tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Lab Ch. 02

The Lab Ch. 02


"Do not be startled by this next experiment," Ms. Hawthorne said as she approached a large red stage curtain hanging from the ceiling. In front of the curtain was the familiar yellow guard railing, but mounted to it was a panel of illuminated buttons. She pressed a button and immediately the curtain parted and withdrew to the sides, revealing a large pane of Plexiglas with two rows of holes drilled across the top.

Aaron cautiously approached the railing and studied the set up of this experiment. The pane of Plexiglas made up one of the walls of a small room, about the size of a studio apartment. The floor was a shiny stainless steel but the walls and ceiling were padded. It contained a stainless steel sink and toilet too. There was also a simple bed, but the mattress had been tossed off the box spring and was lying half on the floor. The bedding had also been thrown about the room and the pillow was ripped, the cotton stuffing spilling out.

Several items were also lying scattered randomly about the floor. Amongst the sheets he spotted various items of clothing. Skirts, tennis shoes, and several pairs of socks lay strewn about haphazardly, as well as shirts, bras, and panties, some of them ripped and torn to shreds. As Aaron looked closer he also noticed several dildos of various sizes and colors. Some seemed as large as Aaron's arm and a few glistened wet in the UV lights overhead.

"This is my hormone therapy experiment, "Mrs. Hawthorne said scanning the room intently, "and, um, ah, there is my subject."

She pointed to the far left hand corner of the room where a stainless steel table had been turned over on it side. Poking her head out from behind it was a young girl. Her eyes moved frantically from side to side studying them and she was breathing heavily. Her light brown hair was frizzy and tangled, but she seemed not to care. Her complexion was smooth and she had a small lightly freckled nose on her face. Her large brown eyes were opened wide with a mix of curiosity and fear.

The girl then started sniffing the air. She moved out from behind the desk cautiously, no longer looking at Aaron or Ms. Hawthorne, distracted by some scent she had just picked up on. Crawling out on all fours Aaron immediately noticed that she was stark naked. She was extremely thin, but didn't seem malnourished. Aaron could not detect an ounce of fat on her frame except in her perky breasts which swayed slightly beneath her as she moved. She crawled on her hands and feet toward the center of the room, like a monkey might. She was constantly sampling the air, moving her head back and forth, following some unseen trail.

"This is Amanda," Ms. Hawthorne stated, "she is under a series of hormonal drugs which increase her sexual desire. These hormones temporarily recalibrate her brain, shutting down her higher level consciousness, and putting her in a simpler, animalistic state."

"Isn't hormone therapy dangerous?" Aaron questioned.

"Only when used for extended periods of time. I circulate the girls quickly through this experiment and rarely let them volunteer more than once every few months. The variety and types of girls I induce in this state of animal heat, help me understand the primal sexual urges women posses, but suppress in normal everyday life."

As Ms. Hawthorne elaborated further, Aaron continued to watch Amanda. She had reached the center of the room and had now squatted in front of them. Balanced on the balls of her bare feet, she lifted her head and sniffed the air some more, letting her knees fall casually apart. Aaron could easily see the soft folds of her red swollen pussy. It glistened seductively in the lights, as did the insides of her thighs that had rubbed against it.

The sight her sex made Aaron take a deep breath and his cock twitched in his jeans. Amanda lowered her head down and locked eyes with him, as if sensing his arousal. She made a low growl and began to crawl on her hands and knees toward him. Her hips and shoulders seductively rolling from side to side as she approached, causing her voluptuous ass and tits to sway in time.

"I believe she has found the scent," Ms. Hawthorne said looking down at the large buldge in Aaron's pants. Aaron covered himself quickly, slightly embarrassed, but not sure what else to do. He looked up again only to find Amanda's face inches away from the Plexiglas that confined her.

"You see," Ms. Hawthorne began, "the hormonal treatment heightens her natural instincts, a side effect of shutting down her higher thought levels. Since she is in heat, she will detect even the slightest male pheromone levels and pursue its source."

Amanda let out a loud purr from deep within her throat. Although still on her knees she now had her hands pressed against the glass. She was breathing more rapidly as her desire built, her gaze never leaving Aaron's crotch. She let out a small whine and pawed at the glass trying to get to him. She began to look around desperately for a way to escape her cage, but realizing she was trapped, began to get angry.

