The Kennel


She looked so delicious, glistening, her cunny lips parted and I could see the flesh of her, as I sat there so close to the bars. The soft hairs between her legs. Fuck, I began to rub my cock through my jeans.

I had her panties down to her knees now, could smell her, literally feel the heat of her; and I whispered to her, "Back up now."

"Jason, I......"

She didn't move, so I reached in and grasping her thighs, slid her back against the cold bars and pressed her there.

When she began moving again, I growled, "Hold Still!" pulling her back.

I re-hooked the harnesses, cinched her in place. She was held there now with her panties down around her knees, legs held apart by the bars. I could see her trying to close her legs.

"Maybe, you should let me out now." In this little girl voice.

I was watching her squirm, exposed, tugging, trying to cover herself from me. Her top was up over her breasts and she couldn't even pull it down. Her panties down around her knees.

I didn't even respond. Or rather I did. I first lay my palm over her open cunt, simply covered her with my palm of my hand, curling my fingers through her pussy hairs. Curling my fingers, petting her.

I could feel her wet line down the center of my hand. She was trying to move away still, I watched her head lift up and then fall as I held my hand to her following however she moved. I took my middle finger and drew in up through her center, and listened as she exhaled. Deep sighs, and leaning in I took my hand away and blew my warm breath on her cunt, watching as her whole pussy contracted, pulsed in this convulsion of movement.

I pressed my finger in around her clit, tugging at her pussy lips and blew my breath on her, again and again. Stroking her thighs, fingering her and blowing my breath on her. She was moaning and pressing her head against the bars, writhing as I simply blew on her. That was all as I watched her cum, she was cumming! It was so intense, she was trembling, her thighs shaking and she was dropping into the bottom of the cage. Bending herself, spasming against her harnesses. Crying out, I was watching her cunt quivering, blew on her again and again.

"Oh god, oh god, ahhhhh Jason!" she whimpered, ragged gasps, letting her head drop down as this wave of orgasm slipped away.

She was exhausted by it all already.


I was not even thinking about it, but had been rubbing my cock steadily as I watched her cum. Rubbing my cock as I blew on her wet pussy. MY little Sara. "Like that," I said. No answer.

I had unclasped the top of my jeans, didn't even realize I had done it, the head of my cock was poking out. Noticing I began to rub on the head of my cock, felt myself leaking and rubbing the pre-cum around the tip. Pushing down, ohhhh god, how I ached.

I stood back up and began to take my pants and underwear off. "You still hungry Sara?"

I couldn't stand it. She could hear the fabric and she was moving her body around, tugging at the cuffs, watching me as I undressed. I walked around so she could see my cock, pulling my jeans down my legs, stepping out and squatted down letting my length poke up between my legs, sticking straight out of a dark tangle of hair. My thighs were bare, I was barefoot. Only a T shirt on.

Her eyes were wide. She was still recovering from her orgasm and her hands were splayed out, her cheeks mottled. Her eyes didn't even look like they could focus. She was holding her mouth open, licking her lower lip.

I opened the little door and she met my eyes.

"Jason, no. I don't think......"

And I was moving myself toward the opening, letting my cock hang right in front of her, touching her lips with my cock. Touching this little drip of cum leaking from my tip to her lips, drawing away a thin strand. She was turning her head one way and another. I was following her mouth as she moved.

"Let me feed you, touching her face with my cock. Sara......Sara."

She was holding her head still now and letting me slide my cock along her lips, letting my pre-cum lubricate her lips so that I could slide along her mouth leaving shiny trails on her chin and her cheeks and on her lips. When.....she opened her mouth, just the tiniest bit. I pressed and felt myself slide right inside, felt her open, her lips close around the head of my cock. I tipped my hip back and forward and felt her open herself up, popping myself into her and then taking it out again, as she began sucking on my cock.

"Hungry, little girl."

