tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 07

The Lake Monster Ch. 07


Shit shit shit, she struggled out from underneath the mermaid who let out a small cry as they broke apart, scrambling to put her clothes back on. When she looked at the space between the trees Elena was gone. She was about to motion to the mermaid to leave when she heard running steps and then Elena was back, wielding the frying pan.

"Get back!" Elena screamed, waving the frying pan wildly, her eyes wide with fear, making her look crazed. Nikki opened her mouth to speak and was interrupted by a growl behind her. She turned her head just a fraction and in that second the mermaid was in front of her, growling up a storm, her teeth bared and clawed hands raised up, ready to fight.

"Stop you guys, stop!" Nikki heard herself yelling as she ran between them, she held up one hand to Elena, the other hand braced against the mermaid's chest, trying to force her lover away but she was so strong, her shoes were slipping in the dirt as she tried to keep the two apart.

"It's ok, Nikki!Just run." Elena was saying, inching closer and closer to them. The mermaid's growl was increasing in volume so much that it seemed to fill up the entire forest. Nikki continued to struggle to keep the mermaid back, lowering her head as she kept pushing back on the mermaid. She looked down at the mermaid's legs and saw her cock still exposed, dangling between her legs. Without thinking she grabbed it and squeezed hard. The growl broke off immediately into a hoarse cry, more of surprise than actual pain.

Elena seemed just as surprised, she had stopped shouting when Nikki had grabbed the mermaid and Nikki quickly jumped at the opportunity. "Elena, STOP! She's my friend!" Elena lowered the frying pan in disbelief, looking numb with shock. The mermaid was breathing hard, she wasn't fighting against Nikki to get to Elena anymore but she was still watching her with an unwavering gaze.

"Look, why don't we just all sit down and I'll explain everything." Elena looked over at her, and nodded wearily, walking back to the campsite. "It's ok." Nikki said in a soothing voice to the mermaid, rubbing her blue chest slowly. The mermaid let out a short whine before allowing herself to be led back to the campsite.

Elena was already sitting down, gazing out at the lake when they arrived. She looked over at them and blinked blankly, as if she had already convinced herself it had only been a dream. Poor girl, it was going to take her a while for it to sink it. She coaxed the mermaid into a chair but remained standing herself. She cleared her throat. Elena jumped at the sound, her eyes looking up into Nikki's.

"So, I told you when we first got here I went for a swim and almost drowned right? Well...I made it sound like I had swam back to shore by myself...I didn't..." Nikki said, pausing to take a breath. "She saved me." She motioned towards the mermaid with one hand, who nuzzled it happily with her cheek. "And um...what you saw earlier was..." She felt her cheeks growing flushed and was at a loss for words.

"I thought...she was...attacking you." Elena mumbled, seemingly unable to take her eyes off the mermaid now, who huffed and looked away haughtily in response. "Um...no, she wasn't. In fact I've been seeing her quite a few times since we've been here." Nikki said awkwardly. She saw Elena's eyes widened at this sudden revealment, her mouth opening in a perfect "o" shape. "Yeah." Nikki said with a firm nod.

"Um...what....what is she?" Elena said slowly, still looking over at the mermaid, who was pointedly ignoring her. "A mermaid. " Nikki said confidently.

"She doesn't look at all like a mermaid to me." Elena mumbled, and Nikki watched her best friend's gaze as it traveled from the mermaid's light blue hair, down those full breasts and to stop between her legs to where the mermaid's large cock was, its midnight blue tip still slick with juices. Was that a flicker of jealousy in Elena's eyes? Nikki couldn't tell.

"She's...beautiful." Elena said finally, settling back into the chair.

"Yeah, and she's a real sweetheart, so there's no need to hit her with your frying pan." Nikki said dryly. Elena let out a shaky laugh. "Yeah, that was stupid of me, I panicked."

The humans were chattering a lot to each other, and Amarisa was bored. She had been hoping to have Nikki once more before heading back to the lake but at this point it didn't seem like there was very much possibility of that. She started to head back to the lake.

"Oh she's leaving." Elena said. Nikki turned and saw the mermaid heading back to the lake. "Wait!" She said, running after her. The mermaid turned to look at her and crooned happily. "We're ok, right?" Nikki said, taking the mermaid's hands, kissing her fingertips. The mermaid pulled her into a tight squeeze, giving her a long kiss that made Nikki's heart flutter. "See you tonight." She whispered as the mermaid disappeared into the lake.

Nikki returned to the campsite and started packing some stuff for fishing, one fishing rod, some bait, a six pack of beer... yep that would do. "So..." She looked up and saw that Elena was still sitting in the chair.

"You coming?"

"Yeah, wait up." Elena said, getting up and grabbing her stuff. "I was just wondering..." Well of course she would be wondering, Nikki thought to herself. After what had just happened she'd be surprised if Elena just acted like she hadn't just met a mermaid for the first time.

" When I saw you two... you guys were having sex, right?"

Nikki felt heat rise up in her cheeks. "Yeah." She nodded, shoving the beer cans into the small cooler.

"Oh, right. Anyways I was just wondering...how is she?"

