tagLesbian SexThe Hunger Ch. 14

The Hunger Ch. 14


I highly recommend reading chapters 1-13 before beginning this chapter. While this chapter can be read as a stand-alone story, it is entirely dependent on the events of the earlier chapters. A writer thrives on your feedback. Please take a moment to vote and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. Your votes are greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy my scribbling.


Sharon was waiting for us when we arrived. I had called her on my cell phone when we were on the road and given her our ETA. She welcomed me, as usual, with a warm hug and kiss.

Uncharacteristically, she was wearing a sarong. I was sure that was in deference to Heather's newness to the nudist lifestyle.

"You must be Heather. You're everything that Kim said you were, and more," she exclaimed while moving to her and sweeping her into a hug and kissing her on the cheek. I think Heather was more than a little shocked at the warmth and intimacy of Sharon's welcome. Heather was a little reserved and stiff at first, but quickly adjusted to Sharon's openness and she wrapped her arms around our hostess's body and returned the kiss to her cheek. They stood silently for a brief moment, staring into each other's eyes, arms wrapped loosely around each other, and I got the impression that Heather recognized another soul mate in Sharon's eyes.

Finally, they broke their hug and Sharon said, "Ya'll must be starving. I have dinner ready. Let's go grab a bite. You just missed Jim. He and the boys left a little while ago. Hopefully you will get a chance to see him on Sunday afternoon."

We followed Sharon to the dining room. The table was already set and Sharon went to the kitchen and quickly returned with a large bowl of cold shrimp pasta. She also brought a bottle of cold white wine. I suddenly realized how hungry I really was. The salad that I had shared with Heather at lunch was just a vague memory. I could see that Heather was in the same condition as she spooned a generous portion of the pasta onto her plate as well.

There wasn't much in the way of dinner conversation as we tucked into the delicious and filling meal. Sharon just sat and watched, obviously amused, as her guests tore into the meal. The crisp, white wine was wonderful and went well with the meal.

All three of us joined to clean up. In a few minutes, the dishwasher was loaded and table cleared. We even had some leftovers for lunch on Saturday. Sharon suggested that we unload the car, get settled in, and then retire to the hot tub for more wine and conversation. We readily agreed and made our way back to my car. Sharon guided us back to the guest room where we deposited our bags.

While doing so, Sharon caught my eye and gave me a nod, indicating her approval of Heather. I realized that she hadn't really had an opportunity to really get to know her yet, but I also knew that Sharon was the kind of woman that largely based her opinions on the strength of first impressions. Her approval was important to me and made my heart happy.

After dropping off the bags that she carried in, Sharon said that she was going to open another bottle of wine and get the hot tub ready while we settled in. I realized that she wanted to give Heather and me a moment alone.

"She likes you," I said to Heather.

"How do you know?" she replied.

"I just do, I can tell," I responded.

"Well, I'm glad. I like her too. I was pretty nervous meeting her," Heather said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't know, maybe because you have a longer history with her. Maybe it was just because I felt a need to be accepted by her, because of that history and the fact that she is a part of your life. Maybe it was because I was afraid of being compared to her as a lover."

"She's a very open and accepting person. I guess I should have told you more about her before we got here. I'm sorry about that. I think you will end up being good friends. I hope so anyway, and you have nothing to worry about in regards to any form of comparison. You are your own person, in bed and out. Sex is not a competitive sport."

"I sure hope not," she replied, giggling softly.

"We need to get moving and not leave her alone.

"Uhhhh..." I stammered and paused for a moment. "Heather, we usually don't wear anything in the hot tub. Are you ready for that?" I asked.

"Yea... I guess so. After all, it's just us girls. Maybe this might be a good introduction to the whole nudism thing."

"That was what I was hoping you would say," I replied, smiling at her. Heather's smile was a welcome response to my statement. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Heather's body exposed to my view once again. I wondered if I would ever get used to seeing her and not reacting that way. I hoped not.

"Ahhhh Kim, one thing," she said hesitantly.

"Yes? What is it?" I asked.

"I, rather we, still have the plugs in. I've gotten so used to it, I almost forgot about it. Should we take them out, you know... before," she asked, hesitantly.

