tagLoving WivesThe Honeymoon's Over Ch. 01

The Honeymoon's Over Ch. 01


Meryl wandered along the beach in front of me, the cheeks of her fulsome backside squirming inside her bikini bottoms with each step, her long brown hair cascading down her back, almost touching the enticing cleft of her buttocks, barely revealed by the skimpy swimsuit bottoms.

I was in heaven, and could not have been happier, following the love of my life along an almost deserted beach, with surf gently lapping the soft pink coral sand and a cooling breeze coming off the ocean. This was our honeymoon, a week in the sun before we started the business of putting a home together before conceiving and raising our two kids. This was also the nineties, before internet porn and cuckolding changed our lives, and before the island that we had found, ended up swarming with tourists.

As we reached our desired spot, a rock formation that gave privacy, with trees behind for shade, Meryl started to remove the shirt that gave her protection from the sun, and which contained the most beautiful breasts known to man - 34FF, soft, firm white breasts, surgically enhanced from her once flat chested form. The nicely reshaped pink nipples now responded to the slightest touch, firming to a rigid nipple when aroused.

I loved this part of the day - late afternoon, the heat building, but with the suns strength slowly fading. I could massage sun oil onto my sexy wife's body, before laying on a rock in the shade, watching her soak up the last of the sun's rays. Another benefit was watching the occasional local beach comber wander past, with the inevitable furtive looks across the beach at the beautiful creature laying there, massive breasts glistening in the sun, seemingly alone on the sand. There were a few local guys who had realised that there was a free show to be had at this time of day, and I recognised at least one middle aged guy from the previous day, from the scattering of men wandering the shoreline. This guy was middle aged, tall and well built, with a good physique. I boxed when a teenager, and recognised the broad shoulders, slim waist and hard arms of a seasoned boxer, together with that boxers swagger when he walked. The previous day, he had stopped briefly, to pass the time of day whilst we were preparing to leave. He tried his hardest to look casual, but Meryl mentioned later that she could see his eyes behind the sunglasses, devouring her body.

She also seemed to think that he had an erection, although with his long shirt over his shorts, I hadn't noticed. Clearly Meryl had a better look than I did! This day he was absent, and we were alone on the beach. Meryl decide that it would be good opportunity to strip her bikini bottoms off to achieve that all over tan that she craved so, making sure that nobody was in sight, she giggled and dropped her bottoms, revealing a backside to die for and a beautifully smooth pussy, freshly shaved for the occasion of our honeymoon. As I smoothed factor 50 onto that most sensitive of areas, I could feel her body move slightly, and a barely perceptible moan told me that she needed more than sun cream to keep her happy. We kissed, tongues exploring each others mouths, hands exploring genitals, until eventually I entered her and we made love. Birds sung, surf broke on the shore, and our love was once more consummated.

As anybody would know who has been deeply in love with a beautiful girl, these moments are all absorbing. Time stands still and you forget your surroundings, not caring where you are, or who may be watching. Such was this occasion, and when we had finally completed our sensual rutting and endless kissing, with Meryl close to sleep, I noticed somebody in the trees behind us. It was the 'boxer' guy, who casually ambled along the beach, as if he had seen nothing, setting up his fishing gear close by. Meryl hadn't seen him, and was dozing, still completely naked, with her legs apart, knees up. Feeling that I should cover her decency, I started to get up to retrieve her swimsuit and shirt, only then realising that I too was naked. Embarrassed at showing myself to a strange man, I decided to stay where I was and struggle back into my shorts. With his concentration now seemingly on setting up his fishing gear, he seemed little threat, so I stayed where I was and decided to cover Meryl with a towel. The sun slowly fell into the sea, as we lay on the soft sand, dozing in the fading heat. Slowly coming to consciousness, I realised that Meryl was no longer lying next to me. The guy was still fishing, the sun slowly setting, but I was alone.

I started putting our stuff in a bag before looking around for Meryl. Nowhere to be seen, I got up and walked down to the shoreline and asked the guy if he had seen my wife. He spoke little English, but motioned toward the trees behind and smiled "beautiful girl - lucky guy" he said, before continuing in Spanish, which my schoolboy knowledge translated as - "she's gone to pee." Deciding to give Meryl some privacy, I tried to converse with my new friend, talking fishing, asking his name (Hector), all the usual stuff that you can discuss with limited Spanish, whilst trying to divert his attention in case Meryl appeared naked from the trees.

Asking what he does for a living, I expected him to say builder, or some equally physical occupation, but his answer baffled me. Putting down his rod, he showed me with hand movements accompanying his description - he was obviously a physiotherapist and masseur.

Finally Meryl appeared, we waved goodbye to Hector and strolled hand in hand back along the deserted beach to the hotel. "Nice guy" I said, as we struggled through the soft sand, "mmm...and very well hung" said Meryl thoughtfully, to my obvious shock.

Quickly changing the subject, Meryl talked enthusiastically about what we planned to do in the evening, and I forgot the off hand comment...for now.

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by Anonymous

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by kiteares09/05/18

If you're reading this

take the ratings seriously. If you are here for cuckolding, it's not a great event with no follow up about his humiliation, if it's for revenge, there really isn't any, got even and I think carried onmore...

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by tazz31708/01/18


when the little head assumes control. TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous07/27/18

uh oh

beware the one page wonders ........busy e-mails do not constitute a story 1*

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by Anonymous07/22/18

It's pretty clear...

Just another heartless cheating Cunt and a complete Sissy Loser husband. No one to like in this mess.

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by oldbearswitch07/16/18

Not inclined to hope for much from these characters if a fundamental factor in their lives together is

"This was also the nineties, before internet porn and cuckolding changed our lives,"

Hope I am wrong, but even Good husband can't usually make me like such folks

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