tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Health Club Ch. 02

The Health Club Ch. 02


Dave was a little bit nervous, anxious and excited as he drove to the Health Club. He was embarrassed about what he had to do to get the membership, but he didn't have any money, so he did just what he had too. Oh well he thought. It worked. He was in.

Pulling into the parking lot he couldn't help but notice how normal it all was. At least from the outside, it was just a private health club in a well to do Californian suburb. The facility was quite impressive they had everything and more then a normal high end health club would have. Swimming pool, weight room, indoor track, tennis, racquetball, basketball courts. Amenities such as Sauna, steam rooms, masseuse, hot tubs, tv's, lounge area, juice bar, the works!

However, this wasn't your typical health club. This health club was different. It was a nudist health club. Except for the weight room, people went about the place naked. Like most nudist facilities it wasn't overtly sexual, infact this was more family oriented. If there was any sexual tension or interest it was officially discouraged and hush hushed. Although it's a fine line between keeping club members in line and keeping club members. You can't have too many rules or it pisses people off.

Smiling at the warm looking receptionist Dave gave her his card. Doing his best not to look at her perky nipples on her 18 year old-ish frame, he looked her in the eye. When she smiled and gave the card back, he snuck a glance. And those tits were NICE! The subtle glance didn't get past the hot receptionist. But it didn't bother her though. In fact she was young and in great shape, she was proud of her body. She wanted guys to look at her nice young, firm breasts. But she just didn't like it when the creepy guys leered. That was uncomfortable. But a nice quick glance or too was a compliment she thought. And besides she was admiring his backside as he walked down the hall. Nice ass she thought. He must be new, she hadn't seen him before.

Dave felt like he was walking on air. Kind of like when you are in a dream and you know it's a dream. But this was no dream. This was fucking real! Then the realization hit him that, in a few minutes, he was going to take his clothes off, in front of strangers. Sure he had been in locker rooms before and stuff and that was no big deal. It wasn't sexual at all. It was just a bunch of dudes. But here at this club there were women! The locker rooms were mixed, he remembered fondly from the tour of the club Barbara had given him. Walking down the hall, he could here the people playing racquetball, at the end of the hall was the lounge area. The wall on the far end of the lounge area had large windows in it that looked out on the pool area. He could see naked people out there frolicking in the pool. From the lounge you could go left or right. Either way took you to a locker room. Originally, this club was built as a regular health club, so it had 2 locker rooms. But now the locker rooms were just locker room A and locker room B, not men's and women's.

Dave went left to Locker room B. Taking a deep breath he walked in. Turning the 2 corners on the entranceway he was presented with a sink and mirror area. A middle aged couple were there combing there hair and what not. Gross he thought. Old people. He hoped he never looked like that when he got old. The rolls of fat disgusted him. But then again he thought it was cool that they were cool with it. And it gave him confidence too. If that fat ass old dude with a tiny prick and that old grandma with tits down to her waist can take off their clothes, why should he be afraid too?

Actually he wasn't really 'afraid' of it. He was more excited about it. He wanted women to look at him. But still he had never done this before so he was a little nervous.

He walked past and went down a few aisles of lockers, he took the 3rd aisle and was glad he did. He saw a wonderful pair of large breasts being put into a bra. The lady was definitely a MILF. Older but still hot. She had her little thong on, as she was getting dress. Pulling his eyes from her tits, Dave looked at how nice her ass looked.

She caught him staring. She would have been a little bit perturbed about the stare, but this guy was young and he was cute! She would give him a break. Her frown melted into a sly smile as they said a polite hello to each other.

Dave opened the locker, took a deep breath as he sat down on the bench and started to take off his shoes. He really wanted to look over at the lady again, but he couldn't. He was moving slowly because he was chickening out of this whole thing. He was hoping that she would finish dressing by the time he got down to his boxers. Now having finished with his shoes and socks he stood up and took off his shirt.

Breaking the silence, 'Are you new here?' the lady asked.

With his shirt collar stuck on his head, as he struggled to get the shirt over his head, Dave swivel, 'aahh ya'. And with that he finally pulled off his shirt. Now it was his turn to feel a little bit squeamish as he saw her eyes go back up from his upper body to his eyes.

