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The Kennel Club


It was the bi-monthly meeting night for the Kennel Club, and it was going to storm. The club was a group of five men that trained show dogs, more specifically Great Danes. They were all majestic dogs, superior animals in their breeds. Two had actually won a couple of championships.

The meetings were to acclimate the dogs to being around other dogs and to give the owners practice time working them through their paces. It also helped the dogs get used to being handled by people other than their trainer/owners.

It was always a good time. I looked forward to the meetings and watching the animals perform, it was a treat to watch man and beast working together. My boyfriend, Brian, had a brindled male named Marmaduke. What else? He was a goofy, 160 lb. 5 year old puppy. He was loveable and sweet and very well trained. Brian had studded him out a couple of times and had gotten a fair price for it. Marmaduke or Smarmy as we called him because of his smug lopsided grin, had taken a regional Kennel Club championship at 3 years of age.

The group had been meeting with the same dogs for about 2 years and the puppies had become good friends. It was awesome to watch those giant dogs playing in the back yard. Danes are a normally mellow dog with a good nature. There were 4 males and one female so there was an occasional snarl and snap which was corrected immediately by the owners. That was the purpose of these get together's, during shows any aggression was a demerit and could cost you a win.

I'm Annie and I'm a small woman. I stand 5' 3" and weigh around 110. Smarmy's back comes right at my waist, his head just below my shoulder. We're quite a pair to see walking down the street. I always feel well guarded with him. Brian leaves him with me when he travels, which is about every other week for 3 days. I spoil the dog, he gets to sleep in the bed with me. It keeps me from missing Brian and best of all, Smarmy snores less.

The other 4 dog owners were friends of Brian's; Ted was a co-worker and had worked with Brian on and off for close to 10 years. Ted was a big man, at 6'4" about 235, he actually was the only one there that made his dog look normal sized. Brian and I used to laugh about Ted's choice of Dane, Ted had dark red hair and so did Jimbo his dog.

Will had only been with the group a couple of years. He and Brian and Ted had met at a show and they had invited him to join the group to help him with socializing his Dane, Micky. Will was 5'11" bald with startling blue eyes. I suppose they wouldn't have been as startling if he had had hair. Micky was colored similar to the cartoon character Micky Mouse; black ears white face, black body with 3 white dots down his chest and white front feet.

Matt was Will's brother he was the shortest man in the group at 5' 7" and he had Mini, Micky's sister. Matt had hair, well a fringe of hair he let grow down to just over his collar, it was curly and ink black. It looked like fringe. He would have been better looking if he had buzzed it. Mini was marked almost identical to Micky but it was easy to tell them apart because she lacked the large swinging balls between her back legs. On occasion Matt had to miss a meeting if Mini was in heat.

Seth was the last to arrive that evening with Babe. Babe is a "blue" Dane, called that because their color is a grey and in certain lights has a blue hue to it. He was named after Paul Bunion's companion, Babe the Blue Ox. They are quite regal and Babe had piercing grey eyes. Seth is a perfect man, 6'1" nicely trimmed dark brown hair, lean toned body and he was a fireman. He was funny, intelligent and if he hadn't been Brian's younger brother and gay … well let's say I have secret fantasies about him. I don't think any one but his brother and myself knew he preferred men, at least not until that night.

Brian is 6' and about 200 lbs he stays in shape exercising Smarmy. They jog together every other morning. Brian's lush brown hair is graying at the temples and gives him an air of authority which sits quite well in the court room and has inspired the trust of many a juror.

So there you have the entire group, an impressive bunch of males with me and Mini being the only exception.

They were busy putting the dogs through their paces, the heel, the smart sharp turns, the stances, focusing and ignoring distractions. They were waiting for Seth to arrive to be the judge. It was his turn. Being the judge required him to give the dogs a physical exam by running his hands over their coat to check for quality and muscle tone. A hand between the front legs to measure chest depth and a hand between the back legs to test the balls for intactness. In the past some males had been neutered by removing the testis but leaving the sack giving the illusion of an intact male. The judge also feels for spay scars on the females. No one but me and Brian knew that Seth looked forward to his turn as judge just so he could fondle their dogs. I often wondered if he jacked off Babe now and then.

