tagNovels and NovellasThe Lady Executive Ch. 05

The Lady Executive Ch. 05


I made it to the airport in Wilmington Wednesday morning just in time to check by bags and head through security. I traveled with a large suitcase that I checked, a backpack which had to be checked also, my carry on computer bag, and my handbag. I didn't really care anymore about the various toys, vibrators and webcam while going through security in my Burberry handbag. I carried them on so I knew they were always safe with me even though I knew I was a target for extra screening. As suspected, I heard the male voice call out as I was putting my shoes back on.

"Bag check." said the officer. I knew it was my handbag. I looked up as the male officer asked "Is this yours?"

"Yes" I said.

"Leave the rest of your things and follow me." he ordered. I did as he said knowing what he was about to discover in my handbag. It was a large bag and filled with my toys. He led me to a private screening area so he could remove the items from my bag. One by one, he removed my dildos, vibrators, and webcam. He looked at me as he unscrewed the tips revealing the batteries inside. "Sorry, I have to make sure these only contain batteries" he said.

I smiled and replied, "Take your time."

When he was finished with the bag check he couldn't help himself by saying, "You have quite a collection."

Again, I smiled and said, "That's a drop in the bucket. A girl's gotta keep herself entertained, ya know?" as he handed by bag back to me.

He smiled and said, "Have a safe flight."

I thanked him and gathered my things so I could make it to my gate on time.

I arrived in Houston with no delays going through Atlanta, but it was midweek. Had it been a Friday, I could have been stuck in Atlanta for hours trying to change planes. I got my luggage to my car which was no longer an easy task and got home to find Bailey waiting for me on the couch watching TV and drinking wine.

She quickly helped me in with my luggage and said, "I will get your clothing to the cleaners first thing in the morning."

I told her, "Relax and let's just sit and enjoy some wine together." With my luggage in my bedroom and Bailey and I on the couch with a bottle of wine, we muted the TV and began talking about what had happened with her husband.

"When I caught him, I was actually trying to surprise him with a quick romantic picnic for lunch. His boss' assistant told me to go ahead and wait in his office and she would go find him. Well she didn't have to find him because I did. I found him mid thrust inside his secretary right on top of the desk. The pictures of me and the pictures of our family were just strewn across the floor, like they'd been obstacles in the way. Joanie, he just looked up and said, 'Oh hi Honey.' What the fuck?" she asked.

I looked at her, watching for any sign that she was going to get emotional about it. She stayed strong and I thought that was a good sign. It meant she'd done her crying already and was now at the pissed off stage.

"What happened next?" I asked as I slid closer to her on the couch.

"He just pulled out and sat down in his chair and lit a cigarette. Marcy started to sit up but I told her to stay put, I wouldn't be long. Then I went to the desk and set the picnic basket on it right next to her. Well I actually kind of sort of dropped it there from about six inches above the desk. It made a nice thud and clang." Bailey said, giggling. "I opened the basket and took out the plates of food and set them on the desk. I went back to the basket and brought out the bottle of red wine. Donny asked what I was doing and I told him I had brought him lunch, but since he was already having his dessert, I thought I'd go ahead and set out the rest for him to enjoy after I left his ass. He asked if we could talk about it. I told him that he'd just done all the talking he needed to do. Then I popped the cork on the bottle and proceeded to pour it over his head, all over his computer, and dumped the rest of it on Marcy's clothes. Then I dropped the bottle on his dick and turned around and walked to the door. I opened it wide and screamed into the office that there was free food for everyone in Donny's office. I made sure there was a good sized crowd headed my way and left right as they got to Donny's door." Bailey finished her story and downed the rest of her wine and then she looked at me and smiled.

"You had no idea there was anything going on?" I asked, smiling along with her because I knew she was going to be alright.

Bailey said, "No, I had no idea and to make it worse, she has been his secretary for several years. She has been to my home, seen my children, and had dinner with me."

I just shook my head and said, "Now do you know why I am single?"

She just said, "I am guilty as well for messing around with you Joanie. The only difference is I haven't been caught." Bailey was right and I needed more wine so I opened another bottle for us after that statement.

"Well after your phone call, I made one of my own. I want you to call this man." I told her as I handed her Mike Taylor's business card. "He helped me out a few years ago and he became a good friend in the process. I told him a little of your situation and he'd be glad to help you like he helped me. He's one of the best in the state and he's right here in town." I said, looking her in the eye.

"Joanie, I can't afford a divorce right now." Bailey said, sadly.

"Bailey, you don't have to worry about that part of it. Arrangements have already been made." I said as I reached out and softly caressed her cheek.

"You are so good to me. Thank you. I'll call him in the morning." she said.

