tagMatureThe Jake Chronicles Ch. 15

The Jake Chronicles Ch. 15


Letter from the author: This story is about a young man who dominates older vulnerable women. The author and others find domination and degradation erotic. It does not mean I hate women. If you find this offensive please find another story. Comments are welcome and e-mail feedback is always appreciated. Thanks to those who have e-mailed me. Your feedback really means a lot.

Kerry approached the large old style home just off the campus and noticed the “room for rent” sign posted in the front lawn. She walked up the steps of the house and walked across the huge covered porch. It wrapped around the house both ways and she couldn’t help notice how elegant all the furniture that adorned the porch was. She knew that some of the residents in this older part of the campus town rented to students to help them out since many of the students were on such a small budget. Most of the landlords were older and the extra income helped them as well. It was a perfect relationship that benefited all. Kerry was a little reluctant to come to Jake’s residence, especially one like this where she might be noticed by another student, but she always seemed to risk many things when it came to Jake, and this was no exception. She knocked on the door and waited. She hoped that Jake would answer the door, but then she heard his voice through an open window.
“Mrs. Williams, that’s probably for me. Would you please get it? I’ll be right down.”
Kerry could hear the clicking of heels approaching the door on what she figured had to be hard wood flooring. As she watched the door open, she expected to see an older woman standing behind it, but what she saw, had her gasping inside and within seconds, raging with jealousy.
Jamie Williams was an attractive woman, and anything but older. She was never going to be on any magazine covers, but she could command the attention of men when she wanted to. She had inherited the house she lived in from her grandmother when she passed away about five years ago, and not wanting to work anymore, she decided that the 6 bedroom house located so close to the campus would be perfect for renting out to students. The house was paid for. So the income from the renters was more than sufficient to cover her other bills. Her deceased husband left her quite a bit of money as well. This all made it very easy to manage just fine as a landlord. Not needing to have a job left her free to pursue her charity work.
“May I help you?” Jamie asked.
Kerry paused a moment as she checked out the 47 year old woman standing in front of her. The high heels and the short skirt accentuated her long legs. The belt she wore synched her waist in tightly and her flat stomach helped emphasize her abundant chest. Her face was pretty, but it was her transparent blue eyes, her porcelain white skin and fire red hair that caught Kerry’s attention. She instantly surmised that Jake was having sex with this woman and she hated her already. However, she took a deep breath and spoke.
“Yes, I am here to see Jake.” Kerry said as she stood up a bit taller and arched her back, pushing her breasts out a bit.
Jamie paused a moment as well taking in the appearance of the shorter, pudgier, but attractive woman standing in her doorway. She also noticed that the clothes this woman was wearing didn’t seem quite appropriate for the woman’s size and age. It all made sense now. Jamie had been fighting off Jake’s advances for a while now, and seeing this woman her own age staring back at her confirmed the conversations she had had with Jake. He had told her on many occasions how he preferred older women and how he “knew how to please them”. Jamie had brushed him off, thinking it was just a passing attraction.
“Please come in.” Jamie told Kerry.
Kerry entered, and the two ladies made pleasant conversation for a few minutes until Jake came down. This was all part of his plan. He wanted Jamie to know that he was not a little kid lusting after the older woman next door. He left the women in the front room a little longer than he had too just to plant that seed in Jamie’s head that he actually could attract a woman her age. The day he rented the room, he had told himself that she would be another easy target for him. However, it had been almost 4 months and he couldn’t seem to land this one. He was getting frustrated. His plan to have Kerry show up here this way was to open Jamie’s eyes to his prowess, and hopefully open other things too. He finally came into the room. After a little small talk, he and Kerry left.
