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The Ice Maidens


For most of my life I have been a very light sleeper. I remember being awakened as a child every time my parents would make love. The first time I heard it I got scared and ran into their room only to find Dad on top of Mom just pumping away. Later on, as a teenager, I figured out what they were doing and would giggle every time they would wake me up with it.

In college I would wake up every time the guy living across the hall from me would get a phone call. Since his girlfriend worked a graveyard shift at a convenience store and would call him as she got home each morning, it became a problem.

When I got married it took me two months to get to the point where I would stay asleep every time my wife would roll over. I got a kitten, Virgo, and every time she jumped up on the bed, that fourteen ounces of fuzz would cause enough of a ruckus that I would wake up.

All of this made me a morning person, and made what began last Sunday even more exciting and unexplainable than it already is. I woke up to find my wife giving me the best blowjob of my life.

Jessie, my wife of five years, is a night person. She works as a telecommuting web designer for one of the larger consulting firms in town, and her night owl habits make her a little more able to fit in with that crowd. She will come to bed, usually about two or three in the morning. I would wake up, she’d kiss me, and we’d both roll over and go to sleep. By five, I was ready to get up and get on with my day. I’m a real estate broker and my office opens at eight.

All of this combined has made our sex life a little vanilla.

It’s difficult to pull Jess away from the computer when I’m ready to make love. At midnight, when she’s ready, I’ve been asleep for a couple of hours. Like so many happily marrieds, the sex before the marriage was a lot better than the sex afterwards.

Now this is a much my fault as hers. Over the years we’ve slipped into a routine. First the midweek quickies went out the window, a victim to the different work schedules. As both of us fought for promotions and the green stuff, we found that we were just too tired during the week. Saturday became the night of choice.

But, eventually, even Saturday became a little boring. We’d spend the day doing whatever we needed to do, me on my schedule and Jess on her schedule, then spend the evening watching the television. Maybe a little “Skinamax” then off to the bedroom to fuck.

I missed the living room. I missed the backseat of the car. But I missed the blowjobs most of all.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my wife more than anyone else in the world and would kill or die for her. She is the best woman in the world and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I just miss the sex.

Oh well, as least she still slept naked.

This is what made Sunday morning so special. I woke up to find my wife sucking my cock like she had never done before. She licked and sucked for almost an hour. She brought me right to the edge six or seven times, backed off, then started again. When she finally did let me come I came so hard it rebounded off the back of her mouth and dribbled out the sides.

She crawled back up the bed and snuggled up against me. I could feel her moistness on my leg as she wrapped herself over me. She ran her tongue over her lips and licked her fingers dry and generally looked like Virgo when she had just finished a bowl of cream. As she kissed me I could taste myself on her lips.

“What brought that on?” I asked. “Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I’m just rather surprised.”

“You needed a little help waking up this morning. You slept through your cell phone ringing. It woke me up instead. Since I was working last night I didn’t have a chance to do anything, so I figured I’d just wake you up in style by having my breakfast.”

“Who called?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t answer it.”

As I rolled over on my side to reach for the phone my leg rubbed Jessie’s pussy and she began to purr like Virgo does when I scratch her ears. “So tell me,” she started, “what are you planning to have for breakfast?”

Now catching Jessie in a horny mood is one of my main ambitions. I love to make love to her and wish we could every day.

“I don’t know yet. What kinds of cereal do we have?”

Jessie laughed and hit me with her pillow, knocking my phone out of my hand. “Now look what you’ve done,” I said.

I picked up the phone and looked at the number on the caller id. “It was Tom. I wonder what he wants at this time of the morning?”

“Tom from next door? He never calls us early. Maybe you should call him back before you, uh, eat,” she said as she reached down between her legs and began to rub herself.

My jaw dropped open in surprise. Here was my wife, fresh from giving me my first blowjob in six months, masturbating in front of me. She had never done that before.

“Hello?” I heard through my amazement.

“Tom? It’s Michael. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to see if you guys are alright. Do you have power?”

“Power? What do you mean?”

Tom laughed sarcastically. “Look out your window.”

I got out of bed and pushed the curtains back. What I saw floored me more than the picture of Jessie rubbing herself in front of me. The world was covered with ice. “Holy shit,” I said.