'I thought so. I didn't think I had, aahhh,' her eyes dropped back down and feasted on his muscular torso, chest and arms, 'seen you here before'.

He did not answer. He was curt with her, hoping that she would leave. He noticed that, she was dressed now. He took his time with his belt. He went very slow, stalling as best as he could. She was dressed now, she would surely leave. He heard her grab her purse and start walking towards him.

He started to take his pants down leaving his boxers on.

She stopped mid stride. 'You look familiar, do I know your parents?'

'No, I doubt it. We just moved here', Dave lied hoping she would go away. He had less covering now as he stepped out of his pants. It was obvious even through the boxers that there was something large beneath them. It danced around as he was getting free of his pants.

'Oh, well then, welcome to the town and everything!'


'And I think you'll love this club. You look like you work out alot. The weight room is awesome. I'm sure you will like it.'

This lady was a chatterbox he thought to himself. From her elegant appearance, glasses and all she looked like an innocent librarian mom type. There was nothing 'sexual' about this, she was just striking up a conversation, right? He thought to himself. Or was she just making up shit as an excuse to stand there and watch him undress?

'Are you going swimming?' In a defeated tone, he replied, 'Yes'

'Ooh, I think you'll like the pool.' she continued in her perky mom tone. 'It's magnificent.'

She had been rambling on for the past 40 seconds as he stood there in only his boxers. She had to know that if she didn't leave soon she would see him naked. Well she obviously isn't going anywhere soon he thought. Might as well get it over with. Feeling light headed, he didn't have the courage to look at her, so looking at his clothes in his locker he started to slide his boxers down his hips.

'And the hot tubs are great too. But the pool is the best, it's really big, it's Olympic sized...', her voice trailed off as Dave slowly pulled his boxers down bringing into view first his public hair then, a wide shaft that seemed to go on forever as he pulled his shorts down. Finally the large head of his penis came into full as he finished getting out of his boxers.

Dave now standing there without a stitch of clothing on, completely naked, looked over at her, and saw that her jaw and dropped, her mouth was open slightly, and she was staring wide eyed at his flaccid penis! She didn't even try to hide where she was looking!

He turned and faced her acting like this was no big deal, a completely normal situation. Although his face was flush red. 'Ah, sorry what was that you said?....Err aahhh, About the pool?' he said.

Her eyes still glued to his fully exposed penis, taking in the site of what it looked like from the frontal view she managed to say. 'Oohh ya, the pool...It's ahhh, Olympic sized.. It's ahh...' with one hand nervously playing with her hair, almost out of breath, in an exasperated she said, 'It's ahh...real big'. She brought her eyes to his for a moment before once again dropping them to his penis. She did it against her will, she couldn't help but stare. It's immense size demanded it.

She couldn't help but notice that although Dave's penis was completely limp, it was still an impressive, thick 5 and a half inches. His balls we just as large. They were almost the size of 2 tennis balls hanging there. But what really caught her attention was the innumerable folds of skin on the shaft and the large pink mushroom head at the end. He was hung like a horse! She wondered to herself, 'good god! how big can that thing get?'

Suddenly Dave felt empowered. He was tempted to say something really cheesy like, 'so do you like big pools or small pools?' as some double entandra. But instead, he decided to play it cool and still standing naked in front of her he acted like he was getting things or moving things around in his locker, giving her time to look him over. He could almost feel her eyes over him. He felt the blood beginning to flow to his cock as it began to lengthen. To keep her there he said, 'So do you swim alot here?' he said still pretending, to be fumbling for his lock for his locker.

'ooh ya, I love to swim' her eyes feasted on his body. She was enjoying the profile as much as the front on view. What an incredible body she thought! Flat stomach, muscular body, and not an ounce of fat. But fat where he should be. Where it counts. Hummpgh she thought, if she wasn't married she would..ooh my she thought! It's getting bigger! She had never seen a cock that big before even when it was hard, but his was still limp! Although that was beginning to change in front of her eyes.

From here profile view, unabashed she watched as Dave's dick expanded to 6 inches, 7, onward to about 8 inches. His cock looked enormous. He finally found his lock and closed up his locker.