Kerry didn’t say a word as the two of them walked to the car. She was steaming inside. She was sure Jake was fucking that bitch and she was sure he had brought Kerry here to shove it in her face. The other thing that raised her ire was the fact that the bitch was so nice to her. She was making it impossible to hate her. Jake opened the door for her, walked around the car and slipped into the driver’s seat.
“You’re fucking her aren’t you?” Kerry immediately snapped at him.
Jake just laughed and started the car.
“How could you bring me here and flaunt that slut in my face like that?” Kerry continued. “Who do you think I am, some little college girl whore that you can treat like shit? I deserve more respect than that after what I have done for you Jake.”
“Stop it.” Jake told her with a chuckle.
“You are aren’t you?” She asked again.
Jake ignored her.
Kerry stewed for a few moments before completely changing directions in the conversation.
“Is she as naughty as I am?” Kerry asked in a sultry voice. Her hand landed on Jake’s lap and began rubbing his flaccid cock. “Would she do this for you?”
Jake looked down at her hand then at her. The top she was wearing was unbuttoned to show lots of her cleavage, and even a bit of her sexy black bra. “Do what?” He asked slyly, then just winked at her and turned back to watch the road.
She unzipped his pants, reached inside, and pulled out his cock. “This!” she replied. Then she lowered her head to his lap. She engulfed his growing cock and sucked it in hard. Jake gasped a bit and enjoyed her efforts. He grabbed a handful of hair and began forcing her up and down at his will as he continued to drive.
“You’re right Dr. Paulson; she probably wouldn’t do this for me.”
This provoked something in Kerry. She pushed up off his lap and looked him in the eye, “Tell me Jake, tell me how naughty I am.” Her eyes were pleading with him for his attention. She licked her lips seductively.
“Oh your naughty alright, you’re a naughty little slut, Dr. Paulson.” Jake told her, then he pushed her back down into his lap. “I guess you are a little whore aren’t you?” He asked referring to the comment she had made just moments earlier.
Kerry sucked him like a pro. Her tongue, licked his shaft and his balls, then she swallowed its entire length as Jake continued to talk dirty to her.
“Suck me Dr. Paulson. Suck my big fat dick you dirty little tramp. Show me what a little whore you are, Dr. Paulson.”
Kerry just loved being talked to like that and she eagerly continued. A few minutes later the car drove up a drive way and Kerry suddenly popped up. Thinking she was in the restaurant parking lot, she didn’t want to get caught in such a compromising position. She sat up but noticed this wasn’t the restaurant. It was her driveway.
“What the hell are we doing here? You said we were going to go out to eat.” Kerry questioned.
“I think my little professor slut needs a good hard fucking more that she needs dinner don’t you?” Jake quipped.
Kerry blushed a bit and giggled out loud. Jake pushed his hard cock pack into his pants and the two of them got out of the car and headed to the front door. As Kerry stopped to put the key in the door, Jake slid his hand up the back of her leg and under her skirt.
“You little dirty slut.” He scolded her as his hand reached her nether region and he noticed she didn’t have any panties on. “You really are a little whore Dr. Paulson; there is no denying it, is there?”
Kerry just giggled and fumbled with the key. Jake slid his finger between her dripping pussy lips and Kerry began to pant with pleasure. He slid it in and out several times. Kerry was having a difficult time concentrating on getting the keys to open the door. It didn’t help when Jake reached around her and cupped one of her breasts with his other hand.
“Stop it!” Kerry snickered. “We’ll never get inside if you keep doing that.”
“That’s fine.” Jake told her, pinching her hard nipple roughly and slipping another finger into her sweltering cunt. “I’ll do you right here on your porch. That way your neighbors can see what a dirty little whore you really are Dr. Paulson. You would love that wouldn’t you, my dirty little professor slut?”