Occasionally I would be judge, to give the dogs variety, to learn the touch of a woman. I must say it was kind of exciting to run my hands over the well toned muscle of those animals, slip my hand between their back legs and feel the weight of their balls in my hand. The warm soft fuzzy globes were nice as was the long shafts of their cocks. I usually got hoots and catcalls from the watching guys when I reached this part.

Rain began to fall, just a few drops at first and everyone ignored it expecting it to go away. But that evening the wind came up as well and the rain grew harder driving every one onto the back porch. Training was done for the night. And one by one the guys fished out a bottle of beer from the coolers that lined the wall by the back door. I opened a bottle of wine. Stories were told of past shows and long gone but not forgotten past companions. Brian and Seth helped me move the dinner stuff into the dining room from the picnic table on the porch. Dinner was a success with lots of laughter and more beer. My bottle of wine was empty and I was feeling happy and light. I opened another one.

The men had gone into the den to watch the game that was due to start. I declined all the offers to help me clean up and sent them packing into the den. The dogs were all snoozing on the porch. It was still raining.

The kitchen was warm and I went over to turn down the thermostat, summers can be like an oven and when it rains the humidity is almost unbearable. I had put on my tennis skirt and a tank top to try and stay cool. I wear thongs most of the time and tonight I had put on one of my light all lace bras trying to stay cool. I finished rinsing the dishes and was bent over loading them into the dishwasher when Ted walked in the door behind me.

"Yummy. Nice view." He said.

I jumped up and pulled down my skirt. Blushing I stammered "I thought you were all in the den."

He walked up to me, not touching me, but I could feel the heat of him he was so close. Very quietly he said, "Don't cover up that pretty ass on my account. I've always liked that particular view."

I took a step back. "Thanks Ted."

He took a step forward. "Always my pleasure."

I stepped back again and bumped into the counter. "What did you need Ted?" The second I said it I wanted to unsay it.

A gleam came into his eyes and he stepped forward again, still not touching me but I could see he really wanted to. I had seen him watching me in the past when he thought no one else was looking. But he had never done more than that, not until tonight anyway.

"What I need and what I came for are two very different things." He said quietly holding my gaze. I couldn't look away, I was hypnotized like a snake by a charmer. He took a deep slow breath, and closed his eyes. "Mmmmm I have always loved your perfume." He took another deep breath. Then opened his eyes and murmured, "What I came for is ice, we're switching to scotch."

"Ok," I said and stepped around him. "I'll get the ice bucket."

It was in the cupboard on the top shelf. We very seldom used it unless we entertained. I opened the door and tried to reach it, I was going to open the lower cupboard and step up on the shelf like I normally do when Ted stepped up behind me. He leaned in pressing my stomach against the counter and his body against mine. I could feel his hardness against my ass. It felt like its size was in proportion to his height. I wondered if the hair there was red as well. I snatched that thought out of my mind and crushed it. Must be the wine.

"Here let me get that for you." He said and reached over my head, stretching for the ice bucket and rubbing his cock against me as he did. I felt a flush of heat wash over me and my heart rate kicked up a bit. I vowed to not drink anymore wine for awhile.

He handed me the bucket. I turned to the refrigerator and glanced at his crotch as I did. The bulge in his pants looked huge and I felt myself get wet. Brian had been gone for three days; that and the weather and the wine a volatile mixture. I filled the bucket and handed it back to him. I noticed the bulge was almost gone. "Enjoy the game. I'll bring in some snacks in a while."

He turned and left the kitchen but I heard him say under his breath "I know what I'd like to snack on."

I poured myself a glass of wine and took a long drink to calm myself before I realized I had sworn not to drink for awhile. I felt it hit bottom and slowly spread its warm relaxation to all my limbs and I thought "What the hell I deserve a night too. I did all the work for dinner. Might as well enjoy the clean up." I bent over to take the dishwasher soap out from under the sink when some one behind me gave a soft whistle of appreciation.

I jumped up, jerked my skirt down and spun around to find Will's shocking blue eyes locked on the spot my ass had been.

"Very tasty, but you seem to not have found what you were looking for under the sink. Maybe you should look again." He said with a wide smile.