'Well, then maybe I'll see you around', Dave smiled.

Turning to leave, he heard. 'Wait, I'm sorry I didn't get your name?' smiling as she said it.


'Andrea', she said extending her hand to shake his, and as she did she took one last look at the huge piece of meat between his legs. 'And if you would like someone to show you around the club sometime, I'd be more then happy to.' More like show you off to the club she thought to herself. The images of the size of his dick was burnt in her brain. She masturbated furiously when she got home. When her husband came home she practically molested him. But it was Dave she was thinking about. Stroking his cock. Sucking it. Licking it. Putting in her pussy nice and slow.

'Thank you Andrea, I would like that very much. See ya later'

All smiles she said, 'See ya', in that perky mom tone that drove him wild.

Walking away, Dave took a few deep breaths and tried to think about something like politics or baseball to take away his semi hard on. But it didn't work, he kept on thinking about Andrea, and how she looked at him, and everything they said. Needless to say his cock now at 8 and a half inches and it swung from side to side as he walked through the locker room to the showers. He could almost feel the eyes on him. It didn't matter how old or young they were, everyone in the locker room seemed to sneak a peek. Although no one was nearly as forthright about as Andrea was. In fact, other then the quick glance, people seemed to go out of the way not to notice it. Maybe it was all in his head, and maybe most people didn't really care. Maybe the eyes he felt on his exposed penis were just his imagination.

He felt a little bit ashamed and wanted to get to the showers as fast as he could so he could take a cold, cold shower. He was relived when he got to the door. Opening it he found a spacious hallway. This was the dry off area. To his right were a few doors to some steam rooms. On his left were the gang showers, farther down the hall were the individual showers. He remembered during the tour that Barbara took him on she that men were supposed to use the gang showers and that the individual showers were reserved for ladies.

No one else was in the gang, showers. Phew! he thought. Hanging up his towel, he walked buck naked into the empty shower room. He enjoyed having it all to himself. Turning on the water he moved it to cold. It was really cold. His heart started racing but the cold water worked and got him back down to his flaccid 5 and a half inches. Thank god for cold showers he thought.

Just then he heard the door from the locker room open. He heard Barbara's voice, 'And the next stop on the tour is the steam rooms and showers.'

'On the right our the steam rooms. Each room is a different temperature, we have medium, warm, hot, and very hot!'

There were mumbles of approvement from the group. And from their voices, it sounded like a female group! Dave swallowed hard and continued with his shower, except he turned to the face the shower head now, hopefully they would just see his back side and walk on past the gang showers.

'And on our left are the gang showers. These are open to everyone, however, there are private stalls for females only. But it's your choice.' Barbara said as she walked to the opening and looked into the gang shower area.

'Oohh Hi Dave!', Barbara thundered! Her eyes lit up a bit. 'How are you doing? How do you like the club so far?'

Dave's heart sank. He got his head out of the water spray from the shower as best as he could without turning around. Kind of turning his head and looking over his shoulder he said, 'Ahh Hi, doing fine. I ahh'. Dave tried to reply but he saw Barbara mouthing what look like the words, 'turn around' 'turn...around' as she playfully mouthed the words she even gave a subtle turn of her wrist signaling him to turn around. She had her back to the group, so they saw none of that. Barbara was very subtle.

Dave managed to say, 'Ya I love the club so far.' His stomach was in knots.

Barbara walked to the other edge of the opening to the showers so that the group of fully clothed ladies could get a look in.

But they seemed modest, they didn't want to look in as someone was showering.

Barbara noticed there discomfort and said, 'Don't be shy lady's. Take a good look at the shower facilities we have here. Dave won't mind.' To add emphasis she peek her head around the corner, 'Will you Dave?'

With his hair lathered up in shampoo he turned only his head and swiveled his shoulders around and said, 'no problem'. He saw the first 3 line up in the door way and look in. They were trying not to make it obvious that they were stealing glances at his muscular backside. They seemed to be looking around, everywhere but at him, or at least they tried to make it look like that.

Dave get playing back the vision of Barbara just a few seconds ago mouthing the words 'turn around...tuuuurn arooound!' She wanted him to expose himself to these ladies?

