tagLoving WivesThe Judy Chronicles Ch. 01

The Judy Chronicles Ch. 01


Note: My story is about me, a cheating wife. If this is not your thing don't bother reading.


I've decided to write about my life for the thrill of knowing that some guy will be jacking off when reading of things I done, things I have kept secret from my husbands. Thousands of you will know of many lovers while my husbands never have a clue. I've had lots of husbands. Four husbands of my own and dozens and dozens of someone Else's husbands.

My friends and family call me Judy. I was born in June of 1966. I say that the 6/66 represents the Devil in me that I think my date of birth must have planted in me.

My Dad was thrilled to finally get a girl after three boys. I later had a younger brother and baby sister. As I got older Mom made me their caretaker whether is was change a diaper, make the beds, clean the house, cook them meals, or do the laundry. It got so that I would get up early on any day there wasn't school and go hide out in the woods. In the summer I was just plain hard to find until the chores had been done.

There were plenty of woods and plenty of places to play and hide where I grew up in Western North Carolina. We lived within a few miles of Virginia and Tennessee. Dad had us live in all three as he tried to keep up with a job. Finally Dad got a steady job in Wilkes County where he saved up a little money and had a cousin of Mom's build us a little house.

As I got older my brother and sister weren't so much trouble even though Mom would try to send them along with me to get them out of the house. On one hot day in early June after I ditched them I thought I'd slip back to the house to get a cool drink. What I got instead was a view of Mom bent over the back porch with her dress up over her back. Some man that was not Dad was behind her pumping his cock in her pussy while Mom groaned and shouted, "Fuck me with that thing!"

With older brothers and their friends around a lot I knew what was happening to Mom, she was getting fucked, and she was sure enjoying it. Being hot in the house Mom showed some good sense to take the fucking outside at the back of the house where no one was likely to see them.

Later, Mom took a waitress job in a bar to help out with the expense of feeding six kids. Dad had the impression it was a restaurant with a bar. But, it was one of the wildest bars in the county. Dad had to get up early for his job, so went to bed by 9 PM. Mom was supposed to get off work at eight, but often times we were left sitting in the car until much later. Mom would come out and tell us that she had to stay late. Someone would give her a ride home, so Dad could go home a get some rest to go to work the next day.

Soon it wasn't even an effort after a while. It was assumed Mom would get a ride home. My cousin Shirley lived across the road. We would sneak out late some nights just being girls talking and chatting in the cool night air. I guess thinking us sneaking around made us some kind of bad asses.

The first time Mom rolled up with her ride home when Shirley and I were out in the yard Shirley got a surprise lesson in life. I had told her about Mom fucking around from time to time and she would listen in awe to my stories. Dad always left the front porch light on for Mom so from the bush we were hiding behind we had a good back lit view.

The driver and Mom got out of the car and went to the back. Another man had been in the back seat. He got out and joined them. It was easy to tell that Mom was drunk again. The driver dropped his pants and underwear around his ankles and leaned back against the trunk of the car. Mom started sucking the guy's cock. I thought Shirley was going to die on the spot.

The sound of the Mom sucking the man off was pretty noisy, but not loud enough to wake anyone in the house. After a few minutes the man went rigid and Mom gagged a little. Wiping her mouth a little she spoke to the man.

"Damn it, Johnny. You always could cum more than I could swallow."

Whoever Johnny was he pulled up his clothes, stuffed his dick back in his pants, and got back in the car behind the wheel. Mom moved over to the other man. The guy had been stroking his cock while he watched Mom suck off the driver. Shirley were straining in the darkness of where we were hiding to get a better look. The guy's cock was quite a bit bigger than the driver's. Probably about eight inches. Mom was shoving her face down on it until she had her nose buried against his pubic bone.

"Fuck, Baby! You know I love it when you take in the whole thing, but it always makes me bust my nut too soon."

I guess Mom was trying to answer with her mouth full of cock. All we could hear was a mumble. Then the man blew his load down Mom's throat with his cock buried all the way to the base.

"You give one hell of a blowjob. Yet, I'd still rather had been fucking that sweet cunt of yours."

"With me being fertile right now if you had pumped that seed in me with that big cock of yours you would have knocked me up for sure. I've got a whole house full of children there. I sure don't need to add one of yours to the pot. You can fuck me again next week. You and Johnny."

