tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 01

The Lake Monster Ch. 01


"It's not Silvan lake but my cousin camped around the area last year, he said the lake's really nice and warm and well, we get to camp for free."

Nikki looked over at her best friend Elena with a dubious expression. "So it's not a legal camp site you mean." Her best friend flashed her a winning-smile, brushing her rainbow colored locks out of her face before turning her attention back onto the road. "Nope! We'll have tons of privacy, no annoying guys in our face, we can just roast a couple hot dogs, crack open a couple beers and just chill by the lake. It'll be great." Elena already had a dreamy expression on her face. "Oh shit." Elena braked hard as the car infront of them suddenly slowed down. Nikki watched as Elena pressed hard against the horn, throwing up her middle finger as she rapidly switched lanes before passing the slow car. "Fucking assholes." Elena grumbled. Nikki watched as they sped past the car full of twenty year old guys doing god knows what. Yes, it would be good to be apart from everyone else, even if it was just for the weekend.

The group of guys in the car were just a painful remind of her terrible breakup with her now ex boyfriend. He had constantly complained that they never got enough time together, making her feel bad for devoting so much time to her studies. Well that is, until she had found him in bed with a blonde girl from his psychology class. That had hurt. She forced herself to stop thinking about it. "You're thinking about him again, aren't you." Elena said quietly. Nikki nodded, there was no hiding anything from her best friend. "Fuck him, he's a jerk." Nikki could only agree.

"Are you sure you packed it?"

"I left it on the staircase so you would have to have tripped over it on your way out!"

Nikki looked back into the trunk of the jeep again, and then the items scattered around the jeep on the forest floor. A cooler full of beer and food, her and Elena's duffle bags, a portable stove, firewood...and no tent. Shit.

"Who the hell forgets to bring a tent on a camping trip?" Elena said, looking exasperated. "I told you, I was looking for my flip flops." The two women stared at each other for a second, both frustrated. Then they started laughing. "I should be mad, but for some reason I'm not." Nikki said, shaking her head. "I put it....on the staircase...." Elena sighed, but she was smiling. "Should we go back then...?" Nikki suggested, but the other woman was firmly against the idea. "Nah, we passed a town about an hour back, I'll just get one from there."

"Should I come with you?"

"Nah, you can just stay and-" Elena paused, looking confused.

"You were going to say set up the tent weren't you." Nikki teased.

"Ugh whatever. Anyways I'll be back later, why don't you check out the lake or something?" Elena stretched and sighed, taking the keys out of her pocket.

"Ok, see you in a bit."

Once Elena drove off Nikki realized she was completely alone. Elena had told her that this wasn't a legal campsite, and there wasn't anyone for miles. I guess I will check out the lake, Nikki thought happily. The lake was a large one full of pristine lake full of clear blue water, surrounded by all sides with forest. Large, mountains loomed in the distance, their tops reaching into the clouds. "Wow..." Nikki said to herself.

It was about three in the afternoon and the scorching sun was already beating down on Nikki, the heat causing Nikki's brown hair to be damp with sweat. She retied her ponytail, eager to get into the lake. "Shit." She cursed, realizing that she had left her swimsuit in her backpack, and it was still in the passenger's seat when Elena had drove off.

She looked around cautiously, listening, trying to hear any voices. But there was only the gentle swishing of the water as it lapped at the beach, and the calls of birds in the trees. She stripped, putting her clothes onto a large boulder before she headed for the water. She moaned in pleasure as the cool water engulfed her calves, wading into the water and shivering in delight. Elena's cousin had been spot on about the lake, the water was cool but not cold, the perfect temperature for swimming in on a hot summer's day.

She walked deeper into the lake, until the water came up to her chest. She swam a few meters of freestyle, enjoying the contrast of the hot sun on her head and the coolness of the water. She treaded water for a while, looking back at the shore and at her clothes. She let out an immature giggle, feeling very naughty as she was swimming in the nude. She would definitely tell Elena about this experience later. She swam a few more meters before she started to get tired, Elena would probably be getting back soon and would need help getting the tent set up. She looked over at the beach and realized that she was further from the shore than before; she couldn't touch the bottom anymore. Frowning, she started to head back towards shore when suddenly there was a painful cramp in her left calf, a pain so intense she felt her whole leg seize up. She screamed, swallowing water as her head went under, then she surfaced again, sputtering. Now she couldn't even move her left leg at all, the pain was so intense Nikki felt the edges of her vision blur. She tried to stay calm but she could barely keep afloat now with her one leg out of commission.

"Oh god, help!" Her weak call wouldn't have even been heard if there was someone on the beach, and there was no one. Her final thought was that she regretted skinny dipping because the people that would pull her body out of the lake would find her nude.

Amarisa glided gracefully in the water, allowing the water to flow through her gills, taking in the oxygen. Her webbed feet and hands pushed against the water, moving her forward rapidly as she searched for food. Every season at this time, she would have already followed the river, leaving the lake to go to quieter waters, avoiding the humans that would come to this lake to camp and fish. But this year had been quiet, and the lake was full of delicious fish to eat. There! She felt the disturbance in the water and rushed over. To her disappointment, it was not a fish, but a human. She made a disgusted face underwater, ready to swim away.

But something gave her pause. Surely humans did not swim like that, all crooked on one side, flopping around? She turned back around and saw that the human had gone still, floating in the water face down. Rolling her eyes, Amarisa swam back to the human, picking her up easily and moving quickly towards shore. She stepped out of the water, the human still in her arms. Once she set the human down she realized that the human she saved did not look like the others she had seen. No, the human's hair that she thought was short was actually tied behind her head, and the round, soft objects on the human's chest looked remarkably similar to hers, though larger. She palmed them unabashedly, rolling the soft mounds in her hands, running her thumbs over the peaks curiously. The human moaned, and Amarisa thought she saw the female's eyes open the tiniest fraction. Within seconds she was back into the water, hidden in it's depths.

"OH MY GOD, NIKKI!" Elena had just finished unpacking the tent and was going to get Nikki to help her set it up when she found the woman like naked on the beach, unconscious. Quickly scanning the area for any danger and finding none, she ran over to her best friend. "Oh god please don't be dead please don't be dead." She found herself repeating as she touched Nikki's face. "BLARGH!" Elena leapt aside in horror as Nikki sat up abruptly, heaving lake water. "Ugh...gross." Nikki said, wiping her mouth. Flinging her arms around her friend, Elena laughed in relief. "Thank god you're ok, what happened?" She asked as she helped Nikki get up. "Come on, lets get you back into your clothes." But Nikki was not paying any attention to her, she was looking out into the lake. "Why was there blue?" She muttered softly. Now Elena was worried that Nikki had hit her head and developed a concussion. "Come on, lets get you back to the campsite." She said.

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