tagLoving WivesThe Intruder

The Intruder



There, she heard it again. She was sure this time. Something had awaken her and now she knew it was a noise coming from inside the house. She listened intently for another sound, but heard nothing.

She was alone in the big house, while her husband traveled on business. Normally, being alone was not a problem as she had grown accustomed to sleeping by herself in the king size bed with the comfortable pillow top. This time when he left she felt as if something were wrong between them, something was missing or temporarily broken that needed to be fixed. She wished he were here in bed with her cuddled up tight after some good sex.

Sex always fixed everything, whether it was slow easy sex, kinky sex or sex with others involved. They both enjoyed sharing each other and often included extra players in the bedroom.

Tonight, though, she was alone, and was certain that she had heard something. Had she locked the doors and set the alarm? She retraced her steps through the house as she had made her way to the bedroom earlier. She had set her glass and snack dish in the sink after rinsing them both off, had turned off the kitchen light, then checked the French doors that led to the swimming pool. She had giggled the front door knob and flipped the latch on the deadbolt before punching in the 'secret' four digit alarm code.

Some secret. With all of the remodeling work having been completed lately, it seemed like every other worker had the code so they could gain entry when she and her husband were at work.

She decided he only way to be certain everything was okay was to get out of bed and go check. She had a .22 pistol in the nightstand she could take with her for protection, but she dismissed the idea as overreaction. She slid the covers back and swung her long legs over the side of the bed. She sat upright and stood, tilting her hear to listen and see if her movement would result in movement in another part of the house. She heard nothing at all except for the ticking of the old style clock in the hallway.

Dressed only in her black baby doll lingerie she tiptoed to the bedroom door and snuck a peek out into the hallway. She saw nothing and ventured down the hallway towards the living room moving as quietly as she could. She was sure that if there was someone in the house, they would hear her heart beating against her chest. She took a couple of slow, deep breaths and stepped into the living room. She would have to walk across the room to the foyer to check the door and the alarm keypad.

Quickly she glanced around the large room, peering into the kitchen and dining room areas for signs of an intruder, but saw nothing had been moved from its earlier location. She walked towards the front door with more confidence, checked the lights on the alarm pad and reassured herself that the alarm was armed. Even so, she checked the front door locks and then, breathing a sigh of relief, rested her head against the door. She felt silly having worried about someone gaining entry. The door felt cool against her head so she rolled her forehead from side to side taking a little pleasure from the cool surface.

Suddenly, she saw movement from the corner of her eye but before she could react he was on her. His left hand covered her mouth smothering her scream while his right hand brought a knife up to her throat. She could feel the cold, sharp edge against her throat and stopped struggling.

Through gritted teeth his hot breath rolling over her neck said, " Just do as I say and you won't be hurt. Understand?"

She nodded her head quickly, and he slowly loosened up his grip on her mouth, but keeping the knife pressed against her delicate throat.

"Don't hurt me, please. I'll do whatever you want, just don't hurt me," she pleaded. She wasn't really afraid of being hurt so much as she feared he would kill her when he was through with whatever he had planned.

"Good. Do as I say and you'll survive tonight," still through gritted teeth, just farther away from her neck.

She felt the knife move against the skin of her neck and she breathed a small sign of relief. Then she felt the back side of the knife on her right shoulder, just as she felt the material of her baby doll top sliding up. She realized all too quickly he was cutting the spaghetti strap of her top. The strap cut easily under the pressure of the sharp blade. He used his crotch to hold her in place while he shifted his position to cut the left strap. The blade cut the thin material as it slid under the strap. The top did not fall free as he had expected, and looking over her shoulder realized that the top was held in place by her breasts.

He stepped away from her enough to give room between the door and the woman. He then reached around her and grabbed the thin material between her breasts and snatched the top down. She let out a little whimper as he did this and raised her arms to cover herself.

