tagLoving WivesThe Joy of Text Sex Ch. 02

The Joy of Text Sex Ch. 02


As I walked into the Adelphi Bar, my phone buzzed, 'Message'. Of course it was from Tommy, 'There in 5 minutes, get me a pint of lager, sit in the window seat.'

I smiled and followed my instructions, sitting at a table in front of the large window, with our drinks.

Sure enough Tommy sauntered in right on time, strutting across the room like a peacock. He bent forward. As he kissed me on the lips, his hand slid straight up my dress, tickling my thigh, above the lace top of my stockings.

"Stop it! Someone might see!" I chuckled as I grabbed his wrist.

"That's the idea!" he laughed as he squeezed my flesh, and quickly removed his hand.

"You like playing games, don't you?" I asked. Grinning, he sipped his beer then told me, "I love it! Just love it! It gets the blood flowing...doesn't it?" Then he looked at me. He was right, it did get 'my blood flowing'. I just blushed and looked away.

"You like my games too, don't you?" he asked, without waiting for an answer, "The Texts really turned you on, didn't they?" he continued, "You've never done anything like this before? Have you?"

I didn't know which question to answer first, so I just smiled, sipped my wine and nodded.

"Ha, ha, ha," he laughed, "I bet you're still wet from fingering yourself this afternoon, aren't you?" Tommy slipped his hand back up my dress, "Open your legs."

I scanned the room. It was quite busy, but most people were standing around the bar talking and drinking. Feeling deliciously naughty, I slightly spread my knees for him. With only a small table to hide my modesty, his fingers stroked my pussy through my tiny knickers. I nearly choked on my wine as they pressed the cotton in between my swollen lips. I had to re-adjust myself, placing my foot on the table leg, as he deftly pulled my thong to one side with one finger as another slid inside my pussy.

I closed my eyes and sighed as he twisted it round and round, in a room full of strangers. I tried to be as discrete as possible, sipping my wine and listening intently to his small talk as his fingers gently stroked my labia and dipped in and out of my hot pussy. Tommy rested his head on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, "I bet that you wish that it was my cock in you." I glanced at him and nodded as I bit my lip. "What time have you got to be home?"

"Ugh," I gulped as he crooked his finger inside my pussy, "Nine –ten o'clock." I gasped.

"Shit! Stop it! Someone's watching! Stop it!" I suddenly hissed as I grabbed his wrist.

Two young guys were standing with their backs to the bar, huge grins lighting up their faces as they watched Tommy fingering me, under the table.

Tommy howled with laughter at my embarrassment. Gulping down his beer he took my hand, "Let's go back to my place. I need to fuck you!"

I tried not to make 'eye-contact' with the two guys as we went past them.

"Go on my son!" One of them grunted, "I think she's ready!" Tommy couldn't stop laughing as we walked the few hundred yards to his flat.

"You loved that didn't you?" I shouted at him.

He swung me into a shop doorway, pressed me against the locked door and pulled my dress up over my hips, "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before!" he whispered before he stuck his tongue down my throat, "That's what you want? Isn't it?"

My arms were wrapped around his neck and I responded to his kiss by pushing my own tongue into his mouth, not caring that anyone walking past would have been able to see my knickers and stockings.

Further along the street, as we passed a bus stop full of schoolboys, the wind caught the back of my dress and blew it up, exposing my stockings. My thong was so small they probably thought that I wasn't wearing any knickers! When I told him what had happened, Tommy made me walk past a second time, but they had all gone. Flashing three old ladies didn't seem quite as exciting. "Come on! Or I'll have to fuck you in the street!" he chuckled as we scurried along the street.

When we entered his flat I swear that my pussy was so wet, my thong was actually dripping with 'love juice'. Tommy threw me onto his sofa and dived between my legs with his face. His tongue lapped at my pussy through my panties; his hands stroking my stocking clad legs.

"Oh, oh, ooh, yes, yes, Ohhhh!" I groaned as he pulled my thong to one side and touched my labia with his tongue. My legs were now as wide as possible, one ankle hooked over the top of the couch.

"Yes, yes, yes! Oh yes, Tommy, Tommy, Ohhhhh yeessss!" I groaned louder as he drank my love juice, separating my lips with his tongue. My head was rolling from side to side as I neared my orgasm. I couldn't stop myself pulling my tits out of my bra and teasing my nipples.

"YEEEESSSS!" I screamed as he inserted two fingers into my sopping hole, "YEEEESSSS!" My hands were now gripping his head pressing it harder against my tingling vagina.

When I let go, he began kissing my thighs, pubes and love-lips. I was gasping for air, as he stood up.

"My turn now! Do you want to suck me off?" His face was shining with my excess juices, as he threw his shirt on the floor.