"It's up to you, but I'll leave mine in if you do. Besides, the lube has probably dried up some and the water in the hot tub will probably help out with that and make them easier to remove later," I said, trying to be practical. She simply nodded her head and followed my lead. We got out of our clothes and I took Heather's hand and led her to the hot tub on the deck.

As we were walking through the house, Heather said, "I have to admit one thing. I'm really starting to like the feeling of the plug in my ass. I think I could get use to having it in there on a regular basis. It makes me feel so naughty." I murmured an acknowledgement of understanding as we stepped through the back door. Sharon was waiting for us in the spa. She had three full wine glasses and towels nearby. There was a full bottle of wine on ice as well. I could sense Heather tense up as we stepped out on the deck, but Sharon's nonchalant attitude soon had her relaxing again. We both quickly joined Sharon and retrieved our glasses and Sharon proposed a toast.

"To an enjoyable weekend," she said.

We clinked the plastic wine glasses and I recall thinking that the sound of plastic on plastic lost some of the charm of a toast. Heather and I settled in and the sensation of the swirling, warm water was soon performing its magic upon me. I saw a similar result with Heather. Sharon engaged Heather in the ritual of get to know you chit chat. The conversation was largely focused on Heather as Sharon quizzed her on the details of her life and background. I largely sat quietly, listening. Occasionally my mind drifted off as the water, wine, full belly, busy day, and sound of the swirling water had its effect on me.

At one point, Sharon stood up and reached for the bottle of wine in order to refill our glasses. I could she Heather's eyes taking in the exposed details of Sharon's mature, curved form. I sensed a certain degree of elevated excitement in her as she looked at Sharon. I quickly realized that while Sharon was very much different from either Heather or me, Heather was no less attracted to her fuller, curvier body. I smiled in response to that thought and was happy that things seemed to be proceeding well. Heather had admitted to being nervous about meeting Sharon, and I admitted to myself that I was just as nervous in my own way.

I nervously hoped that there was at least some level of mutual attraction between my lovers. In that briefest of moments, my anxiety over that issue was greatly reduced and it was one fewer item on an increasingly shorter list of things to be concerned over.

I was also glad to see that Heather was not at all disturbed by Sharon's questioning and her replies were becoming more detailed as the conversation continued. Heather was definitely becoming more comfortable with Sharon. The conversation slowly changed from less of an inquiry to what I could only describe as a friendly chat. My attention sharpened when Sharon gradually moved the topic to the details of how we had met. When that topic was exhausted, it moved to the details of our day spent shopping. Heather bubbled on cheerfully, almost as if she was a child describing her day spent at an amusement park, as she described her day. I stayed quiet, smiling happily, as I listened to the joy with which she described what had clearly been a wonderful day for her. My heart and feeling for Heather were buoyed by the enthusiasm that she used in her narrative. I did notice that she grew somewhat shy and less forthcoming when describing some things, particularly the lingerie and toys that I had gotten her. She also repeatedly scolded me for spending too much on her.

Sharon picked up on that and helped quell it by simply stating, "Sometimes a woman needs to be spoiled, especially by a lover that cares deeply for her." Upon hearing that, Heather turned to me and out eyes met. She reached out and took my hand.

"Do you agree with that," she asked me. It had been the first words that she had spoken to me since she and Sharon had started their conversation.

"Yes, absolutely," I replied. "I definitely wanted to spoil you and it was worth every penny." I had made similar comments to Heather earlier, but I think hearing it from someone else only served to validate my sentiments. Of course, I had already clued in Sharon on my plan to treat and spoil Heather and she was just backing me up. I planned to do my best to thank her for that later, in my own special way.

I was starting to get wrinkly and waterlogged and said so to my companions. They agreed and we decided to get out and make a move to the living room. Sharon and I were standing on the deck, drying off, when Heather stood up and climbed from the spa. She had just stepped on the deck when the small plug slid from her ass and landed with a wet thud at her feet. Heather gasped as she recognized and felt what had happened.

Heather was aghast and I could see waves of embarrassment flow across her face. She stood there, like a deer in the head lights, not knowing what to do or say. Sharon was at her best, and knelt and picked up the plug and said, "Don't worry about it. We'll clean it up when we get inside and make sure it's ready to be used again later. Don't you just hate it when those things don't stay where they are intended."

