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The Interview


The Interview

I saw the advert in the local shop, "Housekeeper required, must be diligent and flexible". Well, I'm both those I thought, it's only a bit of hoovering and cooking, no problems, easy money, which I well needed. As a guy in his 40's just doing temp jobs I wanted something more secure. I noted the number and went home to apply. I phoned the number that evening, it was answered by a older sounding guy, I guessed late 40's. He said that he'd had a couple of applicants, was still deciding and was willing to see me. We arranged for 10.30 the next morning, he told me to shower well beforehand as he couldn't abide uncleanliness - odd I thought but not a problem.

I didn't overdo the dressing up, only a housekeeper job I thought, so set off in jeans and white shirt. When I arrived at the address I was impressed; a nice detached house with large gardens, all looked very smart. I rung the bell and waited. The door was answered by a big, tall guy, probably nearer late 50's, largish build and very smart. He looked me up and down and said I could have smartened up for the interview, but nevermind, I'd do. Slightly taken aback I was immediately quiet and entered the house as told. The guy spoke very well, he introduced himself as Paul, though he said he expected his housekeeper to call him Sir. Odd in today's world I thought, but no problem, I'd hardly see him probably anyway. I was fairly subdued in the interview, Paul had a very authoritative air and seemed to automatically command respect from me.

The general duties were explained, cleaning, cooking, shopping and other tasks as they came up. It turned out Paul was a retired surgeon who was used to utter obedience from his staff, and he did admit he still enjoyed that trait. He asked if that was a problem to me; well I thought I could hardly say no so meekly agreed and continued in my subdued but keen manner. Paul asked if I was married etc, I explained I was divorced as my wife had left me for another man. This did seem to bring a wicked smile to his lips as he asked if I failed to satisfy her - I stammered and explained she just wanted a change, not mentioning her true reason of saying her new guy could have shagged for England. Paul seemed to intuitively know the reason as he did continue to question whether I had a girlfriend now, explaining he needed to know my flexibility for out of hours work. I said I had no ties and, naturally accepting his authority, explained I would be available for him as he required. Again, stammering over my words I seemed to be saying he could have me when ever he wanted, which seemed to encourage him, bringing that wicked smile back.

The next stage did shock me, but given the air of Paul's authority, I meekly submitted. Paul explained that as a surgeon he was keen on employing healthy people, he didn't want to go through the selection process, find the right housekeeper then have problems with them being ill. So he said he would conduct a full medical on me. He straightforwardly told me to strip off and stand up. He saw I was taken aback, but stated as a surgeon he had seen hundreds of bodies and was sure mine was no different. He added it was easier as I was a man, women could be very funny on such things, but he knew I would have no objection. So he stood up over, waiting for me to do as he said. Slowly I undressed, he took my clothes from me and folded them neatly on a chair, explaining that was how he liked things, and that I best remember that if I was to serve him well. Odd words, but now well in the theme of the interview. Finally I was fully naked and Paul snapped on a surgical glove and picked up a thin pointing cane, the sort teachers used to point at things on a board. I had my hands cupped over my privates, Paul told (ordered it seemed now) me to remove my hands and place them behind my head. Paul then proceeded to visually inspect me, using the cane to guide my movements. After the visual Paul expertly felt around my body, leaving no part or cavity unchecked. He seemed to delight in giving me this check up, especially when I knelt before him and he sat on a chair and had his fingers probing all round my mouth. I had no idea what he was looking for but he kept sliding his fingers in and out, seeing how much I could take before gagging. Then we were back to him using the cane to direct my movement, like an animal trainer guiding a broken creature just to emphasise the mastering is complete.

After a while Paul laughed and said I was doing very well, seemed healthy, capable and that I responded well to his cane, even though he had only used it to point me where to go so far. I smiled, pleased to be doing well for Sir, enjoying the interview and joked that perhaps the cane was the best object to ensure I did as he wanted. Without any humour in his voice Paul responded that he thought that too and was glad I agreed. Paul then told me to spread my legs apart and lean over, resting my upper body and arms on the table. Paul explained that I was the best candidate so far, had behaved exactly as he required, and was ready to move to the next stage of the interview. Paul explained he was however disappointed in my appearance, he expected smart dress at all times, or, as he put it, a suitable state of undress for tasks that required it. Paul explained that I must learn about my inappropriate appearance, and that as I had suggested it, the best way for me to learn was by his cane. Paul asked if I would accept three strokes to start us off, and that this would really help my application. By now, I was completely ready for this. The whole interview had been training me in submission, I felt so at ease naked before Paul, bent over and ready. I almost felt if he had not asked I would have asked him to punish me anyway, it was so natural.

Paul then gave me three mild strokes, nothing too heavy, but the slight stinging and the symbolism of the punishment was enough - I was captivated.

After my lesson, Paul stood and looked at me; it was a look that impelled me to say "thank you Sir, I'll try better next time". This seemed to please Paul, and he put a comforting hand on my shoulder and said "Good boy, I know you will". It seemed odd being called "boy", as a forty-two year old man it was a long time since I had been, but again seemed entirely natural.

Paul then invited me to sit down; he made no it clear I was to remain naked now, and we resumed the interview. Paul explained I had done very well, I was of the "right sort" to serve and had excelled in my ability to accept correction.

The next stage of the interview was to be a test at my ability to perform basic household tasks. Paul sent me to fetch some washing he wanted doing, nothing much just his clothes from the previous day. I trotted back obediently with them bundled up. Paul then asked me what was missing? My mind was racing but I slowly worked out there were briefs, shirt and vest - no socks. He seemed pleased with my answer and explained it was a test he had set me, I had done well to think under pressure. He then said what did I think I should do? Without hesitation I said I needed to do a full wash. He looked down at his feet and I immediately knelt to undo his shoes and remove the socks. With a mild tap on my rear he had me looking up into his eyes; I instantly knew clean ones were needed so went to fetch them. Paul was delighted when I returned and knelt to put them on; he said under some circumstances I may need to perform a little a little pampering but for now I should just obediently dress him. I was then sent to the kitchen to complete the handwashing duties.

There was only one area left to review, Paul explained he felt I would have absolutely no problems with it whatsoever given my performance so far. Paul then proceeded to tell me a bit of his history, educated at public school and university and so on. He explained that whilst a school the traditional system of "fagging" was in place; this is where a boy from a lower year acts as some kind of servant to the senior boys. Paul explained he had enjoyed this, but only as a senior, and that he still felt it was beneficial to all. As it was an all boys school there were obviously no girls, and that boys had to manage without them. Paul explained that his previous housekeeper was female, but that he did not find her suitable for the tasks he particularly wanted. He explained that as soon as he saw me he had known I was suitable. I felt a warm glow of pride in his praise.

Paul continued that as a fifty five year old man he naturally still had a high sex drive; he said he didn't have a partner and that he often masturbated. Whilst he found this acceptable, it was far from ideal. He asked me if I was the same. I sheepishly admitted I was. Paul explained he really preferred oral sex, loved to see his partner knelt before him and felt complete when he saw them swallow at his command. He asked how I felt about this. Well, all this talk had got me excited and I eagerly agreed, saying how good it was to see a bitch swallow, and that if she wanted to serve properly she should swallow without question when told to do so. This greatly pleased Paul, he said he was impressed I was so keen and I clearly understood how to serve properly. He said he was now looking forward to completing the interview process.

It immediately dawned on me what I had said, I started to try and clarify but Paul raised the cane and I was silent ..... I clearly knew my place.

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