“Holy shit is right. We had one of those storms to tell the grandkids about last night. Are you guys alright?”

“Yeah, we’re fine. Jesus it looks bad out there.”

“It is bad, pal.”

“How about you guys? Everything okay?”

“Not really. You remember that beautiful old oak tree right outside our bedroom window?”

“The one you said would be perfect to hang a swing in if you and Carrie ever have any kids? That one?”

“Yeah, that one. It won’t hold a swing now.”

“All the limbs fall off?”

“Limbs? Hell, most of it is inside my bedroom right now. And what isn’t in my bedroom is sticking through the remains of Carrie’s car. The whole damn thing came down and took half my house with it.”

“Jesus,” was all I could say.

“What happened?” Jess asked.

In my shock I had forgotten all about her. I turned around and saw that she still had her hand between her legs but she wasn’t moving it. “We had a huge ice storm last night. The old oak beside Tom’s house fell over and crashed into their bedroom.”

“Are they okay?”

“I think so,” I said as I put the phone back to my ear. “Tom? How about you and Carrie? Are you two okay?”

“Yeah, we’re fine. Carrie was in the kitchen making coffee when it fell. I was taking a piss. If I had gotten out of bed two minutes later than I did it probably would have killed me.”

“Jesus,” I said as I looked at Jessie and nodded my head. “I’ll be there in five minutes.”

“Don’t bother, Mike. There’s nothing you can do here. I just wanted to see if you two were okay.”

“Yeah, we both slept right through it and never noticed a thing.”

“Lucky you.”

“Look Tom, why don’t you and Carrie come over here to stay? We’ve got plenty of room. And with the trees around here we’d have to cut a road through them to get into the city anyway. I’m sure a bunch of them have come down.”

“Do you have power?”

I reached over and flicked the switch, smiling when the ceiling fan started to move. “For the moment. Come on over.”

I heard the doorbell ring an hour later. I opened the door and let two frozen strays into my living room. Under all the coats were Tom and Carrie. Jessie ran over and gave Carrie a hug as she took off her coat. “I was starting to get worried. I tried to call you but you didn’t answer. What happened?”

“Cell phones are dead. No signal. I guess a tower came down somewhere,” Tom said.

I pulled mine out of my pocket and looked at it. “Mine’s dead, too.”

“We had to walk. A six-foot tree is down about a half mile back, so we turned my car around and parked it back in the driveway. It takes a while to walk a mile in this shit.” Tom grinned. “At least the hill was easy.”

”What happened?” Jessie asked.

“Carrie slipped in the ice and piled into me. Both of us went down the hill flat on our asses. By the time we stopped we were at your driveway.”

“You two must be frozen solid,” I said.

“I’m pretty cold. We couldn’t carry much stuff with us. Everything has about an inch of solid ice on it. I was afraid to tie up our hands.”

“Come on,” I said. “You two come upstairs and we’ll get you into a hot shower. I’ll lay out some dry clothes for you.”

When I came back downstairs Jessie was making coffee. “I set them up across the hall from our room. I pulled out some jeans and shirts for them and laid them out on the bed,” I said as I gave her a hug from behind.

She leaned back against me and sighed. After a few seconds of bliss she took my hand and slid it under her sweatpants and between her legs. “I’m still wet,” she whispered.

“I can tell,” I said back as I worked a finger inside of her. She took a deep breath as a finger brushed past her clit. “What has got you going so much today?”

“Remember that web page I’m designing?” I nodded and muttered as I slid my other hand up to feel her breast. “It’s for a new exhibit at the art museum. It’s called ‘Erotica Through the Ages.’ I spent half the night looking at pictures of people getting fucked in ways that I never even thought of before.” She pulled my hand out of her pants and I was hit with the aroma of her moistness. “We’re going to have to wait a little. I have a feeling that the second course of breakfast isn’t going to be exactly what I wanted.” She sighed and then broke out in a giggle. “We are going to have an interesting time.”


“Well, there’s no way that we’re going to have electricity long. Looks like you’d better bring some firewood up onto the porch. And, best of all for you, my husband, is that Carrie is about two sizes bigger than I am, especially through the bust. My clothes will fit her like a second skin.” She turned to face me and kissed me lightly. “And if you spend all day staring at her tits it’ll be six months before you get another blowjob.”