She continued sucking, holding to me now, her tongue swirling the underside of my cock. Her body undulating inside the cage, I continued to fuck her mouth as her ass lifted and fell, as her belly turned low and her back arched high. As she moved her knees and squeezed her thighs, as she pushed her pussy hard into the back bars, rubbing her cunt against the metal. I could hear her moaning, as I filled her.

"Should I cum in your mouth, or...."

"Do you want a facial?"

She shook her head no.

I simply said, "I still might."

She looked at me, an upward look with her eyes, complete submission. Her arms forward, held in place. She was mine and she knew it. I'd let her drink me though. Be good.

She was sucking on me harder, letting me press back deep into her mouth, touching the back of her throat. And bobbing her head in rhythm with my thrusts. I loved the way her lips looked and her dark eyes when she was looking up at me now, sucking on me. I was grasping her hair and hodling her to me, her soft moans vibrating into my penis, her tongue working along my whole length. The hairs of my cock touching her nose.

I began quviering against her and could feel my cum rise, moving her on me as I wanted. "I'm cumming. Oh my god.." Bucking into her, she was holding to me, ready and then I sprayed into her. She was sucking hard, holding to me, worrying I would pull out spray my spunk all over her. I let her drink and drink and drink.

"Fuuck, you just don' good." Oh god, I leaned back onto my knees, and when next I could see, come back to my senses, she was still swirling the cum in her mouth a little before swallowing. I breathed out, "You fucking slut."

She was looking at me now, and her voice was low, eyeing my cock, my belly, "Jason, I don't care. Jason. I have to cum, right now. You have to....make me cum."

I was watching her grind her ass against the back of the cage, held there by the harnesses. Her voice was so hungry, her body so delicious. She could not even pleasure herself, touch herself.

I was watching her squirm, saying my name "Jason." Pulling at the cuffs.


Leaving my pants and underwear beside that little cage, I rose up, "You have to wait. Just a sec," and I walked out of the room.


I could still hear her as I sat on the sofa in just my T shirt, settling back into the cushions looking at my cock. Disbelief, her voice again.


"Jason come on!"

"This isn't funny. Let me out."

"Jason. Don't you fucking touch me."

"Jason Please."

And, "Motherfucker." It was no more than fifteen minutes, but she was mad. I padded back into the kitchen and she was, "You motherfucker. Let me out, goddammit."

I never heard her like that. Wild.

I leaned by the cage and reached in began to pet her again. Her hands were like claws reaching out, trying to move. I began to run my hand over her body, touch her everywhere. Along her back, her shoulders, her arms, her tummy, brushing my fingers over the hairs of her pussy, cup my hand between her legs, up the inside of her thighs. She was moving and swearing, but softening too. "Don't fucking touch me." Even as I could feel her body press into me.

"Calm down, I was looking for this," I lied. I knew right where it was. She paused and it was a simple device really, two small cream colored plastic eggs with vibrators in them.

"What is that?" I turned the switch on and you could hear them buzz. She was like, "Oh Jason, no, this has gotten......"

I went in back of her and finding her delicious little anus, pressed one then the other up inside her and then turned the vibrators on all the way. I had another reason for waiting, I was painfully hard again. This time I was going to cum in this delicious little animals cunt.

"Taming my little bitch. I want a ride now."

She was moaning, "Oh my fucking God." Writhing from the vibration of those little eggs which were pushed up inside her. Tipping her ass up and down, you couldn't even hear them. Just her moans, undulations and whimpers inside the cage. My little slut.

While she squirmed to the invisible vibrations, I was cupping her pussy with my hand, holding my hand to her and pushing my thumb up through her wet center, parting her lips, opening her up wide and wet. Being rough with her. And stroking her belly from between her legs and then sliding my fingers over her mound, all the way up to her ass.