"What do you think?" I teased as I unbuttoned my dress, looking at the bulge in his pants. "I haven't had a cock in my mouth for two years!" Tommy was now standing naked, in front of me. His cock was jutting out like a flagpole. I nearly licked my lips at the sight of his throbbing meat.

With my dress lying on a nearby chair and my bra on the table, I threw my soaking thong at him, "Come here!"

He caught it in his left hand and put it straight to his nose, "Mmmmmm, I love the scent of a woman!" he chuckled as he positioned himself beside my head, one knee on the sofa, the other on the carpet.

I wrapped my left hand around his thick shaft and greedily sucked on the fat bell-end. "Oh God! This is good!" I thought, as I drew more of his sweaty cock into my mouth, licking and sucking at the same time, it only made me hornier when I saw my gold wedding ring shining against his hot shaft.

Tommy's hands stroked my hair and tits as I gobbled on his lovely cock. I steadied myself by holding one of his firm arse cheeks with one hand and grabbed his hairy balls with the other.

"Oh yes, you are good!" he hissed, "Your husband doesn't know what he's missing. You must have been popular at College if you sucked cock like this! OHH YESSS! That's good, oh Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, what a fucking cocksucker you are!"

I was trying to send him a telepathic message, "Finger my pussy!" I was aching to have his fingers rammed into it, but he continued playing with my sensitive breasts.

My tongue ran along his long shaft, taking in every single blue vein that was wrapped around it. I coated his bright purple knob with my spit making it nice and smooth. His balls throbbed when I encompassed the velvet like tip in my mouth. Tommy's cock tasted so good, I wanted to eat it. I was in Heaven as I sucked and blew on this magnificent monster. Oh God! I couldn't stop myself – it was just like being back in College, my hands were rubbing and squeezing his hairy balls and cock so hard, I knew that he couldn't last much longer. I didn't care if he wouldn't be able to fuck me afterwards; I needed to taste his spunk.

My mouth was now causing a vacuum; I was sucking so hard.

Tommy gripped my head, "Ugh, ugh! I'm coming, I'm coming!" he grunted as my fingers nearly ripped his dick and balls out of their roots!

He tensed up, as his hips rocked back and forth. He was now fucking my mouth and BLAM! Jet after jet of hot, lumpy spunk was shot into my mouth. I sucked even harder, drawing every last ounce of jism out of his body. I'd forgotten how nice a man's spunk tasted. Hot, salty and slightly bitter; it slid down my throat, MMMmmmm.

"Fucking Hell Cathy! Fucking Hell!" Tommy groaned, as I continued licking and sucking his deflating cock. "Oh shit! That was fanfuckingtastic! What a fucking cocksucker!"

I sat back, smirking as I licked the last of his spunk from my lips. Tommy stood, trembling, as he tugged on his softening cock.

Tommy went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine. His cock was swinging from side to side when he walked back across the living room with my glass.

As he took a seat along the sofa from me, I took a long sip and cheekily asked, "Are you finished?"

"What do you mean?" he laughed.

I pointed to his dangling cock, "Is their anything left in there?"

The wine tasted lovely as it slid down my throat, mixing with his salty spunk.

"Why? What do you want now?" He laughed, at my eagerness.

I whispered, "A fuck would be nice." Tommy gave his dick a little shake, and shrugged his shoulders, "After that blow job, I'm not sure if I can get it hard again!" Taking another sip of wine, I cheekily told him, "Leave that to me!" I then moved down the sofa and rubbed my stocking clad foot across his hairy tummy and chest before I curled it onto the top of the sofa, totally exposing my neatly trimmed soaking wet quim for him.

"Fucking Hell, Cathy! Your cunt's blowing bubbles!" He joked as he stared at my wet opening.

"I know!" I giggled as I stroked it, smearing my dribbling juices around my protruding lips.

It had the desired effect – his cock began to twitch.

"MMMmmmm," I purred as I tickled my rosebud like clitoris. Still nonchalantly sipping my wine, I slid my middle finger into my pussy as my thumb tickled my clit.

My young lover's cock began filling with blood, and began pointing directly at me.

Tommy wrapped his fingers around his own shaft and began wanking in time with my own rubbing. I now had two fingers sliding in and out of my red hot hole as my thumb rubbed vigorously against my pleasure button, while Tommy's hand was like an Express train, wanking his expanding shaft. In the time it took for my orgasm to go from my toes to my nose he was 'rock hard' again.

My nipples were actually aching, as I panted, "That didn't take long, did it?" He leant forward, took my glass from my hand, placing it on a small table and kissed me full on the lips. I swooned as his tongue touched mine. His body hair was scratching my nipples as he manoeuvred himself on top of my willing body.

Our tongues were still inter-twined, as his knob nudged against my love-tunnel. "Ohhhh shhhiiittt!" I gasped as his big cock took my breath away.