Heather just stood there, still not knowing what to say. Her face was bright red as she blushed in embarrassment. Sharon and I paid no more attention to the matter, knowing that would be the best for Heather's frame of mind.

We went inside and settled into the living room, dressed only in loose towels. The towels were soon put to use to cover the furniture, as was customary among nudists. I was amazed how easily Heather took to this form of social nudity. Her earlier apprehension had seemed to melt away. Sharon put on some soft rock as background music and I refilled everyone's wine glasses. Sharon and Heather picked up again on their "get to know you" chat. My attention to their conversation faded in and out. The wine had a large part in this as my mind wandered. I sagged back into a corner of the couch and my thoughts were scattered. Mainly though, I mentally reviewed my day with Heather, the many highs, a few minor lows, and numerous surprises of the day. I had sensed early on that she was a complex individual. I was only then starting to realize how complex she was in fact.

The conversation had seemed to slow and eventually ground to a halt as they began to run out of material and energy, or rather Sharon began to deplete a seemingly endless list of questions. I assumed they were feeling the same warm, soft feelings provided by the wine that I was. I was somewhat amused by Sharon's reaction to Heather. I knew her to be an outgoing, warm person and was confident that she would help draw her out of her shell. I suppose I was just a little surprised by the degree to which she set about that task. At the same time, I couldn't help but wonder how different I had been when I had been in Heather's situation and how Sharon had done the same with me.

During a lull in the conversation Heather looked at me. I could see a warm fuzzy glow on her face. I knew she was ready for bed and perhaps more. How much more, besides just snuggling and sleep, was something I was unsure of and decided to play by ear. This was really the first time I had ever seen her with more than a slight buzz and I didn't know how she would react to the alcohol. We had had a long and busy day, after all.

"Ready for bed?" I asked her.

"Mmmm, yea, I think so," she moaned dreamily. I stood and took her hand and led her to spare bedroom. Sharon caught my eye and smiled. She mouthed, "have fun," to me as we left her. I didn't even consider closing the bedroom door. Privacy was something that I had never even considered a necessity in Sharon and Jim's home. Heather flowed into my arms once we arrived in the bedroom. She kissed me and said, "I like Sharon, she's nice."

"I told you that you would like her," I said in reply.

"Would you do me a favor?" she asked, her face suddenly turning serious.

"Yea, sure, if I can, you know you only have to ask," I responded.

"Mmmmm... would you... please... please spank me?" she asked, haltingly, her eyes diverted from mine for a moment. She then looked at me and our eyes met. I could see the earnestness of her request in them and I also realized how hard it had been for her to ask. It was really the first time she had ever really asked anything of me and this fact was not lost on me. I also considered that while she was not drunk, the alcohol had probably emboldened her and allowed her to shed some of her inhibitions.

"Yes, if that's what you want," I said, a smile on my lips.

"Oh yes," she almost groaned. "I've been a bad girl, running around naked all night and need to be punished for it," she said in an almost girlish voice. I immediately recognized that she had slipped into a role to help her get into the fantasy that she wanted, and perhaps needed, to play out.

I took her hand once again, kissed her, and led her to the bed. I sat on the edge of the mattress and then guided her so that she was draped over my lap, her beautiful ass positioned before me. I rested my hand on her ass and let it glide over the firm globes. Heather moaned softly in response.

"This is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt you," I said, trying hard not to giggle. I followed with a whispered "Not" that was barely audible.

I started with a soft slap that was almost more of a caress than a blow. Heather did gasp when it landed, more, I was sure, from the anticipation and feeling of contact than any sensation of pain. I gradually began to increase the strength of my blows. I alternated back and forth between the cheeks of her ass, moving the target of the blows. Her cheeks were beginning to take on a pinkish hue as the blood rose to the surface. I was amazed how her tight ass seemed to absorb my blows without the least jiggle.

The volume of Heather's moans grew in direct proportion to the force that I used to spank her ass. While I was still not striking her with any great deal of force, her moans did indicate they were having a definite impact on her. I was starting to get into the experience of spanking her. I felt my nipples harden and a tingling sensation in my pussy. My pussy was not the only one that was reacting, I realized, when I felt the first drop of juice drip onto my thigh from Heather. The sound of her moans, the feeling of her fluid on my thighs, and the visual appeal of her pink, tight ass were all having an impact on me. I was somewhat mesmerized by the sight of slight ripple that flowed across her ass every time my hand landed on her ass.