Kerry finally got the deadbolt unlocked, and she tried to unlock the doorknob lock now. She was quite flustered with the actions and words Jake was administering and she couldn’t do what she wanted with the key.
“Wouldn’t you like that Dr. Paulson?” Jake asked in an evil voice. Wouldn’t you like everyone to know what a dirty little cock sucking whore they live next to?” He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and without warning, shoved them up her ass.
Kerry let out a deep moan and pushed her ass out toward his hand. “No, I have a rep…..rep…..reputation to uphold.” Kerry tried to say as she moaned with pleasure.
“Oh you have a reputation Dr. Paulson, you definitely have a reputation.” Jake joked as he assaulted her ass with his fingers and mauled her big fat tits with his other hand.
Kerry finally got the door open and they both spilled into the entry way. Kerry dropped her keys and her purse only a few feet from the door. She closed the door behind them as Jake never stopped using his hands to arouse her. She stumbled on her heels to the living room where Jake unceremoniously bent her over the arm of the couch and lifted her skirt up over her big round ass. He pulled his cock back out of his pants and drove it balls deep into Kerry’s waiting, boiling love canal.
“Oh Yes!” Kerry screamed her approval. “Fuck me Jake, fuck me hard. Fuck your little whore!”
Jake did exactly that. He grabbed hold of her wide hips and proceeded to slam his cock in and out of Kerry with abandon.
“Yes, Yes, Yes, Harder, Yes, Deeper!” Kerry screamed. Tell me! Please tell me!”
“Tell you what? That you’re a slut, Dr. Paulson?” Jake grunted. “Tell you what a dirty little whore you are?”
“Yes, Yes, Tell me, tell me I’m your dirty little cock sucking slut.”
“You’re my dirty little cock sucking slut.” Jake replied. “You’re my filthy little professor whore Dr. Paulson, my filthy little professor whore who loves my big, hard dick in your hot fat cunt.”
“Yes, Yes I am. Fuck my hot cunt, fuck my hot cunt like the little whore I am.” Kerry cried.
Jake suddenly pulled out.
“NO!!” Kerry shrieked. ‘Put it back, Put it back in!”
“Beg me.” Jake demanded.
“Pleeeeeeeeeeeease” Kerry pleaded. “Please put it back in Jake, don’t make me beg. I need it, you know I need it. Put it back in.”
Jake pushed the head of his cock against her flooded pussy. “You want it here?”
“Yes!” Kerry whimpered.
He pulled it back and then pressed it against her asshole, “Or does my nasty little whore want it here?”
“OOOOOOOOH yes, there, put it there.” Kerry cooed.
“Where?” Jake teased.
“In my ass, put it in my big fat ass.” Kerry replied. “You know I love your big fat dick in my ass. Please Jake , please fuck me in the ass, fuck me in the ass hard.”
Jake spit on his hand and rubbed Kerry’s rear passage to lube it a bit. Then he pressed his cock head against her ass and slid it in slowly and deeply.
“Oh yeah!” Kerry groaned satisfyingly. “Harder, deeper.” She encouraged him.
Jake began a nice, hard, deep rhythm that had both of them moaning and groaning with pleasure. Kerry came almost immediately, but Jake didn’t. He slow fucked her ass for a long time. Kerry kept begging him to do it harder and faster. Then slowly he began to speed up. Grabbing hard onto her hips his rhythm sped up until he was pounding her ass powerfully. Kerry tried to steady herself on her heels and hold herself with the couch. Her tits shook in her bra and her rock hard nipples were stimulated by the silky material. She just held on and passively took his onslaught.
“Oh Jake, Yes, Fuck my ass. I love it when you fuck my big fat ass. More!, More, Deeper!” she begged.
Jake’s mind was somewhere else. In his head he was fucking Jaime. He had her bent over her couch just like he had Kerry and he was fucking her silly. His dream helped bring on a roaring orgasm. He finally grunted loudly and emptied his balls inside her Kerry’s bowels. He collapsed against her back and recovered. Then he pulled out and stuffed his cum covered cock back in his pants. Dinner seemed like a worthless proposition now, so he made a snide comment thanking Kerry and just walked out the door. He left Kerry still humped over the couch. Neither one of them had even taken off their clothes.
Kerry lived on the other side of campus, and the walk back to his room took Jake a while, but it was a nice night and he would rather do that than have to ask Kerry to drive him home. He contemplated his newest situation the whole time he was making his way across campus.