With his arm now under my already raised leg, he forced it over my shoulder. Tommy then dropped all of his weight onto my slender frame, making his cock slide deep inside my cunt. "Fuck me, fuck me Tommy, fuck me!" I groaned as his hips began moving, "Oh yes, that's good, that's good." I moaned as he began fucking me like a wild animal.

"This is what you've been wanting, isn't it?" He shouted as he tried to kiss me, "You've wanted to fuck like this for weeks, haven't you?"

When his lips connected to mine, I could taste was my own dried pussy juice from when he had licked me. The taste and smell was awesome.

"Months! I've wanted to fuck like this for months!" I wheezed, as his pumping became more of a pounding. We fucked like this for ages/minutes/hours? I lost track of time.

My eyes were like saucers when he finally raised himself onto his hands, both of my legs now over my shoulders, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I screamed.

Tommy continued pounding my pussy as I howled like a bitch on heat, "Aaaaahhhhggg! Yyyyeeesssss, you bastaaaarrrddddd!"

"Uh, oh, uh." He grunted, as, sweat dripping from his forehead, he shifted his body allowing my legs to flop back into their natural position. We clung together for what seemed an age, gently kissing and stroking each other as his cock continued, slowly, fucking my pussy. "Get on all fours." He grinned. I complied, kneeling over the edge of the sofa, automatically spreading my legs, waiting for a final hard fucking.

"Wait there, just like that!" he told me and disappeared into the bathroom.

"Close your eyes, I've got a surprise for you." He called to me. Grinning, I did as I was told, dragging two cushions under my stomach. Tommy knelt behind me, his cock felt so hard, as it touched my thigh, I thought that it might explode any moment. I was trembling with excitement, when he told me, "Spread your cheeks!" I pressed my face into the back of the sofa and pulled my buttocks apart for his visual pleasure. I shivered when I felt something cold and wet drip between my cheeks, slowly sliding down my arse crack.

Tommy squeezed the tube again, making the cold jelly land straight onto my chocolate starfish, making me shiver. He then smeared it all along the crack, touching the tight skin around my 'other hole', making me shake with anticipation. He didn't say a word, but I knew what he wanted to do to me. By now, my heart was thumping, my stomach churning, and my cunt dripping as I braced myself for my very first ever, anal experience.

When Tommy was satisfied that there was enough lubrication, he nudged my chocolate starfish with his fat knob. As the head entered me, I had to stifle a yelp, by biting a cushion. At first I was terrified that he was going to make me shit myself, but I didn't. The urge to scream took over, as inch after inch filled my tight little arsehole, "AAAAaaaggghhHHH!" I squealed. Tommy froze, for a moment. "I'm sorry," he grunted, and started to withdraw his cock from my tiny hole. "No, no, no! Don't stop! Keep it in." I gasped as my arsehole stung and ached at the same time.

He grasped my hips and slowly, gently fucked my arse.

I couldn't believe how much this was hurting me, but I was enjoying every tiny second.

My arse was now becoming numb. He increased his speed, ramming all six inches up my shithole, until his rough pubes rubbed against my soft bum flesh. "Oh yes!" He snorted as yet another inch of cock filled my bowels; "You're so fucking tight, Cath. I can feel every fucking vein up here!" "I know, I know!" I gasped he tried to split me in two.

The jelly was now making it so easy for his big fat cock to enter me, but his cock still felt so fucking huge. I wasn't in half as much pain, now, as I pressed backwards to meet his every thrust.

"Ugh!" I grunted every time his knob pushed in and touched my cavity wall, "Ooh!" every time it withdrew!

I was clinging onto the sofa with one hand, as I massaged his balls, dangling between our legs, with the other.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" he groaned as my fingernails dug into his sack. "Ohhhh Yeeesss!" he hissed as his cock tried to break through the membrane leading into my belly, then he suddenly tensed up. Tommy's cock expanded one last time as his balls went into spasms, sending a load of scalding cum deep inside my arsehole. "OOOOHHHH FFFFUUUCcccckkk, Cccaatthhhyy!" he groaned, as his body deflated like a burst balloon. My lover gurgled and dribbled as he rested his head in the nape of my neck, while his fat cock twitched in my once tight hole.

He slowly disengaged himself from me, kissing each notch of my spine as he dropped onto his knees, finally giving my buttocks two big sloppy kisses.

As I turned over, to sit back down, "Ppphhhuurrt!" my sloppy hole made the rudest of noises as the air that he had just forced into my once tight hole made its' way back out, spraying my thighs with excess spunk!

My whole body ached, as I lay spread-eagled, gasping for breath.

We stayed like this until I finally looked at my watch – it was gone 10pm!

I scurried around the room picking up my discarded clothing. When I was finally dressed, I checked my mobile phone – 'MESSAGE'.

It was a text from my husband, "Will be home late – midnight – sorry! Hope you're having a good time."

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