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The Hypnotic DJ



I discovered at a young age that I had some very special powers. It began when I was playing around as a kid. Me and my best friend Dan were pretending that we could hypnotize each other. "Ok Mitch, now you try to hypnotize me!" he exclaimed. I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "You are getting very sleepy. You are entering a trance like state. " His eyes glazed and he stared blankly. I giggled because I thought we were pretending. "Ok, Whenever I say your name you will become or stop being a duck, whichever the case may be. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," he answered in a toneless voice. " I couldn't believe how good he was at pretending! I was definitely amazed. "Ok, now you will come out of hypnosis."

He blinked and came back to himself suddenly. He looked at me as if he was waiting for something. "Well?" he asked. "Are you going to hypnotize me now or what?" I suddenly realized the fantastic truth. I had hypnotized him, for real!

"Now wait.," I thought to myself. "If it's true the suggestion I gave him would work. I'll try it out to be sure."

"All right, dan," I said. No sooner than that he began to quack like a duck!

Chapter 1 - 18 And Still A Virgin

Here I am, an 18 year old virgin. I know it isn't totally uncommon but most of my friends have had sex. More and more kids are having sex before the age of 18. The thing is, I don't understand why I haven't! I'm a horny guy.. but also a nice guy and I guess nice guys finish last. I'm a Disc Jockey, have a nice car, make plenty of money, decent looking, and I'm just a fun person to be with. But still, no sex for me. I came close. I felt a girl up and had her feel me up, but it didn't go any farther than that.

I was on a DJ gig when I made my big decision. I was playing music at the local bowling alley for rock n' bowl. It's fun because I know lot's of guys and girls that go there. But in particular was Jessica. She had such a sweet body. She is pretty small, maybe 5 or so feet. Slightly larger around the waist but trust me it looks good on her; For example it matches her breasts perfectly which are quite large. I love to imagine what it would be like to fuck those lovely tits of hers.

What makes it worse is she brings a girlfriend of hers named Kristen with and they dance together in highly sexual ways. The other girl is the typical cheerleader type. Blonde hair, small, with medium sized tits. She was wearing her cheerleader jacket tonight in fact. I spun on some dancing music and they both went nuts. They were moving up and down against each others body. Bumping and grinding. Pretending they were humping each other even! Jessica was standing and her friend kneeled over and they acted like they were banging! They laughed as I watched helplessly turned on with no outlet. I felt like my cock was going to explode.

That does it. I decided I was tired of girls playing games with me. That's it! I finally remembered what I did that one time with Dan. I can control minds. At least I think I can. I decided that It's worth a shot. My anticipation rose as it came time to end the night. "Hey Mitch, we'll see you next week!" said Jessica with a grin. "Hold on a minute," I said. I stared deeply into her eyes. "What are you trying t.," trailed Jessica. She now stared with a glazed look in her eyes. Her arms fell limp and relaxed at her sides. Her friend changed her gaze towards Jessica. "Jessica?" she asked. "What the?"

"Hey!" I exclaimed. She made the mistake of looking and stared right into my eyes. The same thing happened to her now and she stood there next to Jessica. "I want both of you to walk back to Jessica's truck and sit inside it," I told them hurriedly. "You will not remember any of this and will act as if nothing happened."

"Now come out of your trance and do as I said."

They both blinked and looked slightly confused. "We'll see you next week then Mitch!" said Jessica happily as they both left the building. I grinned mischievously as I gathered up my equipment. They would be waiting in the truck together and I could do anything I wanted. I was so excited and getting hard thinking about it!

After loading my van I walked over to they're truck where they were sitting talking to each other; and, in addition, probably wondering why they weren't able to leave. "Hey there girls," I said jauntily. I quickly had them hypnotized again as they naturally both looked at me. "Now, Jessica. I want you to drive to the holiday inn that is just down the road. Do you know which one I mean?"

"Yes," she answered in a monotone voice. "Good," I answered. "Once you park the truck at the inn you will both reenter this hypnotic state. Now go do as I said." Jessica started the engine and she drove off on they're way to the inn. I drove there and paid for a room for the night. I would have just done it at my house but I still lived at home. Anyway, I went out to the girls which were sitting in the truck in the parking lot. I told them to follow me into the room and I began my fun!

"Jessica, pull off your shirt so we can get a better look at your big tits." She complied immediately and dropped her shirt to the floor. My God, I can't believe how big those tits are! I took out my cock and began to stroke it. "Now take of your jeans Jessica. And I want you, Kristen to take off your coat, shirt and jeans. I continued to stroke my hard on which quickly grew to around 6 inches. both girls were now standing in the room in they're panties and bra's. Kristen's tits were a little on the small side for me, but she had a great body. "Kristen," I told her, "You are getting extremely horny. I want you to sit on the bed with your legs spread as you masturbate for us," I told her. She then sat down on the bed and spread her legs wide for us to see. She brought one hand down and rubbed her pussy through her panties. With the other hand she squeezed her tits. "Take off your bra and panties so we can see better," I commanded. She did and I could see her lovely perfect pussy. It was incredibly wet as she began to finger fuck herself. Her other hand now pinching her titties.

I got behind Jessica who was still standing and I pulled her panties down to her legs. I rubbed my cock against her ass and put my arms around her. "Your getting very horny Jessica. Start rubbing your pussy for me and get it nice and wet. Think about how much you want my hard cock in your tight pussy and how great it would be for me to fuck those huge tits of yours," I ordered. She began to rub her pussy and I undid the clasps of her bra. Her huge tits were now free from they're prison and I squeezed them together. She moaned uncontrollably. Meanwhile Kristen was also moaning as she now rubbed her clit with one hand and fingered herself with the other. She was sliding three fingers in and out of her wet hole with great gusto. "Oh yes! Yes! I'm cumming!" she screamed as she pulled her legs tight against each other and convulsed in a huge orgasm of pleasure.

While this was happening I slid my cock between Jessica's legs rubbing against her pussy and asshole. "Squeeze your legs together against my cock", I told her. She did and I slid between her legs with the help of her pussy juice and my pre cum. God, I almost came right there. I quickly pulled my cock out cause I didn't want to cum yet. "Now sit on the end of bed and get your tits ready for a tittie fuck," I commanded. She sat down and Held her tits with her hands. I slid my cock in between them and she squeezed her tits against my cock. "Oh God your tits feel so good," I moaned as I slid my cock in between them. "Open your mouth and suck the end of my dick as I slide in," I ordered Jessica.

I slid my between her breasts and she sucked the head as it reached her mouth. God the feeling was amazing. I began to pick up speed as I continued this routine. I couldn't hold out any longer. "Oh God, Jessica!" I exclaimed. "Drink down all my cum! Suck my cock dry! I'm cumming!!" I slammed my cock through her well lubed tits and into her mouth and exploded in a huge torrent of cum. She eagerly swallowed and sucked my cock for more. I had to pull out to stop her cause I just couldn't take it. I was exhausted!

To Be Continued... that is if people tell me to...

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