"Don't" was all he said and she instinctively dropped her arms back to her sides knowing his desire. He leaned back and slid the blade down the crack of her ass slowly turning the sharp edge towards the right side of the elastic band of her panties. With a smooth, almost practiced move he cut the elastic band and moved the instrument to the left side. He repeated the action and unlike the top, the panties fell to the ground.

She was completely naked now and she moved closer to the door to hide from his view. He reached around her and grabbed her breast. As he did he found the nipple ring and tugged on it evoking a little shriek for the woman. He continued to roughly abuse the breast, continuing to tug on the nipple piercing. Then, he moved his hand down her stomach, causing her to quickly inhale as she realized his new area of interest. His hand slid down between her legs, to her freshly shaved area, groping for a hidden treasure. His fingers found the entrance and worked their way inside. She shivered as his touch softened and a wave of terror combined with excitement swept over her. She was afraid she would come if he continued, but he moved his hand away from her.

Again, she sensed movement near her head and quickly understood that he was blindfolding her with a bright red bandana. After carefully covering her eyes his hand slid down her left arm, pulling it behind her. She felt the handcuff snap shut just as she heard the clattering sound. Before she could resist and move her right arm he had grabbed it in anticipation of her feeble attempt. Both hands were secured behind her and now he led he backwards through the house.

She almost stumbled as he drug her towards the bedroom. She was all too aware of what was he planning to do to her. He stopped pulling her, then spun her around to face him.

"You're going to suck my dick, suck it good, and then swallow. Understand?"

"Yes," she said softly nodding her head.

She heard the man undo his zipper and freeing his cock. He reached around her to unlock one side of the handcuffs. He grabbed the back of her head, sending her to her knees forcing his tool into her mouth, gagging her. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her head back and forth on his cock. After a minute of two of this he released his grip on her hair. She reached up with her left hand and began playing with his balls as she used her right hand to stroke his cock as she continued to bob her head along the length of his cock.

He took a full five minutes before she felt him building towards climax. Just as she felt him begin to tremble she slid his cock free and pumped him until he exploded. His cum poured out onto her breasts in gobs and rolled down the smooth curve. One stream ran to her nipple where it pooled up before dripping onto the floor.

Finishing his ejaculation, he struck her with an open palm.

"Didn't I tell you to take me and swallow? Didn't I?"

She was rubbing her cheek, tears filling her eyes as she nodded her head.

"You'll pay for that," he said sadistically as he roughly grabbed her and pulled her to her feet, quickly relocking the free arm into the dangling cuff. "Move," he commanded as he shoved her towards the bedroom.

At the foot of the bed he pushed her face first onto the bed smearing the sperm off of her breasts onto the bedcovers. He slapped her ass hard and she jumped emitting a squeal. He pushed her down with one hand while he began to tear at her pussy, thrusting three fingers deep inside her. She was trapped at the edge of the bed, her knees not reaching the floor because of the pillow top mattress, while her womanhood was fully exposed to the intruder.

She moaned loudly in protest to his rough handling and squirmed to resist his actions. He slapped her ass hard again catching the crack in the center, his finger tips hurting her abused pussy. He thrust his cock into her using her handcuffed arms as a bridle to control her. He worked his cock in and out of her as she groaned and cried her protest.

"Stop. You're hurting me. Stop," she cried out as the pain washed over her. He ignored her pleas and continued to pound her into the bed. Her own excitement was building inside her.

He held onto her arms with one hand while he lifted her by her hips forcing her face down onto the bed, muffling her cries. After what seemed like an hour he exploded inside of her filling her with his seed sending her over the edge of her own orgasm. He collapsed on top of her pinning her in place. Both lay still breathing hard, sweat covering both their bodies.

After a brief rest he threw violently up onto the bed. He walked around to her side of the bed and pulled her roughly up onto the pillows. He rolled her over on her stomach to expose the handcuffs, and released her from captivity. He bent down and began kissing the nape of her neck while his hand gently stroked her body.

"Well, how did you like that role-playing?"

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