She was so soaking sopping wet. I pressed my thumb deep up into her cunt. Deep inside her and held my fingers over her clit, and as I held myself there let her move on my hand. She quickly understood what I was doing and began grinding herself down hard and hungry, began sliding long strokes into my hand. Drawing her clit in circles around my fingers, I held them hard against her, digging in. I loved feeling her move, and pressed my fingers deep into her clit, finger fucking her hard, god I loved the feel of her loose flesh. The smooth lining of her little cunny, I could slide into her so easily.

The whole time cooing out to her, "Want this? Want to cum. Want me to make you cum? Want me inside you. You little fucking slut."

"Oh fucking god," I could feel her body light up. "Yes. Oh god Let me cum, let me, oh....." She was so wild now, moving and I could feel her tensing, watching her just about orgasm, and let go right away as she was reaching back, stopped by the bars.

"Jason, Oh Jason. Please." I didn't want her to cum yet. She was so close. She was near tears. I thought time would slow HER down as well. I looked at the clock, she'd been in this thing for over an hour.

And so the next touch she felt was my cock, touching my tip to her lightly, and sliding it along her pussy, sliding my head along its whole length touching her from the top of her anus down over her vagina and slipping between those delicious lips and digging into her clit from behind. I rubbed her clit with the head of my cock, then back again just dipping the head of my cock into her in passing over her creaming cunt.

When I first touched her like that it looked like all the air went out of her, it looked like she had touched the sweetest thing ever in the world. It was like her body softened all at once, and she simply felt me there, and I could feel her move, guiding me, trying to feel me inside, and letting me stroke her touch her, do anything.

I asked, "You want me to fuck you, fuck you till you cum."

"Oh god, I......"

"Say it."

"Fuck me."

I took my cock away. "Oh Jason, No. let me feel you."

"I'm going to fuck my little bitch."

"Oh god, Jason, Fuck me. Yes.....Fuck."

And I touched myself to her, began to press. Let the head of my cock squeeze into her, the juices bubbling around the head of my cock. Watching it press inside. I could smell her, her pink cunny making my cock shiny with her cum. I could feel the warmth of her body envelope my cock as I slid tight right into her. Oh god she felt so deliciously tight.

"Are you my little bitch? Say it."

"Oh, god. Yes. I'm your bitch. Fuck." I pressed deep into her. "Fuck. Fuck me." And with each time she said those words I was thrusting my whole length into her, it felt so good as I held myself to her.

She moaned out these long cries, and hung down off her arms. She lay so her face was pressed down at the bottom of the cage. Her body utterly surrendered. Utterly given in, her ass held up in the air. Now, for the first time, I could do anything to her, and I fucked her hard, until her body was convulsing beneath me. I wanted to fuck her forever, to stay in her forever.

I reached in through the bars and held her clit, pressed my sticky fingers into her hard. I turned off those little eggs and tugged the wire. This deep guttural moan as I tugged and one then other popped right out, touching her the whole time.

When she felt my finger there she was opening her legs as wide as she could, let herself hang off the leather harness, I could see the leather biting into her legs. It had to hurt. And each thrust pushed her away from the bars and she would snap back against me and hold herself there and grind her clit in my hand. I could feel her trembling pushing hard, literally shaking her cunny over my hand. Until her whole body went tight and she thrashed in the cage, I could feel her tighten on my cock and I began to turn my hips and thrust inside her, feeling my cum. And I came, filled her, streams of cum filling her the second time I had filled her, tight and horny in this cage. Filling her body, hot and wet, utter abandon, feeling the friction of my spunk as it lined the walls of her cunt. Feeling myself slap into her as we fucked.

I held my hand over her clit, held myself to her, my cock softening inside her body. She was still drawing little circles there and I felt her cum one more time, one small last little orgasm as she laid inside the cage. The orgasm created one last squeeze of her cunny and I was pressed right outside of her. I dropped back on my knees and looked at her. She didn't move.