Mom watched the car back out of the driveway. Then ran up the front porch steps and into the house. Within minutes she would be in bed with Dad, him having slept through the whole things. We waited for the light to go out in the bedroom. Shirley went home across the road and I slipped into our house and into the bed I shared with my little sister.

Shirley and I sneaked out a lot that summer. Watching Mom fuck one guy after another in exchange for that ride home. Then when it cooled into fall Mom would stay in the car to suck a cock or let the man fuck her. All me and Shirley could see of Mom would be the way the action inside the car steamed the windows.

Next spring brought Mom out in the open again. No one ever brought Mom home and left without at least a blowjob. Shirley and I kind of lost interest in watching Mom get boned or drain some guy's cock down her throat. The night she had four men in the yard taking turns fucking her while Dad slept a few yards away in the house still sticks in my mind.

That and one summer day when Shirley and I were supposed to catch the bus that went past our house for a ride into town to see a movie. We missed the bus. It was wash day. I knew if I went home Mom would put me to work doing the laundry, so Shirley and I hung out in the woods.

We heard someone walking towards us through the trees and brush. When we saw it was Charlie, one of our black neighbors, Shirley almost called out. I grabbed her arm when I realized there wasn't but one reason Charlie would be cutting through the woods like that.

Charlie and his family lived on a road above us higher on the mountain, and deeper into the woods. He and other relatives made up a small community of several houses that were all black families. Shirley and I played with Charlie's kids at school and sometimes they would come to our house. Charlie's visit was more of a personal nature with Mom.

We moved in closer to see what was going to happen. Dad had an old chicken house just behind the house. Shirley followed me in the little back hatch Dad used to close the chickens up at night. Through the little glass window in front we had a perfect view from about fifteen feet away. We could hear Mom like we were standing next to her.

"Charlie, where have you been?" We heard my Mom scold. "I almost came down my legs waiting for you to show up."

"The old lady had chores to be done. It took me extra time to get them done with the hardon I had from thing about getting down here and burying my cock in you."

"Don't waste any more time standing there. Get over here and put that thing in me."

We had an wringer washer on the back porch and clothes lines from post to post to hang stuff up to dry. Mom bent over the washing machine with her feet wide apart. Old Charlie came up behind her and lifted her dress.

"Aw Hell, no one can see us back here, Charlie. Let me get this dress off." Mom pulled her dress over her head and tossed it aside followed by her bra. She wasn't wearing panties.

I had never looked at my Mom as being anyone but "Mom". But, Mom had a hell of a set of tits for a mother her age. Her waist was a little thick. Her ass looked round and tight. As she bent back over the washing machine I could see that Mom kept her bush neatly trimmed above a plump set of cunt lips.

"Let's get that big thing in me!" I'd never thought of Mom with a black man before, but there was nothing in her history that said she would be opposed to taking on some black cock.

The big surprise, and I do mean big, came from Charlie. With Mom spread out in front of him Charlie slid his suspenders off his shoulders and let his pants fall to the ground. Wearing no underwear a huge cock leaped into view. I heard Shirley gasp and put her hand over her mouth. Mom was grinning at a black cock that was easily over a foot long. It had a huge bulbous head. We could see ugly veins popping from it from where we were hiding.

"My God! Do you see the size of that thing? How is your Mom going to handle it?" Shirley was in awe of what was about to happen.

I had to shut her up for fear we would be heard. I wanted, or needed to see Mom try to fuck such a huge cock.

"His balls are huge, too." Shirley added, nudging my ribs.

Mom was swaying her ass at Charlie. Her bare pussy glistening in the late morning light. Charlie moved behind her and spread her slit open with his thumbs.

"Whoa, I don't know Darlin'. Are you sure you are wet enough to take the big old slab of black meat? Maybe you better juice me up a bit with that hot mouth of yours."

"What is it about men always wanting a blow job when pussy is right there in front of them?" Mom chuckled.

We watched Mom spin around from the washing machine and drop to her knees. She had both hands on his cock. It didn't look like she could get her fingers to touch. Shirley and I tried to shift around on the little window to get a better view. Mom was getting some of it in her mouth. When she pulled it out it was amazing how much she was able to handle.