Changing the subject, Bailey wanted to know how I got the contract pricing so low on the medical supplies. It was the hot topic at the office.

I asked, "What do you mean by 'Hot Topic'?"

She said, "Randall and the other Vice Presidents are furious. They have been trying to figure out how you did it. Randall and Scott have been trying to get the pricing down for months and now you did it in a matter of days. You're the big hero for the company and getting recognized by the company President. He is flying in from headquarters in Oklahoma City specifically for the meeting Friday."

I started to respond when my phone rang. It was Lance.

I answered, "Hi there."

He asked, "Are you home yet?"

I said, "I just got home and my assistant is here to go over some things for the upcoming meeting."

"I see. Well, get some rest and I will call you tomorrow." he said.

I said, "That sounds great."

He said, "I miss you Joanie and think of you often."

"I miss you too. I look forward to talking tomorrow. Bye."

Bailey was sitting there with her wine smiling and waiting like a spider to pounce on that phone call.

I hung up and smiled, saying, "Go ahead. Ask your questions."

Bailey just said, "Details Joanie."

"We need more wine first." I said, holding up an empty glass. She refilled my glass and got a devilish look in her eye.

She said, "I think this calls for something else." She reached for her purse and pulled out a joint. We hadn't smoked pot in years. I was shocked. This was like the good old days.

As we shared the joint and more wine, I told her all about Lance and how we had met on the internet. As the evening went on, I told her about working the webcam chat room and my website as a way to meet men for no strings attached sex. Bailey wasn't shocked, she was impressed but had to ask about the so called no strings attached if Lance was calling me. I had no explanation for that.

I told her, "He is somehow different and I just can't delete him from my life as easily as the others." As I spoke those words to Bailey, I wasn't sure what I wanted with Lance but I just couldn't let him go, at least not yet. He intrigued me and after all, he was my first internet capture. I told her in the strictest confidence how I got the special pricing by giving Grant a blow job in my hotel room and that I still owed him one more favor.

As I was telling her that Grant would let me know where and when it was time to pay the piper, Bailey leaned in and kissed me and I kissed her back. We relaxed further into the sofa and began undressing each other when I remembered the toys in my bag. I had recently picked up a very unique toy for some girl on girl action during my last trip to one of my favorite adult toy stores.

I said, "Bailey, I think I have something fun for us to play with in my bag."

She waited half naked while I went to get my toys. I returned with an assortment but the one I chose was a dildo that had two tips on one end and one on the other. The double tipped end of the dildo had the two points tilted up, one larger and one smaller. The larger end was designed like a cock to go inside the pusher's vagina. The smaller tip was a slightly smaller cock which went in the pusher's ass. The other end of the dildo had a nice sized cock shape to it. As I showed it to her, her eyes lit up.

I said, "Let me show you how this works." I finished undressing and inserted the middle piece in my pussy and the graduated end in my ass leaving the exposed six inches of the strapless dildo for her dripping wet cunt. It looked like I had a nice sized cock and it felt like I had one in both my holes too. "Oh this is a delicious feeling. You gotta try it from this end sometime." I purred.

Bailey squealed, "Oh baby! I can't wait to fuck you with that, Joanie."

I removed the toy momentarily while I finished undressing Bailey licking and sucking all the right spots along the way. First I pulled her sweats down her legs and then I returned and, using my teeth, I removed her barely there g-string. I couldn't help but notice Bailey's newly waxed pussy. I was unable to resist eating it right away. It tasted so sweet and her clit was begging for my tongue while her pussy was waiting for fingers to reach that g-spot and send her into ongoing orgasmic pleasure.

Bailey said tenderly, "Eat me, Joanie. Eat my pussy like only you can."

I made my way from her clit to her velvety opening. I held her legs open wide and inserted my tongue in her. For some reason, I just couldn't get enough of Bailey's pussy. She received the full service I had to offer, complete with a rim job.

As we switched off so she could give me head, Bailey said, "I think someone has been practicing without me." I laughed as Bailey went down on me. She made Cheryl seem like an amateur. Bailey knew just how to get my motor running and quickly. Her soft lips kissing and teasing me with her tongue on my clit while I could feel her breathing in and out softly. She slid two fingers in my wet pussy that was begging to be finger fucked.

She hit my g-spot right away and I could tell she had more experience at this than I ever knew sending me into convulsions of orgasms one right after the other. We had only had quick sexual play at the office. There was nothing quick about this as Bailey lingered down below with my clit being tightly sucked in her lips.

I suggested we try out my toy I had demonstrated and Bailey agreed. As I slid the middle dildo in my wet pussy and the graduated end in my ass, she assumed the doggie position. I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks as I inserted the dildo for her slowly into her tight puss.