The cartoon of a wolf with his tongue lolling to one side, drool running down his chin and his eyes popping out flitted across my mind and I laughed. "I'm going to hang a bell on all you guys next time. Ted just startled me and I don't think my heart will take much more."

Will laughed and stepped into the Kitchen. "Still, it was a pleasant vision. I will wait while you find what you were after under the sink. I am a gentleman after all." He winked at me.

"Oh that's quite all right." I said smoothing my skirt. "Guests are always first. What did you nn.." I caught myself in time. "… come for?"

"A couple more glasses and Brian said there was another bottle of scotch out here."

I walked to the cupboard at the end and opened it, again the object of desire was on the upper shelf. Sometimes I wished I was 6 ft tall. I reached for the bottle but my fingers just brushed the bottom of it. Will stepped up behind me and reached over my head, pressing firmly against the length of my body. I felt his muscles move in his legs as he stretched up on his toes rubbing his cock against my ass. He was hard, really hard, not as large as Ted but somehow harder which was more exciting.

I felt a flush raise to my cheeks and felt my nipples harden. Great, just great, he'd know the moment he looked at me that he had turned me on. And what was I to say to that or about that? Holding the bottle in one hand he stepped back allowing me to turn around. I watched his eyes travel from my flushed face slowly down my neck and hesitate at the pulse beating rapidly at the base of my throat and continue down to my nipples which hardened even further at his gaze.

He stood there and boldly ogled my breasts, a smile gradually stretched across his face. "Lovely," he said looking up, his blue eyes even brighter, seemed to burn into mine. "Just lovely." He continued to stand there, waiting.

"Was that all?" I finally asked.

"No, a couple of glasses."

"Right." I pushed away from the counter and hurried to the glass cabinet relieved to be away from his piercing stare. These were at least on a shelf I could reach. I took two tumblers and handed them to him. As he took them he stuck out his forefinger and brushed it across one of my nipples. I jumped.

He smiled at me again a slow self assured smile. "Lovely." He said again. "Brian's a lucky man." He turned and went back to the den.

My nipple burned where Will had touched me, and the burn dribbled down my stomach and settled in my crotch where it simmered. It was going to be a long game, a very long game. I could hardly wait for them all to leave so I could drag Brian off to bed and ravage him mercilessly. Several times.

As I was finishing with the dishes I heard distant thunder and glanced at the back porch to check on the dogs. A couple had raised their heads and sniffed the air, but settled back down. It was still to distant to trouble them. Drying my hands on a towel I went to the glass door leading out to the patio to check out the storm. It was raining a little harder than it had been and as I watched lightening cracked the distant sky. It looked like it was coming closer. Wouldn’t be long I thought until we’d have to bring them in.

Despite their size and stalwart appearance Dane’s are cowards. Smarmy always gets as close as he can push to either me or Brian during a severe thunder storm. He whimpers and shivers the entire time. I hoped the game would be over before we would have to bring in half a ton of cry baby dogs.

I saw Brian's reflection in the glass door a second before I felt his arms circle my waist. He nuzzled my hair aside and placed a sucking kiss on my neck. I felt his tongue draw little circles and a shiver ran through me. He smelled of good scotch and I could tell he was feeling the effects of it.

"Do me a favor?" he asked softly against my ear and licked the edge of it. I felt the familiar heat start in my pussy. He massaged his hands up my stomach and cupped my breasts stretching and pinching the nipples with practiced perfection. I leaned back against him and savored the tingling in them and knew I was getting wet for him.

"Anything if you'll just keep doing that." I turned my head and we kissed deep and soft. I swear his kisses could melt the sun. My heart was racing and as always happens when he kisses me that way all else disappeared except for him. I heard him moan soft and low in his throat as he pulled me tight against him and rubbed his cock against my ass. He pulled up my short skirt and slipped his hand into my thong. I reached up and pulled his head down into a harder kiss and spread my legs a little ways apart to make it easier for him to reach me.