……Back at the boarding house…….

Jake’s little plan had worked. The moment Jake and Kerry left the house; Jaime began to see her hunky tenant differently. Even though she considered herself a better catch than Kerry, Jaime suddenly realized that Jake could capture a woman her age’s fancy and apparently make her come back for more. Jaime had dealt with these young men coming on to her since the first time she took in a tenant. She had successful brushed all of them off, but now one of her 5 tenants was actually dating a woman her age, and she was unexpectedly curious now. She tried all evening to shake the thoughts, but somehow no matter what she did, she couldn’t get him out of her head. She made some dinner, and watched some tv, but the nagging feelings in her stomach left her wondering and somehow very interested. She took a shower and found herself imagining Jake with his older woman. She imagined him taking her and pleasuring her. She imagined Kerry sucking his cock. She imagined the two of them writhing in ecstasy. As she imagined this, she began to lather her body with soap. The feel of her hands sliding over her smooth alabaster skin sent tingles through her body. She rubbed her full round breasts with her hands and then rinsed them off with the beating water. This made her nipples hard and sensitive. She pinched each one and shivered with pleasure.
Suddenly she found herself imagining Jake walking in on her as she showered. In her mind she opened the door and invited him in. He disrobed and joined her. She imagined herself dropping to her knees and sucking his young hard cock. She could only imagine how big it was, but in her mind it was thick and long and powerful. Oh it had been way to long since she had felt the touch of a man. She imagined him enjoying her oral skills before turning her around and mounting her from behind as she bent over and rested on the shower seat. She was screaming out with pleasure in her dream. And in the shower she was diddling her clit relentlessly. Her palm rested on her small red pubic hair patch and her middle finger pleasured her female button. She was approaching orgasm when she heard the front door close loudly. Jamie was startled back to reality by one of her renters coming home. She instantly felt ashamed for thinking such thoughts. She stopped what she was doing and finished her shower. She dressed in her pajamas and her house coat and returned to the common area of the house to find one of her other renters. Unfortunately, it was not Jake. He was watching TV. She welcomed him home and excused herself. She returned to her room and climbed into bed to relax and do some reading.
As she removed her modest house coat, she took a look at herself in the mirror. She knew she was 47 years old, but she also knew she was a sexy attractive woman who should not waste her life away not being fulfilled sexually. She climbed under the covers and pulled out her book and began reading. One by one her tenants returned for the evening, and each time she listened carefully to see if it was Jake. She was beginning to regret not letting herself orgasm. The fever in her loins was growing restless by the minute, like a caged animal, and she was not sure her passion would subside until she let it out.

…Back to Jake…

Jake finished walking home and realized it was still early, and that he had not eaten yet. He hopped in his car and headed to a small pub off campus for some grub and a few beers. He met a few girls and they all ended up shooting some pool and having a few laughs and beers. Before he knew it, it was late. He said his goodbyes and headed home. By the time he got back to the house, all the lights were off except the porch light and the “courtesy” light inside that stayed on most of the night. Jake quietly let himself in and went to his room. He turned on the light in his room, undressed, covered himself with his towel and quietly made his way to the bathroom closest to his room to clean off the remnants of his evening.
Jamie was in her room with the light off when Jake returned. Her bedroom door was ajar. The light in Jake’s room radiated down the hall, and was bright enough for her to see him as he walked passed her room. As he did, she instantly became aroused again. She couldn’t understand what was going on, how could this boy who she so easily brushed off before suddenly make her feel like a horny in love teenage girl? She heard him turn the shower on, and she proceeded to finger herself to a rousing, yet quiet orgasm as she imagined herself joining Jake in the shower. She fell asleep and rested deeply the entire night.
The following Friday night Jake found himself alone in the house with Jamie. Everyone else was out being college students, but Jake was sitting watching a DVD. He was dosing off when he was startled by Jamie as she plopped down on the couch next to him. She was holding a glass of wine in her hand and by the way she was slurring her words a bit, Jake concluded that the one in her hand was not the first glass of wine she had enjoyed this evening. He was not sure what to think of the situation, but after three very personal questions about his date with Kerry a few days earlier, Jake knew exactly where this was heading and he let it take its course.
Jamie grilled him about Kerry and asked him if he had had any other women her age. Jake spent the next hour telling Jamie in great detail about all his conquests from Victoria all the way to his latest, Jill. Jamie continued to drink her wine and grill him repeatedly until she was so hot from his stories that she felt the wetness in her pussy soak through her panties and leak onto her thigh. She almost threw herself at Jake, but he didn’t want to have Jamie like this, he didn’t want her to have an excuse like being drunk as a way to justify her actions. As she got too drunk to hold a conversation, Jake picked her up and took her to her room. He took off her robe and slid her under the covers. Just as a way to leave a bit of doubt as to what happened the next morning, Jake pulled down the material of her nightgown that covered her tits and exposed them. He admired them and looked forward to the day he would be spewing cum all over those big beautiful creamy white tits. He pulled the covers up to her stomach and closed the door as he left her room.
The next morning Jamie woke up with her tits hanging out and a bad hangover. She remembered some of the night, but didn’t know why she was exposed the way she was, and if she had done anything she couldn’t remember. She made her way out to the kitchen. Fortunately no one was around. She took some aspirin and made some coffee. Jake was the first to appear. She looked him in the eye as she greeted him; he just shot her a knowing grin and greeted her back.

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