Dave liked the idea, it excited him. But fantasies are one thing, to do something for real is something quite different. But he screwed up his courage and said to himself, 'what the hell' and he turned around. In the quick moment that he had to scan there expressions he saw there eyes light up and drop right to his shlong. But he didn't want to frighten them off, so he acted like they weren't there and put his head under the shower head and closed is eyes and rinsed his hair. The ladies could see his eyes were closed so they had free reign. And they took advantage of it.

It felt surreal. Dave had to remind himself where he was and what was happening. It felt like a dream. But it wasn't, this was real, this was actually happening.

Under the interested gazes of the ladies, the cool water rinsed his hair. As he ran his hands through his hair the soap suds ran down his naked body. He never felt so alive. He felt there eyes on him. It was exhilarating to be showering completely nude in front of these fully clothed women. He squinted his eyes and looked out and yup. They were still looking. And the others in back of them seemed to be trying to jockey for position to look in.

It was too much for him. He felt his cock again begin to grow uncontrollably. But he didn't care. He could have turned around, but he thought, hey, they have seen the showers. He knew the showers weren't why they stayed there. Let them look he thought. It secretly turned him on to let these ladies see his dick getting hard.

With his hair done he grabbed some soap and started soaping up his upper body. The movement caused his dick to flap around a bit. And as it did it continued to lengthen and thickin.

'Ladies, ahem, let the others have a look in at the shower facilities please'.

They were red faced, but they reluctantly moved to let others up front. They all took one last look at the naked Adonis in the shower who was hung like a horse. And not only that his cock was starting to balloon to massive proportions.

The next set of ladies looked in. One even let out an audible gasp. Seeing nine inches of limp dick must have caught her by surprise. Another said, 'Oh my!'

Dave acted like they weren't even there, although he loved sneaking peaks at them. He just continued to work the soap to a lather on his chest and stomach. And then his lower stomach and upper thighs and hips.

Barbara was droning on and on about the facilties, showers steam rooms, when they were open, how often they were maintained. It wasn't obvious she was stalling, but she was, she was making sure all the ladies got a real good look.

And look they did, the ladies seemed to lose their modesty they had before, and they just ogled now. There was no mistaking that all of their eyes were glued to the very impressive, very large cock that was exposed for them in all it's glory. They watched him finish lathering up his body. His lower stomach and legs. There was a bit of silence then, almost as if everyone was waiting to see if he would soap up his penis. After all, it was a shower and getting clean is the whole point of it, right?

What the hell he thought. And he grabbed some more soap and with one hand he held his pole out of the way and with the other hand he very quickly soap up his huge balls. With that done he soaped up his shaft. It felt incredible as he wrapped his hands around his dick and 'cleaned it'. Or more precisely he stroked his cock a few times. All of this being done in full view of the shocked, but very attentive ladies. But he didn't want to push this too far. His cock was now starting to lose whatever limpness it had. It was now a swollen 10 inches hanging there, and it was beginning to rise. So he gave it just another quick tug or two, then he turned around into the shower and rinsed.

'So if no one has any questions why don't we move on to the pool area,' Barbara concluded.

Barbara lead the stunned group out to the pool area. Dave was shaking, maybe it was just the cold water he was being pelted with and had been for the past 5 minutes as he was showering when the tour was in there. Or maybe he was shaking from excitement. He tried not to think about it. He needed to get rid of his erection. He thought about jacking off in the shower, but then thought better of it. That would surely get him kicked out. So he thought about baseball. That worked. He figured he would hide out in the steam room and let the tour go through before he went out to the pool area.

Later on Dave went swimming although compared to what all had happened before it was pretty uneventful. He just swam laps and relaxed in the hot tub. He was beat so he went home.

Usually Barbara would get 1 maybe 2 potential members from a tour, but this time all 8 of them signed up! One even said to Barbara, when the other ladies weren't there, when she was filling out the paperwork to join 'Ya know Barbara you guys have a great a facility and ahh, I was really impressed with your shower facilities,' she smiled. It was the smile that women give one another when they are talking in code and they know what they really mean.

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