"It's your choice." Mom teased. "Blowjob or pussy? You ain't getting both."

Mom watched Charlie's expression, then giggled, jumped up off her knees and leaned back over the washing machine. With her womanhood exposed again to Charlie we could see the old washer shake Mom's big tits and cause her ass to jiggle just enough to be enticing to the big black neighbor.

"Let's get to it. I need that cock in me. I'm right on the edge of being fertile, so you be ready to pull out before you cum in me. You got that?"

"Yeah, I got it." Charlie had a look on his face like he didn't much care. If he knocked Mom up it would be her problem.

Cock in hand, he stepped up behind Mom. He didn't even rub it up and down her slit. He just popped the head inside Mom and punched in about half of the huge cock in a few strokes. Shirley sucked in her breath beside me. I couldn't believe my Mom could take something that big inside her. That got even more incredible as Charlie worked his black cock the rest of the way in Mom's overstuffed cunt.

Mom started moaning pretty loud. "Fuck me Charlie. Bury that big black cock deep in me. Fill me up with your black seed!"

The pace was quickening. Charlie would pull almost the full length out of Mom, then almost fall back into her.

"I thought you said to pull out when I cum" Charlie panted.

"No, cum in me. I need to feel your cum spurt inside me. Shove it all the way in and dump your load where it can do me some good."

"Old Charlie's balls deep in your white married cunt. Are you ready?"

We could see his ass clench as he humped into Mom. Where all that cock was going was a mystery to the both of us. Mom started to holler out for his to fuck her harder. Then they both froze as obviously Charlie had filled her with his black seed. In a few minutes Charlie pulled back, his cock coming out with a audible plop. A stream of hot cum dribbled from her stretched cunt and onto the cement of the porch.

Shirley grabbed my arm as his cock looked even larger when it came and we were realizing that he had all that inside Mom.

"Look at thing on him! It looks like my uncle's stud horse's cock sliding out of a brood mare."

I'd seen that myself one time. It was an amazing comparison when I thought about it.

That memory of Mom was all I could see when I would look at her until this day. All those things she did that would have hurt Dad if he only knew. Mom divorced him some years later when she decide she wanted my step-father with his large cock and big bank account. As far as I know Dad was the steady worker and father that never had a clue.

I got out of the mountains that Autumn. My first husband was six years older than me. He had a good heavy equipment job in Maryland. He wanted me because he thought I was young, sweet, and above all a virgin. And, I was ... all of those things.

Dad signed for me to get married as I was not yet legal age. I was married at sixteen and had a daughter when I was seventeen. We were still living in a trailer when I turned eighteen. We had two children then, our marriage was good, but my husband's bouts withdrinking became a factor. I wanted out of the trailer and into a house for my kids. The money he drank and gambled away could have made a down payment on a home as well as do better for us all.

During all this I made a friend Becky that also lived in the trailer park. She was from West Virginia. We got together and joked about how the locals called us "Goats" because we came in from the mountains. Becky was twenty and had two kids of her own. Her husband, Gary, was mean and controlling. Men in the trailer park thought that being from the hills made us inclined to fuck. That wasn't so much true, but it made Becky's husband jealous, causing her to get slapped around a little by her spouse.

Becky had all kinds of ideas about cheating on her husband, but had never gone through with it. We would get together and giggle like teenagers about men and life in general. Becky's husband had a factory job, working the afternoon shift so we would get together most days after her man left for work and before mine got home.

Then the day came that Becky got beat up pretty bad. Her husband saw her talking to a man that lived in our trailer park and accused her of having sex with the guy. When I saw her the next day she had a black eye, loose teeth, busted lip, and probably cracked ribs. Being my strong willed self I wasn't going to let that happen to my friend. I went to their trailer the next morning to confront Becky's husband.

It didn't go as I planned. I chatted with Becky while her husband slept. When he awoke he came to the front of the trailer where Becky and I were with the babies. He gave me an disarming smile.

"How are you Judy? You doing okay?"

"Uh, fine, Gary." I smiled back.

I had only seen him a couple of times, and not this close. He was good looking with flashing blue eyes and blond hair. Becky had talked of maybe wanting to cheat on him. I couldn't imagine why. I found myself looking him up and down. Everything in the trailer looked peaceful. Becky with all her injuries looked calm. She stood up to fix him lunch. After a few minutes I began to boil inside over him hurting Becky. I decided to attack.