Suddenly she banged her hands against the glass, startling both Aaron and Ms. Hawthorne. She let out a scream of frustration and got up on both feet and began to move back and forth across the glass, jumping, screaming, and yelling. She repeatedly struck the glass, but it was unyielding against her tiny fists.

"Interesting," Aaron heard Ms. Hawthorne mumble as she scribbled something down on her clipboard, "she usually only acts like this in the presence of my synthetic male scents."

Aaron could see the frustration in poor Amanda's eyes. Although she was acting like an animal now, thrashing and kicking at anything in her path, he could see in her eyes that she was suffering, deprived of what her body craved most.

"Do you ever give her what she wants?" Aaron asked timidly with a hint of hope that he would get to fulfill Amanda's passion.

"What?" Ms. Hawthorne looked up and saw the look of hope on his face, "oh no, she would tear you to shreds I'm afraid, honey. Sorry. She is given ample toys though and these do calm her some, but they do not truly satisfy her. Besides, the nature of this experiment too is to study how far a woman will deviate from her human side when sexually unfulfilled."

As Aaron witnessed the frail girl violently flip over the box spring of her bed, he could see what Ms. Hawthorne was talking about. She was much stronger than she appeared. Even her beating on the glass and floor sent vibrations through the entire lab. In her tantrum, she clutched at her breasts violently leaving dark red scratch marks. The same marks were visible across her firm stomach and thighs as she grabbed at herself roughly.

Amanda, however, quickly tired after a few minutes, and fell to the floor panting. She sat with her back to the glass, legs folded underneath her. One hand was on her breast, gripping it tightly, while the other rested between her legs, cupping warm sex. She looked over her shoulder at Aaron, with desperation in her face, but his was one of pure lust. Whether she recognized this, or if it was just instinct, she changed her tactics.

Amanda leaned forward, setting her chest on the ground, and arched her back protruding her tight, firm ass into the air. She parted her knees revealing her pussy, and began to sway and purr. Then reaching back, she pulled on one of her ass cheeks, displaying her two pink holes proudly. Using her right hand she rubbed her dripping pussy lips, spreading her juices all over her sex and asshole. Then pulling her lips apart she opened her pussy up to him so he could see every hidden part of her. She looked back at Aaron, with her head still on the ground, and let out a soft whine, enticing him to enter her.

"This is remarkable," Ms. Hawthorne exclaimed, simultaneously scribbling notes on her clipboard and watching the erotic display, "I have never seen any of the girls exhibit this type of behavior before. I think she is showing off for you, trying to get you to mate with her. She can sense your arousal and it driving her mad."

Amanda rocked back and forth several times, wiggling her ass and stretching herself open for Aaron to explore. Eventually she let out a louder whine and turned around to face him. She crawled again toward the glass on her hands and knees. When she reached it she knelt, folding her long legs underneath her, and sticking out her chest.

She then reached down and picked up a long red dildo that was lying close by. It was molded in the shape of a large penis, complete with mushroomed head and laced with cris-crossing veins on the shaft. Without hesitation she immediately began to lick it and suck the tip. Gobbling it down, she shoved it into her mouth pushing out the inside of her cheeks.

She began to fuck the dildo rhythmically with her face, taking more of it into her mouth with each thrust. Occasionally she would take it down her throat and hold it there for several seconds before gagging. Even though this caused her extreme discomfort, it was if she could sense that Aaron was enjoying it, and she was eager for his approval. She continued swallowing it down, squeezing it with her throat muscles, until her eyes began to water. She would then bring it back out, coughing up thick saliva on her chin and neck, before plunging it back down her throat again.

She continued the throat job until she couldn't hold her breath anymore. Finally exhausted, she spit out dildo and let it fall to the floor. Her chest was slick with saliva and tears were running down her cheeks. If she was in pain though she did not show it, and looked eagerly, even smiling, at Aaron for his approval. Aaron could do nothing but steady himself on the rail and try not to lose his composure.

She gave off an annoyed huff at his lack of response. She sat back on her rear and pushed her knees together in front of her. She lifted and extended her long legs up and placed them on the glass above her. Pushing herself with her forearm, she scooted her rear up against the glass until her pussy and long legs were flush against it.