Nikki looked up at the question to see Elena looking genuinely curious. She couldn't help but grin at the mere thought of sex with the mermaid. "Oh...I'm not even kidding when I say it's the best I've ever had."

Elena's raised eyebrows shot right up to her forehead. "Really?"

"Really. She's the most gentle lover and " She bit her lip as she recalled the memories. "Well you've seen her cock, it's large and feels so good inside..." She had to stop herself from gushing, her description was quickly becoming very graphic. She looked over to see Elena's reaction, who urged her on almost hungrily. "Go on, spill."

"Well, it's amazing, that's all I gotta say." Nikki said hastily.

"Maybe I could have a go with her." Elena said enviously.

Nikki paused. "Wait, what?"

"Oh come on Nikki, we've shared guys before. And how often does a frickin mermaid come along? This is a once in a lifetime experience!" Elena held up her hands together in a begging position.

"I dunno." Nikki said, "It'll be up to the mermaid to decide."

The cool lake water felt wonderful as it flowed through Amarisa's gills, she shivered in delight as she glided through the water, breathing in the fresh oxygen. She was still full so after a while she settled down near the bottom of the lake, thinking. She wondered what would happen now that the other human knew about her.

The female with the multi-colored hair seemed to have calmed down after her lover had talked to her. Amarisa thought fondly of the brunette, she felt herself wanting to see the human more and more each day. She could show the human the den she had on land, maybe the human would like it there. And then Amarisa could see her everyday... she could teach her how to catch the fat, lazy salmon in the lake, they could swim in the lake together, be intimate whenever they wished...

The thought made her heart warm with joy and she felt the familiar tug of want as well. She stopped swimming when she saw the object on the surface of the water, an object longer than she was tall. She swam up to it, inspecting it cautiously.

"This is a shitty time for fishing apparently." Nikki said. "Sh! You're scaring the fish away." Elena said seriously, turning her back on her to grab a beer. Nikki rolled her eyes at Elena's back and looked into the water, and almost had a heart attack when she saw the mermaid's head poking up from the water. Jesus, you have got to stop doing that!

She took a few deep breaths as the mermaid swam over to nuzzle her outstretched hand, giving her a tender kiss. God she could be so sweet when she wanted. Nikki glanced over and noticed that Elena was busy putting more bait on her hook and didn't see the mermaid. Oh well.

It was the most unusual thing Amarisa had ever seen, the two women were holding some long sticks and were trying to be quiet for some reason. She swam around and inspected the area around their floating area and saw something strange. Now this did not belong in the lake. She grabbed at the worm floating in the water and was surprised when it jerked away. She grabbed it and pulled, hard.

"Oh my god Nikki I got a bite!" Elena shouted excitedly as she tried to reel it in. The fishing pole was being pulled so hard it looked like it was going to snap. "Whoa, it's a big one." Elena grunted, gripping the rod so hard her knuckles turned white, she was trying to turn the reel but it looked like she was barely managing.

There was no way Amarisa was going to let a worm get the best of her. She tugged hard and when the worm tried to escape it only made her more determined. She gripped the worm hard, pulling it and kicking hard the water hard with her powerful legs.

Nikki was getting concerned now, Elena was leaning close to the edge of the boat, her legs were braced against the edge of the boat but she seemed to be losing the fight with the fish.

"Elena, maybeyoubetter-" she didn't have time to finish her sentence as with a yelp, Elena lost her footing and fell overboard with a loud splash, spraying Nikki with lake water and rocking the boat violently.

"Oh my god Elena!" She said as Elena came up sputtering.

"I'm fine, I'm-whoa!" Nikki fell back as Elena was lifted by some invisible force. She then realized it was the mermaid, who had lifted Elena up in her arms, and was "meeping", sounding very concerned.

Nikki helped the mermaid pull Elena back into the boat, grunting with the effort. The mermaid was still making anxious noises, and Nikki quickly put two and two together and figured out that she was the "fish" that had been pulling on the fishing line. "It's ok, baby, she's fine." She said, patting the breathless mermaid on her scaly arm.

Elena looked at the fishing pole and then at the panicked mermaid.

"Oh!" Elena said, getting it. Then she started laughing, and soon Nikki was too, once they had started it was hard to stop laughing at how ridiculous the situation was. Pretty soon the mermaid joined in too, a high, trilling type of cheerful laugh that Nikki found quite pleasant to her ears. Rubbing tears from her eyes, Nikki stroked the mermaid's blue hair fondly. "Oh my goodness, you are quite the troublemaker aren't you?" The mermaid cooed happily in reply.

"Ah shit, I'm all wet now." Elena complained, as she squeezed water out of her shirt and back into the lake. "Guess the mermaid thought you needed a shower." Nikki teased.

"Very funny."

Nikki looked away from her friend when she saw the mermaid examining the fishing pole from several angles and making curious noises. "It's a fishing pole." She said, even though there was no way the mermaid would understand her. She thought for a moment of how to explain it and then pointed to the water, then made eating motions. The mermaid looked at her, bemused. "Eh, she'll figure it out." Elena said with a shake of her head. "Shit, I lost my bait." Elena grumbled.