"So, do you think beating up your wife is okay, do you?" I tried to sound mean.

"You should mind you own business, Judy. That's how people get hurt." His face reddened in anger. I could see the man that beat my friend come out it him.

"It takes a tough guy to hurt the mother of his children."

"Look, bitch. She fucked some other guy. She had it coming."

"We've been friends for a while. She would have confided in me if she had. All they were doing was talking."

"If she hadn't fucked him yet, she was sure on her way to fucking him soon. You stay out of it!" He warned me.

Becky continued to quietly fix his lunch. Suddenly his hand had me by the throat.

"You need to butt out, or the same could happen to you!"

"Stop it! You're scaring the children." Becky finally got involved.

"I guess you are right maybe I should take you friend outside."

"No, not with the neighbors seeing you being an ass."

He still had me by the throat and dragged me towards their bedroom.

"Maybe little Judy would like to finish the discussion back here."

I took a couple of swings at him. It didn't seem to matter.

"Like it rough, do you, you little cunt?"

He reached between my legs and pinched my clit right through my shorts and panties. I wanted to get away, but my legs went a little weak and a hot sensation traveled from my clit to my very core. I caught my breath. He stared in my eyes and worked my clit, letting go of my throat to reach under my T-shirt to rub over my now erect nipples. Why did they betray me? I couldn't be getting hot for the wife beating bully. Why was I just standing there. I tried to leave.

"Where are you going, Judy? Got a hot date. If you piss me off I'll just beat the fuck out of Becky when you leave."

I could tell he meant that. Maybe if I just let him play a little more. That would calm the part of me that wanted to stay with this awful man. There wasn't much I could do what with him being almost six foot tall and me at five foot two. He let go of my throat yet continued to stare into my eyes.

He let go of my clit and had both hands playing with my tits.

"Shit!" I muttered to myself. "Why didn't I wear a bra?" I have nice tits. I wanted men to see, but sure as hell not to touch.

"You like that, don't you? You little cunts are all alike. Prim and proper and then fuck like a mink."

I had to admit to myself, I was liking it ... I just had to pick the time to make him stop. My nipples were already hard as pebbles when he sucked one into his mouth. This was going further than I intended. I needed to make him stop.

"Let's get a good look at these tasty titties of yours, Judy." He started to pull the back of my T-shirt up to get it to pull over my head.

"No, I don't think so." I heard my voice respond. It sounded hollow and insincere.

"You could get the fuck out of my house and I could finish this with Becky when you are gone. But, maybe not as nice as I am with you." He snarled at me.

I thought of Becky and her injuries as I felt my T-shirt go over my head. That son-of-a-bitch. And, why hasn't Becky tried to interrupt what was going on? She had to realize that by taking me out of sight that something wrong must be happening. Defiantly I pushed out my chest, making my boobs stand out even more towards Gary, Becky's asshole of a husband.

"Fuck you, Gary!" Using words I knew he would understand.

"Well, fuck you, Judy. You meddling little cunt. Matter of fact fucking you seems like a excellent idea."

"And, fuck you, Gary! There's know way that is happening."

"Fuck you, Judy. Usually when a gal let's a man see her tits and suck on her nipples she is going to let him fuck her."

"Fuck you, Gary. Not this time. You can go fuck yourself!"

Gary grabbed my crotch. "Wouldn't you like a nice hard cock buried in this little pussy of yours? You know you want it ... Cunt!"

He had me by the clit again through my shorts and panties, squeezing and pulling on it. I felt myself melting all the way to my womb from his touch. I looked around the room. Becky had a lot of stuff stacked around and the room needed a cleaning and sorting out. It wasn't distraction enough. I knew what his hand was doing to my clit was going to make cum if he didn't stop soon. His mouth kissing and sucking was all over my tits was adding to the heat I was feeling in my loins.

I heard myself whimper as my orgasm was almost upon me. Then Gary's hand stopped and moved away from my pussy ... only long enough to unbutton my shorts and lower the zipper. His hand was back, this time in direct contact with my hot little pussy. It was no long secret how aroused I was when his finger parted my labia and slipped inside my wet slit. I could feel myself rushing back towards that big orgasm that I almost had earlier.

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