Aaron's breathing became erratic and drool began to form at the edge of his mouth as Amanda rubbed her inflamed nether lips against the glass. Back and forth, up and down, she moved smearing the Plexiglas that separated them with her juices. Aaron could hear her moaning at the small pleasures she drew from the friction and he greatly desired to leap over the guard rail and press his face up against her. He wanted to taste her, to feel her velvety smooth pussy around his tongue as he drove it deep inside her.

Then, still pressed against the Plexiglas, Amanda parted her legs opening her pussy up like a flower. She pushed her hips upward smearing herself all over the glass until all Aaron could see was a fuzzy pink image. She moaned louder and clutched her breasts and squeezed her hard nipples. Her eyes were shut and Aaron could only imagine what fantasy was going through her head.

Her right hand fell to the floor and gripped a large purple dildo. She bent her knees until the soles of her feet were flat against the glass and she pushed herself away several inches so she could bring the phallic instrument between her legs. She positioned the head against her swollen pussy lips, just barely parting them. After locking eyes with Aaron one more time, she threw her head back and slid it in.

The dildo, which was already slick with her juices from a previous days encounter, entered her slit easily. She screamed in pleasure at the first penetrating touch. Aaron could see her forearm muscles tighten as she tried to shove it deeper that it could go. She pulled it out quickly but immediately drove it right back in, this time pushing her hips up meet it, trying to get those few extra, precious centimeters inside her.

She repeated her thrusts, quickening her pace each time, until she was literally ravaging herself. She screamed in pleasure with each assault and writhed uncontrollably. Her toes curled against the glass and her legs flailed about with minds of their own. Her thighs and calves flexed as she drove her heels into the transparent barrier. As each new level of pleasure was reached she would let out an even higher pitched growl. Her face was contorted and snarling as a woman possessed. Her ass was lifted off the floor as her hips bucked wildly against the ravaging dildo. With her left hand, she clawed at her breast, drawing small beads of bloods under her rough, chewed fingernails.

The pain seemed to send her into new heights and she kicked the glass hard. The vibrations made Ms. Hawthorne look up worried if it would hold. The kick was soon followed by an earth shattering scream. Every muscle in Amanda's body flexed and tightened as she shoved the dildo inside her one final time. Her orgasm flooded through her as she held it there. Her feet twitched and thumped against the glass and her knees shook. Her vaginal muscles spasmed uncontrollably around the fake cock, trying to milk it for sperm that was not there.

As her orgasm subsided Amanda forced her eyes open to see if she had impressed her potential mate. She pulled the dildo from her drenched pussy and let it slide sloppily to the floor between her legs. She was still splayed out before him and she rubbed the length of her slit with two fingers, enjoying the post-orgasmic sensations. Bringing her fingers up to her mouth, she sucked them clean before reaching down again to gather more juice. She smiled seductively at Aaron enticing him with her large, innocent eyes.

Aaron's knuckles had gone white as he clenched the yellow guard rail. Watching Amanda had thrown him into a frenzy and he had been unconsciously rubbing his erection against the rail during the show. He wondered if Ms. Hawthorne had noticed him, but she seemed far to interested in documenting Amanda's behavior. He also wondered how many more experiments Ms. Hawthorne was going to show him before she would reveal his purpose here, or even if he was ever going to get a release.

"Remarkable," Ms. Hawthorne stated as she looked over her notes, "I will definitely have to analyze this data later. Never has a subject acted so passionately before."

She looked up from her clipboard at Aaron who was still watching Amanda stroke her clit.

"Well, now that that's over," she punched a button on the console in front of her and the curtains began to close, "I believe it's time to move on."

As the curtain drew across, Amanda snapped up and lurched forward. She made panicked noises and pressed her face and breasts up against the glass. Aaron watched her as she put her dripping hands up against the glass, smearing it, until she disappeared behind the red cloth.

"This way young man," Ms. Hawthorne said impatiently, "I haven't got all day to show you around. Eventually you will have to do some work around here you know."

Aaron had almost forgotten about his employment. He wondered if he was going to participate in any of these experiments. With that though in his head, he turned and followed Ms. Hawthorne across the lab.


Not as long as the first but I can always write more. I love to get your comments or criticisms so please keep them coming.

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