face took on a depraved light of lust as he spoke. With his hand on her throat he thrust into her roughly. She was now so aroused that her pussy provided no resistance, and her juices seeped past his cock and ran onto his balls. He began to pound in and out of her, not allowing her body any time to adjust as he ravaged her, slamming his body against her. As he did, he alternated between pulling her hair and gripping her tits hard in his hands, using them to pull her onto him.

As he continued to fuck her, driving her onto the hay bale, Emily hooked her tied hands behind his head. The bale beneath her was slowly filling her hair with straw as she was shunted up and down, and ends of the stalks chafed her sore arse. She arched her head back, and as she did, she noticed the two younger brothers still standing in the shadows. She had forgotten them, but they hadn't forgotten her, and they stood stroking themselves as they leant against the wall and watched Edward fuck her on the hay bale.

He saw her looking and spoke to them, "Don't worry boys, you'll get yours." He stopped fucking her and pulled out, walking round to her face, saying "Clean it," to her as he pushed his cock into her mouth. He looked up and spoke to his brothers as she licked and slurped her juices from him.

"You want some of this slut now boys? I think she's ready."

They just nodded slowly and looked at her while she sucked Edward's prick greedily.

Edward laughed and pulled his cock from her mouth. Still looking at his brothers, he pulled her up by the hair off the bale. He lay down on his back in her place and told her to straddle him.

She put her hands on his chest and climbed onto him, looking into his eyes from the darkness of the hair over her face. She lowered herself onto him slowly, almost reverently, and began to move slowly up and down, faster and faster. As he began to thrust into her, she bounced against his thrusts and they began to set up a harsh rhythm.

As she continued to fuck herself on Edward's hard member, he looked up and called his brothers over.

"David, you first. Fuck the front end. Stick your tool in her mouth. The dirty bitch will keep bouncing and be sucking you off at the same time. Edward pulled her head back as David came in front of her, dropping his trousers as he did. He leered with glee as he put his already hard cock to her mouth, and Edward spoke again. "Plus, it'll keep her quiet when Michael puts his pole up her arse..." Emily's eyes widened as Edward thrust into her again, pushing her mouth onto his brother's prick.

David slowly shuffled forward as she fucked herself up and down, and each bounce against Edward pushed David's cock a little further into her mouth. Finally, each thrust was pushing his prick from her lips, where she took a gasping breath, to deep in her throat, where she swallowed, milking his cock as she did and swallowing the mixture of pre-cum and saliva in her mouth.

Then Edward told Michael it was his turn.

Edward put his arms around her and held her body to him, holding her still with his cock still embedded in her. David held her head still and casually fucked her mouth as watched Michael strip and walk around behind her. Michael laughed as he saw her bruised and reddened arse, before giving it a good hard smack with a hand like a side of meat. Emily jerked forward with the shock of the impact, her nose mashing into David's pubes as his cock thrust into her mouth as far as it would go.

As David withdrew, Edward held her tight again, and Michael roughly spread her cheeks. Her tight arsehole was already wet from innumerable juices, but he spat on it anyway and thrust a finger into her. Even with all the lubrication, his finger was rough, and it chafed her tender ring a little as he pushed his finger in and out of her. Emily just writhed around his digit and the shafts of hard flesh filling her mouth and pussy.

Without warning, Michael pushed another finger into her arse, and she tried to squeal, but David just pushed his cock down her throat again, silencing her. After fingering her arse for a while, forcing it to widen and accomodate the intrusion as he thrust his fingers into her, she felt Michael withdraw, and felt the end of his cockhead press against her arsehole. Despite being loosened by the fingers, she could feel it stretching her as he pushed himself inside.

At the mercy of the overwhelming sensations, Emily lost herself completely. She was wild now, craving everything she felt. She pushed back onto the tool in her arse as hard as she could, feeling it fill her final entrance. Edward released her as she pushed forward again, filling her throat with male meat. She threw herself back and forward wildly, unable to fill both ends at the same time, frustrated in her lust.

Then she felt their rough hands on her hips, shoulders and head stiffen, holding her still. Slowly, in unison, they began to fuck her, all of them pushing into her and drawing themselves out at the same time. Michael held her hips as her fucked deep into her arse, filling her bowels with fire, while Edward thrust into her pussy and David held her head still and fucked her mouth.

Slowly, they built up a grinding rhythm as the sawed in and out of her, and Emily felt as though a tide were washing in and out of her, filling her in every way. Faster and faster they went, until they were grunting like animals, sweat running down their skin as they fucked and screwed her.

Emily's mind and body were utterly unable to cope with the sensations flooding through her body, every nerve in her body screaming and tingling. She faded almost out of consciousness under the onslaught as they used her. Suddenly, she flicked back to consciousness and as it all hit her at once, she orgasmed. She bucked, but she was held and impaled from every direction, and they didn't interrupt their rhythm. She almost lost consciousness again, and could only tremble as they continued to fuck her, orgasming again immediately as soon as the previous one ended. It went on and on, and she came over and over.

Eventually she collapsed entirely, lying limply on Edward's chest as his brothers continued to abuse her arse and mouth. Michael came first, deep into her arse, and she could feel his hot cum leaking out of her as he withdrew. Then David, thrusting deeply into her mouth and shooting his load directly into her throat. Emily tried her best to contain it, but she could only swallow weakly, and a stream of cum seeped from the corner of her mouth.

Edward had been embedded in her all this time, and her cunt tried to hold in his cock as David and Michael lifted her off him and it slipped from her sopping pussy.

Edward got up, and they lay her sweat drenched body, on her knees, over the hay bale. Edward turned to his brothers with glee, "I've tried the cunt, now i want some more of her dirty mouth and tight little arse."

He began to fuck each in turn, putting his leg up on the hay bale as he thrust into her already cum filled arse. Then he moved to her mouth, pulling up her head and pushing his cock, covered in her own secretions and Michael's cum, between her lips. She tried her best to clean his cock as, for the second time, he fucked deep into her mouth.

Finally, he pulled out and returned to her pussy, and used her hair, held in one hand, to fuck her harder. He pounded her against the hay bale again and again, driving into her abused and tender pussy. He was animal now, growling as he fucked the woman beneath hard, slamming his body into her arse, before finally grunting as he spilled his seed deep inside her. He continued to fuck her as he did so, working his cum deep inside, before pulling out of her and giving her arse cheek a satisfied smack.

He came around in front of her and used his hand to wipe the cum still leaking from his cock onto her face. As he did so he spoke to his brothers and his breathing gradually slowed to normal. "Well I think we're done for now." he said lazily, "We've got the rest of the summer to use her as we please, so there's no rush." He smiled as he spoke.

They tied her sweaty and cum stained body to the beams again, and used a hose to wash her clean. Then they dried her with rough towels until her skin glowed from their attentions.

David and Michael, now dressed, walked over to the hatchway that led down the hayloft. But Edward waited a moment and spoke to her.

"Well well, think you're ready to service us all summer like a good little slut?" He laughed. "We may not even let you go then, you clearly love this sort of treatment. We'll just have to see. This has been a most interesting experiment though, there's no denying. And there are so many more to conduct..."

Then they left, leaving her tied and naked once more, and with plenty of time to consider her fate.

But as they did so, they failed to notice that Edward's pocket knife was no longer embedded in the beam, and a gleam of metal showed through Emily's clenched fingers.

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