Bailey moaned in delight, "Oh Joanie, I have wanted this for years with you. Give it to me!"

I pumped her hard and fast with the dildo going deeper and deeper until she screamed and cum dripped down her smooth legs. She pulled away and tossed the toy to the side as she got on top of me licking and sucking my nipples as she reached for another toy. She happened to pick my double headed dildo from the collection and slid one end in me and one end in her as she rode me cowgirl up style with her hands on my breasts and my hands on her ass until we were covered in sweat and cum.

We relaxed on the now cum stained sofa as I exclaimed, "Bailey that was great!"

Bailey uttered softly, "I have wanted to fuck you like that since college."

I never understood, with all the opportunities we had rooming together in our dorm, how we ever avoided this intense sexual pleasure. I couldn't help but wonder if Bailey had other female lovers. She was too good at this to have only done girl on girl with me.

So I said, "Bailey, this little rodeo we just had didn't seem as though I am the only woman in your life."

Bailey said "No, I have a confession."

"Well, how was it that you said it earlier? Oh yes, details!" I exclaimed as I got up to get us some more wine.

"I have wanted a night with you, one on one, since college but we were always surrounded by guys and enjoying threesomes, foursomes, and orgies. I have been sleeping with another personal assistant at the office who is bi-sexual and unhappily married. Even though my marriage wasn't unhappy until a few days ago, Donny just wasn't doing it for me in bed anymore. I began to miss the crazy adventures of our college days. One thing led to another in various conversations with her and one night, we went out for drinks and ended up leaving the bar an hour after arriving and heading back to her place. She just happened to be alone that weekend so it appeared as though it was fate. It seemed like I had the best of both worlds until Donny went and dipped his wick in Marcy's twat. Now that I think about it though, he was never very good anyway. She can have him. So I bet you're just dying to know who the mystery girl is, aren't you?"" Bailey said, smiling.

"Oh please don't let it be Randall's, Scott's, or Bob's assistant!" I exclaimed as the potential horror of the situation hit me.

Bailey beamed and had the most evil grin on her face I had ever seen from her and murmured, "It's Crystal, Mr. Simmons' assistant."

I was shocked. "The senior vice president's assistant?" I exclaimed.

"Yes!" she said. "How do you think I got Mr. Simmons to show up at the meeting with only your memo giving you the assignment in Wilmington?" she asked, still smiling.

All I could say was, "Damn Bailey, I'm impressed! Crystal is beyond gorgeous, she is ravishing. Is she bi-sexual?"

Bailey nodded and said, "That's the best part. She is bi-sexual and is Mr. Simmons mistress and has been for some years. Mr. Simmons has her set up in a condo so his wife will never find out. Crystal is very well taken care of."

My chin hit the floor with this information. "Do you realize what kind of connections we have and what we can do with this? Randall, Scott, and Bob are so fucked!" I exclaimed as I began to see all kinds of possibilities for the future.

Bailey smirked, "I know. As long as we keep everything secret, we will rule the corporate office in Houston and there isn't a damned thing that anyone can do about it."

"Bailey, I bow to the master and will not forget this. You have an anniversary date with the company next month and a very good review along with an increase in pay worth every dollar!" I said, smiling. I got up to refresh our glasses and ended up draining the bottle.

When I returned to my couch, I ran my fingers through her long dark hair as she placed her head on my shoulder. It had been a long day for both of us and we retreated to my bed to get some much needed sleep. We had both revealed our secrets and were closer than ever in many ways.

We slept facing each other breasts against breasts with our legs entwined as I recalled the many sexual adventures Bailey and I had in college and shortly thereafter until she married. It was the best I had slept in days.

Bailey and I awoke the next morning, showered together and got ready for work. To keep away from any office gossip, we took separate cars and Bailey arrived a little late after dropping my laundry off at the cleaners. She always took such good care of me knowing I was on the road so much with little time at home. She always tended to the details of dry cleaning and anything else to make my time at home more relaxing. As I was getting settled at my desk, Randall and Scott entered my office and shut the door.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" I asked.

Scott took the lead and said, "You know damned well why we are here."

"No, Scott I don't. Please, both of you take a seat and unburden yourself."

They each refused to sit but Randall took over the conversation, "How did you get to our research on the price cuts for the medical supplies?"

I stood and said, "Look guys, I had no idea about your research. All I know is I got the job done in two days while you two have been wasting your time on research. I have things to do so please leave my office now."

They stormed out of my office and before slamming my door I heard Randall say, "You were right Scott, she is a ruthless bitch."

Bailey entered my office and said, "What was all that about?"

"Oh, just two immature little boys that realized they got the shit kicked out of them by a yucky little girl." I said with a sigh.

Then we both laughed.

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