Amarisa frowned, still not understanding what the purpose of the sticks were. She treaded water, staying close to the boat, happy to be around her woman again. Imagine her surprise when the other human had fallen into the water! She took the stick when it was offered to her, allowing herself to be shown the various parts of it, including the strange thing that could be turned. Ooh it was fun to turn! She turned the handle quickly and let out a shriek of surprise as the worm popped out of the water to be stuck at the top of the stick. Her human showed her that turning the handle made the worm go up and down, and she amused herself by trying it.

"Well you're a regular Jane Goodall, aren't you." Elena said over the mermaid's high pitched laugher as she played with the fishing pole, making the worm on the hook go up and down. Nikki grinned, Elena was pretending to be sarcastic but her friend was smiling, clearly charmed by the mermaid's playful enthusiasm. "Damn, I can see the fish, but they just aren't biting." Elena complained as she looked into the water. Nikki looked longingly at the fat fish swimming just beneath the surface.

"I feel like I could just reach in and grab them. " Elena said, sticking her hand into the water and pretending to snatch a fish out of the water. Nikki laughed at that. "Keep dreaming."

Oh! That's what the worm was for! Amarisa chuckled to herself at the strange invention, handing it back to her human. She went underwater, drifting towards a school of salmon. She was quite close before she started kicking her legs, shooting rapidly through the water towards the fish, reaching out with her clawed hands.

"Meep." Elena looked up at the noise to see the mermaid looking innocently at her.

"Oh, hey." Elena said with a grin that quickly turned into a very surprised screech when the mermaid handed her a live fish. She shrieked and dropped the flailing fish and it landed on the bottom of the boat, flopping around and hitting the sides of the boat as it tried to get back into the lake. "What the fuck!"

Nikki was still laughing a few seconds later, her sides hurt and she could barely breathe. The mermaid seemed very offended that Elena did not appreciate her peace offering. "Well, at least you got your fish!"

Once the mermaid was convinced that there wasn't anything wrong with the gift but the delivery of it, she seemed perfectly content. After that, they rowed back to shore with their spoils, the mermaid swimming behind in their wake. "Oooh, this is going to be so good." Elena said, licking her lips. Nikki was getting hungry too, she had lost track of time but now it was already getting close to noon. "Hm, I guess we better gut the fish first." Elena said, taking out her pocket knife.

"I'll leave you to do that." Nikki said as she started prepping the tin foil to wrap around the fish. The mermaid seemed to feel like it was her personal duty to help out, she helped dispose of the fish guts in the lake and once shown, helped chop up the wood for the fire. Still, she had to be calmed down when they placed the foil packets of fish into the fire, after which she sat in the folding chair, looking scandalised.

After a while the delicious smell of cooking fish started to come from the fire and then she forgot about being annoyed at Nikki, urging Nikki on impatiently as she took the packages out with tongs. They all let out a groan when the packages were opened and they were hit full blast with the delicious aroma.

"Wait, it's still hot." Nikki cautioned both of them, and they waited around for a painful five minutes before they couldn't take it any longer. The first bite of the fish was one of the best things Nikki ever tasted, it was so flavorful and moist, Nikki had to keep her mouth shut so that the juices wouldn't squirt from her mouth. The mermaid was eating with her hands and Nikki was sorely tempted to do so as well. "Mmm..." Elena said, and Nikki wholeheartedly agreed. They ate in silence, with the help of the mermaid's large appetite they were able to polish off most of the salmon, saving a bit for later in the cooler. The three of them sat in the folding chairs, blissfully enjoying the afternoon's sun.

After a while Nikki went to the tent and got a book to read before returning to her chair. "Ah that's a good idea." Elena said, and she went to get her Ipad from where it was sitting on the picnic bench. The mermaid observed both of them with a slightly confused look, she went over to Nikki's side to look over her shoulder, but soon grew bored and went to peer over Elena's.

Nikki recognized the familiar sounds of Elena playing Bejeweled, and to her amusement the mermaid seemed very interested in the game.

"Here." Elena said, showing the mermaid how to match up three or more jewels to destroy them. It took a little while but soon the mermaid was the one dragging her finger across the screen. "Here, take it." Elena said, offering the Ipad to the mermaid, who took it carefully before sitting down back in her chair. Nikki noted with a grin that Elena also spoke to the mermaid, even though the mermaid had no way of understanding her.

"You've given some thought to what I said, right?" Elena asked Nikki, who looked up from her book. "What?"

"You know, about sharing." Elena said, eyeing the mermaid, who was completely absorbed in the game.

Oh. Right.

"I don't know..." Nikki said. She wasn't sure what to think, part of her wanted the two to enjoy each other and part of her wanted the mermaid all to herself.

"Well at least we could give it a try..." Elena said. Nikki finally nodded her consent.

"But don't come on too strongly, you don't want to scare her away."

Elena laughed, retying her ponytail. "Oh come on, when do I ever do that?"

Nikki rolled her eyes. "Do you want me to answer that, or should I just glare?"

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