I slid myself to the side of the cage leaving a trail of cum on the floor, and I lay my hand on her back. She lay there breathing softly. Her top was up over her breasts, tuned a little on her side. Had she fallen asleep? I let my hand roam over her body, realizing this moment could never be repeated in my life. That I may never touch her again, that everything could change. That nothing would. I had access unfettered access and I didn't want to stop. I let my hands slide up over her hips between her legs and felt her open cum soaked pussy, her hairs matted against her skin, hot and moist. I thought about how the body changes after sex.


I rubbed her tummy and felt it quiver under my touch.


Slight sigh, soft breaths.

I squeezed her breasts. I had a fantasy now of being able to walk up to her and touch her, reach inside her clothes any time I wanted. To have her come home and sit on the sofa and without resistence let my hands wander inside her clotehes, press into her cunt.

To lift her skirt, push my cock up into her, deep inside, as she simply lay flat on her stomach and read her books while I gently fuck her, her head bobbing up and down as she's lying on the sofa. Letting me do anything to her.

And right now, every inch of her, her hair, warmth, heat, sticky wetness. Softness, flesh and bone was mine. She was mine. And she was reveling in that surrender.

I opened the door and she lifted her head. For a moment she looked just like an animal who has been locked in a cage for a very long time. There is that moment, that moment of fear. Of not wanting to leave. The boundaries being set in stone and metal, and flesh and bone. Sometimes stone and metal sets the better boundary, we certainly fear leaving our cage of flesh and bone. And we looked at one another through the open door.

When creatures who would otherwise kill each other, are safe on each side of the bars. When, then the door opens. She lifted her head, I could see her eyes focus. Exposed to me, door open. She didn't smile, her hair sticking to her cheeks. I went to the back of the cage and undid the harnesses on her thighs and could see how they had cut into her.

A mark, these lines of cuts into her legs. Sex like this SHOULD leave a mark I thought.

She was holding her ass to the bars, her cunny still completely exposed to me, I began pressing my hand over her cunt again, wanting to touch her one last time. But feeling her move this time, move away. I continued to rub between her legs, feeling the folds of her pussy lips yield and then she stopped moving, pulled her legs open a little. For me. Yielding one last time. I pushed my fingers up into her, rubbing her wet, open, soft little cunny. Watching her body as I touched her. Smelling us, I could feel my cock steffening again as I touched her. The hair of her cunt, touching up between her legs, watching her move, feeling her slide against my hand, hold her legs open to me. I wanted to lay her in a soft bed, cover her with soft sheets and lay on her, open her, feel her body, skin to skin. I wanted to fuck her again. Finding her clit and pushing into her, pressing my fingers up inside. Before.....

she was closing her thighs again, turning herself, moving away. I let go. Feeling the moment pass, it was over.....


I released her wrists, watching her small hands, this ridiculous kennel that our parents bought from ebay. She held her wrists, turned onto her front and tugged herself out of the cage.

My pet, now Sara again.

I watched her crawl out on her knees, stand up, hold her hands to her tummy, adjust her skirt, pull down her top, pull hair out of her eyes, wipe her mouth.

I watched her panties, which had been sticking at one knee fall down to her ankles and catch as she stepped. She looking down and then laughing, put her hand to her chin.

And stepping out of the little pink pile of fabric, padded out of the kitchen, barefoot, leaving them there.

For me. I sat down.

A kennel, my pants and a pair of panties.

The smell of sex in the air.

In that moment, were the only signs of what we had done.


Please let me know what you think. Vote or leave feedback. Your responses are why I write.

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by Anonymous

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by Ellez6804/09/18

Keep up the good work

Very enjoyable story. I think I'll have to ask my master for a cage like that. Totally submissive for him. A new dimension of control. He knows my body so very well and how to make it sing and how to makemore...

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by Anonymous12/28/17

Excellent, want more

Excellent story. Would love another chapter or two.

Also, any idea where you can find a cage like that, or a pic of one? Would love one for my pet.

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