Heather was starting to squirm slightly as my hand landed. She was also starting to thrust her hips back, raising her ass, ever so slightly in anticipation and greeting of my blows.

I stopped for a moment, giving my hand a break, and ran my hand across her ass and felt the warm glow of her cheeks. "Mmmmm, so good... more please," she groaned, "harder," she added.

I switched hands and took up the spanking once more. I moved my target to the back of her thighs and she responded with an enthusiastic groan. I was starting to see a hint of the outline of my hand on her skin after each blow. The few drops of her juice dripping onto my thigh had seemingly turned into a steady flow as her arousal level grew. She was clearly getting more and more into the experience of being spanked. This conclusion was re-enforced by her body's reactions to the blows. Her squirming had increased, as had the way that she pushed her ass back to meet my blows. I realized that her squirming was her attempt to produce some sort of contact on her pussy and that she was also rubbing her thighs together to attempt to get some sort of relief. I decided to stop that and somewhat roughly pulled her thighs apart. That action left the sensitive inner surfaces of her thighs open to me as an available target for my blows. She squealed loudly when my hand landed on her inner thighs.

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and looked towards the door. Sharon was standing in the doorway, leaning on the frame, her fingers locked around one nipple as she watched us. She smiled, and lifted a finger to her lips, indicating that I shouldn't announce her presence to Heather. I nodded my understanding and returned my attention to the task at hand.

At one point, I stopped for a moment and rubbed her ass and thighs again. The warm glow had turned hotter and her skin was extremely warm to the touch. Her skin was now distinctly decorated with the numerous outlines of my hand.

"Please don't stop!" Heather growled. "Oh gawd, I need more, harder please," she pleaded, the need almost dripping in her words. I could sense in the tone of her words that she was almost as surprised by her reaction to the spanking as I was. Her words also made me realize that what had started as a sensuous spanking was quickly turning into serious pain play. This fact was not lost on me, and if anything, it only intensified my own desires.

Also during this brief break, I shook my hands, trying to return some sensation to them. They stung as well, a result of the numerous impacts on Heather's firm ass cheeks and thighs. Sharon saw this and she attracted my attention and silently indicated that she would be right back. She quickly returned, carrying a small, leather covered paddle. Sharon was definitely serving well in her role as helper. I took the paddle from her without allowing Heather to see the exchange.

I set back to work, revisiting all those spots that my hand had visited earlier, starting low on her back and working my way down. "OH gawd!" Heather screamed, as I ratcheted up the intensity of my blows.

By the time I reached her inner thighs, she was groaning loudly with every blow and squirming enthusiastically. I had a quick thought and dropped the paddle and returned to using my hand. I started spanking Heather's pussy softly, but with increasing vigor. She spread her legs wider, welcoming the blows. My hand landed on her wet, open pussy with a loud splat. The sounds of her moans and groans changed in character as well. They were clearly the sounds of her approaching orgasm that I was quickly learning to recognize.

I reached between her legs and began to rub her clit. "Cum for me, cum now," I whispered to her. That was all it took and her orgasm rushed through her trembling body. I pinched down relatively hard on her clit and she howled her release. I removed my fingers from her clit and began to stroke her engorged, wet labia as her long and intense orgasm continued. It was, I thought, the most intense orgasm I had seen her have in the short time we had been together.

I saw Sharon out of the corner of my eye. Two things struck me as I looked at her. First was that she was very turned on. She had clearly enjoyed playing the voyeur. The second was how surprised she seemed to be. I wasn't sure, at the time, if that surprise was at Heather or rather my capability to deliver the kind of scene she had just witnessed. Sharon and I shared a silent moment as we looked at each other. Meanwhile, Heather sobbed softly. She was still draped over my lap, as I softly caressed her back and allowed her to recover from what I knew had been a very intense experience. I recognized her sobs as the result of the intensity of her climax and not those from the pain. I was certain that she was probably still on an endorphin high. The residual soreness wouldn't set in for a while and I decided to make sure she took some ibuprofen before going to sleep.

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