Well, Jessie was right on both counts. The power went off three hours later and the clothes Carrie was wearing were so tight that you could clearly she the texture of her nipples through the shirt. Oh well, we all have to make sacrifices. The tough part was in trying to remember not to stare so much.

Tom and I spent the day dragging up the firewood from the stack behind my garage and wondering how long it would be before the power came back. We came to the conclusion that we needed to buy a wood splitter and chain saw to make next year’s supply instead of buying it from the Hackney brothers. About 2:30 we heard on the radio that over a million people were without power and that over half the state was affected. The governor declared a state of emergency and said that she was going to send the National Guard out to rescue people trapped due to the ice and the fallen trees. The electric company announced that it might take a week to get all customers back on the grid. Toward evening we broke out the camping gear that Jessie and I had been too busy to use for a couple of years so that we could have a little light and, most importantly, cook dinner on the portable stove.

Dinner was by candlelight.

There’s nothing quite like a good steak, grilled over real charcoal by two men shivering in sub zero temperatures, served with fried potatoes and onions cooked by two women over a camp stove in a useless kitchen. Jessie had put the lantern in the kitchen to cook by and filled the dining and living rooms with candles. There must have been fifty in each room.

As it turns out I didn’t stare at Carrie’s tits too much after all. As the house started to get a little chilly Jessie pulled out one of my sweatshirts for her. Sometimes life is too cruel.

“Anyone ready for some dessert?” Jessie asked about eight.

All of us nodded and she grabbed my hand. “Come on Loverboy, I need some help with this,” she said as she pulled at me. “Bring a candle with you.” Once we got into the kitchen Jessie turned and attacked me with kisses. “I’ve wanted you all day,” she whispered into my ear. “Just the thought of going to bed with you tonight has me wet again.”

I had a huge erection as Jessie pulled the ice cream out of the freezer. “Ice cream? Isn’t it a little chilly in here for that?”

Jessie shrugged her shoulders. “It’ll melt soon anyway. We may as well have it tonight before it does.” She smiled lewdly at me and caressed my cock through my jeans. “You’ll just have to do something to keep me warm, that’s all.”

“Did anyone ever tell you that you are a cockteasing bitch?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“Yep. Billy Atherton said that when I was in seventh grade. He was right,” she said as she started scooping our desserts. “I just forgot how much fun it is to do that again.”

We spent the evening chatting, just four friends who were spending the time to get to know each other a little better. Eventually I got cold and wrapped the afghan around me on the couch. Jessie curled up with me underneath. I don’t think that either Tom or Carrie noticed that she unzipped my pants and was slowly stroking me for the last half hour before they went to bed. I was glad they did because I was trying to figure out how to get to my bedroom with a hard-on the size of Rhode Island.

When we got upstairs Jessie barely waited for the door to close before she had her clothes in a pile on the floor. I could see the moisture from her and feel her heat as I moved closer. She pulled me on top of her, reached down with one hand and guided my dick into her. She came almost immediately, tensing her muscles so that it felt like I was being squeezed in half. As she relaxed I began slowly thrusting into her, building up speed until we were fucking like two dogs in heat. I came, exploding into her and crying out with the force.

We fell asleep tangled in each other’s arms, the comforter pulled up high to ward off the chill.

I woke up about 2:00 with a sudden fear of frozen pipes. I knew how much damage that could cause and mentally kicked myself for being too wrapped up in wanting my wife to remember to leave some water running in the kitchen and bathrooms. I got out of bed and pulled my jeans on since we had some unanticipated guests.

As I walked down the hall I noticed that there was a glow coming from the room Carrie and Tom were in. The door was open about two inches and I looked in.

You have to believe me, but I was afraid that they had fallen asleep and left a candle burning. I didn’t want my house to burn down, so I looked in.

Tom was lying flat on his back and Carrie was going down on him.