When his finger touched my clit I released his mouth and moaned reaching up with both hands to grab his shoulders. He went back to sucking and kissing my neck as I rubbed slowly against him. His finger was teasing my clit, driving me wild. God, how I wanted him to take me right there, feel the thrust of him in my trembling pussy. He pushed a finger in and as I gasped for breath my knees went weak and I would have fallen but for him holding me.

"I love how wet you get for me." He whispered, his breath hot on my neck.

Someone cleared his throat and I stiffened and attempted to stand and straighten myself, but Brian tightened his hold on me and kept pumping his finger slightly in and out of my soaking hole. I wanted to just lean back and let him finish me but Matt's reflection in the glass door caught my attention. The intensity of his stare sent a tremor of excitement through my stomach. The darkening grey of the sky made the glass door into a mirror and I knew he could clearly see what Brian was doing. I found a forbidden delight in it. I felt naughty and it felt good. I definitely had to ease back on the wine.

"I'll go, if you two are busy." Matt said and stepped into the kitchen.

"No, Annie can go. She's had a lot less to drink than the rest of us." Brian said and released me. Then he did something I would never have imagined him to do in a million years. He must have had more to drink than I had thought. He turned slightly so Matt could see his face. His finger was still glistening wet from my nectar as he slowly brought up to his nose and sniffed, then slowly sucked it into his mouth and withdrew it with a smacking noise all the while holding Matt's look. When Brian broke their gaze he turned to me sticking his hand in his pocket. Matt glanced at me and blushed then wet his lips with his tongue.

Brian held out a 50 dollar bill to me "Will you go to the quick mart and pick up a couple more bottles of scotch? The game is just about to half time and I don't think we'll have enough to finish it."

I took the money. Two could play his seedy little game and my horns were out now. I stepped up to him, stretch up on my toes and licked his mouth tasting my lingering essence on his lips. "Sure." I answered running my hand the length of his hard cock. "I told you anything." I smiled and walked away to get my purse and keys. I deliberately brushed against Matt as I left the kitchen.

Behind me I heard Matt chuckle and say "I'd say she one upped you pretty good there."

When I returned from the market I could hear the game in the living room and the occasional cheer or boo from the guys. All the eyes turned in my direction when I went in to retrieve the ice bucket to refill. Each pair traveled the length of me and settled on a spot just below the waist band of my skirt. I knew either Matt or Brian had told them about the little episode in the kitchen. I blushed and tried to tug my skirt a little lower. Ted chuckled and boldly licked his lips. Brian and Matt laughed with him.

I snatched up the ice bucket and the one empty bottle of scotch and noticed the second one was almost empty. The men were in a mood for fun and I decided that I'd had a rough week as well and I was going to join them in a little drinking. In the kitchen I refilled the ice, and put together a quick snack tray of chips, ranch dip, crackers, several cheeses and meats and piled a plate with veggies for me.

I was just trying to figure out how I was going to carry all that into the living room when Seth appeared in the doorway. "You ok?" He asked stepping forward to take the two bottles of scotch and the ice bucket. "You've been gone a long time, and I was worried."

"Yeah, I'm fine. A little embarrassed is all. But I'll get over it." I picked up the snack tray and put my empty glass on it. I very seldom ever drink scotch but tonight I thought, if you can't beat 'em might as well join 'em.

"I know my brother can be a bit of cad sometimes. I just didn't want you hiding away for the rest of the night because of him."

"Oh, I won't." I smiled at Seth. "I'm going to give him a bit of his own medicine."

Seth smiled back. "That's what he needs, Sis." He leaned over kissed my cheek and headed back to the living room. I followed carrying the tray.

Seth set the booze and ice on the mini bar and snuggled back into his big chair that sat at a right angle at the end of the 7 ft. sofa. Will was on one end of the sofa, Ted in the middle and Matt was at the far end. Brian had his recliner which sat at a right angle to the other end of the sofa. The furniture formed half of a rectangle all facing the big screen plasma that at that moment was the focus of all the men.

At least it was until I walked over with the snack tray and bent forward at the waist and set it down on the big padded rectangular foot stool. I took a few seconds to center it and place a bowl of chips on each side. One by one each pair of eyes focused on the view down my top. My butt was to Brian so he got a clear look at my ass with a sexy little patch of lace from the thong between my legs.

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