I was looking up from the foot of the bed. I could hear Tom moaning softly and see his hand on the back of Carrie’s head, guiding her. Carrie had one hand underneath herself and was furiously pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy as she went up and down with her mouth. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, staring through the slightly open door and rubbing my cock with my right hand. Carrie stopped and started to push herself up. As much as I wanted to see all of her, I was afraid that she would move and see me at the door, so I backed away and went back to my bedroom. I started a trickle of water running in my bathroom sink and said a small prayer to the ice gods that it would be enough to keep the pipes from freezing.

Jessie woke up as I crawled back into bed. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to start some water running so that the pipes wouldn’t freeze.”

“Good idea,” she said as she snuggled against me. That was when she brushed my hard-on with her leg. She opened her eyes and pulled the comforter up. “My, my, my. Look who wants to play,” she said as she started rubbing her leg against me. “I knew staring at Carrie’s tits all day would get you ready.”

“It wasn’t her tits that did it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you promise to believe me if I tell you?”

Jessie nodded. “I woke up and remembered that I forgot to run some water in the kitchen and the main bath to keep the pipes from freezing. So I got out of bed and put my pants on to go do it. When I walked down the hall I saw candlelight coming from their room. They left the door open about two inches and I looked in. I really was afraid that they had fallen asleep and left a candle burning and I didn’t want the house to burn down.”

“And…” she prompted.

“Carrie was fingering herself and giving Tom a blowjob.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Swear to God.”

Jessie giggled and covered her mouth with her hand. With her other hand she threw the comforter back. “You’re not going to watch them, are you?”

“Of course I am.”

“Jessie, don’t. Let them have their privacy.”

She leaned over and kissed me. “You can stay here if you want to, but I’m going to go watch.”

I sat on the side of the bed with my ear toward the door, hoping that I didn’t hear a shout when she got caught spying on them. After five minutes I stood up and looked out into the hall.

It was the most erotic sight I have ever seen.

My wife was standing in the hall, naked, looking through the cracked door. One hand was softly pinching her nipple and the other was caressing her pussy. She looked as if the house could come crashing down around her and she wouldn’t notice.

In five years of marriage I had not seen her masturbate even once, and now I had watched her play with herself twice in one day.

I walked down the hall to join her, my erect cock leading me all the way. I stood behind her, letting my dick nuzzle against the crack of her ass, and looked into the room.

Carrie was crouching over Tom’s face. He had his head raised and was tonguing her pussy for all he was worth. Carrie had leaned back against the wall and had her eyes closed. She looked as if she was staring at the face of Buddha Himself in one of the suburbs of Nirvana. I could see her breasts rise and fall with each breath. Her nipples were the largest I had ever seen. Her hair, trimmed into a racing stripe above her slit, was the same color red as the hair on her head.

Tom’s cock was fully erect and twitching occasionally as he would raise his head to get his tongue deeper inside his wife. Precum glistened in the flickering candlelight. As Jessie and I watched he used one hand to stroke himself, spreading the fluid all around slowly. Carrie began to moan softly and buck her hips in time to his mouth’s rhythm.

I felt Jessie’s hand encircle my cock and began to stroke it from shaft to tip. I reached around and grabbed one of her breasts, twirling her nipple between my fingers. I could feel the motions of her hips as she moved against her other hand.

Suddenly Carrie spoke. “I need you inside me.”

I pulled Jessie back from the door so we wouldn’t be seen. A minute or so later she bent over to look around the edge and waved me forward. I looked in over her head.

Carrie was facing away from the door and was slowing lowering herself on Tom’s dick. I could hear her take in a long breath as he disappeared inside her. As he began to move faster into her I reached down and found my wife’s fingers buried completely inside her own cleft.

I took her, right there in the hall, watching my next-door neighbors make love.

She gasped as I entered her and I was afraid that Tom and Carrie would hear her, but they were lost in their own world and never noticed. Jessie reached out and braced herself against the doorframe as I pounded into her, each thrust burying my dick more deeply into her until I could feel (and hear) my balls slapping against her. My heart was pounding as we came together. As I softened I pulled out of her and took her by the hand, leading her back to our room.

“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done,” Jessie said as she snuggled against me under the comforter again. “I’ve never in my life watched two people having sex. I thought I’d scream when you fucked me in the hall while we were watching them. My God, I must have come a dozen times. I don’t know if it was the sex or the watching or the fear of getting caught or what, but that was the most intense experience I’ve ever had.”

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